thorwilmpt: how do you think about miller columns in the dash?16:45
mptthorwil, I have never thought about Miller columns in the Dash.16:46
thorwilthe first column could be: All (instead of Home), Applications, Files & Folders, Music, Videos (, additional lenses)16:50
thorwilsecond column (not appearing for All) for what is now in "Filter results"16:51
thorwilthe current additive filter selection would be even less expected, but i doubt it's usefulness, anyway16:53
thorwilwith the current design (well, 12.04), i would expect that users at first don't even notice the lenses. once they do, "Home" has the potential to confuse by association with "Home folder". the applications icon is just unrecognizable16:59
thorwilhttp://yeknan.free.fr/dc2/index.php?post/2012/11/15/Les-menus almost makes me want to wipe this installation to get Elementary instead17:00
thorwilnot because it would matter that much for my personal use, just out of embarrassment17:01

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