mhall119aquarius: pong00:04
aquariusmhall119: heya. I know I've asked this before, but I'm not sure of the current state of play: can I make a quickly QML + PySide app?00:06
mhall119aquarius: maybe with https://launchpad.net/quickly-community-templates installed00:44
mhall119I'm not sure what language/qtlib they use though00:44
mhall119ah, looks like ubuntu-application-qt uses PySide00:46
mhall119and ubuntu-application-qtquick does it with QML00:47
aquariusas does qtquick-application, which is what I want00:47
mhall119aquarius: I don't know what the status of those templates is though00:47
mhall119could be kind of rough00:47
aquariusexcept... it hasn't been edited since June00:47
aquariusand I know you guys are busy changing stuff :)00:47
mhall119aquarius: stable quickly hasn't changed much since June00:47
mhall119lp:quickly/reboot is where all the action is00:47
mhall119in fact, it's what I was working on when you pinged me00:48
aquariusyeah, that's what I'm worried about. I don't really want rough...I want to make an app, not hack on quickly this evening ;)00:48
aquariusI shall give it a try, and thanks!00:48
mhall119best of luck00:49
* aquarius installs qtquick template :)00:49
aquariusmhall119: one other thing... can I stop quickly making my project a bzr repo?00:53
aquariusit's already in a bzr repo00:54
aquariusmhall119: unping. I'll just do a separate thing :)00:57
mhall119aquarius: not easily, no01:01
mhall119if you're in a directory that you ran "bzr init-repo" on, then it should re-use that repo, and just create a new branch01:02
aquariusmhall119: cool, thanks01:05
mhall119man, I've written so much Quickly code, and I've still only recreated 20% of the existing functionality01:05
aquariusmhall119: hrm, quicly license blows up because it can't find an xml thing. Is this likely to be a problem with the qtquick template, or a general quickly problem??01:31
mhall119aquarius: probably the qtquick one01:45
aquariusmhall119: traceback is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/1393380/ if that means anythig to you01:47
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aquariusdpm, ping09:33
dpmaquarius, pong10:14
aquariusdpm, am I correct to think that you wrote the quickly qtquick template?10:15
dpmaquarius, I didn't write it, I just set up the project in Launchpad for all community templates and was involved in helping angeloc (the author) to get it packaged and in some discussions about how to handle translations -> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~quickly-templates-hackers/quickly-community-templates/trunk/revision/1010:17
aquariusdpm, oh. :)10:17
aquariusdpm, so, I need to talk to angeloc, then10:17
aquariusor possibly someone who's quickly-knowledgeable, because "quickly license" doesn't work in that template. I *think* it's because the license stuff assumes that the UI files it's editing are glade files, which they aren't in a QML template :)10:18
dpmyeah, he hasn't been around much lately, but IIRC, he sent an e-mail a while ago on the quickly list, saying he wanted to continue with the development10:18
dpmafaik, not all commands work on the template yet, but can't tell off the top of my head which ones do work10:19
aquariusdpm, the problem is that a bunch of stuff depends on quickly license working, I think... and I don't know how to fix that, because it's calling functions in the base ubuntu-application template, so I don't think I can override them10:20
dpmaquarius, here's Angelo's last update. You might want to reply to the list, perhaps it will resurrect the thread: https://lists.launchpad.net/quickly-talk/msg00170.html10:20
aquariusdpm, aha, cool10:20
aquariusif this ends up in a future where I become maintainer of the qml template, dpm, I am going to blame you10:21
dpmaquarius, oh, so you already figured out my master plan? :P10:21
aquariusand then I'm going to put special effort into making you pay. :)10:21
aquariusI shall reply to the message ;-)10:22
aquariusmeanwhile, who knows enough about quickly to help me override stuff? I suppose that's mterry or didrocks or mhall119?10:23
dpmyeah, I think so. didrocks probably the best one at this time of the day, he should be on #quickly or the usual #ubuntu developer channels10:24
dpmaquarius, and something more: mhall119 is working (on a best-effort basis) on the Quickly Reboot project to make it easy to integrate Quickly into developer tools, which will change how templates are written - http://mhall119.com/2012/11/quickly-rebooted/10:25
aquariusdpm, yeah. I am pretending that the reboot doesn't exist.10:25
