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dholbachgood morning07:19
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dholbachcan anyone reply to https://twitter.com/yuvilio/statuses/273566993171492864 please?09:33
infinitydholbach: It should be roughly the same, hardware-wise, as a Chromebook, if that's helpful.09:40
infinitydholbach: There's kernel work and hobbyist fun going on there, but not by us.09:41
* ogra_ isnt aware of any official statements about the nx10 though09:41
ogra_i guess a chromebook kernel might show up in the archive before release09:42
ogra_so someone who would try to get it to work should be able to09:42
infinityI'm still tossing around the idea of getting an American to send me a Chromebook.09:42
infinityWhich would give me incentive to maintain a kernel in the archive. :P09:42
ogra_(cant be to much difference between the two)09:42
infinityPart of me is still holding out for Lenovo to make an ARM laptop, so I don't have to compromise on my love of Lenovo keyboards.09:43
infinityBut I could be waiting a long time for that...09:43
RaYmAnn10 kernel is...rather different for some reason.,09:44
RaYmAnthey don't use DTB's09:44
RaYmAnbut other than that, it should be trivial.09:44
dholbachthanks everyone10:04
ogra-cbdholbach, oh, and a sidenote, no redistributable GLES drivers for the nexus 10, unless that exists its very unlikely for us to switch to it simply because we cant run unity10:30
hrwhttp://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2012/11/28/lets-compare-some-cpu/ - you may find it interesting10:30
dholbachogra-cb, if the guy replies I'll let him know :)10:31
ogra-cbthat could become our general answer to that faq :)10:31
ogra-cb(i hear that question once a week, but ignore it most of the time ... )10:31
hrwogra-cb: n10 has same problem as chromebook10:33
ogra-cbbut has no chromeos to hack around the issue10:34
hrwogra-cb: if you can spare 363MB of data and 1.4GB of disk space then I have solution10:34
ogra-cbon the chromebook you can at least pull the libs from chromeos10:34
hrws/data/network data/10:34
ogra-cbcant do that on the nexus1010:34
ogra-cbyou have a 363MB download that solves the licensing ?10:35
hrwchromebook recovery image can be fetched10:36
hrwbut user would have to do it ;(10:36
hrwthe real pita of exynos5 is lack of any license infromation in chromium os (or I did not yet found it)10:37
hrwfetch, unpack, use kpartx to split partitions, mount ROOT-A as ro, copy files10:38
hrw363MB zip, 1GB img10:39
hrwhttp://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/chromeos-localmirror is also useful if you know what you are searching for.10:39
hrwbut no libmali there10:39
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lardmanhrw: libmali is the userspace closed lib?10:54
hrwlardman: long time - how things?10:54
lardmanhrw: indeed, not bad, 14month old daughter has sort have put a hold on hobby coding up till now10:55
lardmanbut now we're getting at least some sleep, I'm looking for some hw :)10:55
hrwlardman: ;)10:55
hrw14m should be able to sleep whole night I think10:55
lardmanhrw: If you'd like to tell her that I'd be happy ;)10:56
hrwlardman: ;))10:56
lardmanSo back on topic, are there blobs for the Mali 400?10:57
hrwno idea of mali40010:58
hrwyou have exynos4 or allwinner a10?10:58
lardmannothing yet, umming and arring about the Nexus 1010:58
hrwnexus10 has mali t60410:59
lardmanalternatively the Nexus 7, but I'd quite like to do some on-device opencl (if an sdk is released eventually)10:59
lardmanyeah, was just wondering whether they are just running slow releasing the relevant files10:59
hrwI would not assume that Samsung will release anything10:59
lardmanthe opencl sdk should come from ARM I'd have thought10:59
lilsteviehowdy lardman11:11
lardmanhey lilstevie11:11
lardmanam heading over to your neck of the woods early next year11:11
lardmanwell not necessarily that close, but closer than here anyway11:12
lilsteviewhere abouts?11:12
lardmanto visit family11:13
lilstevieah fair enough11:13
lilstevienot close, but closer :p11:13
lardmanhmm, interesting that the only installer for the the latest Mali OpenGL ES SDK for Linux on ARM is a Windows MSI file... :)11:20
lardmannothing interesting in there though, shame11:22
ogra_xnox, did you btw research why the current  /usr/lib/ubiquity/wallpaper fails or did you only look at compiz integration yet ?11:30
xnoxogra_: working at compiz bits right now. Did not troubleshoot the wallpaper fail yet.11:30
ogra_xnox,  ah, finally found the bug again (and gave it a better title) bug 108126011:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 1081260 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "/usr/lib/ubiquty/wallpaper crashes after boot of livecd" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108126011:49
xnoxogra_: well it's interesting, but the "crash" reproducer is wrong as it needs to be called with the path to background (and error message says so)11:50
xnoxogra_: but yeah, I'm in gtk right now to fix a compiz bug ;-)11:50
ogra_thats his actual error in the ubiquity-dm log11:50
ogra_seems also that wallpaper.c still uses gtk211:51
ogra_bug 104897612:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 1048976 in ubuntu-wallpapers (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] Update default ubuntu wallpaper to quantal version" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104897612:04
ogra_oha !12:26
ogra_plymouth works if i enable debugging12:26
hrwogra-cb: which kernel argument?12:27
hrwbtw - what plymouth does other than bootsplash? cause I do not see any difference when boot chromebook without plymouth12:27
ogra_well, i also have break=bottom enabled might be that there is a race i avoid through that12:28
ogra_bootslpash is an in kernel hack12:28
