Kiloshi superfly jrgns and others05:15
Kilosstill got web probs superfly ?05:15
magespawn_morning all05:34
Kiloshey magespawn_ 05:34
magespawn_right click it and select run as admin05:34
magespawn_reading the logs from last night05:34
Kiloswhew ive forgotten last night 05:35
magespawn_for the command prompt in win05:35
Kilosgot it running a full chkdsk in 1st 1TB05:35
Kilosbut soooo slow05:36
Kilostakes 10 mins just to boot up05:36
Kiloshows things there magespawn_ 05:36
Kilosyou winning05:37
magespawn_chkdsk on 1tb is going to take awhile05:37
Kiloshow come you got a tail05:37
magespawn_i always win, sometimes long after the race is finished05:37
Kiloswell said05:37
magespawn_good question05:37
=== magespawn_ is now known as magespawn
Kilos1 TB is rather large hey05:38
magespawna fair amount yes05:39
Kilosbut if this chkdsk stuff works then i got 5 outa the 14 going again05:44
Kilosone hasnt even got the card underneath05:44
Kilosthat looks wrong05:44
Kiloseven worse05:45
magespawnthere is not much to be done with that, you can get a card from another drive that is the same05:48
Kilosya but will need to wait long for that05:49
Kilosseagate doesnt supply new one either05:50
Kilosand its 500g what a loss that is05:54
magespawnone of thsoe things05:55
magespawnon my way out for a bit bbl05:55
Kilosgo well05:56
superflyKilos: on my cellphone on the train this morning, yes. At home? Apparently not.05:57
magespawnhey Kilos06:36
Kiloshey magespawn that was quick06:36
magespawnmmm forgotten wireless network06:36
magespawnpeeps tend to panic a bit when things do not "just" work the way they did06:38
Kilosyeah and then its very urgent06:41
Kiloshad a good chuckle at smile last night. he will still learn , when the fly talks-listen06:43
Kilosvery clever kid that just needs the right guidance06:43
magespawnmmm indeed06:44
Kiloshi SilverCode 06:46
Kilos but magespawn as they say, hire a teenager because they know everything06:47
Kilosor while they know everything06:51
magespawnwhile they know everything07:01
Kiloshiya maiatoday 07:19
Kilosoh magespawn to sort win probs get ccleaner . i havent tried on 7 but made big diffs on xp07:30
Kilosthe free one07:31
Kilosmôre inetpro 07:31
magespawnKilos is it a windows program?07:33
Kilosno private thing07:33
Kilosworks well. doubled the speed07:33
Kilossorts lotsa probs07:33
Kilosthats for 7 methinks07:34
Kilosme needs to discuss the win thing with inetpro 07:35
magespawni have just downloaded it now. i will let you know how it goes07:35
Kilosactually an everyone opinion is good07:38
Kiloswho here doesnt need to repair any windows pc's07:38
Kilosor use them at work etc07:38
* Kilos waits for ai07:39
magespawni worked on a pc recently that had a 6.9gig recycle bin, and the hard drive was almost full07:40
Kilosteach them how to empty it07:41
magespawnthere was not enough space for the swap file to work porperly07:41
magespawnwow just had a wasabi peanut that felt like i had swallowed a piece of lava07:42
Kilosone needs to teach peeps that it is like a dustbin at home07:42
Kiloswhen full you aint got a dustbin anymore07:43
magespawnthat is a good way to teach it 07:43
Kiloslol i love wasabi07:43
Kilosoesnt burn long luckily07:43
magespawnme too, but that one caught me by surprise07:43
magespawnright up the nose07:44
Kilosha ha ha you not supposed to breathe in with mouth already open07:44
magespawnwow that ccleaner removed 5481MB from the computer07:48
magespawnall log files and temp files07:48
magespawnrunning the reg cleaner now to see what that picks up07:49
magespawnthat removed 418 registry entries for things like shared dll and orphaned entries, am going to reboot and see what happens\07:52
magespawnokay it is busy with updates now too07:54
Kilosyeah sorts missing shortcuts and registry probs and lots more07:57
