hallynzul: jamespage: any recommendations for getting wider testing of the qemu-kvm proposed packages in ppa?  I may just put up a blog post, wait 1 week, then push to raring...00:06
halvors1Anyone got experience with roundcube on ubuntu 12.0400:22
halvors1Ran into some problems configuring roundcube with apache...00:23
paco11hello masters!00:32
paco11i search to know if it exist a version of openldap for 12.04, more recent than the version openldap (2.4.28) package00:33
paco11thanks very much!00:33
DanawarWhat is a good way to trouble shoot why certain people cannot connect to my server some can connect others cannot00:35
sarnoldpaco11: 2.4.28-1.1ubuntu4.2 looks like the most recent for 12.04 LTS; a newer version is in 12.1000:35
sarnoldDanawar: define "connect"00:35
DanawarTeamspeak clients and minecraft clients some cannot resolve lagcraft.co.uk00:36
DanawarIm gussing00:36
DanawarIm not sure if it is a propergation problem or a setup problem00:37
sarnolddo your clients tell you the error message is "cannot resolve"? Or is their error message vague enough that you don't know what the real problem is?00:37
paco11sarnold: can i install the 12.10 version (2.4.31-1ubuntu2: amd64 i386) on my 12.04 server?00:37
sarnoldpaco11: check to see if -backports has a newer version compiled for the LTS release available, first00:38
Danawarsarnold: minecraft doesnt give good error messages sadly =[00:38
sarnoldpaco11: maybe it'd work no trouble, maybe it would be no end of trouble. :(00:38
sarnoldDanawar: ouch :(00:38
DanawarIm wondering if .cloudflare. which i signed up to and added to my name servers today00:39
DanawarMight be intercepting and droping the legit traffic00:39
sarnoldDanawar: how long was your dns cache time on your old dns hosting?00:39
DanawarAs it has had a good part of the day to propergate and people were using the teamspeak 2 hours ago00:39
DanawarHow would i find that out sarnold i use .cloudflare. freedns and brought the domain on 123-reg#00:40
paco11sarnold: precise-updates: 2.4.28-1.1ubuntu4.2: amd64 i386 | precise-backports: Sorry, your search gave no results  :(00:40
sarnoldDanawar: do you have your old zonefiles?00:40
Danawarsarnold: Sorry i wouldnt even know how to get these i am new to hosting websites and all these name servers =p00:42
sarnoldpaco11: if you've got a problem with the 12.04 LTS version, you may wish to file a bugreport with your reason for wanting the newer one...00:42
sarnoldDanawar: ah. :) well, allowed cache times are quite often less than a day...00:42
paco11sarnold: no, i don't have any problem, also, i want to use 'mdb' instead of 'hdb' backend00:43
Danawarsarnold: i will wait a day so it has more time to propigate with cloadflare luckly the site is not mission critical just play about =D but i hope it doesnt take this long in the future because we have a dynamic ip :*(00:43
sarnoldpaco11: that sounds like a reasonable enough problem :) the amount of effort to do an SRU may be more than you're willing to do, but still, filing a wishlist bug report won't take too long00:44
sarnoldDanawar: oh -- then make sure your current dns cache timeout is something short, like ten minutes or less.. it'll increase the load on your dns servers, but may save your users some real hassle in the future00:45
paco11sarnold: a bug report to ask for the creation of the package 2.4.33 of openldap for 12.04 to use mdb?00:47
Danawarsarnold: when you say my dns cache where is this located local machine or on my hosting company?00:47
sarnoldpaco11: sure. it might be rejected, but if you provide a reasonable reason, it might yet start the SRU process rolling..00:48
sarnoldDanawar: they're located all over the world, at ISPs and in every end user's phone, laptop, desktop, etc. :)00:49
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* Patrickdk wonders why people think dns *propigates*01:01
PatrickdkI think dns is the only thing google hasn't started indexing01:02
sarnoldPatrickdk: I've been content to let that slight misconception sit, since it seems to do no real harm, and it's not too far from the truth anyhow01:07
Patrickdktruth/how it's observed01:08
Patrickdkbut propigates also implies when the *master* is down, changes won't go away, but if ns servers go down, it will go away :)01:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #1014872 in mysql-5.5 (main) "no debug symbols for mysql-server" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101487201:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #1062716 in mysql-5.5 (main) "Regression in privileges of mysql debian-sys-maint user" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106271601:19
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paco11sarnold: i'm testing install openldap-2.4.31 from quantal, because i anylized that the depends packages are the same.....01:38
paco11sarnold: libldap-2.4-2 is installed.....but to complete openldap-2.4.31 package, it's saying me libldap-2.4-2 is required.....it's crazy.....01:40
patdk-lapdid you insteall the -dev package?01:40
sarnoldpatdk-lap: a package would depend upon the -dev?01:41
paco11of libldap?01:41
ZalHi all. How can I get apt-get to non-interactively deal with this? http://bpaste.net/show/xQUhXWNFR019nMn4qYoO/01:42
Zal(this is output from "apt-get upgrade -y"01:42
paco11Zal: DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive aptitude safe-upgrade?01:46
Zalok, I've tried that environment variable, but not with aptitude, just with apt-get.01:46
ZalFunny thing is, the script worked fine until today (I guess there was not an upgrade available until today?)01:47
sarnold.. an upgrade that changed a configuration file that you had also changed01:47
sarnoldthere's a simple dpkg --force-confnew or --force-confold but I don't know how to send thoes command line options through from apt-get ..01:48
Zalaha, thank you sarnold. I tried force-confold too, no dice. I'll have to revisit those, maybe I did something wrong.01:48
TheGuyHey everyone01:52
ZalWell, now that I understand the exact nature of the change in behavior, I can at least work around it if I don't find a direct solution.01:52
Zal(basically by modifying that file *after* upgrade)01:53
Zalthanks again sarnold, big relief. And thanks paco11.01:54
TheGuyGot soem trouble with apache2 here, trying to set up 2 virtual hosts to host two sites on one machine and one IP, however the guides that all seem to say basicallyt the same thing for setup, do not result in working sites or configs for some reason01:55
tarvidDo you have a stanza for each in sites-eneabled?01:57
TheGuyIm wondering if there is something really basic im missing that i should do before these configurations are supposed to work01:57
TheGuyI have a file in sites available, and used the a2ensite function to add them both, i imagine they should be there01:58
tarvidcould be but you did not answer my question01:58
TheGuybecause i hadnt read it yet lol01:58
tarvidyou should have two files one for each site01:59
TheGuywhats the quick way to check files in the present directory02:00
tarvidand they include a <VirtualHost 173.14.xxx.xxx>02:00
tarvidcheck sites enabled for sym links back to sites-available02:00
TheGuyok in sites eneabled i have 3 pages one is 000-default02:01
TheGuythe other 2 are the ones i set up02:01
TheGuyi better check on the virtual host thing, last time i tried supllying it with the WAN ip it errored out02:02
tarvidAnd you have a NameVirtualHost line in default02:02
TheGuynow is that IP supposed to the servers specific lan IP or the WAN ip]02:02
tarvidooooooooooo now you are saying this machine is a router too02:03
tarvidon my machine that is a public address02:03
tarvidnot really a WAN address02:03
TheGuynow, its a regular server with a network card, the sites are to the WAN Ip and forwarded to the server02:03
TheGuyvia a router02:04
tarvidAh. And you want these visible on the outside (public)02:05
TheGuyof course02:06
tarvidthen you have a router problem first02:06
TheGuyim just wondering if server sidei t should be the network card's IP or the WAN ip02:06
