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dholbachgood morning07:20
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shadeslayerhi, I was wondering if someone could advise me a bit about spaces in .link files14:41
shadeslayerthe original file has spaces in the folder name, causing dh_link to parse the link file improperly14:42
shadeslayerso something like : /usr/share/foo/b a r should be linked to /usr/share/foo/bar14:43
geserand you have to keep the filename with spaces too?14:52
geserhave you tried escaping or using "? if neither works then you probably have to do it by hand in debian/rules14:54
Zhenechshadeslayer, spaces in debhelper files are evil, avoid em14:59
shadeslayergeser: the problem is more in the dir name15:00
shadeslayerit's /usr/share/f o o/bar15:00
* shadeslayer is still playing around15:00
shadeslayerokay so, this is what I'm using : /usr/share/wallpapers/Dryland\ -\ Third\ Edition\ -\ The\ Map/contents/contents/images/1920x1200.jpg /usr/share/netrunner/ubiquity/background.jpg15:06
shadeslayerdoes not work :(15:06
shadeslayerand I think dh_link just ignores the escapes15:09
shadeslayerah well, manually it is15:11
gesershadeslayer: what might also work: /usr/share/wallpapers/Dryland*/contents/contents/images/1920x1200.jpg /usr/share/netrunner/ubiquity/background.jpg15:31
geser(if I read the code correctly and assuming that the first part will expand to exactly one file)15:32
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achianghello, process question. for an MP like this, should i subscribe ubuntu-sponsors, or do i wait for reviewers to pick it up first? https://code.launchpad.net/~achiang/appmenu-gtk/memleaks-787736-780602/+merge/13655017:28
micahgachiang: that has nothing to do with ubuntu-sponors17:29
micahgyou're asking to merge into an upstream branch17:29
achiangmicahg: i see. so presumably once it's merged, the upstream team could make an upload to precise-proposed?17:30
micahgachiang: if they make a release , or you can take the patches after they're merged into the trunk branch and try to get them uploaded to precise-raring17:31
achiangmicahg: got it17:31
micahgachiang: it sounds like they're already committed to trunk though...17:31
achiangmicahg: eh? it was a backport of upstream trunk into the precise branch17:32
micahgachiang: that branch is labeled as trunk, as this is a desktopish package, maybe ask them how to proceed here17:32
achiangalrighty, thanks17:32
raduI have a question regarding SRUs18:17
raduI'm looking at this bug assigned to the hundred papercuts team: https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/105248118:17
raduthis bug is irrelevant for raring, because of changes to nautilus between 3.4 and 3.6. What would I have to do if I want to get it fixed in quantal and precise?18:18
raduthe bug itself is easy to fix, but how do you go about getting the fix added in the stable version?18:19
xnoxradu: you nominate the bug for correct series and adjust status per-series. like I have now done.18:29
radu xnox: ok thanks.18:30
xnoxradu: if you need similar help for other bugs, #ubuntu-bugs is the channel. Those folks know everything about bug management =)18:31
micahgxnox: actually, SRU is more MOTU land than -bugs, -bugs is about triage mostly whereas SRU is a dev thing18:31
xnoxmicahg: sure, but in this case the real question was "i need this to be targetted at two releases, excluded dev release. how do I do this in launchpad bug tracker?"18:32
xnoxunless I misunderstand.18:33
micahgright, so, only bug control (and teams that are members of it) and drivers can target, but only drivers + devs can approve AIUI18:33
raduwell, this is my next question - if I add a patch with a fix, how do I go about finding someone to sponsor it for upload in the stable release?18:33
micahgso, if you actually want tasks instead of a nomination, you have a better chance here18:34
xnoxradu: now, the next step is to follow sru procedure & adjust the bug description (which is amost ok now) and now create debdiff attach to the bug and subscribe ubuntu-sponsors.18:34
raduaha, so I subscribe ubuntu-sponsors and wait for someone to review it. Excellent, thanks18:35
xnoxradu: then sponsors will upload it, sru team accept it, then everyone needs to verify that it fixes the problem and then it will be released into updates.18:35
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ESphynxxnox : ping20:35
xnoxESphynx: what is nobody sponsoring your upload?20:35
ESphynxnonone is and dardevelin is what the hecking me :P20:36
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