MutantTurkeyThis ThinkCentre works awesome with wheezy. I am really pleased. Wheezy is really nice overall01:04
MutantTurkeyspotify even works with it :-)01:04
InHisNameTheLordOfTime: I used mesh running shoes.   Did not work out so well,,,,  socks got soaked, although feet weren't all that cold.  2 driveways cleaned 23 minutes.01:54
MutantTurkeyquick question - is there a way to access stuff dynamically within my network?01:59
MutantTurkeyor that is crazy?02:00
MutantTurkeysay I have a domain, and I'd love to attached each one of my computers to a subdomain02:00
MutantTurkeylike desktop-01.mutantturkey.com and such02:00
MutantTurkeyso I could easily ssh into them each02:00
InHisNameought to be able to do that02:02
ChinnoDogsup MutantTurkey02:27
MutantTurkeyhey dude02:28
MutantTurkeygot synergy setup02:28
ChinnoDogWelcome to clipboard mayhem02:28
ChinnoDogSynergy works ok most of the time but it causes all sorts of weird things to happen to the clipboard in my experience02:29
waltmanMutantTurkey: gobble gobble!02:33
MutantTurkeyI've survived another thanksgiving02:34
MutantTurkeyChinnoDog: I really want a better keyboard actually02:34
MutantTurkeythat's what I need -_-02:34
MutantTurkeyI have a complete crap logitech keyboard and I miss my laptop02:34
MutantTurkeybut I love my desktop monitor and mouse :[02:34
MutantTurkeyI want a thinkpad keyboard for my desktop02:34
waltmanMutantTurkey: we were worried!02:34
waltmanhowever, it's still gobbler season at Wawa02:35
MutantTurkeyI know, I like to avoid the holidays altogether :p02:35
MutantTurkeyactually I have successfully avoided all radio - christmas music so far.02:35
ChinnoDogI avoid holiday music until a few days before Christmas.02:42
waltmanIt's impossible to avoid.02:42
ChinnoDogI don't listen to the radio or watch TV so not impossible for me02:43
MutantTurkeysame here02:43
MutantTurkeyI don't own a radio or TV.02:43
MutantTurkeyor cable rather - I have a TV for playing videos and such02:44
SadinMutantTurkey ChinnoDog waltman, any of you have an old small rack mount you might consider selling?03:26
MutantTurkeydidn't InHisName have one?!?03:27
MutantTurkeyor did you not purchase one from him03:27
SadinNo i did not03:27
MutantTurkeyI might have a hookup for you though, let me ask. I have a friend who is a IT manager at a company and was talking to him last weekend03:27
MutantTurkeySadin: did he have one or did you not get it?03:27
MutantTurkeyhe said he has some old stuff03:27
SadinMutantTurkey he had one03:27
Sadinid just like a small not to advanced one for my room03:28
SadinMutentTurkey i havent talked to him in a long time03:28
Sadindont know what happend to it03:28
waltmanSadin: I don't, but maybe JonathanD does? Seems like the kind of thing he collects. :)03:28
* waltman is grumpier than usual tonight.03:28
Sadinwaltman :(03:28
waltmanI ordered an ipad online during Apple's Black Friday sale on Friday. But I fat-fingered my address on the order. This has caused the delivery to be delayed from Saturday to Wednesday.03:33
waltmanThis morning they were toying with me by changing the status to "On FedEx vehicle for delivery". That meant "We pulled it off the old truck to slap a new label on it, and now it's on a different truck for delivery TOMORROW.03:34
waltmanI called in the address change Saturday afternoon, and they didn't do anything about it at the FedEx warehouse until Tuesday morning.03:35
MutantTurkeywas there a good discount?03:40
MutantTurkeySadin: why do you need a rack03:41
MutantTurkeyI suggest getting a regular old desktop. Easier form factor to work with and doubles as a desktop?03:41
MutantTurkeyother than the fact that racks are cool as shiznizzle03:41
SadinMutantTurkey was buying a 55$ Rack server just to play with03:41
MutantTurkey55 is cheap03:42
MutantTurkeyI just got this ThinkCentre for like 60 bucks03:42
SadinMutant Turkey yeah i know its just a pentium4 and 1GB RAM but for a server to play on thats fine03:42
SadinOr i could wait and get 110$ Xenon quad core 4gb ram03:42
waltmanMutantTurkey: $40 off.03:44
MutantTurkeydo it.03:44
MutantTurkeywaltman: is that more or less than the drexel discount?03:45
InHisNameI have TWO 19" racks, one low-boy only 40" tall, other nearly to ceiling.03:48
InHisNameMany others got 'budget' rack from Ikea -->a rectangular plastic end table where the narrow end was perfect for 19" equipment.03:50
waltmanthere's no Drexel discount on iPads03:52
MutantTurkeywaltman: shucks03:52
MutantTurkeyis there any for any apple stuff?03:52
waltmanMaybe. I didn't check everything.03:52
SadinInHisName They have one on amazon for A/V equipment that fits 19" for only 23$03:53
InHisNamewaltman: You should have waited for this HIGH Quality site: http://motorola.avalon-dimension.com/03:53
SadinInHIsName that looks shifty03:55
InHisNameMight be same table that Ikea sells.03:55
InHisNameYou calling my discovery of Highly Respectible ReSellers --> shifty    <-- yes you did put an 'f' in there.03:56
SadinInHisName lol i am03:57
InHisNameI gave them my spammerhole email address and spammer VoIP phone #,  no messages after 8 hours so far.03:58
InHisNameAmazing isn't it?   Not a single spammail received since I 'registered'.03:59
MutantTurkeythat looks so sketch04:01
InHisNameHmmm, I wonder, if you had an email with hundreds of spam a day, would registering with these 'upright' sellers, would totally clean up all the incomming spam into TOTAL silence ?04:01
