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raubWas trying to do an update and am being told no space left (http://pastie.org/private/kvzzfymhuaimjletbgb1bq) on the device.13:53
raubDo I take that is in /var? If so, I thought that I had enough space for such things (almost a GB free).13:53
geirhaCertainly looks like you have enough space on every filesystem of consequence14:08
geirharaub: Run   watch -n1 'df -h'  in a separate terminal, then run the apt-get again and see where it eats space14:08
raubgeirha: thanks! Lemme try14:09
raubgeirha: /usr went from 864 to 876M and /var went from 983 to 984M14:12
raubThat is nothing14:12
raubOr, this is rather ridiculous14:13
raubAnd this machine has 4GB of RAM14:14
geirhaHm. Could there be some quota on one of those filesystems perhaps?14:19
raubgeirha: I built that guy without quotas. But, just to make sure, is there a quick way to figure out?14:20
raubBTW, I can increase the sizes of the diff lvs (/var, /home, etc), but I would feel stupid if I did that without knowing what really happened14:21
geirhaI haven't messed much with quota so I couldn't say14:22
geirhatry creating a 10MiB dummy file under /var14:22
raubgeirha: me neither, which is why AFAIK it is not there.14:22
raubSure thing14:22
geirhadd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=10 of=/var/tmp/delete_me14:22
raub(you type way faster than me ;)14:23
geirhadf claims var has 22G space, ~1G used, and ~1G available. That doesn't add up14:23
geirhaso there's probably some quota thing there14:23
raubOk. Bad cut-n-paste14:24
geirhaor maybe it's just a copy/paste error? 22G is really 2G?14:24
raubYep :)14:24
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raubgeirha: http://pastie.org/private/8l966wll5waszpsb2n604w14:26
raubI even just created a 200MB file in that same dir. No problems there either14:27
geirhaHm. I'm running out of ideas.14:27
geirhaPerhaps try an strace14:28
raubon apt?14:28
geirhastrace -f apt-get -f install14:28
geirhaMight show where the error originates14:28
raubA bit more messages than I expected :)14:34
raubcapturing output and trying again14:34
geirhaprobably only need writes14:35
geirhastrace -f -e trace=open,close,read,write ...14:36
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raubDown to 59567 lines... from 200K15:03
geirhasearch for ENOSPC15:07
raubgeirha: should I be concerned about the repeating 4096 here: http://pastie.org/private/izh22v36wviiq007msrlq15:14
raubI mean, it looks like the write is not advancing15:14
raub(I might be reading too  much in there too)15:16
geirhaI'll be disconnected soon. It's patch day, but anyway. Did you find where ENOSPC occurs?15:19
raubcan't find that pattern15:20
geirhaIt does look a bit odd that it keeps writing the same data to fd 1 over and over, but it may be it just looks like it's the same data.15:20
geirhaHm. Odd.15:20
raubgeirha: you need to go. I wonder if there is an issue in the lv I am not detecting15:21
raubdmesg does not help me much here because my firewall is filling it up15:22
rick_le_feuvreI'm a new user of ubuntu, but a long time Windows user. I've installed 12.10 and I'm sure there must be some way to set certain programs to load at boot. However, I'm not sure where to look to set that up.16:34
raubrick_le_feuvre: I *think* that if you start a given program and its icon shows on the tab thingie, you can left/right/sideways click on it and tell it to start on boot16:36
rick_le_feuvreit looks like my only options are to either boot the program or unlock it from "Launcher". I would guess that there must be an editable list somewhere of programs that load on boot.16:43
raubI *think* the boot option is what you want. I am on a centos desktop right now. If you give me a bit of time I can start my ubuntu 12.04 laptop16:52
rick_le_feuvreThere's this utility on the Launcher called Dash Home and I navigated through it to an application called "Startup Applications". However, there is no help function I can see, so I've simply added Firefox and Thunderbird to it. I was planning on simply rebooting and seeing if I've got it set up right.16:55
rick_le_feuvrewell, apparently I didn't to that right.16:58
zizohi, I'm a very new user of ubuntu. Just installed it into may laptop alongside windows. in ubuntu warless is not working. My computer is Dell Inspiron 1525. Any one please help me?16:59
rick_le_feuvrein "Startup Applications" I need to enter the name of the app and then a Command (whatever that is). Anybody got any idea about what it means when it asks for a Command??17:01
escottrick_le_feuvre, it would be /usr/bin/firefox17:37
rick_le_feuvrethank you escott. I've seen references to a slash/dot. Is that required as well?17:39
escottrick_le_feuvre, ./command means is a relative path (it does not begin with a "/" so it is by definition relative). it is relative to "." which is the current directory.17:41
escottin your case there is no current directory for startup applications17:41
escottor at least you dont know what it would be. and the absolute path from the filesystem root / to /usr/bin/firefox is what you want17:41
rick_le_feuvreOK, thanks for the clarification. Coming from the Windows world where everything is made easy for you, I feel more than a little lost in linux land.17:42
escottmany of us feel the same way about windows17:42
escottyou just need to learn how unix does things. it makes very good sense once you are used to it17:43
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soindI was logging in to ask something. I think I read that HUD will replace global menu in future versions.  Is this the case, or will they continue to exist side-by-side?22:45

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