rick_h_snap-l: https://plus.google.com/u/0/114546378907380458640/posts/ZA7Lk96dian00:43
rick_h_krondor: hey, ssshhhhh on G+ :P00:43
jrwren_  lolz, cute00:54
snap-lrick_h_: cute02:21
snap-lman, cat just had thr runs, and managed to step in it02:21
snap-lnot cool02:21
snap-lYeah, that's not a trick I hope she masters.02:44
snap-lGood morning13:04
snap-lI have a cat with a cone trying in vain to clean herself in front of me13:40
brouschBe a good mommy and clean her yourself13:41
rick_h_http://jessenoller.com/2012/11/28/the-great-python-org-redesign/ whoa, pretty python site?13:41
brouschSeems to be rick-dotted13:44
rick_h_bah, this is why bookie_parser needs caching/storage14:00
rick_h_wow, $70 python.org site redesign14:11
rick_h_$70k that is14:11
brouschgeezum pete14:12
rick_h_well, don't ever let it be said there isn't $$ backing python14:13
rick_h_between all the sprints they sponsor, py3 porting, actual bid and company design work for the site whoa14:13
brouschKivy porting stuff to py3 is cool14:19
rick_h_yea, the fdw stuff is pretty sweet14:47
rick_h_ooh http://pragprog.com/book/tbajs/async-javascript14:53
rick_h_crap not another book...I'm so far behind!14:53
snap-lYou're behind? :)15:09
snap-lNew CHC launching tomorrow in Detroit 12-4pm15:10
rick_h_new CHC? cool Middle of the work day though?15:11
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, that's a little odd, but might be cool to make the trek sometime15:13
_stink_look corporatey.15:17
widoxhah. that's funny.15:52
widoxI was talking to a guy about CHC  downtown, I hinted that after-hours was the fun about it15:53
widoxmaybe I'll walk over just to get a free drink :)15:53
rick_h_hmmm, aws keynote is either running late or the stream hates me16:43
rick_h_there we go16:46
rick_h_410TB of data man16:48
krondorooh CHC Detroit, I'm probably going to be working downtown soon.. might be good to get out during work occasionally16:51
rick_h_krondor: hey, you never replied to my PM.16:52
rick_h_snap-l: suggested you might be interested in a steam beta for linux?16:52
krondorhell yes?  hmm not sure how I missed that16:53
krondorhmm that wasn't a question.  My brain is shot today.16:53
rick_h_krondor: see pm16:54
greg-gpi-shaw, 410 tb? that's nothing, HathiTrust has 474tb http://www.hathitrust.org/16:56
rick_h_heh, well same ball park16:56
greg-gbut, it isn't unheard of/not special :)16:57
rick_h_well it makes me double take16:57
snap-lWonder how many TB archive.org has16:58
* greg-g look16:58
snap-land how much of it is utter shit16:58
greg-goh, they have went over 10 PB recently16:58
greg-gthere was a big party where Donald Knuth played the organ16:58
greg-galso, I would say that a crap ton of AWS is utter shit as well (see what I did there?) it is mostly stupid fucking startups that don't last a week.16:59
rick_h_anyone find it funny that NASA/JPL talking at AWS when they work/worked so much on openstack?16:59
rick_h_greg-g: yea, this was instagram I think? or flipboard16:59
rick_h_a big one16:59
greg-goh, what was the 410 tb referencing, exactly? /me isn't watching17:00
rick_h_just the keynote intro where either instagram or pinboard was talking about having 8B objects in S3 and over 410TB of stored data17:00
rick_h_so I got thinking what bookie would look like with 400TB of data and went 'whoa!'17:00
rick_h_love tech conferences, where a guy can put a jacket over a t-shirt and call it a day to present17:02
greg-grick_h_: oh! that was just one user of AWS? not all of AWS? wow17:03
rick_h_greg-g: yea, one start up usage of AWS17:03
* greg-g was vastly confused17:03
rick_h_sorry, I assume you're all in my office with me watching this :P17:04
snap-lgreg-g: Yeah, I was being a bit harsh17:04
rick_h_100GB/s of web site traffic during the rover landing?!17:05
snap-lJust seems whenever someone mentions CC music, they mention archive.org (which is almost impossible to search) or freemusicarchive (which has a lot of music that doesn't fit my taste)17:05
snap-l(putting it mildly)17:05
greg-gthere's really not a perfect place for "cc music" as it lives in many places where music lives17:06
greg-gI'd say archive.org wrt music is great for live recordings.17:06
greg-gI have an IA baseball hat because I uploaded a couple concerts there17:06
snap-lOh, nice17:07
greg-gthey aren't there anymore, the artist's management changed and they changed their opinion on concert recordings and enacted it retroavtively. I was pissed.17:07
snap-lYeah, they're awesome for live recordings17:07
snap-lWhich band? Phish?17:07
snap-lOr Umphrey's McGee17:07
greg-gXavier Rudd17:07
greg-gawesome Aussie17:07
greg-ghe's a one man band type, plays guitar, harmonica, didjeradoo(s), stomp box, etc17:08
rick_h_yay lower s3 pricing17:11
widoxour prod db is 25TB at work...17:22
rick_h_I love how the staples easy button is the official icon of 'easy' in this stream17:41
