nikolamI find this interesting regarding manipulating personal data with unity. Hope i helps understand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGLxjppFqeA&feature=related01:50
* nikolam sleeps and is sorry needs to go away01:50
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mmrazikdidrocks: I have a good news and bad news :-)08:36
mmrazikdidrocks: we have nvidia with binary drivers and it gives similar results to ati/intel08:36
didrocksmmrazik: sweet! :)08:36
mmrazikthe bad news is that there are a lot of new failures for some reason08:36
didrocksmmrazik: what is the bad news there? :)08:37
* didrocks looks08:37
mmrazikdidrocks: from the video it looks like there might be indeed something broken. The calc icon in launcher shows up after significant delay08:37
mmraziki.e. first calc is started and then it takes ~2 seconds for the icon to appear08:37
didrocksmmrazik: interesting, but at least, this is coherent across all config?08:38
mmrazikdidrocks: yes, it is08:38
didrockswhat's the name of the autopilot job already? I always fight to find it :/08:38
mmrazikoh... seems its not published08:39
mmrazikwhich is weird08:39
mmrazikmhm.. it is configured for publishing08:40
didrocksmmrazik: ok, seeing08:41
didrocksmmrazik: hum, I think sil2100 can maybe have a look at that? like, looking if it's reproduceable on his raring for the day08:41
didrocksmmrazik: and eventually working with bregma for this?08:41
didrocksmmrazik: at least, good that the "nvidia" case is fixed08:41
didrocksmmrazik: oh, relaunching one?08:42
mmrazikdidrocks: I tried to relaunch.. just to see how consistent it is08:43
mmrazikbut it should be fairly consistent as it was reproduced on 3 different machines08:43
didrockslet's see if sil2100 who is up to date I guess reproduce08:44
didrocksto see if it's a regression from raring itself or trunks08:44
didrocksI guess the autopilot delays are relaxed enough?08:45
mmrazikdidrocks: not sure about this sort of stuff. I don't think we wait for the icon to appear. As soon as the app is running we probably expect the icon is there (which sounds sane to me).08:46
mmrazikdidrocks: when I look at the video the delay seems to be long enough for me to be considered a bug08:46
didrocksmmrazik: ah, so the app appears08:48
didrocksbut not the icon08:48
didrocksok, got it :)08:48
didrocksso yeah, something happened08:48
sil2100What's up?08:48
* sil2100 reads up08:48
sil2100Autopilot tests failing?08:49
sil2100Will look at that then08:49
didrocksthanks sil2100 :)08:52
didrockspopey: wants to do some reviews? I have a bunch of branches for you:09:27
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didrockspopey: on the things that needs checking is that the first line doesn't have "raring" but "UNRELEASED"09:29
didrockspopey: thanks!10:01
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nikolamdo you think Unity fulfill Ubuntu Code of conduct agreement?11:13
popeynikolam, people sign the CoC, unity is software, software doesn't sign the CoC11:14
nikolampopey, I understand. So people pushing unity got to have signed CoC?11:15
popeywhat do you mean by "pushing unity"?11:15
nikolampopey, including Unity in Ubuntu.11:16
popeythat's somewhat vague11:17
popeycould mean including packages in the archive, on the cd, or by default in the distro11:17
popeyeither way, the answer is yes11:17
popeyI mean, I personally haven't audited every single persons CoC signage, I am trusting our processes for MOTU, core dev and other leadership positions are working.11:18
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xnoxpopey: i wonder if ^^^^ It was meant to be contributors agreement instead of CoC.12:00
popeyno, it was very specifically CoC12:01
popeynikolam was concerned that the decision to put unity in the desktop violates the CoC12:01
popeyputting the interests of the company above the interests of the users, and de-humanizing the experience via privacy issues.12:01
xnoxpopey: ok. although i fail to see which point/part of CoC nikolam is referring to though.12:03
popey"Ubuntu is about showing humanity to one another: the word itself captures the spirit of being human" - nikolam was asserting that this was violated by Unity sending "outgoing data streams" (video/shopping lookup)12:06
popeyI suggested they bring it up in more discussion oriented channels if they feel strongly about it.12:07
Mirvdidrocks: regarding bamf, you didn't object to these two build related commits, are those fine for SRU? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/bamf/bamf-0.2/revision/477 + http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/bamf/bamf-0.2/revision/47912:13
didrocksMirv: let me have a look12:13
didrocksMirv: good catch, yeah, they should be out as well12:14
Mirvdidrocks: ok, good, then we'll finally have a proper 0.2 branch :)12:14
didrocksMirv: sweet! :)12:14
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didrockssil2100: how is it going with this debugging?14:00
sil2100didrocks: looking at that, I had some autopilot problems here - it seems to be more of a bamf issue than autopilot though14:12
didrockssil2100: so you reproduced it locally?14:13
sil2100No, not really, tests are working fine on my machine, but I'm running quantal, and maybe it's related to the ecosystem of raring + bamf - not sure yet14:15
sil2100But I have the same bamf version, just for quantal14:15
didrockssil2100: hum, that was what I asked you this morning about in fact :p14:15
didrocksmmrazik: ^14:15
mmrazikbregma: can you (or somebody from your team) have a look on this: https://code.launchpad.net/~mrazik/unity/coverage-support/+merge/136345 ?14:31
mmrazikI would need that to get some data on regular basis14:32
bregmammrazik, ack14:32
mmrazikbut I think its my first cmake exposure...14:32
mmrazikbregma: thanks14:32
flohackIs anyone of the unity core developers aware of https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/995039 (Drag n Drop between windows not working on latest LTS)?14:38
didrocksfginther: thanks for all the work on the oif stack btw! everything is fine :)14:53
fgintherdidrocks, you're welcome14:53
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bobweaverwould any one that is good at nux like to help me out ? it is layout and padding work. I am new to it still trying to understand it. will post page15:33
bobweaverhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tv-developers/ubuntutv/trunk/view/head:/dash/ff-tv/DashView.cpp     :: Lines 373  -- 42815:34
bobweaverlike I tried to make a new layout for the dash but it dosent do what it is told. like I set{min,max}width  on lens_bar_ and it still paints accross full screen I will take screen shot15:35
bobweaverUploading video so you all can see what I am talking about15:38
bobweavervideo is not public nust have link  here is link15:41
bobweaverJason are you around ? the NUX guy ?  Help how to anchor widgets to new layouts ?15:45
bobweaverItem {id:foo ; anchors.fill: parent; height: 60 ; width: 40 } Image {id:picfoo; anchors{top:foo.top;left:foo.left}}15:47
bobweaverlike that but with nux ^^15:48
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didrocksMirv: nice post! You've just been quoted on the French forum btw :p16:04
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bobweaverHello again. What is the best time (UTC) to ask for help on this channel ?  maybe when the most unity-devs are around ?  I am guessing that it will be like 10:00 UTC ?  kinda hard to find help .17:05
Mirvdidrocks: thanks ;)17:08
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