aquariussince otherwise I can't do anything at all until it's done10:25
dpmyeah, sounds like a good approach if you just want to fix the template so that it works for now10:26
aquariusdpm, yeah. I don't think the problem is actually in the qml template, though... but I don't know enough about quickly to properly decide. Have mailed the list, anyway10:32
dpmaquarius, now that I've got you here, a totally unrelated question: do you happen to know how the u1 music app for Android displays the cover art for songs/albums? I've got images for most of my albums in their folders, but sometimes they don't seem to get picked up, so perhaps it just reads the images embedded in the songs? I'm not expecting you to know each and every detail, so I'm asking you in case you know off the top of your head, or if you ca10:38
dpmn point me to the next best person to ask10:38
aquariusdpm, it reads images embedded in the songs. It does not pick up cover images in the same folder as the songs10:38
dpmaquarius, ah, thanks, then that'll be some work for me to do during the weekend ;)10:39
aquariusonce you've written a shell script which bakes cover.jpg into every mp3 in that folder, be sre and release it ;)10:40
dpm<dpm> hey didrocks, quick question on quicky regarding aquarius question on https://lists.launchpad.net/quickly-talk/msg00171.html - would an override (e.g. creating an empty 'license' command on the qtquick template) fix Stuart's upgrade problem?12:02
dpm<didrocks> dpm: a workaround is to create an empty license command yeah, but a better fix is to have the license command fixed in the ubuntu-application template :)12:02
dpmlet me reply on the mailing list, though12:02
aquariusdpm, ooh! you are a helpful person, yes you are :)12:06
dpmglad if it helps you :) I've now replied on the list with more details12:34
mhall119aquarius: I believe you're right, the license command is expecting glade files, which probably means the qtquick template didn't override/replace that with something custom14:14
aquariusmhall119, right. I don't really understand how quickly fits together in order to try and fix it...14:19
dpmaquarius, my reply on the mailing list should give you some guidance on how to fix it. The quickest thing might be to remove 'license' from the commandsconfig file and drop an empty license.py file on the root of the qtconfig template folder14:59
aquariusdpm, you are giving me too much credit for intelligence. How do I override a command with my own? I assume you're not suggesting that I manually edit the stuff in /usr/share/quickly/templates ?15:00
dpmaquarius, yeah, sorry, I should have been more detailed. For a quick test, I think you can:15:02
dpm1. Remove 'license' from the /usr/share/quickly/templates/ubuntu-application-qtquick/commandsconfig, under the [ubuntu-application] section15:03
dpm2. Drop an empty 'license.py' file under /usr/share/quickly/templates/ubuntu-application-qtquick15:04
dpmIf that does not work, you might have to do these same two steps under /usr/share/quickly/templates/ubuntu-application-qt (as the qtquick template inherits commands from the qt template)15:05
dpmaquarius, and if that still does not work, then we'll probably need didrocks to lend a hand15:06
aquariusdpm, cool, I'll give that a try. (I'm a bit sad that I have to edit the system-level files, though. I hate doing that. / belongs to apt, not me. /home/aquarius belongs to me. :))15:06
dpmyeah, but the nice thing is that if that proves to work, then we'll commit a fix in the quickly-community-templates, it will get automatically packaged in the daily PPA, you'll be able to install it, and all /home will belong back to aquarius ;)15:08
* aquarius laughs15:09
dpmaquarius, actually, I think you can install templates under any location, so you can copy them to your /home folder for the purposes of testing. Let me see if I can find out how to do that15:09
aquariusdpm, that sounds like a useful thing if it's possible...16:13
Odd-rationaleHello! I have a packaging question. In a bzr builddeb recipe, can I specify a local branch?16:53
commandolineOdd-rationale: local as in on your computer? Then the answer is no, launchpad is a web service.17:06
Odd-rationalecommandoline: OK. Thanks.17:07
Odd-rationaleOK. So I have a separate debian packaging branch. Is there a way to specify a different debian directory using debuild?17:10
commandolinesorry, I don't know. You can always try to just replace the directory in there?17:11
Odd-rationaleWell the source branch does not have a debian/ directory. It is in a separate branch. Also, I don't think bzr supports nested branches.17:13
