veebersIf I remaster the desktop iso to include a custom preseed.seed file, what are the correct boot parameters I need to pass to make it work?01:53
veebersmost of the guides I've seen seem out of date (mentioning /install/initrd.gz but from what I can see it should be /casper/initrd.lz)?01:54
xnoxcjwatson: there is proposal from design team to take the "third-paty (proprietary) software checkbox" and move it from the prepare screen to all the way to the end, post user setup as "one last thing"17:21
xnoxcjwatson: as far as i can see it does two things currently: drivers via ubuntu-drivers-common and installing ubuntu restricted meta-package.17:22
cjwatsonone sec while I refresh my memory17:23
xnoxis this technically possible to do? should / shouldn't be done?17:23
xnox(the "install updates" checkbox will stay on the prepare screen)17:24
cjwatsonubuntu-restricted-addons doesn't much matter - that's handled after all questions have been asked in any case17:25
cjwatsonI'd be concerned about ubuntu-drivers though; don't we rely on this to install non-free network drivers where necessary that could be used during installation, so you'd lose geolocation on the timezone page?17:25
cjwatsonthat's the only problem I see; if you determine it's not a problem, go nuts17:26
xnoxcjwatson: my crazy thought, was to apply the restricted policy, recognise the network driver to be a hardware-driver and run ubuntu-drivers for network & wifi cards without any UI17:27
cjwatsonthat'd be permissible if it works :)17:28
xnoxcjwatson: but not the 3D graphics drivers, as people may choose to use llvm-pipe or free drivers instead of the proprietary once.17:28
cjwatsonThey aren't loadable while ubiquity is running anyway17:30
xnoxbut currently that checkbox does all: ubuntu-drivers (network, wifi, graphics) & ubuntu-restricted-addons.17:32
xnoxOk, i'll talk to pitti about ubuntu-drivers and if it can do network,wifi & free graphics separate from non-free graphics.17:32
* cjwatson nods17:38
xnoxcjwatson: btw - do you have any more d-i merges in progress, or am I ok to upload ubiquity?17:45
xnoxogra is eager to drop metacity on nexus7 to regain space.17:45
cjwatsonnot right now, and none of them are urgent anyway; go ahead17:45
cjwatsonand yeah, your compiz branch looks OK to me17:46
cjwatson(but I see ogra's already reviewed it)17:46
cjwatsonI suspect this will cause compiz to be used by default on Ubuntu images too17:47
cjwatsonI mean, normal x86 desktop17:47
cjwatsonWhich is probably OK but just so you know ...17:47
xnoxcjwatson: because metacity is not seeded? *sigh*17:49
xnoxcjwatson: well.... compiz must work in the installed system cause we don't have fallback.17:50
cjwatsonbecause compiz is in the expansion of the desktop seed, and so germinate will see that ubiquity's dependency is already satisfied by an inner seed and not bother to add metacty17:52
cjwatsonif you wanted to avoid that, you could explicitly add metacity to ubuntu.raring/live17:52
xnoxcjwatson: i'd like to keep seeding metacity as the "revert" if people complain / notice breakage with compiz.17:54
xnoxI guess Edubuntu is affected if they want to keep using metacity for the installer instead of compiz. stgraber?!17:55
xnoxall other flavours already use their own default WM.17:55
cjwatsonyes, the same thing would go for Edubuntu17:56
stgraberedubuntu will stll ship metacity because we ship gnome-session-fallback which depends on it17:57
xnoxstgraber: good.18:01
xnoxand because openjdk-7 build-deps on metacity it will not fall out of main.18:10
ogra-cb*build*-depends ?18:11
* ogra-cb shakes head18:11
cjwatsontest suite, presumably18:11

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