cqfd93Hi Everybody!16:05
hanniehey cqfd9316:05
hannieare you one of our authors, editors or translators?16:05
cqfd93hannie, I used nl.po to generate the Dutch manual (precise)16:05
hannieis cqfd93 a nick for carsten?16:06
cqfd93oh sorry !  I'm Sylvie Gallet (French translator)16:06
hannieah, nice to meet you16:06
cqfd93nice to meet you, too :-)16:06
hanniethe name of my neighbour is Gallet (Lucien et Simone)16:06
cqfd93French names16:07
hanniecqfd93, did you get the index in the Dutch version of the manual?16:07
cqfd93Gallet is a very common name in France16:07
hannieI live in France16:07
cqfd93I was about to talk to you about the index16:07
cqfd93where in France?16:08
hannieok, did you get it?16:08
hanniequarante six16:08
cqfd93ye, I got the index, but there are some problems, and like in the French manual, no links16:08
hannieok, I just wrote to Kevin about it. When the index is ok we are ready to publish the Dutch version16:09
cqfd93lot: nice area!16:09
hannieand you (fr)?16:09
hannieWhich links do you mean?16:10
cqfd93I wanted to see if you had the same problem we're having with the "Debien" index entry16:10
cqfd93Living near Parin16:10
cqfd93for the links, the page numbers just appear black regular numbers, they don't link to the pages16:11
hannieHave you installed texlive 2012?16:11
cqfd93My texlive install is up to date16:11
hannieI installed it today (I had 2011), but the index doesn't show16:12
YoBoYcqfd93, hannie I talk with kevin the other day about these links in the index, he deactivated them for now16:12
YoBoY> YoBoY: Ah,  that's not a bug per se.16:13
YoBoY> YoBoY: The hyperref package (which provides the links) and the xindy program (which handles the indexing), aren't completely compatible.16:13
hanniehey YoBoY , so that may be the problem16:13
cqfd93Hi YoBoY!16:13
YoBoYbonjour :)16:13
hanniewell, if Kevin awakes, he will answer my email16:14
cqfd93The Dutch translation has another problem: they translated all of the see| and seealso| (these should remain in English)16:14
hannieay, cqfd93 I'll have to fix that16:15
hannieI am going to have a look right now16:15
cqfd93hannie, after you fix that, you will probably have another error caused by "Debian|seealso{Linux}"16:16
hanniegotit, I am going to fix it straightaway (I never noticed ;) )16:17
YoBoYand I asked on launchpad mailing list and on a french LaTeX mailing list how to deal with our nbsp problems with the best flexibility :)16:17
YoBoYseems Launchpad can't help us on that16:17
hanniewhat is nbsp?16:18
YoBoYnon breaking space16:18
YoBoYwe use them a lot in French typography :)16:18
cqfd93hannie: you can temporarily replace it with "Debian" but the index entry will show two page numbers instead of just page 616:19
hannieShould they be added to the clo file?16:19
hannienbsp I mean16:19
hanniecqfd93, I'll do that too16:19
cqfd93ok, hope it helps!16:20
hannieI will let you know16:20
YoBoYhannie, there is already nbsp, it's just they cause some bugs with the tools we use. It's for now fixed, but it's not clean enought. It's why I try to find a better way to deal with them :)16:23
hannieright, thanks for explaining16:23
hanniecqfd93, I have fixed the see/seealso. Before I test, should I replace Linux with Debian?16:26
hannieI could also use # to leave it out for the moment16:27
cqfd93Just replace it with "Debian"16:29
cqfd93hannie, did you update hyperref 6.83m as it was required a few days ago for revision 168 in quantal and rev 123 in precise?16:30
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/revision/123 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual -r 12316:30
hanniethe first link gives me "Not found"16:32
hanniethe second also16:32
YoBoYdon't trust the bot :)16:33
hannieNo, they are just machines ;)16:33
YoBoYhe can only give links for the focus branch and it's raring now16:33
hanniein revision 123 (Precise-e2) I see % Hyperref options for print/screen versions16:36
hannie%\RequirePackage{ccicons}% Creative Commons icons16:37
hanniecan I just use the command apt-get install ccicons?16:37
* cqfd93 trying to find kevin's email where he explains how to opdate hyperref16:47
YoBoYhannie, you just have to launch the install-pkgs.sh to have the ccbysa working, but I don't know if kevin already corrected a bug on that16:48
cqfd93I don't know about ccicons16:48
hannieYoBoY, did that already, but U used the precise-e2 folder /pkgs16:49
hannieI have just installed texlive-extra-fonts16:49
hannieI am going to do another check for packages16:50
YoBoYyes sure, I'm not mixing versions ^^16:50
hannieI had a fight with removing 2011, but now I have 201216:50
hannieinstall-pkgs.sh report: Done! You should now be able to compile the Ubuntu manual!16:52
hannieoops! Warning: Old configuration style found in /etc/texmf/updmap.d16:54
hannieWarning: For now these files have been included,16:54
hannieLooks like version 2011 has not been removed completely16:54
cqfd93Just generated your manual (precise: 147 pages) it's showint some problems in the index (duplicate entries) that will require some cleaning in the translation (we had the same kind of problems in the French manuals a few days ago)16:55
