xorg_is_a_painhey guys... anyone here?00:05
xorg_is_a_painhey popey... can you spare a minute to help me with Xorg? I followed this guide: http://ubuntuxtreme.com/howto/nvidia-drivers-installer-script/ for my GTX 650, it all went well and rebooted, but now I don't seem to have unity... my windows are just "there" - I have to launch them via ctrl+alt+t00:16
xorg_is_a_painI've got the xorg log... http://paste.ubuntu.com/1393199/00:16
xorg_is_a_painand I've got the newest nvidia-current on the machine00:17
xorg_is_a_painbut for some reason it isn't doing jack..00:17
popeywhat is this script madness?00:18
popey[    20.712] (EE) NVIDIA: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module. Please check your00:19
popeythat doesn't look too clever00:19
xorg_is_a_painwell... I originally tried via "Additional Drivers"00:19
xorg_is_a_paingetting the same problem00:19
xorg_is_a_painhad to reinstall and try it the script way00:19
popeydo you have a terminal up?00:19
popeydpkg -l unity00:19
popeyis it installed?00:19
popeyi.e. first two characters are "ii"00:20
xorg_is_a_painyeah it's installed00:20
xorg_is_a_painii  unity          6.10.0-0ubun amd64        Interface designed for efficiency00:20
xorg_is_a_pain(compiz crashed when I logged in - I suspect that's where the issue is?)00:21
popeypastebin your ~/.xsession-errors ?00:21
xorg_is_a_painthat doesn't look healthy...00:22
popeyi suspect the nvidia driver didn't build properly00:22
popeyhence NVIDIA: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module00:23
popeywhich is your first problem00:23
popeycompiz (core) - Info: Unity is not supported by your hardware. Enabling software rendering instead (slow).00:23
popeythats as a result of not having the nvidia driver loaded00:23
xorg_is_a_painalright... but it did the same when I tried from Additional Drivers too... strange00:23
popeyyou're running with the VESA driver00:24
xorg_is_a_painit worked in 12.04 - this is a new install00:24
popeydpkg -l nvidia-*00:24
popeyapt-cache policy nvidia-current00:25
popeypretty sure my card is a GTX 65000:27
* popey checks00:27
xorg_is_a_painAsus GEForce GTX 650 I believe00:28
xorg_is_a_painI can drop back to 12.04 without a problem... I just thought I'd bring it up because this is beyond me, and a bug may need filing00:28
xorg_is_a_painthere was a comment on that script page from someone else using 12.10 with the same issue00:29
popeyoh no, mine's a 46000:30
popeyif you fancy reinstalling 12.10 maybe we can debug from there00:31
popeybut not right now :D00:31
xorg_is_a_painsure... can do, and aye it's a bit late :P00:31
popeymaybe pop back tomorrow?00:32
xorg_is_a_painyeah sure... any particualar time?00:32
popeybefore midnight00:32
popeybut tbh there's plenty of people around who can help tomorrow00:32
popeydaytime is good?00:32
xorg_is_a_painalright... gonna go back to Windows and watch something on netflix before bed XD I shall see you guys tomorrow00:33
xorg_is_a_painthank you for the help00:33
troll`UBUNTU IS GR8!00:52
troll`IT ROCKS00:52
directhexfor those who fear the securest of boots: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PyOYsQmetQ01:37
AlanBellchoo choo06:59
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hoovermorning all08:31
BigRedSHm. I want to file a bug report about docking my laptop, but every time I try it it breaks slightly differently....08:41
theopensourcererThis is rather disturbing (but a bit understandable) - I like building PCs... http://semiaccurate.com/2012/11/26/intel-kills-off-the-desktop-pcs-go-with-it/08:41
BigRedSyeah, I despise building PCs but really think it's something that ought to be possible08:45
theopensourcererAt home the three desktops we have (me, wife and kids) are all custom builds by me.08:46
theopensourcererAnd my home server too.08:47
BigRedSyeah, I completely get the benefits, I just don't have the patience to work out what I want...08:47
theopensourcererBut that one is an embedded VIA anyway08:47
BigRedSActually, my last several PCs have been custom-builds, just by somebody else08:47
theopensourcererI reckon this will be the end of Custom PC magazine then too.08:47
theopensourcererEnd of an era.08:47
* theopensourcerer already asked wifey to cancel his subscription next cycle.08:48