TheGuyidk about that, but you could be right, i navigate to the default site fine02:07
tarvidnetstat -an and see what the deault server is listening on02:08
TheGuylets just try this part out to see if it works, ive changed the virtualhost files to include the IP instead of a *:8002:08
tarvid*:80 should have worked02:08
sarnoldI'd expect *:80 to work better...02:09
tarvidsimpler at least02:09
tarvidyou do jhave to use the fqdn of the sites to get apache to go to them02:10
tarvidthat is what name virtual host means02:10
tarvidyou may to rig some entries in hosts02:10
TheGuyi have registered domain names, where would i add that to?02:10
Danawarsarnold: with regards to my issue earlier i asked a guy to connect to he server and he was unable to also he tryed the website and that worked! O.o02:11
tarvidwhere does dns point too?02:11
TheGuythe WAN ip, my router basically, and that forwards traffic to the server02:12
tarvidfor the two added domain names?02:12
sarnoldDanawar: it's a real shame that minecraft mangles the error messages. it'd almost be worth writing a little tool that tries to connect to the same port that minecraft uses to try to get a real error message back.02:13
tarvidand you can ping those fqdns02:13
TheGuyi can double check but i set those up hours ago, i had to change the addreess as i moved physical locations, but both addreess or domain names should point o he current IP02:13
TheGuyWAN ip that is02:13
DanawarIndeed, port scanning the server returns the open port and other people are conncting some not which is relly strange02:13
tarviddig the domain names02:14
TheGuywhen i enter the doman name for eiher, it brings me to a default apache page, but not the respectful index.html files i set up for the specific virtual host directories02:15
tarvidyou could have the old IPs in cache, they could be stale on your dns server02:15
TheGuyotherwise it would give me an error, as there is no server running apache at the old wan IP02:15
tarvidI think you know what your are doing02:17
tarvidjust one detail off02:18
TheGuyyeah, I mean its very strange that this is not working, im very confused abotu why it is not02:18
TheGuywhats that?02:18
tarvidwish I knew02:19
tarvidI have 50 or so virtual sites running on Ubuntu 12.0402:21
tarvidI don't mind sharing my config files02:21
TheGuythat would be awesome02:22
TheGuyive been frustrated with what to do about this lol02:22
tarvidsend me an email - tarvid@ls.net, I'll reply with my config02:23
sarnoldTheGuy: .. have you reloaded the apache config?02:23
tarvidgood point service apache2 restart02:23
TheGuyreloadied it twice, once after each change, i can try reloading it again though, wont hurt if it doesnt work02:25
sarnoldhehe, okay..02:25
tarvidmight loook in the log files to see if there were errors on the restart02:25
TheGuyahh, forgot to include the namevirtualhost directive, im not sure where that goes though02:26
TheGuysaid the two virtual hosts overlap and one takes precedence02:26
TheGuyi set that in the 000-default conf right?02:27
tarvidwe are getting somewhere02:27
tarvid000-default is in sites-enabled, you should put it in sites-available02:27
TheGuyand what should i set for it, is there some special conf for have the two sites?02:28
tarvidonly one per IP in default02:29
tarvidthen there is an entry in each stanza02:29
tarvid<VirtualHost 173.14.xxx.yyy:80>02:30
TheGuyok, so under the virtuahost *:80 i  set it, or do i replace that with namevirtualserver ?02:30
TheGuyor do i set up two copies of this for each site in the default ? like have two complete virtual host  entires in the file02:31
tarvidand then of course which file are we in - NameVirtualHost goes in default <VirtualHost goes in each stanza02:31
TheGuyi am currently in the default of sites available02:32
TheGuyand i see the default page i had copied and edited for the new siet configurations02:32
tarvidI am downloading and sending you some files02:33
TheGuybeen quite a while trying to get this to work, i have a 3rd site for a non-profit to put up but i dont want to mess with it untill i can reliably run it lol02:34
TheGuyand pardon me for a minute, smoke, you guys want some coffee?02:34
tarvidcheck your mail02:36
TheGuygo it02:37
tarvidcan I just delete the old kernels in /boot02:37
TheGuyok, isee how hats set up, list he ' NameVirutalHos direcives at he op first02:39
tarvidIn default, I use a few for obscure and not entirely rational reasons02:39
tarvidThen there are two key lines in the domain stanza <virtual... and servername02:40
TheGuyare these if mods going o be something necessary?02:41
GH0How would I be able to add a mainline kernel to my build? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1077547/comments/4302:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1077547 in linux "Kubuntu 12.10 Kernel issues" [Medium,Incomplete]02:41
GH0Is there a specific repo or ppa that needs to be added? Or do I have to download the files manually and do everything that way?02:42
tarvidJust one line in default and two in the domain stanza (three if you want to alias www02:42
TheGuyi should specifiy the document roo though as well correct?02:44
tarvidand the Directory02:45
GH0Asking this in here due to: Linux server 3.5.0-18-generic Otherwise, I would as in the main ubuntu channel02:45
TheGuyas well as the directory, changed to the directory that the files for each site are contained in respectfully to the files they are configured by02:45
tarvidApache will look for index.* in the document root02:46
tarvidthe options are overrides to those in default02:46
TheGuyhmmm, it seems to be doing the same thing as before... strange, although you use a different directory for the files, mine are in var both e virtual site directories02:49
tarvidI have no idea what that means but they need to be in user space02:50
tarvidreadable from apache and where you say they are02:51
tarvidall rather real02:52
tarvidlike in /var/www?02:52
TheGuyalright, i changed the default again, to have the namevirtualhost ip:80   and then i changed in the virutahost part just under it to the IP:80 and it gave me an error when reloading02:52
TheGuyyes. they are in /var/www/example.com sort of format02:53
TheGuyas the directories02:53
tarvidI think the virtual part is right02:54
tarvid/var/www/example.com is part of the directory for default02:54
tarvidI'd put them in your home directory02:54
TheGuyits warning that the name or service is not known, failed to resolve the servername for ..IP..  (check dns)  also, namevirutalhost *:80 has no virtual hosts (though i should have this part changed already02:55
TheGuyhmmm, i have my raid set up to be accessed on the var direcory lol02:55
tarvid/var/www is the document root for default02:55
tarvid* is fine for virtuals02:55
tarvidI think /var/www is good only for an info page for the server02:56
TheGuyyou know what, ill give that a go, i may have to reload the OS and mount the raid on the home directory, but im not sure why that would cause an issue in /var/ww/02:56
tarvid/var/www is the default document root02:57
TheGuyi had a single site fully functional on the direcory last week, but since ive been trying to figure this out it wont work wih a second virtual host for some reason02:57
TheGuyi hate clearing the disks on my raid, takes hours lol02:58
tarvidI keep copying a sites-available stanza that works02:58
tarvidI hate RAID02:58
tarvidHad a mirror array, one drive died and RAID would not switch automatically02:59
tarvidthen the other drive died02:59
TheGuyyeah, i dont really need it for back up, since i can on my personal computer, but its an older server so i am testing a striped raid for faster reads/writes02:59
tarvidbad idea02:59
tarvidnew hardware is cheap02:59
TheGuyoh wow, i did have one disk go bad on me once, but i rebooted the server, got into the raid config and copied it over no problems03:00
TheGuybought this server for $10003:00
tarvid$500 with an SSD03:00
tarvid$105 too much03:00
TheGuywhere did you get yours?03:00
tarvidI was given the RAID server03:00
tarvidIt over heated.03:00
