speakmanI was thinking more like pixel-smooth scrolling for Chrome and overall better touchpad support. I've been pretty spoiled by Mointain Lion :)09:18
speakmanJust got my Magic Mouse. Seems like there's stuff to do. :)12:06
bregmaspeakman, there is much to do on the magic mouse, it's a nontrivial task12:13
speakmanI see. Should I be using evdev or synaptics to start with?12:31
bregmasee what it defaults to, I think it defaults to evdev12:35
speakmanyep, but it seems like I can't set scrolling settings in evdev12:42
speakman(or I don't know how)12:42
speakmanBut evdev seems to only get keypress events when I'm scrolling. How can I make it work as smooth as two-finger scroll on a mousepad?12:48
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bregmaspeakman, if you want the two-finger scrolling, you have to switch to synaptics13:44
bregmait will work more like a separate touchpad that way, but it's probably closer to the experience you're looking for13:44
bregmayou may need to jiggle settings in the Mouse and Touchpad panel, too13:45
speakmanOK, thanks! Since I do not use an xorg.conf at all currently, is there a way to change driver from evdev to synaptics without it?13:48
speakmanOr can I just specify the driver alone in an xorg.conf?13:48
bregmaspeakman, you need to tweak some settings in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ and unfortunately I'm so rusty on which ones I'm not too useful13:53
speakmanbregma: ok, I didn't even knew there were a ".d" directory. Is there a name for such? /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and /etc/apache2/conf.d/ etc?14:04
speakmanI don't have such directory either :/14:05
bregmaI know the xserver-xorg-input-evdev package installs files into that directory, for a start14:06
speakmanops! Was looking in /etc/ when it should be /usr/share/. How come settings files are in /usr/share/ btw?14:09
bregmaI don't know, it's an x.org thing I guess14:10
bregmathe /usr/share settings are application defaults, the /etc/X11 settings are local system defaults and override the /usr/share ones14:11
dandraderbregma, is there any way for me to make configure use, say, "-ggdb -O0" instead of "-g -O2"? I've been manually replacing these in the genereated configure script, but I suppose there's a better way that I'm unaware of14:29
dandradersetting the CFLAGS or CPPFLAGS environment variables before running configure doesn't help14:30
bregmaCXXFLAGS="-O0 -ggdb3" ./configure ....14:30
bregmaor set CXXFLAGS before running make14:30
* dandrader tries out14:31
bregmaand verify with "make V=1"14:31
dandraderthat V=1 trick I was aware of14:31
dandrader"man gcc" doesn't show that...14:32
bregmagdb3 includes DWARF level 3 debugging symbols, 1 more than the default14:32
dandraderit worked with CXXFLAGS :) thanks!14:34
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