commandolineOdd-rationale: well, with the lp recipes, you can include a directory from another branch. On the local file system, you can just copy the debian dir into the target branch before building I'd say?17:37
Odd-rationalecommandoline: Thought about that. Was hoping that there might be a more elegant solution. But thanks!17:39
commandolinewell, there might well be, but I don't know it ;)17:46
mspencerIs this a good place to ask a question about how to set up a Quickly project?17:46
commandolinemspencer: It is, although there's #quickly too if nobody knows an answer here.17:49
mspencerHow can I create a Quickly project named 'contributor-console' but have the source directory be 'contributorconsole', not 'contributor_console'?17:50
Odd-rationaleIs it considered best practices to put the debian directory in a separate branch or as part of the source package?18:01
JanCOdd-rationale: a separate branch makes it possible to have different packaging per OS release18:04
aquariusmspencer, I don't think quickly knows the name of the folder it's in? So... you could just quickly create ubuntu-application contributor_console and then rename the folder?18:55
mspenceraquarius: Would the name of the project be used anywhere else?18:56
aquariusmspencer, good question, and I'm not sure. dpm, mhall119, ^^18:56
mhall119aquarius: mspencer: I don't belive that quickly cares what it's own folder is called18:58
mhall119bzr might though, I'm not sure18:58
mspencerWould it be possible to do 'quickly create contributor-console' and then run sed on all the files to replace contributor_console with contributorconsole?18:58
mhall119mspencer: that will probably break things unexpected ways18:59
aquariusmspencer, it might, but I suspect you'd screw up paths in that case... I assume quickly will create a contributor_console_lib folder and so on. I wouldn't fiddle with that too much if I were you,18:59
mspencerI didn't think it was a good idea anyway.19:00
mspencermhall119: Even if it didn't, wouldn't the project name be used in other files, such as the executable?19:01
mspencermhall119: I'm refering to the project name, not running sed.19:01
mhall119mspencer: a bunch of files refer to others by their filename or python module name19:02
mspencerSo is it possible to tell quickly not to put a '_' in the source folder name when I create the project?19:03
mspencerThis isn't a big deal, I just wanted the directory structure to match that of software-center, etc. where the project is called software-center but the source folder is called softwarecenter.19:05
mspencerI've also got several questions related to using a Launchpad project, is this a good place to ask?19:08
aquariusmhall119, if I've got a quickly template with a bug in it, what's the best way of fixing that bug and testing? Can I put a local copy of the template somewhere and have that override the one in /usr/share/quickly/templates?19:24
mhall119aquarius: quickly has a pretty thorough test suite, if it's one of the built-in templates20:13
mhall119aquarius: I don't remember if you can run a template outside of /usr/share/quickly.20:14
mhall119aquarius: ah ha!  It will search through an env variable called QUICKLY_TEMPLATES, containing colon-separated paths20:17
mhall119it will also check in ~/quickly-templates20:17
aquariusmhall119, superb!20:50
aquariusmhall119, thank you. I shall give that a try20:50
aquariusmhall119, it's one of the community templates, which are clearly not as well tested...20:50
aquariusalthough it would be nice if "quickly license" in the base template printed a warning if it couldn't find the author in the .ui files rather than exploded. :)20:51
mhall119aquarius: ubuntu-application really wasn't a suitable base template for qtquick20:54
mhall119in fact, none of them were really structured in a way that made them usable for derivative templates20:55
mhall119that's part of what I'm working on fixing in the reboot20:55
aquariusmhall119, so qtquick should have been a completely independent template?20:56
aquariusit seems to work OK so far, apart from the license thing, although I've only tried "quickly package"20:56
mhall119aquarius: ideally yeah, since so much of ubuntu-application assumes Python+Gtk20:57
mhall119I'm going to try and make some generic base templates that are re-usable for the reboot20:58
aquariusmhall119, yeah. I was hoping to make an app now, which is why I'm using the community template...21:01
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