cqfd93hannie: good! Are you trying to generate the pdf?16:56
hanniecqfd93, did you use my latest nl.po (see/seealso fixed)?16:56
hanniecqfd93, I get 145 pages, because the index is not generated16:57
cqfd93I fixed it on my computer :-)16:57
hannieok, now it is fixed in LP too16:57
cqfd93do you get a "success" message?16:58
hannieI do get 1 error, tried to find it, but no success. Besides, you used the same po file without problems16:58
hannieSo, the problem is my texlive 201216:59
hannieNo file ubuntu-manual-nl.ind.16:59
hannieI guess this means the index file was not made16:59
cqfd93the culprit is probably your hyperref version17:00
hanniecqfd93, any idea how I can update this hyperref version?17:00
hanniehi CarstenG17:01
hannieNo file ubuntu-manual-nl.ind.17:01
CarstenGHi Hannie17:01
cqfd93hannie, here is a link to your manual http://ubuntuone.com/3x710bSerEI3hOhgUIxDxd17:01
cqfd93hi CarstenG17:01
CarstenGHi Sylvie17:02
cqfd93hannie, try this command sudo tlmgr update --all --self17:02
cqfd93tlmgr is the texlive update manager17:03
hanniecqfd93, output is: tlmgr: no updates available17:04
cqfd93sounds good17:04
hannienot so good, because my problem is still not solved :(17:05
hannietlmgr revision 28216 (2012-11-09 13:34:08 +0100)17:05
hannietlmgr using installation: /usr/local/texlive/201217:05
hannieTeX Live (http://tug.org/texlive) version 201217:05
hanniehere you can see I have version 2012 installed17:06
hannieI am afraid I will have to reinstall Ubuntu altogether17:06
cqfd93reinstalling ubuntu might be too much!17:08
hanniewell, reinstalling texlive only gives misery17:08
hannieThe font "CC Icons" cannot be found.17:09
cqfd93Was the manual generated in Dutch with just the index missing?17:09
hannieI have just installed texlive-extra-fonts17:09
hannieI thought ccicons was in there17:09
cqfd93I remember I had ti install the font, just don't remember when and where I got it17:10
hanniecqfd93, yes, the manual looks good, only there is no index17:10
hannieand the English version gives me the ccicons error17:10
cqfd93you may have to talk with kevin about that, I'm not sure I can really help17:10
hanniewell, you have been a help so far, only finding the solution is very hard17:11
cqfd93Still can't find where I got ccicons...17:21
hanniedon't worry, I'll find it17:22
CarstenGHannie, I have just read your discussion with Sylvie in the logs.17:25
CarstenGCould you pleas do a "make clean"17:26
hannieok, any suggestions? I cannot generate the indes. The rest is fine17:26
CarstenGAnd then a "make ubuntu-manual-nl.pdf"17:26
CarstenGAnd email me the complete output from the terminal.17:26
godbykHey, hannie. I just uploaded the Dutch title page to the precise-e2 branch so it should start appearing in the PDF.17:26
hannieI already did that twice :( I'll do it once more (for you ;) )17:26
cqfd93hi godbyk!17:27
godbykHey, Sylvie!17:27
godbykI'm just getting caught up on the conversations here. :)17:27
hanniehey godbyk My worries at the moment are that I cannot generate the index17:27
hanniegodbyk, thanks for the title page17:28
godbykhannie: Okay. Should I use the nl.po in the repository or the one from Launchpad?17:29
hannieI uploaded the latest version to LP a while ago. That one is fine17:29
godbykOkay. I'm building the PDF now with the one from the repository. We'll see how it goes.17:30
hannieI'll keep my fingers crossed17:30
godbykhannie: I had to remove the links from the index because they were confusing the indexing program. For now, I think we'll just have to leave the linked turned off in the index.17:30
godbykcqfd93: I figured out why the Debian entry was showing two page numbers.17:31
hannieCarstenG, a miracle has happened. The third time I gave the same commands I suddenly get 149 pages (instead of 145)17:31
godbykcqfd93: The \index{Debian|seealso{Linux}} command it at the top of the index file (which is okay).17:31
hannieLet me see if I get an index now17:31
godbykcqfd93: But when we remove the seealso bit, it becomes a regular index entry (with a page number), and that's bad.17:32
godbykcqfd93: So the better solution is just to remove that entire \index line.17:32
godbykcqfd93: Unfortunately, this can't be done from Launchpad. We can only do it by modifying the fr.po file itself.17:32
godbykcqfd93: So we'll deal with that once all the other translation stuff has been finished in Launchpad.17:32
hannieI'll be **** CarstenG I think you are a witch doctor :)17:33
hanniegodbyk, I have done a make clean for the 3rd time and suddenly I get the index17:33
cqfd93kevin: a few days ago, I told you that the best fix would be to remove the \index{Debian} and keep Debian|see{Linux}  (but see, not seealso)17:34
hanniegodbyk, so now I can finally check the index for errors. You do not have to bother about it anymore17:34
godbykhannie: Strange.17:35
godbykhannie: I'm glad to hear it's working for you, though.17:35
godbykhannie: Did you get the new CC Icons font installed?17:35
hanniegodbyk, it was blood sweat and tears to replace texlive 2011 with 201217:35
godbykhannie: Just run the install-pkgs.sh script from either the quantal or raring branches. (I haven't uploaded it to precise-e2, yet.)17:35