TheGuyall the ones im looking at would cost me over a $100003:00
tarvidBought an expensive fan03:01
tarvidThanked the donor profusely. She smiled and said "free as in free cats".03:01
tarvidIn the bargain basement I pick up an old desktop from scottsbargains.com03:02
TheGuyAhh i see03:02
tarvidfor new kit newegg, cheap barebones, lots of RAM but I am about to switch to SSD03:02
TheGuyyeah, webhosting isnt very demanding on hardware from what i can tell, most likely a bandwidth issue rather then hardware speeds03:03
tarvidA new hudson in a book  sized case with RAM is well under $20003:03
tarvidYou are correct03:03
TheGuyyeah thats where i was shopping, a server set up was looking to be about $1200, more with a barebone, and $600 more to fully fit out to my desire lol03:03
tarvidgive up your desires, all you need to do is shovel bytes from hard disk to Ethernet port03:04
TheGuybut im looking into game hosting down the road, or similar functions, planning on running VMs, but one step at a time03:04
tarvidYou can stuff 8GB on a hudson for about $4003:05
tarvidSSD will cure your disk transfer desires03:05
TheGuyyes but will not cure my wallets butt hurt03:06
TheGuythose are getting cheaper, but its something i have to consider heavily, as i do need disk space, im storing videos for one of mysite03:06
tarvidstick the videos on Amazon, let the customer pay03:07
tarvidBut it is a mistake03:08
TheGuydeffinately an option, got a flash player and videos all ready to go though, not hard to set that up on my site, but a youtube or amazon type of deal might be a good option03:08
tarvidAnd YouTube is free03:09
sarnoldtarvid: heh, that's probably less than 1/10th the original price...03:09
tarvidload average on my hudson is about 0.203:09
TheGuyhuh, that is exceptionally priced03:10
tarvidsarnold, and he has tons of big iron, all a mistake03:10
sarnoldtarvid: bought amd instead of intel?03:10
sarnoldtarvid: or .. how is it a mistake? :)03:10
zulhallyn: emailing ubuntu-server/ubuntu-devel?03:11
tarvidI bought AMD for the memory capacity03:11
tarvidIt is not a religion for me03:12
tarvidI'd actually like to try some ARM arrays03:12
tarvidmassive arrays of CPUs excite me more than massive CPUs03:13
tarvidand redundance beats RAID03:13
TheGuyI had thought about buying a mostly consumer grade computer that supported ECC memory, Im not sure if thats really a viable option though03:13
tarvidConsumer grade has generally fewer SPOFs and better reliability03:14
tarvidBesides two are cheap03:14
tarvidECC never got me anything03:14
TheGuyyeah, i've heard its mostly applicable to large databases and such03:15
TheGuybut not worth it for smaller scale03:15
TheGuydo the server cpus offer anythign extra in the areas of virtualization? (VMs? )03:16
hallynzul: ?03:16
tarvidIt takes a lot of bullshit and gullible customers to make money in the business03:16
tarvidIBM is the historic example03:16
hallyni emailed ubuntu-server last week03:16
tarvidbut HP whores too03:16
tarvidVMs are a processor feature03:17
TheGuyhyper threading and hyper-V sort of thing, i think consumer grade procs can do this03:17
TheGuyI ran VMware, VirtualBox etc. on a consumer comp03:18
tarvidrun LXC03:18
TheGuythough i can't say my comp liked it much03:18
tarvidstill rough but more rational03:18
TheGuyIm thinking using the VM method i may be better able to set up the sites lol, though it still baffles me why it isnt curently working03:20
tarvidAnd you will have too, most of your VMs will consume resources and sit idle03:21
TheGuyi suppose ic ould plug in the second ethernet cord for it, but im not sure that would be any easier03:21
tarvidCenterton looks promising03:23
tarvidit's been fun guys but time for me to get my feet up03:27
hallynzul: did you get the email i sent last week about qemu-kvm test pkgs?03:27
Danawarsarnold: can dig lagcraft.co.uk +trace and let me know if there is any thing wrong with the name resolution?03:49
Danawaror any one if sarnold is not arround i think i am having problems with my dns but dont know where :/03:50
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hallynstgraber: so if we have an lxc-instance upstart job for each container, i wonder if it should respawn.04:29
hallynthe problem with not doing so is that if it gets shut down and the admin does 'lxc-start' to restart it, then upstart won't now shut it down at reboot04:29
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stgraberhallyn: well, respawn would be a problem if you do a halt/poweroff from within the container04:33
hallynstgraber: lol04:35
hallyngood point04:35
hallynthen i think i'm ready to push this04:35
hallynno wait04:36
SpamapShallyn: lxc-start will still be sent a TERM then KILL at shutdown04:39
hallynsigh if we go this route i could see a bug coming in a few months saying lxc-start should check if the container is autostart, and use upstart if so04:39
hallynSpamapS: seems to be getting the sigPWR i asked for it to be sent04:40
stgraberwell, I really see it as a distro thing, we'll now manage our auto started containers with upstart04:40
hallynstgraber: it's jsut that hand-starting the lxc-instance job is a lot more annoying typing04:41
stgraberif someone wants to have an upstart managed container post-boot, they'll need to do: initctl start lxc-container NAME=container-name04:41
hallynSpamapS: but you're saying at the last moment.  right04:41
hallynstgraber: right (or just 'start lxc-container NAME=name' :)04:42
SpamapSstgraber: perhaps have a 'lxc-start-auto' job that starts all the instances marked for auto04:42
hallynyeah i think we'll need something like that04:42
stgraberwell, don't we have that anyway (our main lxc job)?04:42
* SpamapS prefers assertions to instructions04:42
hallynstgraber: but we dont' want to shut down the still-runnign ones04:42
stgraberhmm, right04:43
SpamapSright, you want to say "make sure all the ones that should be started, are.04:43
hallynbut, this sounds solvable later?  may as well push the lxc-instance job now?04:43
stgraberyeah, that sounds like minor implementation details for a limited set of our users, so we can deal with it later04:44
hallynthanks guys.  good night.04:44
stgraberideally we'd have some way to allow for someone to "start" the lxc job again without having to stop it first, in which case it'd just start whatever containers aren't started yet. But I can't think of a way to do that with upstart.04:45
stgraberand last I checked we don't have a reload/restart stanza we could use for that (restart does stop+start and reload does SIGHUP on the tracked pid)04:45
SpamapSstatus lxc-instance NAME=container-name | grep -q '^start' || start lxc-instance NAME=container-name04:46
hallynSpamapS: that's not the question.  the question is where do we put such a command04:49
hallynsuch that "<someaction> lxc" would have upstart trigger them04:49
hallynwhere someaction==restart and someaction==reload wont' work04:50
SpamapShallyn: that seems like the main script portion of a task that is specifically meant to start auto containers04:52
hallynSpamapS: and how do we then trigger it?04:53
hallynright, another separate task to do that.  that's what i was saying above...  not ideal, but...04:53
SpamapSI don't see why its not ideal04:54
SpamapSsuch is the way of upstart.. to every task, its own conf04:54
SpamapSvery zen04:54
hallynoh hey!  while hyou're here,04:55
hallynIIUC we should avoid using /etc/default/foo,04:55
hallynand instead put envs in /etc/init/foo.conf right?04:55
hallynhow does dpkg handle conflicts then on pkg upgrades?04:55
SpamapSits a conffile04:56
SpamapSif you want it to be generated (and thus not subject to conffile handling) you can do that by generating it in postinst04:56
hallynno, ideally what i probably want is customizatoins to be done in .overrides, but ok, i just wanted to make sure i wasn't goin gto make a faux-pas in qemu04:58
hallynthanks, good night again :)04:59
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lvmerAnyone got a recommendation for a JOBODs card? (just a bunch of disks). So I can sw raid 10 sata hdds on a 6port motherboard. I'm lost in the choices. & I want to make sure it's ubuntu compatible.05:18
