h00klhavelund: stranger01:57
h00klhavelund: who are you01:58
IdleOne@mark #ubuntu Evil_Eric PM'ed asking him to keep the random comments out of #ubuntu. He agreed.02:28
IdleOnedarn bot!02:28
bazhangubot93, lag02:28
ubot93You have lag, I don't have lag02:28
Unit193./ubot93 doesn't have Bantracker loaded, and is pointless to have it as it'd have it's own database, and doesn't have OP.02:30
IdleOneI forgot for a second02:31
IdleOneI blame jussi02:31
elkyubottu's still not back?06:24
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=== Ulkesh is now known as bioterror
bazhang_@mark #ubuntu <RJ45-Q> I said a small percentage of Ubuntu is made by 'tards, not all of it.09:28
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ubot93ActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu (Guest83543)09:40
nikolamping bazhang11:10
jpdsIdleOne: He's got a point you know.15:35
IdleOnejpds: I know he does, discussing that point in #ubuntu is the wrong place though15:36
DJonesI've just set a banforward to ops, mainly for the attitude/ragequit15:38
ubot93gordonjcp called the ops in #ubuntu (Morrisasaurus)23:49

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