JonathanDSadin, waltman, no racks, sorry :)10:20
JonathanDThere was a full size one tossed at my office (not by us) a few months ago.10:20
teddy-dbearMorning peoples13:14
InHisNameMorning early birds14:05
MutantTurkeyis there a name for a number that cannot be log'd to a whole number?18:48
TheLordOfTimeperhaps ##math ?18:48
waltmanlog'd to a whole number?18:49
waltmanMutantTurkey: assuming you mean logarithms, it depends on the base.18:51
MutantTurkeyany whole base that is not 1 or the number18:53
MutantTurkeyapparently it's a non-trivial perfect power according to ##math18:53
waltmanI really don't think there is a term for that.18:53
MutantTurkeyor not18:53
MutantTurkey" a number which is not a nontrivial perfect power"18:53
Sadinlogarithms... my next assignment18:54
waltmani.e. "There's no term for what you want, so here's a long explanation of what it is."18:54
TheLordOfTimewhat waltman said18:54
waltmanI've never understood why people find logarithms so confusing.18:54
SadinI have barely scratched the surface of em18:55
waltmanDidn't you study them in high school?18:55
SadinIm still in highschool18:55
Sadinim 1718:55
MutantTurkeyI mean I understand them18:56
MutantTurkeyI really feel like our teachers failed to explain_what_ they are18:56
MutantTurkeyrather than how they work18:56
SadinOur teacher is JUST starting them18:56
Sadin ^18:56
SadinAnd what turkey said18:56
MutantTurkeyyou can explain the conversion from powers and logs and all of that, but if you don't understand why or what it is.. it'll always be confuseing18:56
TheLordOfTimeMutantTurkey, sounds like my calculus teacher not explaining what the bloody hell an integral is18:56
TheLordOfTimeand just expecting us to know.18:56
waltmanMutantTurkey: to be fair, *what* logarithms are is fairly trivial. It's their use that makes logs interesting.18:56
waltmanI really need to work on my "remedial high school math for geeks" talk18:57
waltmanMutantTurkey: base 2 logarithms are vital to analyzing algorithms18:58
SadinI need to build a script in PHP that does base conversions need to look into the log() function18:58
Sadinmaybe ill just write it in python....18:58
waltmanwhy would a log function need to do base conversions?18:59
waltmananswer: it wouldn't18:59
Sadinwaltman aparently thats what i was told18:59
waltmanby "base conversion", do you mean "convert 42 to base 3?"19:00
Sadinwaltman yeah19:00
waltmanthat's completely different from the 'base' in logarithms.19:00
TheLordOfTimewhat waltman said19:00
jedijfall math questions pm waltman19:01
jedijfaddress questions, not so much.......19:01
SadinTheLordOfTime waltman okay19:01
* waltman <- majored in math, not geography19:01
Sadinwell i didnt know19:01
* TheLordOfTime is IT security, so there.19:02
TheLordOfTimebut even I know logarithms won't help you go from Base ??? to any other base.19:02
* TheLordOfTime yawns19:02
* TheLordOfTime notices he's 2 minutes late for class19:02
TheLordOfTimeDAMN IT!19:02
jedijfall time questions........19:02
* TheLordOfTime timejumps back two minutes, shows up ON TIME for class19:03
waltmanYou probably want / and % (division and remainder) to convert between bases19:05
waltmanI wonder if I could talk for an entire hour on log and %.19:06
Sadinwaltman i was pointed towards this logb(x)=logb(c)logc(x)19:06
waltmanlogb = log base b?19:07
jedijfSadin: bring waltman for show and tell!19:07
waltmanSadin: I think maybe what you're thinking of is that log_b(x) = log_k(x)/log_k(b).19:08
waltmanThat lets you convert between bases. For example, if you want a log_10 but all you have is ln, you can compute ln(x)/ln(10) = log_10(x)19:09
Sadinwaltman yeah im pretty sure that was it19:10
Sadini dont have a scientific calculator on me to try it19:10
waltmantrust me, it works :)19:11
Sadinwaltman ! maybe i can pull up IDLE19:11
waltmanalso whatever computer you're on most likely has a scientific calculator app somewhere19:11
Sadinwaltman so is x the base im currently in?19:12
waltmanno, in those examples you can read "_a" as "base a"19:13
waltmanln = log_e19:13
waltmancomputers and calculators all compute logs base e because the math is a little simpler19:14
Sadinwell whats base e?19:14
waltmane=271828... and is a magic number in calculus similar to pi19:14
SadinI only have to do bases 2 through 1019:15
waltmanoh, you'll get to e soon enough :)19:15
Sadinim not in calc yet im in trig lol19:15
waltmanah. well, don't worry about it then.19:16
Sadinwaltman now i just need to figure out how i would do this in PHP19:17
Sadini know there is a log() function19:17
waltmanThat even lets you set the base.19:20
Sadinwaltman yup i have to mimic this http://dallbee.com/scripts/convert.php19:20
Sadini gtg schools letting out19:20
waltmanKids these days, not learning their math...19:22
InHisNamewhat do you have to do?  count up to n in each base ? or ???20:05
SadinInHisName i need to make a conversion tool thats really it20:12
InHisNameinput A base, B number,  C new base,  get new number ?20:13
SadinInHisName mhm20:24
TheLordOfTimeso... take Base 10's 10 and convert to, say, Base 16?20:38
TheLordOfTime(decimal -> hex)20:38
TheLordOfTimeor what?20:38
waltmanSadin: using that formula I posted, it's trivial20:45
InHisNameIf you don't understand the formula yet, then there is always the brute force method.21:15

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