magespawnseems to be running okay08:05
magespawndid not notice any speed increase in booting08:05
magespawnstill win i suppose08:07
Kilosya got to go through the motions08:09
inetproKilos: goeie more08:21
inetprowhat's up doc?08:21
Kiloswe just gaaning aan inetpro 08:22
inetproKilos: you just need to stop doing the win thing, especially in here08:22
Kiloswe need to discuss the mentioning of the other os here08:22
inetprosomewhere we have to draw the line08:22
inetprothere are many other places where you can discuss it08:23
Kilosok was just thinking that all of you need to work on them machines too08:23
Kilosya i have my channel08:23
inetprowe don't08:24
Kilosat school?08:24
inetprowell I try not to get involved in any windows support08:24
Kiloslol at try08:24
inetpronot that I can always avoid but I try08:24
Kilosok so when you have no choice then where you get help from08:26
Kilosapart from google that is08:26
inetprodump it in the dustbin08:26
inetprosupport for that OS is literally non-existent 08:28
inetprounless you have lots of moola in the back pocket08:28
Kilosya i know08:28
Kiloswe should help mekaar with whatever we can08:28
Kilosmy channel can be used for it08:29
inetproand then you keep racing for the next solution only to create more problems for yourself08:29
magespawnmaybe we could start an alternate channel08:29
Kilosthe prob might be win but we a family and should helk mekaar08:29
magespawnindeed that is true, but not sure about how that will affect other things like the loco 08:30
Kilossee the help isnt actually win help and support its supporting each other08:30
Kilosnot so08:30
inetprowell I'm not the boss here but I prefer keeping discussions in this channel primarily focused on the ubuntu range of distros08:31
Kilosits not for outside win users just the family08:31
Kilosi see your point and accept. my channel is available for that kinda help then08:31
inetprowell just make sure you abide by the rules of freenode08:32
Kilosi got you too watch me08:32
magespawni am on the win channel, and there is a lot in linux flying around there too, but point is made08:32
inetprobecause many of these discussions that include that other OS tend to include downloads of illegal software08:33
Kilosoh i see what you getting at08:33
Kilossigh we gonna be quiet most of the time here08:34
Kiloswe dont have so many probs08:34
inetprowell I'm not saying that you're not allowed to ever mention the word but please just don't go over board08:36
inetproother people will think that we've become a windows support channel08:36
inetprooh and the simple fact is, their are still lots of challenges even on ubuntu08:37
* Kilos apologises08:38
inetprojust try focus on that08:38
inetproKilos: I'm just as guilty going totally off topic at times08:39
Kiloshaha thats why i say its a family channel that helps our community08:39
Kiloswe dont help outsiders with the other os08:40
inetprolet's just all try be reasonable and stick to the topic as far as possible08:41
inetproanyway, I have work to do08:41
Kilosreprimand accepted08:41
Kilosno win pcs hey08:42
inetprothe good thing about being involved in multiple focused channels is that you can at least point people to the right channel in order to get proper support from other experts specializing in a specific field08:45
inetprooh and others are more than welcome to chime in 08:49
* inetpro doesn't make the rules08:49
Kilosgo work inetpro 08:50
Kiloshi drussell 08:57
inetprowb drussell09:04
jrgnsinetpro: fwiw, i agree. ms issues bore me.09:20
charl_good morning09:20
charl_Maaz: coffee on09:20
* Maaz starts grinding coffee09:20
charl_hi jrgns 09:21
mazalMorning all09:22
Kiloshi mazal jr09:24
Kilosoh my09:24
Kilosjrgns, 09:24
Kilosah hi charl_ 09:24
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_!09:24