rick_h_smoser: ftw http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/11/we-interview-daniel-ryan-director-of-front-end-development-for-obama-for-america18:16
rick_h_"The cloud-init stuff Moser worked on was very helpful early on as well."18:16
snap-lrick_h_: If only they knew... ;)18:17
snap-lwas re: Easy18:17
rick_h_snap-l: oh heh18:17
rick_h_snap-l: I wonder if this new redshift thing can replace a chunk of stuff at morpace18:18
snap-lNah, we're going to use terabyte notepads18:20
snap-lOK, #1: Fuck Tech Crunch URLs18:21
snap-land #3: Can they PLEASE get rid uf Uncle Steve Balmer, the used car salesman?18:22
shakes808Hello everyone.18:38
shakes808Anyone know any windows scripting to check the memory usage from a process and be able to shut that process down, restart it, log it, send out emails?18:39
snap-lshakes808: If it wasn't Windows... ;)18:42
shakes808you know18:43
shakes808tell my job that lol18:43
shakes808I found this code18:43
shakes808If this is what will do it18:44
shakes808I can attempt to modify this code18:44
shakes808Never worked with processes and what not like this before18:45
shakes808treading with caution lol18:45
brouschWindows scripting to do it?18:46
shakes808It is for a windows server18:46
shakes808Glanced through that code that I found and it seems like it could be my answer. But again, never worked with this level programming / scripting before18:47
jrwren_i could totally do it, but i've not time to check out what you posted.18:47
jrwren_ok, i looked.18:48
jrwren_that is vb6. don't use it.18:48
jrwren_i'm not joking.18:48
jrwren_jesus christ, it is vb6 with on error resume next. go murder the person who gave it to you18:49
jrwren_shakes808: powershell is probably a good option.18:50
jrwren_but I hate powershell irrationally (as apposed to the rational avoidance of vb6)18:50
jrwren_so I'd write a little C# programm to do it.18:50
snap-ljrwren_: QUick question: Is there seriously a SQL-callable process list under WIndows?18:50
jrwren_snap-l: i don't understand teh question. sql callable?18:50
jrwren_do you mean the select * from win32_processes or whatever?18:51
snap-lThat code had a select statement in it, suggesting to me there's a SQL engine for querying such process data18:51
jrwren_been there since windowws 2000, yes. There is a name for it. it is not SQL, it just starts with SELECT and returns rows.18:51
jrwren_its called WMI18:52
snap-lAs /proc is to the UNIX way, so is WMI indicitive of the Windows Way. ;)18:52
jrwren_not really.18:52
jrwren_WMI is /a/ windows way18:52
jrwren_shakes808: do you do C# or even vb.net?   should be as easy as calling system.diagnostics.process.getprocesses18:54
jrwren_rick_h_: that postgresql fdw is awesome. That was always a cool feature of sql server.19:00
rick_h_jrwren_: yea, though I'm not sold that it wouldn't be better to just cron/queue loading data into a local store19:03
jrwren_depends on if you want to sync and have teh extra storage.19:07
jrwren_i wouldn't design things around this feature. It is a nice tool to have in the toolbox.19:07
jrwren_not something I would look to actively apply.19:07
rick_h_right, I've not had a production use for it but it seems cool19:07
jrwren_i really don't think i'd use it in production. I think I'd more use it as a dev tool.19:12
jrwren_I guess MAYBE a tiny bit in production, but I'd hate it :)19:13
shakes808Sorry, back. Was talking to a co-worker about this and he is working on something already for this issue. jrwren: I got that from a forum, post is on the top and he is using C# for this program. It is an unofficial on his own time project, so that would be why I didn't know about it lol. Thank you for the input.19:32
snap-lshakes808: Be very learly of forums for solving problems.19:46
rick_h_cargo culted copy/paste ftw!!!!!!19:47
shakes808snap-l: I know that is why I said that I was treading lightly19:49
jrwren_unless it is stack overflow :)19:56
rick_h_and highly voted and recent enough to apply, etc19:56
snap-land blessed by jcastro_20:11
greg-gI don't always use SE for help, but when I do, I use answers edited by jcastro_20:12
snap-lgreg-g: +20:13
greg-gonly one plus?20:13
snap-lYou'll get the other plus later.20:13
* greg-g pouts20:15
jjessedoes jcastro_ only post on askubuntu or does he live on every other stack exchange as well?20:15
jrwrenno offense to jcastro_ but i'm pretty sure he wouldn't know how to answer questions on stackoverflow proper.22:06
greg-gjrwren: that's why i changed it to SE ;)22:08
Blazeixi might be a bit late to CHC tonight. just fyi a new person with the nick 'Scala' is going to be checking us out22:12
widoxI'll wear something nice then, Blazeix22:26
jrwrenthen again, i know jorge has wicked bash-fu, so he might have SO karam of 100k for all I know22:29
rick_h_Blazeix: coolio23:31
rick_h_jrwren: he's on the handyman site (jjesse)23:31

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