TandyUKtgm4883: ubuntu desktop 12.04.1 x64 refuses to boot lol01:46
TandyUKdownloaded the iso twice, md5sum'd it, and verrified the disc the second time01:46
TandyUKat least the mythbuntu disc booted lol01:46
TandyUKso still no idea if the plain ubuntu supports it, but further googling sugests not without installing dkms and building the kernel modules ofr it01:47
TandyUKso i see my course of action being something like this...01:47
TandyUKboot myth livecd, install ddkms and get the kernel mod working so when i go to install i can actually see the drive01:48
TandyUKonce installer completes, do not reboot, and chroot into the newly installed os01:48
TandyUKhere again install the dkms and build the kernel mods01:48
TandyUKthen rebuild the boot kernel and reinstall the boot loader and install this onto the boot sector of the raid array01:49
TandyUKand i should be ok to reboot for the first time01:49
TandyUKpretty much all the way up to sorting oput the boot loader ill be fine on, but as a heavy centos/suse user,, the boot stuff im gonna need to ubuntu specific help with :P01:54
TandyUKunless theres anythig else you guys think i should know before i start that is... :)01:54
gregLTandyUK, Did you ask your question in  #ubuntu ? There are some pretty knowledgeable people.. Maybe someone there will have an answer for you...02:13
gregLThere are some pretty knowledgeable people in there.. That should have read...02:15
qwebirc70055I'm trying to install mythbuntu 12.04 from an ISO CD I've created. It hangs on the 'Preparing to install' screen. I've read that it's probably something to do with a non-clean 'swap'. I've tried re-partitioning with gparted, but still no luck. Can someone either help me out or at least point me to where I can get answers?02:36
TandyUKwell theyre not much help tbh lol02:44
TandyUKbut i have a mythbuntu live running with my disk showing up now :)02:44
TandyUKtested the media etc/02:45
qwebirc70055yeah, the CD seems ok02:45
qwebirc70055Do you know how to tell if my swap partition is clean?02:47
TandyUKno idea, but id hazard a guess deleteing the partition would do it02:47
TandyUKdid you md5sum the iso you downloaded?02:47
qwebirc70055no, I can try that...I had my CD burner perform verification and it was OK (I had to discard the first disk I made)02:48
qwebirc70055I loaded gparted and deleted all the partitions and created everything from scratch, but still no luck02:50
qwebirc70055I'll try the md5sum now02:50
TandyUKas im having to manually do the partitioning to prevent the installer wiping out my 6tb raid array!..02:50
TandyUKwhat is the defalt filesystem type for the root partiton in mythbuntu?02:51
qwebirc70055ah, I'm just using an old machine, so I don't care if I wipe out the entire drive02:51
TandyUKim having tpo reinstall a customers (not done since 10.something) just done upgrades since then02:51
qwebirc70055I'm not sure. I formatted it as ext402:52
TandyUKhis raid array started, so we replaced it before too many disks died02:52
TandyUKthen the os drive died, so ive added a highpoint rr620 and 2 drives raid 1 for mythbunu to get installed on02:52
TandyUKbloody drivers arent in ubuntu yet so its being a pita02:52
TandyUKat least not b default02:53
qwebirc70055yeah, that's frustrating02:53
qwebirc43048I just verified the md5sum and it's ok02:56
qwebirc43048(my browser just crashed so I had to reload the tab...I'm not sure if it just continues where I left off here)02:56
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qwebirc12695I need help trying to setup Myth to play an Audio CD (DVD already works)04:29
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ShinobiIs it possible to get a silent front end to mythbuntu that can also play mame, and other emulators?  (Wii emulator?)22:46
rhpot1991Shinobi: could try something ion2 based, dunno it would have enough horsepower though22:50

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