=== deegee__ is now known as drussell
jrgnshi K09:33
Kiloshi Vince-0 10:09
Vince-0Haai Kilos 10:10
Vince-0*grinding through some mail auth trouble-shooting10:10
inetprojrgns: thanks11:38
inetproKilos: you see, he even kept quiet all this time :-)11:38
Kiloshe who?11:39
inetproKilos: jrgns man11:39
Kiloshe feels intimidated11:39
inetproyou chasing our linux guys away with your windows chatter 11:39
Kiloshe greeted me11:40
inetproKilos: don't stress to much about it11:40
Kilosjrgns, did i frighten you away?11:40
* inetpro lol11:40
Kiloshehe you wrong everyone here is my friend11:41
Kilosthe funny one left long ago11:41
Kilosmaybe i drove him away with my stupid questions11:42
inetproKilos: no man, he's still around11:42
inetproKilos: I said, don't stress to much about it11:42
* Kilos sulks11:43
Kilosi think you stopped us so that you havent got so much to read to catch up with whats going on11:43
jrgnsKilos: no, but if I see M$ talk, i look away11:43
Kilosknow your enemy11:44
jrgnsi know enough to know i don't want to know!11:44
* inetpro agrees with jrgns11:54
inetproit hurts them eyes11:55
Kilosinetpro, jrgns fix chat sounds in kde for me12:07
Kilosdoes that sound better12:07
* jrgns waves a magic wand12:07
jrgnsthere, it's fixed12:07
jrgnssoz, no, i'm not a big fan of chat sounds, so i don't even know if mine works or not12:14
Kilosit doesnt work. they said it will be fixed in 12.1012:15
Kilosi need the sound. eye dont see alert goodies12:16
Kiloswe all tried12:16
Kilosinetpro, you here??12:16
Kilosmy 12.04 kde is going again12:17
Kilosdont ask why or how12:17
Kilosnow i go sleep a while so shup12:18
inetproKilos: hmm...12:27
inetprolekker slaap oom12:27
Kilosdankie ou12:28
Kiloshey jergy a du twa 12:28
Kilossame as sis12:28
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
jrgnsKilos ?12:46
jrgns"hey jergy a du twa"?12:47
Kilosoh my sister is a du toit as well12:50
jrgnsah. quality12:50
Kilosbut she loves xp12:52
charl_hi Kilos12:57
charl_wow got so busy with something i completely forgot about irc12:57
Kiloshey charl_ 12:57
Kilosthats sad12:58
Kilosirc should be first connection12:58
charl_it doens't pay my rent though :P12:59
Kilosman go 5 mins earlier to work to connect13:01
=== SmilyBorg_w is now known as SmilyBorg
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kiloshi magtie 15:41
Kilosyou napped on the train again superfly 15:41
superflyno, been too busy discussing web site matters with some folks15:42
superflybut I really should have15:42
Kilosyou dont get enough sleep15:42
Kilosyou gonna get sick15:42
Kilosyou a ballie now you know15:42
magtieHi Kilos & Everyone15:50
* mazal peeks in15:51
Kiloshi mazal 15:58
Kiloshi queery psydroid 16:40
psydroidhi queery Kilos16:40
mazallo magespawn 17:05
magespawnhey mazal17:05
mazalThings are quiet today17:06
magespawnwe had quite a chat in kilos' channel earlier17:07
magespawnand there he goes17:10
magespawnmazal are you a loco member on launchpad?17:10
mazalYep I am17:11
mazalStill don't understand when to use what website for though hehehehe17:11
magespawni have a problem getting into the forums17:13
magespawnwe all do our best 17:13
mazalYou can't log in ?17:13
magespawni get the password mixed up with one of the others17:14
mazalLo Squirm 17:14
magespawnhey Squirm17:14
magespawnSquirm are you a loco member on launchpad?17:15
Squirmmagespawn: no?17:16
SquirmI may have signed up to something on launchpad a while back17:16
magespawni had to check mine awhile back too17:18
magespawnmakes you 'officially' part of ubuntu-za17:19
magespawnyou get to sign the code of conduct too17:19
Squirmdo I get a joiners bonus?17:19
Squirmturns out I do have a launchpad account17:23
SquirmMember since:17:23
magespawnnot sure, you get kudos here though, and as much coffee as Maaz can make17:23
