mlankhorstRAOF: bug bug :P00:12
mlankhorstllvm-3.1? Then I can upload some stack..00:13
RAOFI'll do so now.00:17
mlankhorstalso one more thing to consider, should we allow unrenamed mesa dev packages to work with renamed stack? it would make my life easier..00:24
RAOFIf it's easy to do then it seems reasonable to me.00:25
RAOFThe older -dev packages should be guaranteed to work against the newer libraries, because they're not allowed to break API or ABI.00:26
mlankhorstyeah, it's mostly stripping off the version requirements00:26
mlankhorstbut right now it allows you to accidentally remove the entire stack by installing the -dev packages00:26
RAOFI'd like a bit of a check that removing the strict versions there won't make things break - particularly for mesa-common-dev - but I don't think it will.00:35
mlankhorstyeah :/00:36
Dandelit looks like waffle 1.2.2 will be required soon for piglit.02:29
SarvattDandel: do you want to join xorg-edgers to maintain that piglit build? I have no desire to keep it up to date, updating wayland/mesa/etc in that ppa to keep it building isn't something i want to babysit every few days :) i updated it to build gl only tests and have a separate branch for that that builds on every release. piglit should really be built from git, those packages are just a hack :)02:33
DandelSarvatt: it's a required change that will be introduced soon.02:34
Dandelit's in preparation for the opengl es 3.0 stuff02:34
Sarvattthe piglit i care about doesn't use waffle, ricotz added waffle there02:34
DandelSarvatt: so i take it as you are a die hard GLX fan ><;02:35
Dandelthe current piglit setup is worthless for testing EGL W/ OpenGL Contexts02:35
Dandelegl with opengl contexts is a two line change02:37
Sarvattnah there is some IHV testing being done for OEMs just for testing GL regressions, I was just asked to update it a few months ago, thats why if you want it to be whatever you care about it'd be appreciated if you took on that burden :)02:37
Dandelone is to test for the egl contexts and then you haft to bind the opengl api ( it works similar to how you setup opengl es )02:37
Sarvatta two line change that makes it stop working in oneiric yeah02:37
DandelSarvatt: there's already a mainline fix for the last time egl ( opengl es/opengl es2, and desktop gl )02:39
Dandelit's just a little broken atm ( simple difference between ifdef and ifndef )02:39
Dandelhonestly, the main thing i was interested in on egl w/opengl is the fact that the results *should* be nearly identical to what you see with glx/opengl ( and if applicable, windows/opengl )02:42
Dandelit honestly doesn't matter which context is used, and if egl can be tested, it should be possible to easily test wayland also ( and results should also be the same there )02:43
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Dandelricotz: latest commits for piglit should work for egl/opengl building.13:16
ricotzDandel, yeah, it already got imported too http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/piglit/trunk/revision/339913:19
Dandelr3399 is still bad.13:20
Dandelrequires r3400 to work13:21
Dandelnow all that's needed is to retest the piglit with egl/opengl es tests.13:25
Dandelnow all that's needed is to send messages to chad about the fact that libwaffle 1.2.2 is broken for the same reasons as piglit was.13:29
Dandelricotz: i can confirm that the tree builds with latest piglit tree right now ( all i have is ubuntu 12.04 w/ xorg edgers installed )14:24
ricotzDandel, using the edgers ppa will give you a recent enough mesa with gl/es-headers, so this isnt really a prove it will build in the piglit ppa ;)14:41
Dandeli just noticed that.14:47
Dandeli tend to use edgers to make sure to be able to properly report bugs that bleeding edge users would run into.14:47
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