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bootljvHi there, I notice u8nder " about:rights#webservices " in Ubuntu firefox that it clearly states that 'something should be listed here' . There is nothing listed and this is therefore an error.17:09
bootljvMy sincere advise would be to allow for the command to disable the Amazon service to be clearly stated in that area of the browser webpage.17:10
micahgbootljv: what does the Amazon service have to do with Firefox?17:23
micahgthe webapps are an addon and the dash integration is a different product17:25
bootljvmicahg, I disagree the web button to amazon goes directly to firefox. I'm listing this as a bug because it affects my rights as a firefox user. They all directly connected. And should be treated as such.17:37
micahgbootljv: no, it's an addon, I'm not sure if addons can modify that section or not17:43
micahgwhich web button17:44
bootljvWell I didn't do an 'Addon' .. I guess that is my point.17:44
bootljvIt's the amazon button in the sidebar.17:45
micahgbootljv: go to about:addons, you should see one there for webapps17:45
JanCas far as I understand, that text is for webservices included in Firefox?17:45
micahgJanC: that's how I read it17:45
* bootljv bangs head on desk and gives up.17:47
micahgsee xul-ext-unity package17:47
micahgoops, I mean xul-ext-websites-integration17:47
micahgactually, I'm not sure which one of those it is...17:48
micahgbut it's not part of Firefox directly, it's an addon that's shipped by default AIUI17:48
* micahg is unsure how addons display licensing info17:49
JanCbut not installed on upgrade AFAICT17:49
micahgright, I'm not sure if recommends get installed on upgrade17:50
micahgand it's only part of the Ubuntu Desktop and Edubuntu products, not the others17:50
JanCmicahg: I suppose you can add it to the page that describes the extension...17:53
micahgwell, I admit, I'm not sure where that information goes for an addon17:57
micahgit's also not a webservice (the amazon button on the dash), it actually uses the amazon website, so regardless, it doesn't belong there17:59
micahgit's a shortcut17:59
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