Squirmturns out I've been a member for ages17:24
mazalEvening smile4ever 17:28
smile4everhi :)17:28
queeryoh sorry hi psydroid 17:28
psydroidqueery, no problem, welcome back17:29
psydroidhoi smile4ever :)17:29
smile4everhi :)17:29
psydroidhi mazal17:29
mazalHi psydroid 17:29
smile4everpsydroid: do you know php enough ? :p17:29
psydroidand Squirm and magespawn17:30
magespawnhey psydroid17:30
psydroidsmile4ever, you know I only study people these days :P17:30
smile4everpsydroid: oh :p17:33
* mazal needs something to fiddle with17:36
magespawngets most of his material here17:36
mazalwb Kilos 17:38
Kilosty power cut in whole area17:39
mazalThey not finished with the changes yet ?17:40
Kilostyhis is different17:40
Kilosmaybe some over load or something17:40
Kilosthen you gotta wait till the guy goes from home to reset17:40
magespawnamazing how often that happens17:40
Kilosand i had a serious dd command here on opera to copy the mbr from one drive to another17:41
magespawnthat would be useful17:42
mazalHave you guys used dcfldd before ?17:42
mazalIt's dd , but with progress indication17:43
Kilosnever. we scared of dd commands17:43
mazaldd is kwaai man :)17:43
magespawnno but then never used dd either17:43
Kilosvery serious commands17:44
Kiloscan zero a drive in 1 sec17:44
Kilosmbr and everything gone17:44
mazalI use it when needing to clone usb sticks , or to wipe one17:44
magespawncool sounds like fun17:44
mazalOt when I want to make a backup image of bootable sticks17:45
Kilosactually had it work here on one of the drives i fixed magespawn 17:45
mazalor even17:45
Kilosonly trick is straight after you shutdown and only leave that drive in and boot and let ubuntu use whole disk17:46
Kilosthen the mb replaces the mbr i think17:46
Kilosthe bios or something17:46
mazalKilos, I tried looking into that Ubuntu book. But couldn't find a downloadable version 17:50
mazalSeems one can only buy it17:50
Kilosim sure i saw something about free download or something17:50
Kiloshere is that command17:51
Kilossudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sga bs=512 count=1,17:51
mazalsga ?17:51
mazalWhat device is that ?17:51
Kilossdb it would be here17:51
Kilosthat was for an external17:52
magespawnthere are several verions of ubuntu books available as pdf17:54
Kilosi dunno if that , must be left off17:54
Kilosmazal, whats your opinion on that last comma17:55
mazalI don't think it must be there17:56
Kilosi think it should be left off17:56
mazalSo that command copies ONLY the mbr ?17:56
Kilosim scared of dd17:56
Kilosthe fly said they dangerous17:56
mazalYa it doesn't have the nickname "disk destroy" for nothing17:57
Kiloswell i gonna give it a try17:59
mazaloi , good luck17:59
Kilosno other choice to sort what i think is some corruption in the mbr17:59
Kilosubuntu live cd takes forever to open when that drive is connected18:00
magespawni see why superfly said it was dangerous18:00
Kiloseven my unity takes about 7 mins with that drive as second drive18:00
Kiloslol what you read magespawn ?18:01
magespawnput the wrong values in and you copy the empty disk to the full one and have nothing18:01
mazalMust be VERY sure you enter the correct device names18:01
magespawnand once you hit enter there is no confirmation or password check or anything18:01
magespawnlike the old cloning software18:02
magespawngood way to zero write a disk18:02
mazalThe age old qoute "linux asumes you know what you are doing" hehehehe18:02
magespawnhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dd_%28Unix%29 for those who do not know18:03
Kiloshere is the zero one18:03
Kilosdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=118:03
Kilosworks for me 18:03