SpamapSlvmer: LONG ago, I had great luck with 3ware for the cheap side05:23
SpamapSlvmer: its a "real" RAID and you can get them in the highest and lowest bus speeds.05:24
lvmerok I'll check them out. I'm going to be doing sw = software raid, so I'd like to avoid hardware pci-e raid costs if possible. or limit them.05:29
lvmerI know I can 90% of the time - turn them off and run in JBOD mode but why get it in the first place xD. But idk if I can do jbod on a port multiplier card. It's all just so complicated & this tiny part is the only thing holding me back from putting up my 3rd (much larger) file server05:30
lvmerspamaps: does something like this make sense?: http://www.amazon.com/SAS9211-8I-8PORT-Int-Sata-Pcie/dp/B002RL8I7M/ref=pd_cp_pc_005:35
lvmerwell I'm sorry I'm so lost. But google / forums aren't getting me anywhere. So I've got to ask - what would be a problem with something like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816124028       it's like $200 cheaper? Would sw raid still be ok?05:48
lvmerI have no plans to boot off of it. I keep the OS separate from the RAID file server. If that helps.05:49
noliverhhow to change an ip address using terminal?05:49
wutamidoinneed halp05:51
chilicuilnoliverh: you can use $ sudo ifconfig ethX IP05:55
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wutamidointrying to setup apache2 with ssl on amazon EC205:56
noliverhchilicuil: how about their dns and gateways?05:57
noliverhhow can i put them in?05:57
chilicuilnoliverh: for the gw, you can use: $ sudo route add default gw IP # and for the dns, you can edit $ sudo vim /etc/resolv.conf05:58
wutamidoin(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
chilicuilnoliverh: that's just for testing purposes, you may want to edit $ sudo vim /etc/network/interfaces # to set permanent values05:59
noliverhchilicuil: how can see my gateway using ifconfig?06:01
noliverhi mean... i cant see my gateway06:01
noliverhim installing a ubuntu server now06:01
noliverhi want it to be my PDC06:02
chilicuilnoliverh: you can see it by running $ route06:03
noliverhwow! thanks06:03
noliverhdo i have to put a dns in my server since this already its ip address?06:04
chilicuilnoliverh: I'd suggest to do it06:05
noliverhwhat is vim?06:07
noliverhis this an editor?06:07
chilicuilnoliverh: yep, it's an editor, use $ nano instead if you had never heard about vim06:07
noliverhchilicuil: im already in vim... how to get out of it?06:08
noliverhok... how can i save it?06:08
chilicuilnoliverh: type ":wq"06:08
chilicuilnoliverh: if you're already editing u'll need to press <Esc> before trying to enter ":wq"06:09
noliverhchilicuil: how to save in nano?06:09
chilicuilCtrl-s , but I'm not sure, you should be able to see the shortcuts at the bottom of your screen06:10
noliverhthere's no save here...06:10
noliverhill try06:10
noliverhwhy is it error writing: permission denied06:11
TheLordOfTimenoliverh, are you trying to write to a super-user-protected area?06:12
TheLordOfTimesay, /etc/ ?06:12
noliverhaws... i forgot the sudo06:13
TheLordOfTimedid you open it with sudo?06:13
noliverhthen, how to show my dns?06:14
noliverhchilicuil: what you mean by permanent values?06:15
noliverhi want this to be my pdc06:15
noliverhso i set up a dns here?06:15
noliverhwhat should be done next?06:16
chilicuilnoliverh: the values u set up with $ ifconfig, route and editing /etc/resolv wont survive a reboot, if you want permanent values, so your server get the same ip/gw/dns on every restart, you can edit /etc/network/interfaces https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/serverguide/network-configuration.html06:19
chilicuilnoliverh: once you confirm the values u've just tested works for you, I'd suggest write them in /etc/network/interfaces06:20
noliverhchilicuil: okies... matsalams... :D06:22
chilicuilnoliverh: (=, gl, I'm leaving06:23
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sarnoldDanawar: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1393796/06:40
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cariboujamespage: morning09:30
jamespagemorning caribou09:31
cariboujamespage: I got a noob question for you regarding walinuxagent SRU09:31
cariboujamespage: how should I go about backporting the fix ? Here is my theory :09:31
cariboujamespage: get the diff from raring-proposed, try to apply the diff to both P & Q09:32
cariboujamespage: or manually modify if needed09:32
cariboujamespage: does that make sense ?09:32
jamespagecaribou, personally I would branch the version in raring; and then backport it in full to precise and quantal09:33
jamespageusing ~ubuntu12.04.1 and ~ubuntu12.10.1 respectively to deal with upgrades09:33
jamespagecaribou, we need the new version of walinuxagent in those two releases anyway for HE09:34
jamespage(Hardware Enablement)09:34
cariboujamespage: interesting, I was instructed otherwise on another SRU I did with smoser & utlemming09:34
cariboujamespage: but this was for grub2 which can't simply be retrofitted to earlier versions09:34
jamespagecaribou, let me check what I did for the last SRU for this package09:34
cariboujamespage: I'm still familiarizing myself to doing the actual SRU backport effort09:36
cariboujamespage: Precise already has a -proposed branch with one of your merge :09:38
cariboujamespage: Backport for enablement of Windows Azure IaaS platform in09:39
caribouUbuntu 12.04 (LP: #1014864)09:39
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jamespagecaribou: yeah - I was just looking for that09:39
jamespagewe did a straight backport to 12.04 of the version from 12.1009:39
jamespageusing the ~12.04.1 suffix in the changelog09:40
jamespagezul: cinder branch fixed up in distro now09:41
cariboujamespage: so doing a straight backport from raring to 12.04 & 12.10 would sync up all releases09:43
jamespagecaribou, yep09:43
cariboujamespage: ok, precise-updates & precise-proposed branches are identical09:45
jamespagecaribou, good09:47
cariboujamespage: bear with me as I'm not sure if I get the bzr cuisine right :09:52
cariboujamespage: Am I right to consider that it is only a matter of doing  a "bzr branch" of the raring-proposed tree, fix the changelog, test and if ok, do a merge proposal ?09:53
* jamespage thinks09:53
jamespagecaribou, I'd branch the precise branch and then merge in the raring branch so that you keep the changelog history for precise09:54
jamespageand then add a new backport entry for the SRU09:54
cariboujamespage: ok, I'll try that09:55
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jamespageadam_g, roaksoax: so I spent some time this morning reviewing the haproxy/openstack API server approach12:31
jamespageit feels really clunky with an external haproxy instance and very complex/fragile12:31
jamespageI think I prefer adam's original suggestion that we should embed haproxy into each of the charms12:31
jamespageusing keepalived + haproxy in that configuration will provide a nice lightweight solution to this problem with closer configuration to the parent service12:32
jamespagewithout requiring additional units....12:32
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lexo_hi all12:43
lexo_i've a problem on software raid12:43
lexo_Unable to boot degraded RAID-1 array from second disk (sdb) if fisrt disk is unplugged (sda)12:44
FauxFauxDo you have boot_degraded enabled?12:44
lexo_sda must be change of course12:44
lexo_i've grub menu12:44
FauxFauxSo what error do you get?12:44
lexo_no error, server reboot12:45
FauxFauxImmediately after the grub menu?12:45
lexo_grub menu -> wait 1s -> server reboot12:45
lexo_if i re-plug sda, boot work fine12:46
lexo_on ubuntu 12.04 LTS12:46
FauxFauxThat sounds odd, /me has no idea.12:46
lexo_partitions are GPT12:47
DanawarCan any one give me the locations of 2 easy to follow guides for updating both php and mysql?12:53
FauxFauxWhat upgrades are you thinking of that aren't caught by your normal upgrades?12:54
