philipballewpleia2, The info you gave Dave seemed good. In case you did not know, he is a regular here for ubuntu events in San Diego.00:32
philipballewthanks pleia200:32
raevolnew hard drives :>06:56
raevol128 gig Kingston HyperX ssd, and 2 TB Seagate06:56
bkerensaraevol: they are nice07:06
bkerensaraevol: I have a Kingston 128GIG HyperX SSD myself07:06
raevolrsyncing all my crap from backups07:06
bkerensaraevol: did you update the firmware first?07:06
bkerensafor the SSD itself07:06
raevolhmm, i didn't07:07
bkerensaI would do that first because the only way to update firmware is to format07:07
raevoli'm also using it on a mobo that only supports 3 gb/s07:07
raevolany real reason to update the firmare?07:07
bkerensauhh just for performance and other fixes07:07
bkerensait depends what version they shipped u with07:07
raevolis there a way to tell?07:08
bkerensaim not sure if they update them as they ship07:08
bkerensauhh yeah07:08
bkerensayou have to use a *cough* windows app07:08
raevolwhat a shame, i have no windows07:08
bkerensawell then ur out of luck updating firmware eitherway :)07:08
raevolgonna watch Rush Hour while i do this rsync07:12
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bkerensapleia2: I would love to highlight partimus in a article on OMG does Partimus have any big installs planned coming up?18:36
pleia2bkerensa: there is some more work in oakland that one of our core volunteers is planning on writing about soon, I can put you in touch with him if you'd like18:37
bkerensapleia2: totally18:38
bkerensapleia2: So I imagine Xubuntu is going to exceed Ubuntu in popularity in Oregon soon18:39
bkerensapleia2: FreeGeek will be officially transitioning from Ubuntu to Xubuntu 12.04 on 12/04/12 :)18:39
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nhandlerIt is looking like I'll be out in the Bay area this summer. Looking forward to meeting up with as many of you guys as possible and continuing my quest to match faces with IRC names20:49
pleia2yay :)20:49
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raevoldoes anyone have a good understanding of how rsync handles permissions?21:34
raevoli want rsync to set the permissions of everything on the destination to a particular thing, but i don't want it to re-sync everything every time just because it has set the permissions on the destination differently21:35
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