magespawnhttp://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/10/dd-command-examples/ and http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/learn-the-dd-command-362506/ for practical examples18:03
Kilosi copy paste so i dont make mistakes18:04
Kiloshi nlsthzn 18:04
magespawngood way to do it18:04
magespawnhey nlsthzn18:07
nlsthznhow are you all?18:07
magespawnfinally sorted my forum sign on18:07
mazalHi nlsthzn 18:07
nlsthzndidn't know you had issues18:07
mazalGood thanx and you18:07
nlsthznalways good thanks :) 18:08
Kilosgood ty nlsthzn and you?18:08
magespawnagg not really just confused the password18:08
nlsthznit happens :)18:08
magespawnand the username/email address18:08
magespawnso could not get password reset18:08
magespawnbut all sorted now18:09
* nlsthzn waits to see if TF2 works again18:09
magespawnwas last active the 8th August 200918:09
nlsthznoh wow, that is some time ago18:10
nlsthzn:D success TF2 works 18:10
magespawni think that was my only activity too, found this place and that was that18:15
nlsthznI enjoy the forum... but each has its strenghts and weaknesses I guess18:16
mazalWhat I like about the forum is that I can print the answers to pdf18:17
magespawndo not know why i never really used the forums18:18
nlsthznI found the forum before IRC so I guess that is what hooked me18:19
mazalKilos , your drive still alive ?18:20
Kilosit shows as unallocated18:21
mazalAnd if you try and create a partition ?18:21
Kilosthen it says go device create partition table18:22
Kilosthen there dos and other stuff. dunno which one to use18:22
Kilossun  and loop and amiga and mac18:23
Kilosand more18:23
mazalSounds like the partition table is damaged18:23
Kilosya its the drive im sukkeling with18:23
Kilosgot it working but super slow18:23
Kilosnow trying a new route18:24
Kilosno route -n18:24
mazalWhy don't you re-create the partition table ?18:24
mazalOr you don't want to loose the data ?18:24
Kilosgparted says it cant18:24
Kiloserror while creating18:24
mazalooooh , THAT drive18:24
Kiloslo hubx 18:24
Kiloslol ya that one18:25
hubxhi all18:25
hubxhi Kilos 18:25
mazallo hubx 18:25
mazalDrop test ?18:25
Kilosno man18:26
Kilos2 tb is too much to play with18:26
Kilosgotta fix18:26
mazalHow about imaging your main drive , then loading that image onto that one ?18:27
magespawnKilos you tried Disk Utility hey ?18:27
mazalThat recreates partition table as well18:27
Kilosya i did few days ago it also refused to do something18:27
Kilosill go try again now after new mbr copied18:28
Kilosnow i forgot how i got it unallocated last time18:29
Kilosmagespawn, where you see what disk utility is doing18:34
Kilosi told it to format guid table18:34
Kilosaw error formatting18:35
magespawnwhat are you looking for Kilos? progress bar?18:36
Kilosya something like that to see if its actually doing something18:37
Kiloshate hidden stuff18:37
superflyprogress bars are for sissies18:37
mazalI actually viewed my SMART data for the first time now18:38
Kiloshow do i know if its busy or finished or what superfly 18:38
mazalNever even looked at it before18:38
superflyKilos: like Chuck, you'll know when it is finished because it tells you so.18:39
Kilosdisk utility says that drive doesnt support smart18:39
Kiloslol it just said error18:39
Kiloshelper failed with mke2fs18:40
nlsthznnight al18:42
nlsthznnight all18:42
Kilosnight nlsthzn 18:42
mazalSleep well nlsthzn 18:42
Kilossleep tight18:42
inetprogood night nlsthzn18:42
Kiloslo pro18:43
inetproeh Kilos18:43
mazalNight everyone , sleep well18:50
inetproanyone know anything about Yahsat?19:21
inetproapparently affordable satellite broadband19:22
Kiloswith what kinda modem19:23
Kilosand satelite dish?19:23
inetpropeople pitching that as the next best thing since ice cream19:23
inetproat least in rural Mpumalanga that is19:24
Kilosoh ya theres no icecream there iether19:24
inetproKilos: exactly19:24
