cjohnstonjosepht: mhall119, mhall119: josepht22:08
josephtmhall119: greetings22:08
cjohnstonjosepht: 17.05.53 <mhall119> how many ImageResults will you have per machine_id?22:08
cjohnston17.06.16 <mhall119> also, how many image arches would you have per machine_id?22:08
cjohnston'huge' is a valid answer, correct?22:09
josephtlikely a couple of image arches per machine22:09
cjohnston17.08.25 <mhall119> so really you want images per machine, not imageresult22:09
cjohnstonhe just stepped out to dinner22:10
josephtprobably dozens of imageresults per machine per arch per day22:10
mhall119have you guys thought about just making an M2M between Image and Machine?22:10
mhall119because using ImageResult to link the two is going to have this kind of trouble, and won't scale very well22:11
josephtmhall119: where does the data for each run reside then?22:14
mhall119josepht: keep ImageResult, but make another table directly linking Image and Machine that has only one record per machine+image combination22:16
mhall119then, whenever you make a new ImageResult, check to see if there's an existing record in the new table, and add one if there is not22:16
mhall119you can do that by overriding ImageResult.save()22:17
josephtwhere's the M2M relation then between ImageResult and ImageMachine?22:18
mhall119they both have machine_id and image_id22:18
mhall119you can use those22:18
mhall119ok, really going to dinner now22:19
josephtmhall119: k, thanks for the input22:20

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