diploAMD theopensourcerer ?08:48
danfishthe nagios site is down "Server error - server is unreachable at this moment."08:48
danfishkinda ironic08:48
* BigRedS has two Nagios instances for that sort of thing08:49
theopensourcererTrouble is their CPUs really suck right now.08:49
diplodanfish: Working ok for me08:49
danfishdiplo: now working for me. Must have been a glitch in the matrix :)08:50
BigRedSOh! Nagios.org?08:50
* BigRedS demands coffee08:50
dwatkinsI thoroughly agree, Myrtti.09:06
BigRedS'thoroughly agree' seems a bit antithetical to 'meh'...09:14
JamesTaitGood morning all! :-D09:16
dwatkinsBigRedS: true, I was agreeing with the sentiment behind the statement, I suppose.09:16
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danfishxmas soon - what to by the geek in your life?10:14
popeyhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/29FWHGD2GAECA  # something from their wishlist? :D10:16
danfishagreed - wtf is that first book about sharpening pencils? Is the companion book the history of cement?10:17
AlanBellsomeone pointed me at a reddit interview of the pencil sharpening chap the other day10:18
AlanBellprobably popey10:18
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:23
bigcalmAnybody here using a trackball?10:23
Azelphurbigcalm: I am10:24
popeyif by trackball you mean trackpoint, yes :)10:24
bigcalmAzelphur: finger or thumb operated?10:24
bigcalmpopey: that's a nipple, so no :)10:25
popey\o/ nipples10:25
Azelphurbigcalm: thumb10:25
bigcalmAzelphur: have you used both? Do you use it all the time, every day? Do you get any pain from using it?10:26
Azelphurbigcalm: I havn't used anything but thumb for a long time, no I don't, I imagine I would do from a mouse considering the amount of time I spend using it :10:27
bigcalmAzelphur: that's all good to know, thanks :)10:28
bigcalmAzelphur: I have bad RSI from years of mouse usage, so now I'm looking for an alternative10:28
bigcalmAzelphur: just trying to work out if I should get a thumb or fingers operated one10:28
Azelphurthat's what I have10:29
* theopensourcerer has just taken delivery of some new computer h/w :-) Lappy, monitors, hub, cables...10:29
bigcalmYeah, been looking at the M57010:29
bigcalmtheopensourcerer: for your new lacky?10:29
AlanBelltheopensourcerer: woot10:29
AzelphurI also have one of these http://www.dansdata.com/images/ltcontrollers/tmw440.jpg if you want it I'll do it for £5 + pnp :p10:29
Azelphurit's the predecessor to the M57010:30
bigcalmAzelphur: I'll keep that in mind, ta :)10:30
bigcalmThough I'm used to having extra buttons for navigation10:32
BigRedSbigcalm: I've been using a thumb-operated trackball for about ten years now10:38
BigRedSwith no known issues10:38
MooDoodavmor2: hello chap10:38
theopensourcererLappy is rather nice... And sans Windows Tax \o/10:40
einonmtheopensourcerer: cool, what's the plastic case on it like?10:43
theopensourcererIt isn't plastic.10:44
theopensourcererIt's metal10:44
theopensourcererFeels good and sturdy. Thin too.10:44
einonmeven better.10:44
AlanBellno secure boot efi stuff presumeably10:46
theopensourcererDunno - gone back to work now.10:47
theopensourcererWill take it home tonight and plug a UDB stick in10:47
theopensourcereror USB even10:47
JamesTaittheopensourcerer, what's the model number? I'm pre-emptively looking at laptops ready for when I turn this thing in.10:49
bigcalmBigRedS: that's another plus for thumbs :)10:50
JamesTaitAnd I'm all for supporting companies who sell OS-free hardware.10:50
theopensourcererJamesTait: Think it was this one to which we added another 4G of RAM http://www.novatech.co.uk/laptop/range/novatechnfinityn1402.html10:51
JamesTaittheopensourcerer, excellent, thanks! I'll take a look and add it to the shortlist!10:52
theopensourcererThe 4 to 8G RAM upgrade cost £9.6010:53
JamesTaitWow, £90 extra for Windows 7!10:53
JamesTaitWindows 7 Home as well.10:53
theopensourcererWindows is between £91 and £163 depending on version10:53
theopensourcererIt came with a carry case (rucksack)10:54
JamesTaitI'm so completely out of touch with Windows these days.10:54
theopensourcererMe too.10:54
AlanBellwish all computers asked for an operating system on first boot10:55