Kilosits like satelite fones19:25
inetproKilos: yep, and data19:25
Kilosnot cheap to start with19:25
inetprosomething like R6000 to start with19:25
Kilosand when heavy clouds no signal19:26
inetprobut my question is whether it really works in the long run19:26
Kilosya the guys with bucks use them cellphones anywhere19:26
Kilosbut they are mega buck earners19:27
Kiloslike big business tycoons who need hands on even when touring or on holiday19:30
inetprook, so let's look at the disadvantages of satellite19:32
Kilosnot many19:32
Kiloscompare it with dstv19:32
inetproSignal delay19:33
Kilosoffline much less than normal tv19:33
Kilosactually very fast19:33
Kiloscost is the killer19:33
inetproanything else?19:33
Kilosive watched peeps play games on dstv and there signal is quick19:34
Kilosdirect line of site to satelite19:34
inetproand when something breaks?19:34
inetprohow quick can they fly up there to repair?19:35
Kiloswith the next shuttle or russin space voyage19:35
smile4everbyee :p19:35
inetprosmile4ever: mooi loop19:35
Kilosbut they have many backup systems in place19:35
smile4everinetpro: :)19:35
Kilostoods smile4ever 19:35
smile4evergood night oom Kilos :p19:35
inetproand what about noise and interference?19:36
Kiloslekker slaap  boetie19:36
Kilosnearly none inetpro 19:36
Kilosits a digital signal19:36
inetprosjoe Kilos, you sound like an expert in all fields19:36
Kilosbit of basic knowledge in many fields19:37
Kilosexpert at none19:37
inetprooops I forgot you where in communications19:37
Kilosoh farming maybe half way19:37
Kilosya satelite is next step from radio19:38
Kilosask bmg505 for more info19:38
Kilosor the outjie in the cape19:38
Kilosforget who now19:38
Kilosbakuman, maybe19:38
* inetpro don't want my people investing big bucks when it ends up with big frustration19:40
Kiloswho is the other ham here19:40
Kilosi think it is the future but not for small peeps19:40
Kiloslike compare dstv to sabc tv19:41
Kilosand HD tv19:43
Kilosas you know your heaviest strain is on download speed19:44
Kiloshow much tata you think is moving to give a clear picture on a high definition tv19:44
inetprothe interesting thing is that most people down there all have dstv19:44
Kilosthere are very few breakdowns19:45
inetprolots of data involved19:45
Kilosand they just reset it from down here via pc19:45
inetprobut the monthly cost is ridiculous19:45
magespawninetpro i know a bit about Yahclick i resell it19:45
inetpromagespawn: yikes19:46
inetproKilos: watch the salesman come out now :-)19:46
Kilosha ha ha19:46
magespawn not here  would pm you for that19:47
magespawncan give info if you wan though19:47
Kilosmagespawn, dd ing the mbr seems to have cured some of the corruption19:47
magespawnthats good19:48
Kilosinstalled 6+1 in about 35 mins19:48
Kiloslast time took hours19:48
magespawnmaybe if you dd the whole drive that will work with zero info19:48
inetpromagespawn: info would be much appreciated19:50
magespawnwhat would you like to know?19:50
inetproanything and everything19:51
magespawni can mail you the info i have19:51
inetprothanks magespawn19:55
Kilos2tb drive fixed20:01
inetproKilos: mooi!20:01
magespawncool Kilos20:01
Kiloscan quick format 1.1 tb in 5 secs20:01
inetproKilos: now go fill it up with data and test it again20:02
Kilosnow im happy as a pig in mud20:02
inetprothen format again20:02
Kiloslol i might not make it till end of month on data as it is20:02
Kiloswhere will i find 2 tb data20:03
inetpromake up your own man20:03
Kilosi got max about 20 g on all pcs20:03
Kilosno no no20:03
Kilosleave dd alone20:03
Kilosleave well enough alone20:03
Kilosi now have 2 dd commands i know work20:04
Kilosbut last one took some extra thinking to get parts going20:05
Kiloswbb just wanna check data20:07