ogra_thats the only "bootsplash" i know12:28
hrwok, let me rephrase... what plymouth does at all?12:29
ogra_hmm, dropping plymouth:debug still gives me a splash12:29
ogra_hrw, libplymouth does all kernel-userspace interaction (like a poor mans dbus for UI stuff, i.e. passwords, fsck input etc)12:30
ogra_thats why i.e. mountall requires it12:30
ogra_the rest is just bling12:30
ogra_hmm, so am i brave and try it without break=bottom now ...12:31
ogra_at the risk of having to reinstall my nexus12:31
* ogra_ doesnt get why it breaks at install time so badly12:32
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ogra_aha !12:34
ogra_so it crashes id i dont have either plymouth:debug or break=bottom set12:34
hrwwill fill similar ones for bunch of others12:41
hrwopenmax, mfc firmware12:41
ogra_openmax, yeah12:41
hrwogra_: http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/chromeos-localmirror/distfiles/openmax-0.0.1-r5.tbz212:41
hrwogra_: binaries only12:42
ogra_do they work ?12:42
hrwogra_: no experience with openmax here12:42
ogra_i only have experience with gst-omx12:43
ogra_that doesnt look like it would be anyhow related to gst12:43
xnoxogra_: both ubiquity panel & wallpaper are gtk3.12:46
ogra_i thought i saw a gtk2 header but seems i looked at precise code here12:48
ogra_(sorry for the false alarm due to that)12:48
xnoxogra_: interesting bug 29653812:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 296538 in unity-2d "warty-final-ubuntu.png is actually a JPEG file" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29653812:51
xnoxogra_: /me ponders if the wallpaper works on e.g. xubuntu.12:51
ogra_a bit old though12:51
ogra_that wouldnt explsin it on the nexus7 though12:52
ogra_we use the default ubuntu-wallpapers wallpaper12:52
xnoxogra_: red-herring or something got strict.12:52
* xnox sees no wallpaper in the amd64 VM12:52
ogra_so not arch or flavour specific12:53
xnoxkvm that is.12:54
xnoxanyway, fixed the compiz bug will do a merge proposal now =))))12:55
xnoxogra_: compiz is the last fallback, so on the images you'll need to somehow unseed metacity.12:56
ogra_what i still wonder is why g-s-d doesnt just default to draw the wallpaper12:57
ogra_it should just use the system defaults the desktop uses later too12:57
* ogra_ files bug 108406313:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 1084063 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "plymouth in raring seems to have a race condition on the nexus7" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108406313:00
ogra_i have not the slightest idea how to debug this :(13:00
ogra_the kernel goes into a reboot loop so i wont be able to capture any info13:00
ogra_xnox, oh ! if i can unseed metacity, i can re-seed the slideshow i guess13:24
ogra_without it eating all my space13:24
xnoxogra_: well merge proposal is up. As soon as it's reviewed, I'll merge and upload new ubiquity ;-)13:25
ogra_xnox, approved ;)13:27
ogra_xnox, i'm wondering though if we couldnt merge all these /proc/cmdline parsing into one function and set all vars we need at the top13:27
xnoxogra_: cheat. what about three-pairs of eyeballs? =)13:28
ogra_well, if you feel like13:28
ogra_i assume you have tested that before requesting13:28
xnoxogra_: also on nexus do you need to move the ubiquity because of onboard?13:28
ogra_move ?13:29
xnoxogra_: yes, literarly move the ubiquity window around the desktop13:29
ogra_the current nexus image is fine apart from missing slideshow and wallpaper13:29
* xnox didn't enable that compiz plugin, nor resize.13:29
xnoxok, merge and upload I guess =)13:29
ogra_onboard cares for that itself13:29
xnoxcool =)13:29
ogra_if it detects it covers the focused input area *it* moves around13:30
ogra_no need to move the windows ;)13:30
ogra_its a bit jumpy in the user setup screen13:30
ogra_but nothing we can avoid atm13:30
ogra_unless we switch to ion3 or awesome and use a fixed two pane layout ;)13:31
* xnox glares at ogra for daring to mention tiling window managers13:33
ogra_hey its a tablet, they are perfect for that13:33
ogra_its the predecessor to BathroomWindows^WWindows Metro13:34
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* ogra_ adds various sleeps to the initrd init to see if that helps plymouth14:01
ogra_hmm, no, doesnt look like14:01
ogra_YAY !14:15
* ogra_ updates bug 108406314:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 1084063 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "plymouth in raring seems to have a race condition on the nexus7" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108406314:19
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ogra_bug 108372316:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1083723 in upstart (Ubuntu Raring) "'telinit u' has a cage fight with busybox init" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108372316:27
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vanhoofogra_: are the new dailes down in size to not have to use -S?18:01
ogra-cbvanhoof, yes, they should just work now (limited to 6G indeed)18:08
vanhoofogra-cb: sweet18:08
ogra-cbi havent tested todazs, but yesterdays was fine18:09
[mbm]did anyone ever get anywhere with nexus7 multiboot?20:14
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xnoxogra_: can we purge https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootfsFromScratch/QemuDebootstrap, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootfsFromScratch, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootStock from the face of earth23:52
xnoxogra_: and redirect people to: $ ubuntu-core images or $ mk-sbuild --arch armhf raring23:52
xnoxogra_: do we have cloud-init armhf images? those work great with quick download & launch a qemu instance.23:53

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