DanawarI ran a nexpose and it said my php and mysql were both not the newest versions with a lot of critical vulnerabilities on both!12:56
FauxFauxSounds like you're not doing normal upgrades.12:57
lexo_for PHP 5.4 ppa:ondrej/php512:57
FauxFauxDanawar: Have you ever run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"?12:57
DanawarI run both those12:57
Danawarand i have just added ppa:ondrej!12:57
DanawarBefore i asked about it12:58
DanawarMysql seems more complicated12:58
Danawaracording to guides i have found :/12:58
FauxFauxapt-cache policy mysql-server #?12:58
Danawar  Installed: 5.5.28-0ubuntu0.12.04.212:59
DanawarIm novice with server administration which is why i am trying to learn =D13:00
FauxFauxThat's the latest released version of mysql.13:00
FauxFauxhttp://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ "MySQL Community Server 5.5.28".13:00
cariboujamespage: Regarding walinuxagent, should I use version 1.1-0ubuntu2~12.04.1 (current is 1.1-0ubuntu2) or 1.1-0ubuntu3~12.04.1 ?13:00
FauxFauxSo whatever is warning you is looking in the wrong place.13:00
DanawarFauxFaux: Thanks i will recheck with tester see if some of those warnings disapear13:01
DanawarI added a few ppas so that might have solved it without me knowing!13:01
jamespagecaribou, 1.1-0ubuntu2~12.04.113:24
jamespagethat ensures that people upgrading get the new package when they move to quantal or folsom13:25
DanawarI had added for PHP 5.4 ppa:ondrej/php5 and did my update and upgrade but still it is using old php not the new one! any reason why this could be ? :D13:34
DanawarWhen trying to update it says this - http://pastebin.com/J9wnFcfz13:44
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cariboujamespage: ok, thanks14:00
cariboujamespage: does this looks ok to you ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1394506/14:10
cariboujamespage: the only thing that bugs me a bit are the references to rarring/quantal in the changelog.14:10
cariboujamespage: should I worry about that ?14:10
cariboujamespage: oh, but you won't see that in the pastebin14:11
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Davieyjamespage: around?14:19
caribouDaviey: he was earlier today. I'm also looking for him14:43
smosercaribou, what did i do wrong?14:58
smoseror what did i advise wrong?14:59
tgagreetings, anyone here running Cherokee?14:59
tgafor some reason I can't get it to serve php out of vdirs14:59
caribousmoser: ? oh, must must refer to my question to jamespage earlier14:59
jamespageDaviey, am now14:59
smoseroh. i see.14:59
caribousmoser: it wasn't wrong, but I was asking about how to backport the latest walinuxagent modifications to precise/quantal14:59
caribousmoser: you had suggested to only backport the one fix that utlemming had made but this was for grub215:00
caribousmoser: jamespage proposed to merge the whole walinuxagent from raring, since there was a version upgrade + a fix15:00
jamespageI did indeed15:01
smoserah. yeah. that is possibly acceptable for walinuxagent15:01
smoserbut would not have been appropriate for grub15:01
caribousmoser: in the previous case, I suppose that avoiding a complete backport of the whole grub2 was in our best interest15:01
cariboujamespage: please ping me when you're done with Daviey15:02
Davieyjamespage: too late :)15:07
cariboujamespage: I have a question regarding the Pre-depend for walinuxagent-data-saver when you have a minute15:15
Davieyjamespage: did that SRU get processed btw?15:20
Davieycaribou: just ask, you'l get a quicker response15:20
caribouDaviey: you mean the walinuxagent SRU ?15:20
Davieycaribou: yeah15:20
caribouDaviey: I'm working on it15:20
cariboujamespage: here is what I get when I test on Azure : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1394634/15:21
Davieydoesn't look good15:21
cariboudpkg complains about the Pre-depend, but apparently the walinuxagent gets installed correctly15:21
invariantIs there a HOWTO for setting up a postfix server which explains every step about the dpkg-reconfigure postfix process?15:22
caribouDaviey: yeah, I know,but I don't get that when testing on Raring15:22
invariantI find the Ubuntu server documentation to be very lacking.15:22
DavieyAt least you found it invariant :)15:22
invariantI am considering to just build postfix from source and not use any of the management tools.15:23
Davieyinvariant: did you see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto15:23
invariantI don't like magic.15:23
Davieyerm, building from source will not make your life any easier15:23
DavieyIt will be harder, and less secure15:23
invariantDaviey, then I can use the official documentation.15:23
Davieyinvariant: if you think that is the best way, ok.. But i strongly discourage it.  Have you worked out how you will keep security updates done?15:24
invariantDaviey, one person told me that I needed both Postfix as a MTA and also a separate MDA.15:24
invariantDaviey, it now appears that Postfix can be both.15:25
invariantDaviey, in short, there are a lot of people who say conflicting things.15:25
invariantIt would be nice if there would be some source that actually contained the truth.15:25
greppyinvariant: if you want to use more than just a local mailbox, you will need an MDA, like dovecot or uw-imap15:27
hallynzul: hey15:27
zulhallyn: whats up15:27
hallynzul: wondering what you meant last night by emailing ubuntu-server and ubuntu-devel15:27
zulhallyn: about your qemu-kvm testing wasnt it15:28
hallynzul: ok (wasn't sure)  i did email ubuntu-server last week though15:28
hallynmaybe i should send anohter to ubuntu-devel15:28
zulhallyn: ah i dont remember seeing it15:28
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hallynwell crud15:29
* hallyn checks archives to make sure15:30
hallynd'oh!  it's not there!15:31
hallynok, resending.  crap.  thanks15:31
Davieyhallyn: what are you looking for?15:31
jamespagecaribou, you have to install then in order when using dpkg - the pre-depends only works when installing using apt from the archive15:31
hallynDaviey: an email which apparently was eaten by a grue15:32
hallynzul: do you think is hould email ubuntu-devel as well then?15:32
cariboujamespage: yeah, I sort of suspected that. I tested on raring and didn't get the error15:32
zulhallyn: yeah since users other than server users use qemu-kvm :)15:32
Davieyhallyn: eek15:32
hallynzul: ok, thx15:33
cariboujamespage: one last question; does that changelog looks ok to you : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1394506/15:34
cariboujamespage: wait, sorry wrong pastebin15:34
hallynall right, (re-?)sent15:34
cariboujamespage: here is the proper one : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1394679/15:35
caribou1st of all, is the new section correct ? 2nd whould we keep references to raring in to the precise changelog ?15:36
cariboujamespage: if all that is ok, I'll push the merge proposal for P & Q15:37
hallynmdeslaur: is there a way that i haven't found to specify in virt-manager that a VM should be backed by hugepages?15:42
hallyni assume not, just making sure...15:42
mdeslaurhallyn: I don't think so15:45
jamespagecaribou, not quite; I'd leave the latest raring changelog entry intact and add a new one for the backport as I did for 1.0~git20120606.c16f5e9-0ubuntu2~12.04.115:46
cariboujamespage: ok, will look at that15:46
jamespagewe can include the raring changes in the .changes source file when its uploaded so the SRU team can see the full history15:46
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hallynstgraber: hm, i do see a regression inadvertently reintroduced in lxc github by my seccomp commit.  bad manual cherrypick it looks like15:51
stgraberhallyn: that or I screwed up the rebase, either way, would be nice if you could push the fix again :)15:51
hallynstgraber: coming :)15:53
ruben231guys any idea on this error when i try to install with php5-dev  on ubuntu-server 12.04 LTS ---------> http://pastebin.com/u7xKTB0x15:55
cariboujamespage: For precise, which branch should I propose the merge to ? precise-proposed or precise-updates ?15:59