inetproKilos: To make a file of 100 random bytes: 20:07
inetprodd if=/dev/random of=myrandom bs=100 count=120:07
inetproKilos: just be wary of death and destruction20:09
inetproIt is jokingly said that dd stands for "disk destroyer", "data destroyer", "death and destruction", "damn dangerous", or "delete data"20:10
Kilosreboots in 1 min 5 secs20:14
Kilosand i still got 500m data left20:14
Kilosi been a good boy last 2 months20:14
Kilosand my kde is working inetpro 20:16
Kilosbeen a good day20:16
inetproKilos: nice job!20:17
Kilosty sir20:18
inetproyou deserve a pay rise 20:18
Kiloshahaha im doing it for ian not pay20:19
Kilosi earn lots here by cooking and doing sheep and dishes etc20:19
Kiloscan maybe get some pc spares soon20:20
Kilosi get R500 a month since swaar got a job20:20
Kilosim a rich bitch20:20
inetproKilos: now where can I get a charger for me wifes netbook?20:20
inetprostupid thing conked up this weekend20:21
Kilosoh i might have20:21
Kilosi got one here that worked onna lg lappy20:21
Kilosand another one could just change the plug20:21
* inetpro is amazed with the many multiple of connectors in the market, it's ridiculous20:21
Kilosyeah they should standardise things like power connectors20:22
Kilossame with cell phones20:22
inetprothis one is a bit longish20:22
Kiloswe got 3 nokias here all different size plugs20:22
Kilosone can cut plug off there and connect to another one20:23
Banlamcellphones have standardised to the micro-SUB for charging20:23
Kilosnokias dont charge on usb20:23
Banlamnew ones do20:23
Kilosoh mine anyway20:23
Kilosthats good20:24
Banlamor are supposed to20:24
Kiloshi kbmonkey 20:24
Banlambut nokia have only ever had two chargers previously20:24
Banlamso i don't really have a problem with them20:24
Banlamthey had the thick round one20:24
Banlamand then the thin round one20:24
Kilosno im sure three20:24
Banlamwhich has been around for the past 6 years+20:24
inetprothere was more than two20:24
Kilostiny medium and a thick one20:24
Banlamwhat was the third one?20:24
Kilosone in between20:25
inetproI can't remember, honestly20:25
Banlami only ever knew of two20:25
inetprobut I agree they made live a lot easier20:25
KilosBanlam, who is the other ham here20:25
inetprowith less options20:25
Kilossomeone in the cape20:25
Banlamham radio?20:25
BanlamKerbero, has a licence20:25
Kilosthats him20:26
KilosKerbero, inetpro 20:26
Banlami contemplated getting my licence20:26
Banlambut never got roudn to it20:26
Banlamand the costs of a radio put me off20:26
Kiloshe should be able to give you more on satelite20:26
Banlamhttp://www.mobilefun.co.uk/blog/2008/06/nokia-chargers/ , just the two and now the micro usb20:26
Kilosi still have an old yaesu ft 2oo i think it was20:26
Kilosmost likely rats are nesting in it by now20:27
inetproso do we have enough satellites covering our country for proper data to flow 24 hours a day?20:27
inetproobviously with dstv, that answer has to be yes20:27
Kilosyes plenty20:27
Banlamdstv is one satelite in geostationary orbit20:27
Kilosget someone with a gps and see them all20:28
Banlamitnepro, but what do you mean for proper data flow 24/7?20:28
Banlamwhat are you askign20:28
Kiloshe thinking of satelite for pc Banlam 20:29
Banlamsatelite internet?20:29
inetproBanlam: family in rural mpumalanga has been told that their solution for interwebs is satellite20:29
Banlamthere definitely are satellite solutions20:30
Kilostired of mobile broadband20:30
Banlami would hate to have to use one20:30
inetprowell with only a very weak MTN, what other choice could they really have?20:32
inetproseriously, I hate to say this but our service levels in this country suck20:33
inetproand that does not only count for Telkom20:33
Banlaminetpro, you referring now to the lack of cellphone reception in rural mpumalanga?20:33