JamesTaitAlthough I can imagine my dad being incredibly annoyed if they did.10:56
theopensourcererJamesTait: Some piccies of the "unboxing" https://plus.google.com/u/0/104060033182234025482/posts/B1fLCcVCfsJ10:56
JamesTaitOoh, that case does look nice.10:57
JamesTaitAnd it's nice and thin too.10:57
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JamesTaitIf I had one of those, I might not nearly give myself a hernia every time I travelled with my computer.10:58
BigRedSwot no nipple?11:03
dwatkinsMy laptop is 13", and I much prefer taking the netbook instead as it`s a lot smaller.11:03
popeythats now my benchmark for a laptop, does it have a touchpoint nipple11:05
popeyif not, -> bin11:05
davmor2Morning all11:05
davmor2Morning MooDoo11:05
bigcalmHi davmor211:05
davmor2hello bigcalm11:06
diploYou're one of the only people I know that likes the touchpoint nipple popey11:06
bigcalmI think I'd like a nipple if I had one11:06
diploGuy next to me has never used his, nor anyone else in the office.. they actually get more annoyed with it being there11:06
bigcalmYou can remove it (ymmv)11:06
popeyyou can buy an external keyboard with one in :)11:07
popey(see my wishlist) :D11:07
popeyalso http://www.pckeyboard.com/11:07
BigRedSit makes it way easier to pick laptops11:07
BigRedSwhen I was looking I only had to pick between about three11:07
BigRedSand I think two of them were Lenovo11:07
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popeywho else does them?11:08
BigRedSDell used to do them on their Latitudes, and HP did a longer time ago11:08
BigRedSI don't think either do any more11:08
dwatkinsI rarely open my laptop ;) it sits on my desk at work closed and connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard.11:08
bigcalmToshiba used to11:08
BigRedSHm. Dell's website seems too broken to tell me if they still do11:11
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mgdmMy first laptop was a Toshiba, it only had the nipple, so that's how I got used to them11:19
mgdmprefer it above anyting else apart from maybe a Mac trackpad with all the gestures11:19
AlanBellare there any generic alternatives to the apple magic touchpad?11:25
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davmor2AlanBell: well there might of been till apple sued them all for making a touchpad :D11:26
popeydunno if they're multitouch tho11:27
AlanBellthat looks a bit rubbish11:28
AlanBelllaptop touchpad on a wire11:28
mgdmI have a magic trackpad, but I took it to work for now11:29
mgdmit is very nice, and sort-of works with Ubuntu, but the weighting in the gesture config needs some work11:29
AlanBellhttp://www.ebuyer.com/282973-logitech-wireless-touchpad-910-002442 looks a bit more like it11:29
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AlanBellschwuk: can you stop the away script please12:26
popeydirecthex, you may also want to do a video showing what happens with secure boot on and booting a live cd12:27
popeyalso, moo12:27
directhexpopey, a bit more awkward, no CD drive on the x230 :D12:28
directhexi could use the T530 for that tho12:28
dwatkinsstrange, I thought I'd gotten irssi to ignore nickspam12:28
popeyoh, or usb, sorry12:30
directhexi *do* have a USB CD drive12:31
directhexwell, dvd burner12:31
directhexbut the T530 might be easier12:31
davmor2popey: do you have ATI on any of your quantal boxes and did the binary driver ever install and display unity?12:35
popeyI only answered one of your questions, I do not feel it necessary to continue with the questioning :)12:38
BigRedSWhich one's quantal? My home PC is 12.10 and I'm going to need to install a binary driver to get steam working on it12:40
BigRedSah, 12.10 I guess. I know the alphabet, honest!12:40
popeyTime passes..12:43
Laneyno bot12:43
popeyAlanBell, we're missing a bot here12:43
Davieyand mootbot is stuffed in #ubuntu-meeting12:44
dogmatic69memory usage 6.5GB -> sudo killall -9 chrome -> 1.2GB :/12:44
BigRedSI used to graph firefox memory usage, but that just scared me12:47
popeyanyone here live in Leeds?12:48
dogmatic69BigRedS: I think they have some code that goes, while(memory) { fillit(); }12:49
popeysame happens with roads and kitchen bins12:52
popeytis human nature12:52
BigRedSmoving to leeds?12:56
popeyno, come dine with me are looking for people in various places including leeds13:01