hanniegodbyk, I did that several times. Everything ok the log says17:36
godbykhannie: I'm surprised it was so difficult. You should've been able to just remove the /usr/local/texlive/2011 directory and install 2012 as usual.17:36
godbykhannie: I just checked the Dutch PDF here and the index shows up. So hopefully it was just a temporary problem on your end.17:36
godbykhannie: Let me know if you continue to encounter problems with it, though.17:36
hanniegodbyk, I made a very big mistake, I used gksudo to remove 2011. And I am punished for it17:37
hanniegodbyk, I'll check the index and let you know when it is ok tomorrow17:38
godbykhannie: I would expect that to work. (Though I'm a command-line kind of guy, so I would've just ran 'sudo rm -fr /usr/local/texlive/2011/' from the terminal.)17:38
hanniegodbyk, the sudo etc. did not work, so I tried the stronger root admin option17:39
CarstenGHey Hannie, congratulations!17:39
CarstenGNice to see, that it now works. :-)17:39
hannieCarstenG, yes, I am glad the misery is over ;)17:39
hannieI will not lightly use gksudo in the future17:40
hanniegodbyk, what does the -fr in your command do?17:41
godbykhannie: -f is force and -r is recursive.  -r lets you remove entire directories. and -f tells it not to ask any questions. :)17:42
hannieah, I should learn all these options. they are very powerful indeed.17:43
hanniegodbyk, I used sudo apt-get remove texlive-* (from our website), but that did not remove /usr/local/texlive/201117:48
godbykhannie: No, that would only remove any Ubuntu texlive package you have installed.17:49
godbykhannie: You have to remove the /usr/local/tex/live/2011 directory manually.17:49
godbykhannie: (Though it doesn't hurt anything if you leave it there when you install 2012. It just takes up space on your hard drive.)17:49
hanniegodbyk, no, when I installed texlive from Ubuntu software center I got conflicts with /usr/local/texlive/201117:52
godbykhannie: Oh, strange.17:52
godbykI was hoping that we could start using the Ubuntu texlive packages, but we can't if we want the index to work right.17:52
hanniethat's why I decided to radically remove /2011 with gksudo (and bled for it)17:53
godbyk(For people who aren't worried about the index, they can still use the Ubuntu texlive packages, though.)17:53
hanniegodbyk, using the instructions on our website to install texlive work fine17:54
godbykOn an unrelated note, it's nice to see some activity in this channel again. :)17:56
hannietalking about activity, it won't take long before we have to start with raring17:57
godbykhannie: Yes.17:58
godbykWe'll have to have a meeting and set the dates for the milestones and make sure we still have authors and editors.17:58
hannieI am just checking the release schedule17:59
hannieI see the final beta release is on March 28 201318:00
godbykWhat day is the final release?18:01
hannieApril 2518:01
hannieSo if we wait for the final beta release, we have one month18:01
hannieWould that be sufficient? I do not think going from Quantal to Raring will be a very big step with lots of changes18:02
hannieAlpha 2 is released on February 7th18:03
godbykI think we should start writing before the beta release, but we can fix any last-minute changes during editing.18:06
godbykI hope they stick to the feature freeze and UI freeze better this time.18:07
hannieok, so starting from alpha 2 would be fine18:07
godbykI think so. And if anyone wants to dive in earlier, I have no complaints about that. ;-)18:08
hannieWe could plan a meeting beginning of February 201318:08
godbykWe may have an earlier meeting, too, to plan some other parts of the project that don't directly involve writing the manual (e.g., the website, e-book possibilities).18:09
hannieok, how about beginning of January?18:10
godbykThat sounds good.18:13
godbykI'll send out an email after the holidays and we'll find a good time for everyone to meet.18:13
hanniegreat! see you all, guys18:13
CarstenGHannie, you changed in rev 128 the command "\appendixname" to "appendix". So you do not get the Dutch translation "Bijlage"18:14
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/revision/128 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual -r 12818:14
CarstenGfor that word any more.18:14
godbykSee you, hannie!18:14
CarstenGWhat's wrong with that word?18:14
CarstenGok, I will email her. :-)18:15
godbykCarstenG: Guess so. :)18:15
CarstenGOh, there is again a new language complete in precise-e2, Malay18:25
CarstenGGreat to see!18:25
godbykMy current task is trying to sort out how to get our PDFs to work well with all of lulu.com's printers.18:27
CarstenGI had the idea, to go to a local copy shop with our PDF and let them test it for any problems.18:32
godbykCarstenG: Well, Jeremy's PDF test program didn't report any problems after we fixed the transparency issues.18:40
godbykCarstenG: I'm looking into getting a copy of Adobe Acrobat to see if it can fix things.18:40
CarstenGYes, good idea.19:24
CarstenGI have to leave now19:25
CarstenGSee you19:25

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