cheri703hey, raspi owners: where did you buy yours?00:23
cheri703my brother wants one but doesn't want all of the starter kit junk that comes with it from adafruit00:23
paultagI bought mine very early so it was from some UK vendor00:46
paultagI'd bet there are better ones now00:46
cheri703hehe, yeah, I found like 3 for him00:47
cheri703he was like "aaargh!"00:47
cheri703also: as he said "this is the WORST IDEA EVER" because basically anyone who plugs their computer into random storage drives deserves what they get: http://www.wimp.com/offlinenetwork/00:47
paultagAh man.00:50
paultagI mean, it's true00:50
cheri703that's like (apologies for the non-family friendly example) the computer equivalent of a glory hole :s00:58
cheri703paultag: are you familiar with openwrt?00:59
paultagnot really00:59
paultagbut I know of it :)00:59
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cheri703so I've installed 12.10 on my desktop, and I am getting repeated "system errors" from various things. None have been the same thing twice. Also my mouse config and xbindkeys refuse to work :( Not sure what's up.03:42
cheri703I was getting the random system errors occasionally with 12.04, but I've had like 6 in the past hour03:42
thafreakSo my second (and newer version) raspberry pi finally arrived from overseas...16:40
thafreakalso, the cases I ordered with it finally came...they're awesome!16:40
thafreakSince I have two now I started trying out things like raspbmc16:41
thafreakI didn't get very far though...16:41
thafreakwife actually wanted to see me since I had put in over 19hours straight at work the previous days16:41
thafreakHey, anyone think buying refurbished hard drives is a bad idea?16:42
thafreakAt work, our storage array has a failing drive or two...16:43
thafreakif we get refurbished drives, I can buy 2x as many and have cold spares...16:43
thafreakjust not sure if I should trust refurb drives.16:43
thafreaknm...the reviews have scared me off :)16:45
thafreakguess we'll just get one cold spare :)16:45
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thafreakJust realized something...I paid $28 for an older stick of 2GB DDR2, and also paid $28 for an 8GB DDR3 kit (2x4GB)21:48
thafreakgeez...never try to by older ram21:49
thafreakwhy it's almost cheaper to throw away old hardware21:49

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