jamespagecaribou, either15:59
hallynpushed to staging15:59
ruben231any idea guys16:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #959308 in testdrive (main) "kvm does not generate a system uuid by default" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95930816:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #1074418 in libvirt (main) "qemu:///sessions fail, when libvirtd hasn't been started properly before" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107441816:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #1084028 in openvswitch (main) "openvswitch based interfaces not started in time during boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108402816:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #1084089 in lxc (universe) "lxc-clone shouldn't add fstab line if it wasn't there originally" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108408916:03
cariboujamespage: ok, both Merge Proposal are now done. What do I need to do next?16:05
hallynstgraber: hm, the fix in our package (different from the upstream one) is wrong though - it assumes lxc.mount always is the fstab, but will delete the lxc.mount.entries16:06
hallynruben231: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install -f should work hopefully16:07
hallynoh i see, and that explains fstab showing up in the guy's clone.  now it makes sense16:08
jamespagecaribou: point me at them16:11
cariboujamespage: precise : https://code.launchpad.net/~louis-bouchard/ubuntu/precise/walinuxagent/walinuxagent-lp1079897/+merge/13669816:12
cariboujamespage: Quantal : https://code.launchpad.net/~louis-bouchard/ubuntu/quantal/walinuxagent/walinuxagent-lp1079897/+merge/13669916:12
roberHi, can l install ubuntu server on a HP- L-360   via SmartStart??16:12
ruben231hallyn: still the same16:13
TheGuyhmmm, well i got my multiple site configuration set up, its a workaround for the virtualhosts config as that wasnt working16:15
hallynruben231: just worked for me in a fresh uptodate precise container.  maybe try 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' in there too?16:27
hallynotherwise, start digging itno why libssl-dev doesn't want to install.16:28
hallynmaybe 'apt-cache policy libssl-dev'16:29
ruben231 hallyn: i can install php5-dev and this one ---> apt-get install libmysqlclient15-dev --->apt-get install libncurses5-dev16:30
hallynyou *can*?16:31
ruben231i mean i cant16:31
hallynwhat happens when you apt-get install libssl-dev ?16:31
ruben231thats the output16:34
roaksoaxDaviey: howdy!16:37
roaksoaxDaviey: so I'm preparing the SRU of yui3 to precise (which would make it a new package)16:37
hallynstgraber: zul: libvirt is introducing libvirt-lxc code for shutdown initiated over /dev/initctl16:37
Davieyroaksoax: Hey16:37
Davieyroaksoax: ok16:38
hallynin case you wanted to take a look16:38
zulhallyn: yeah i saw yesterday right?16:38
roaksoaxDaviey: should I just file a nomral SRU bug, adapt version to 3.5.1-1ubuntu3~12.04.2?16:38
ruben231 hallyn: any idea.?16:38
roaksoaxDaviey: and upload?16:38
Davieyroaksoax: err, .116:38
hallynzul: showed up in my mbox only today16:39
roaksoaxDaviey: alright, then thanks :)16:39
Davieyroaksoax: sounds good.  Make sure the version is lower than release+1.. and no conflicts required16:39
hallynruben231: no.  do you ahve some ppa's installed?  that pkg installs fine for me...  i mean yes, the idea is keep trying to manually install the package it says it won't install until you get more info16:39
hallyn(i.e. next try apt-get install zlib1g-dev)16:40
roaksoaxDaviey: will do. just wanted to make sure there were no other procedures needed to be followed since this is introducing a 'new' source to precise16:41
Davieyroaksoax: TBH, it's such a rare thing.. the process isn't exactly documented16:41
stgraberhallyn: because using our change in the kernel would have been way too easy?16:41
Davieyroaksoax: I'd need to check myself, about publishing directly to main.16:42
hallynstgraber: no they support that too.  maybe not correctly, not sure.16:42
hallynoh, well rhel is on older kernels, maybe they want to support those16:42
roaksoaxDaviey: indeed! The SRU policy does cover hardware enablement for new packages, so i guess it would indeed a similar process16:42
ruben231hallyn: still the same ------->http://pastebin.com/tPqCZhkb16:43
hallynruben231: keep going until you get something different.  though i suspect you'll learn more in the next step, when you try to apt-get instll libc6-dev16:44
hallynstgraber: any other changes to queue up right now to lxc?16:50
ruben231still error---------------->http://pastebin.com/ydXbJJgd16:51
stgraberhallyn: can you add an explicit apparmor deny for /sys/firmware/efi/efivars/**?16:53
stgraberhallyn: read access isn't a good idea, so I'd prefer we block everything for now16:53
hallynstgraber: ok16:54
uvirtbotNew bug: #1084141 in yui3 (main) "[SRU] yui3 to precise" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108414116:56
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1084146 in raphael (main) "[SRU] raphael new upstream release (2.1.0)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108414617:11
hallynstgraber: (following a comment in #juju) do you think it would be worthwhile to add a LXC_DEFAULT_POLICY to /etc/default/lxc so admins could select undefined as the default?17:18
hallyni dont' want to add needless complexity just to make things fragile though...17:19
roaksoaxDaviey: ok, just uploaded yui3 and raphael to precise-proposed17:19
stgraberhallyn: I'd rather not encourage people to turn off apparmor17:19
roaksoaxDaviey: when you have the time, could you also process isc-dhcp (precise-proposed), python-tx-tftp (quantal-proposed), and django (precise-proposed) which have all been verified17:20
Davieyroaksoax: remind me in 1hr? :)17:23
roaksoaxDaviey: sure thing17:23
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adam_gjacalvo: wondering what you found fragile about doing load balancing externally vs 'locally'. i agree teh current haproxy charm is clunky in the way it gets configured17:38
adam_gjamespage: ^17:38
jamespageadam_g, maybe fragile was not the right word - complex might be more appropriate17:39
jamespageclunky is good as well17:39
jamespageadam_g, I nearly have a working keystone charm using haproxy and keepalived internally to provide ha17:39
adam_gjamespage: okay, cool. if thats the approach we take ill adapt the others to fit that model17:42
jamespageadam_g, ack17:42
hallynsmb: stgraber: JINKEYS!  ran into the netdev freeeing problem on uptodate raring!17:55
roaksoaxjamespage: hold on... i was writting a keepalived charm17:56
roaksoaxjamespage: and the hacluster charm also supports haproxy17:56
jamespageroaksoax, w00t!17:56
jamespageroaksoax, otp - give me 517:56
roaksoaxjamespage: the reason why I decided to go for hacluster instead of keepalived is because keepalived won't scale, so if you'd like to have 2 standby nodes, it won't work17:56
roaksoaxjamespage: and the ha stuff i thought that the stuff I was working on included haproxy apart from quantum18:00
jamespagejamespage, yeah - its does; I just wanted to get closer to the issues this week so I understood in more detail18:01
jamespageroaksoax, rather ^^18:01
hallyni'll try the mainline kernel build18:01
roaksoaxjamespage: i think we should catch up and decide who's gonna work in what so we don't duplicate work18:01
jamespageroaksoax, lets do that now then18:02
roaksoaxjamespage: alrgith18:03
roaksoaxjamespage: g+ or something?18:03
jamespageroaksoax, yep18:03
roaksoaxjamespage: can you send me the link?18:04
roaksoaxit rings on my phone :)18:04
hallynoh maybe it wasn't the latest kernel - grub was fooling me.  well we'll see if upstream does it anyway18:10
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DanawarHey if apache shows a directory listing instead of my zpanel page there is the problem most likly to be?18:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #1084178 in autofs (main) "auto.net does not handle mutliple mount points from a remote" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108417818:21
