* wrst notes no noise all day, hates to let that stand00:17
wrstchris4585: you doing ok today?00:17
chris4585how are you wrst ?00:20
wrstdoing well messing around with debian some00:21
wrstyeah going to unstable and see how that is00:23
wrstjust using it on my goof off partition but i could use this00:23
chris4585debian is something I've never really done, not after hearing some horror stories lol00:24
wrstwell of course if you run stable... there would be no horror stores but i think you would be running firefox 1.5 too00:25
wrsterr iceweasle00:25
chris4585lol, firefox00:49
wrstand chris4585 sadly its easier to get ubuntuone running on arch than debian, seems to me that stuff should be available on debian easily00:52
wrstmakes me think ubuntu people are pricks00:52
chris4585wrst, that is really ironic, and everything is easier on arch00:54
chris4585also I think no one cares enough to port unity over to debian so...00:54
chris4585er ubuntuone*00:54
wrstit really is00:54
wrstyeah unity sucks but ubuntuone isn't bad and you would think Ubuntu would do that just to "give back"00:55
chris4585I don't really like the cloud stuff, I haven't used it in a while but I never had a point00:56
wrsteasy backup00:57
chris4585I guess, I'd rather just buy a harddrive for that lol00:58
chris4585what does ubuntuone offer?00:58
wrstremote backups are a must for important stuff00:58
wrstdropbox features pretty much chris458500:59
chris4585well I mean 8gbs of storage?00:59
chris4585also I don't use dropbox00:59
chris4585just seems like too little for myself01:04
chris4585and still I don't trust those services01:04
chris4585I'd rather just pay for a vpn and scp stuff or ftp it01:05
wrstwell i wouldn't want to put something on them that i wouldn't want everyone to see01:07

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