AlanBellpopey: Daviey: I am very aware of this . . .13:11
BigRedSpopey: a while ago you asked for recommendations for people learning vi, what did you settle on, and was it vi or vim?13:12
popeyBigRedS, vimtutor13:12
popeyand a printed cheatsheet13:12
n1md4BigRedS: tsk tsk, you should have asked me :P13:12
BigRedSpopey: ta!13:31
czajkowskihttps://fosdem.org/2013/news/2012-11-28-extended-deadlines/ may be of interest to some15:27
balorczajkowski, Is your twitter account haxor3d?15:51
czajkowskiwhy ?15:51
balorczajkowski, ah, just all the debit card stuff seemed strange15:52
czajkowskibalor: yeah read the last one it's about security15:52
czajkowskipeople actually tweet their CC which has their name long number and exp date15:52
balorczajkowski, AH15:53
balorstrange people15:53
BigRedSthere used to be a robot that retweeted CC info15:54
directhexwiiu preordered15:56
gordforgot the wiiu wasn't out here yet16:13
directhexfriday here.16:15
BigRedSI want my grub to automatically boot the first option out of that 'advanced options' submenu. Is that an easy thing to make it do?16:29
BigRedSoh, it's documented!16:31
mungojerrygord , did you go to hyper japan?16:57
gordall looks so good17:00
gordi came back with half a suit case full of treats from korea, lots of tasty pocky ripoffs17:00
mungojerrythis was in earls court though ...bit closer :D17:02
bootinfdsdsJust posted a present to AlanBell :)18:10
Myrttioh my, how far ahead do they record EggHeads...18:15
bootinfdsdsdunno.. i thought that show was redundant by now.18:22
popeyheh, got a phone call from a friend asking what tablet to buy for her husband19:33
Azelphurwhen in doubt nexus 719:35
* dw4tkins agrees with Azelphur 19:41
* brobostigon also agres.19:42
directhexdepends on budget, and odd requirements. for the average grunt on the street, any ipad is best, assuming they can afford the apple tax19:42
directhexnexus 7 is a cheap alternative which is in the same ball park for usability, though. see also kindle fire hd19:43
mgdmwe have a Fire HD and a 7 at work19:44
mgdmIIRC the screen on the 7 is higher resolution, despite the Fire being physically bigger19:44
dw4tkinsI like the mini size of the Nexus, not sure how it compares to the iPad mini19:47
dw4tkinss/Nexus/Nexus 7/19:47
mgdmI played with an iPad mini yesterday, briefly19:48
mgdmbelongs to our designer chap who works one week a month19:48
mgdmI was mildly surprised to discover it hasn't got a Retina display19:49
AzelphurAnyone recommend a nice current account with some nice perks / introductory offers? :)21:07
TheOpenSourcererDunno about perks but we've been pretty happy with First Direct (HSBC) since it started...21:10
TheOpenSourcererIf I was looking now I think I would have Virgin on my list to check out.21:11
* AlanBell is also happy with first direct21:12
AlanBellFirst Direct was formed on 1 October 198921:15
TheOpenSourcererSounds about right. I was 24.21:15
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: how is the laptop?21:20
TheOpenSourcererIt boots from a stick21:20
TheOpenSourcererOther than that I haven't done much.21:20
AlanBellok, generally nice bit of kit?21:21
TheOpenSourcererIt's very nicely built. Feels solid and stursy yeah.21:21
Azelphurmy parents had lots of problems with my local hsbc branch, I hear good things about hsbc often, but our local branch is a bit fail I think21:22
AlanBellfirst direct really isn't much to do with HSBC branches21:22
AlanBellall telephone and internet based21:22
TheOpenSourcererWith First Direct you really don't need to use a branch. Everything by Internet/phone21:22
Azelphurthat's fun21:23
TheOpenSourcererBut if you need to pay in a cheque for example - then you can use HSBC branches21:23
AlanBellbranches are just for depositing cheques from strange customers21:23
Azelphurfirst direct are offering £100 for when I switch, but then they'd prolly want me to close my santander too21:24
TheOpenSourcererAstronomers find biggest black hole, 17 BILLION times the size of Sun21:24
Azelphurwhich from experience is rather difficult :p21:24
AlanBellgosh, don't drop things in that21:24
TheOpenSourcererI think it would be hard not too.21:25
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