RoyKDanawar: php not installed?18:21
DanawarRoyK: good point let me check: no, but i think you are close because i updated to php 5.4.9-118:22
RoyKcheck if the apache php module is activated (if you're running apache, that is)18:23
RoyKoh, you are...18:23
DanawarAre you looking at the site RoyK?18:23
RoyKerm - no - what site?18:24
RoyKI just saw you wrote 'apache shows...'18:24
Danawar"RoyK: oh, you are..." :P18:24
Danawarconfused me a bit18:24
RoyKAFAICT you haven't posted a URL ;)18:24
DanawarJust thought you looked at my ip or somthing :P18:25
RoyKno, I just missed what you said in the first place18:25
DanawarJust trying to google the command to enable php on apache18:25
RoyKcheck /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/18:25
RoyKa2enmod btw18:26
RoyKthat simply makes a symlink from /etc/apache2/mods-available/ to /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/18:26
DanawarDoes not exist18:26
RoyKand probably does a apache2ctl graceful18:26
Danawarphp5 conf and lib exists18:26
Danawarohh yse18:26
Danawara2enmod forgot all about that :D18:27
Danawarbut i think it is already loaded any way18:27
RoyKmake a test.php with '<?php phpinfo(); ?>' and try to view it18:27
Danawaras there are the 2 files in there18:27
RoyKi mean - try to access that test.php from a browser18:27
RoyKshould show you information about the php version installed18:28
Danawarohh wait18:28
Danawari just removed www folder18:28
Danawarbecause that was my old web stuff18:28
Danawarand now i get page not found18:28
Danawarinstead of my zpanel domain18:28
Danawarso apache is no using zpanel !18:28
Danawari dont think it is php related but i will do info now!18:28
RoyKprobably some references to that dir in the apache config, then18:28
Danawari added the included they asked me to at the bottom18:29
DanawarThe php info works18:30
RoyKcreate a test dir with an index.php file - check if that index file is used18:31
RoyKthe test.php file will work18:31
RoyKjust rename it18:31
DanawarIt gives directory listing18:32
DanawarI lie18:32
Danawari put a capital I my bad18:32
DanawarIt works with index.php18:32
DanawarMust be the damn apache config got broke when apache updated18:33
DanawarSo it doesnt see zpanel18:33
Danawari think it made a back up, which doesnt work18:33
RoyKis this a separate virtualhost?18:34
RoyKif so, just change its DocumentRoot18:34
DanawarSorry im not to savy :D18:34
Danawarbut yes i think it is somthing to do with document root18:34
Danawaras thats rings bells18:34
Danawarwhere is the setting for document root? in apache.conf?18:35
RoyKvery little is in apache.conf on ubuntu18:35
RoyKmost of it is in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default or in other virtualhosts18:35
RoyKthat is, very much is in apache.conf, but little you will need to change18:35
DanawarI can only find #ServerRoot "/etc/apache2"18:36
DanawarIn the apache config whil looking for root18:36
RoyKwell, there's no point in removing /var/www - it doesn't take up much space anyway18:37
DanawarI just removed it for testing18:37
DanawarThe new config18:37
DanawarHas Include sites-enabled/ which the old one did not should i remove it?18:37
DanawarThe other one that is in both is Include /etc/zpanel/configs/apache/httpd.conf18:38
RoyKsorry - I don't know zpanel18:38
DanawarAlso if i try to use the old config it fails trying to find Include httpd.conf18:38
Danawaras i think it was removed in the new apache18:38
roaksoaxDaviey: Don't forget to process isc-dhcp (precise-proposed), python-tx-tftp (quantal-proposed), and django (precise-proposed) which have all been verified18:40
DanawarRoyK: All i can see its doing is instead of going to /var/zpanel/####/website/index.html it is going to /var/www18:41
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RoyKthen you probably need an Alias directive in the apache config18:42
DanawarHow do i go about doing that? :P18:42
RoyKprobably in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default18:42
RoyKlook in there :)18:43
COrdel^i am gay and need spiritual advice18:43
RoyKCOrdel^: is it related to an ubuntu server? ;)18:43
patdk-wkreverse trap?18:43
COrdel^i am going to win powerball tonight and wont need ubuntu server18:44
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roaksoaxjamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~andreserl/charms/quantal/haproxy/hacluster-support18:56
roaksoaxjamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~andreserl/charms/quantal/haproxy/hacluster-support18:56
roaksoaxjamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~andreserl/charms/quantal/quantum/hacluster-support18:56
roaksoaxjamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~andreserl/charms/quantal/hacluster/trunk18:57
roaksoaxthis is before refactoring18:57
DanawarI get this when i restart apache now xD http://pastebin.com/TVQcdih318:58
DanawarIm terrified that im going to have to start from scratch again :P18:58
DanawarI wish i knew a better free panel other than zpanel19:00
RoyKDanawar: I beleive you should look into how Apache is configured on ubuntu - it looks like you added a new alias for one already in /etc/zpanel/configs/apache/httpd.conf, and you may have done something funny in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default19:03
jamespageroaksoax, adam_g: lp:~james-page/charms/quantal/keystone/haproxy-support19:03
roaksoaxjamespage: cool thanks19:06
DanawarRoyK: i followed my old install guide19:12
Danawarand it says edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf change Docroot to: DocumentRoot "/etc/zpanel/panel"19:12
DanawarBut i never found where this was19:12
RoyKsounds like it was written for redhat19:12
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RoyKubuntu/debian and redhat/centos/fedora are quite different in the terms of placing config files19:13
RoyKor naming them...19:13
roaksoaxjamespage: ok, I get it now. SO I can simply integrate hacluster as a subordinate and pass all the info over the ha relation19:15
roaksoaxjamespage: i'll work on it tomorrow and see what happens19:15
adam_gjamespage: deploying the ceph charm to precise requires a cloud archive version to integrate with openstack?19:16
halvorsWhat excactly is postfix chroot?19:17
RoyKhalvors: chrooting the whole postfix installation so to make it harder to mess up a system in case of a buffer overflow etc19:19
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adam_gzul: http://people.canonical.com/~agandelman/keystone_2012.2-0ubuntu1.2~cloud0/19:35
adam_gjamespage: ^19:35
RoyKDanawar: if this machine (or vm) is only for zpanel, I'd suggest you start over, either with docs on installing zpanel on ubuntu, or by using centos or something19:35
adam_gfor upload to staging19:35
DanawarHey RoyK thanks for all your help19:35
DanawarI followed the setup guide and there is a small php script19:35
DanawarThat does some stuff i didnt actulary look into19:35
DanawarAnd it fixed it :)19:35
DanawarGG =]19:35
zuladam_g: looks good to me19:36
RoyKDanawar: goodie ;)19:36
DanawarNow just to fix everything else i broke O:-)19:36
RoyKyou'll probably learn a bit of that ;)19:36
jamespageadam_g, it does yes19:39
Davieyroaksoax: Are these things you want released to -updates ?19:49
roaksoaxDaviey: yes19:50
Davieyroaksoax: I would be more comfortable if someone else published to updates at this stage..19:53
roaksoaxDaviey: sure, though django and python-tx-tftp are pretty straight forward19:56
DanawarHey guys i have 4 minecraft servers running on my server and i want to connect to them using sub domains how would i go about doing this as i cant figure out how to point subdomains to a port?19:57
sarnoldDanawar: 'subdomains' cannot have ports.19:58
sarnoldports are a property of an IP address.19:58
FauxFauxUnless your client supports SRV records.  (hint: it doesn't)19:58
DanawarSo there is no way of doing this without SRV records or hosting the servers at different ip addresses19:59
TheLordOfTimeDanawar, ports are the property of the IP address, you would still need to do the port directive for Minecraft, such that ipORdomain:PORT19:59
FauxFauxIf the servers have started, then they already have different ports.19:59
sarnoldDanawar: you could ask your users to connect to example.com:4444, example.com:4445, example.com:4446, example.com:4447, or something like that.20:00
* FauxFaux wonders if any resolvers will cope with numeric srv records; probably not for optimisation reasons.20:00
sarnoldit's way cheaper than renting another three IPs for your machine each month. :)20:00
Danawarsarnold: that is currently what i do :5000 - 5008 just would have prefered to use ###.example.com but i may launch them to different dedicated servers on the internet then i can easly use subdomains :)20:01
FauxFauxDanawar: It's worth giving the users the subdomains, anyway, because then you are free to move them.20:02
sarnoldFauxFaux: oh, one.example.com:4444, two.example.com:4445, three.example.com:4446, four.example.com:4447?20:04
sarnoldit's potentially confusing, because so long as they all reserve to the same IP, someone could interchange names and ports at will and they'd all work..20:05
sarnoldbut I see your point, it'd be easier to run 2+2 or 1+1+1+1 or whatever you want in the future..20:05
FauxFauxYeah, people optimising is acceptable, but if they violate your public interface then it's their problem when you fix stuff without violating your interface.20:05
roaksoaxDaviey: who do you think i should contact though?20:06
yolandahi, i need some help. I upgraded boto package, and now i cannot connect to canonistack, i'm receiving that error: [Errno 1] _ssl.c:504: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed20:07
yolandado you know what can be causing that?20:08
yolandathat is a pastebin of the problems i'm having: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1395326/20:12
Davieyroaksoax: is this seriously urgent?20:13
roaksoaxDaviey: python-tx-tftp yes20:13
roaksoaxDaviey: the rest is for maas SRU really20:14
sarnoldyolanda: is that AWSAccessKeyId supposed to remain private?20:14
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hallynstgraber: is our ifup just smart enough to know not to run dhcp if the NIC already has an address?20:16
hallyn(thinking bug 1080681)20:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1080681 in lxc "debian guests get different IPv4 at every reboot" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108068120:16
yolandasarnold, sorry, i didn't notice the key there, i should have pasted only the last lines with the CERT probelm20:17
Davieyroaksoax: wait out.20:18
yolandai can't figure why the certs have stopped working, i've been looking at that problem and googling that, and haven't found anything20:18
stgraberhallyn: nope, dhclient will just overwrite whatever's there20:21
stgraberhallyn: if you don't want ifupdown to reconfigure your interface, you need to mark it as manual in /etc/network/interfaces20:22
capitaninsaneohIf I create Iptables input rules do I have to create corresponding output rules?  Like iptables -A OUTPUT -j ACCEPT -p tcp -i eth0 and then one for UDP?20:22
stgraberhallyn: and my guess is that the Debian template doesn't have a fixed mac address, causing that bug to begin with...20:22
RoyKin debuntu, the mac address is set in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules20:23
hallynstgraber: if i add a lxc.network.ipv4 = x.y.z.a for an ubuntu container, the nic keeps that address20:24
hallyneven with /etc/network/interfaces specifying dhcp20:24
stgraberhallyn: oh, that's interesting, maybe ifupdown is being more clever than I thought it would :)20:24
stgraberhallyn: any error message in /var/log/upstart/network* in a container with lxc.network.ipv4 set?20:25
stgrabermaybe it's just some ifupdown hook failing that's preventing dhclient from reconfiguring the interface :)20:25
hallynstgraber: just 'start/running' and 'stop/waitin'g, no other msgs20:27
stgraberhallyn: hmm, ok, so maybe ifupdown is way more clever than I thought it was :)20:34
yolandajdstrand, i added some comments to that bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nova/+bug/945177 - i was able to build the package for grizzly and test it20:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 945177 in nova "not lintian clean" [Medium,Confirmed]20:35
yolandado you want me to do some cleanup?20:35
jdstrandyolanda: well, it would be nice, yes, but perhaps coordinate with zul or adam_g-- they might have more info20:37
uvirtbotNew bug: #1075717 in mountall (universe) "mounted-dev must not re-create consoles in a container" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107571720:51
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halvorsRoyK: Do you know why i can't connect using port 25 when using the mail-stack-delivery package?21:12
RoyKno idea what that package contains...21:14
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yolandabye all21:16
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nikolaj_basherHi, How would you take a completa backup of a lamp, and courier server?21:51
RoyKsome backup software21:51
RoyKor rsync21:51
RoyKbacking up mysql usually requires either a database dump or stopping mysql21:52
* RoyK uses bacula21:52
nikolaj_basherRoyK, but how du I find the lib, which contains all the users inbox21:53
nikolaj_basheror how do I find where to get the right lib to backup?21:53
RoyKthe user's mailbox in courier is a directory21:55
RoyKcourier uses maildir, so it's all in one dir, one dir for the user's mailbox, one dir per message (iirc)21:55
RoyKor was that one file per message - think so21:56
sarnoldone file per message, yeah :)21:58
nikolaj_basherRoyK, is there a way to find the right lib. to backup21:58
RoyKyou don't need a library21:58
RoyKit's just files21:58
sarnoldnikolaj_basher: lsof can show you the files a program has open22:00
RoyKyou need helpers to backup complex stuff like databases, unless you dump them22:00
nikolaj_basherI ment library22:00
RoyKif you dump a database, you can backup the dump22:00
sarnoldnikolaj_basher: of course, catching courier with an open mail file might be a bit difficult... but the alternative is reading it's configuration file. So.22:00
nikolaj_bashersarnold, thanks22:00
RoyKin 99% of the cases, a file backup of everything (excluding mysql) will do22:00
RoyKmysql will need a dump22:01
sarnoldyeah, I'd just use rsync on maildir; maildir works with nfs, it ought to work with rsync too :)22:01
nikolaj_basherRoyK, I'm allready make a dump of my db22:01
RoyKwell, then all you need is an rsync backup or something more fancy like bacula22:01
RoyKnikolaj_basher: rsync will do well, bacula will work better if you want to go back a week or two in case the shit hits the fan22:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #1084261 in nova (main) "'nova-manage project quota' command fails with 'nova-manage: error: no such option: --project'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108426122:06
nikolaj_basherRoyK, but i can't find the library where corrior save the users inbox22:06
nikolaj_bashernot even i the etc/courier/ files22:06
RoyKnikolaj_basher: it's just maildir - there's no need for a library22:06
nikolaj_bashera file22:07
RoyKnikolaj_basher: iirc courier saves the users' mailboxes under /var/lib/courier22:07
nikolaj_basherthanks sorry if am I little to slow to catch it22:07
RoyKa mailbox isn't stored under /etc22:08
RoyKtry to find /var -type d -name courier22:08
RoyKyou'll find it22:08
nikolaj_basherfound it22:08
RoyKwell, time's up - need sleep - nite guys (or girls)22:09
sarnoldRoyK: night :)22:10
nikolaj_basherRoyK, sleep well and thanks22:14
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stgraberhallyn: got a few simple template changes sent to lxc-devel for your review23:31
hallynstgraber: ok, running out any minute, may not get to them until later  tonight.23:32
stgraberthat's fine, I'm also done for the day23:32
hallyngood night23:33
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