inetproin the old days people put physical lines in every little corner of the country20:33
inetprowe all need to pull up our socks and put optic fibre all over the show20:36
inetprojob creation!20:36
magespawninetpro the other option is not cheep though20:36
magespawnthe satellite option i mean20:36
Banlaminetpro, is there no one offering wireless internet in the area?20:37
BanlamI know my uncle in the middle of natal20:37
Banlamthey suffered on EDGE for years20:37
inetproBanlam: no20:37
Banlamadn then a guy setup a wireless internet service for a couple of the farmers in the district20:37
magespawnwifi or radio Banlam?20:37
Banlami'll admit i did not investigate the system, but I think radio20:38
magespawni am looking at setting up a wide are wifi here20:38
Banlam5Ghz range20:39
Banlamit's nice using somethign standardised20:39
Banlambecause it means people don't need to buy proprietary hardware20:39
magespawn5ghz has better range but even the 2.4 can go about 20km20:39
Banlamthat they can't do anythign with if they decide they no longer want the connection20:39
magespawnand that is point to multipoint if you go point to point you can go further20:40
magespawninetpro how about dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdb bs=4k20:41
Banlamthat's just affected by the antennae you use surely?20:41
magespawnwhat does the bs=4k do20:41
Banlamdirectional vs omnidirectiona?20:41
magespawnyes Banlam20:41
magespawnyes 20:41
BanlamI will also say, that tonberry, who's not here now has a farm in the middle of the karoo, managed to get a stableish EDGE connection using a direcitonal antennae20:42
Banlamand a 3G dongle20:42
inetpromagespawn: man dd20:42
Banlaminetpro, that may be somethign to consider20:42
Banlamif they haven't already20:42
magespawnlol ty inetpro20:42
inetproBanlam: yes, I want to actually try that for them20:43
magespawnwhere are they inetpro?20:43
inetpromagespawn: between Ermelo and Piet Retief20:44
magespawnof course those distance figures can change a lot in real life 20:44
inetprosatellite would probably be good if not so costly20:45
magespawnis there nobody up there doing radio internet?20:46
* inetpro wants to sign up for the 10GB option at 8ta and armed with that want to do some more testing over the festive season20:46
inetpromore testing in Mpumalanga, that is 20:47
BanlamPiet Retief has good MTN 3G reception, with a directional antenna you may be able to pick somethign up20:47
inetproBanlam: I'm talking about very far away from town20:48
Banlaminetpro, be careful, those 10GB packages may be limited to the *ta network, and not work on the MTN section20:48
inetpronot nice!20:48
inetprothanks for the heads up though20:48
Banlaminetpro, just check20:48
magespawnvodacom is supposed to do their R499 data deal20:48
Banlamcause i bought that 60+60 deal20:49
Banlamwhich is great for me20:49
Banlamcause i'm right by a tower for 8ta20:49
Banlambut it doesn't work if I leave the city20:49
Banlamthey announced they are going to do it20:49
Banlamthey just need to decide when to launch20:49
magespawnsuperfly you still up?20:50
Banlaminetpro ,have you checked the 8ta coverage map, tehy have pretty good coverage between ermelo and piet retief, except a big whtie spot, which i'm assumign might be your problem20:51
magespawnare you still working on RingHTML?20:51
inetproBanlam: ya, I think they would be in teh white spot20:53
superflymagespawn: heh, no20:53
inetprobut will make sure20:53
inetprothanks for that, I'm actually surprised 20:53
inetprodidn't think they had spread that far already20:53
magespawnsuperfly so pretty much complete then?20:53
inetprothen again, I guess that is with roaming on top of MTN20:54
superflynope, just never had the chance to finish it... got involved in another open source project20:54
magespawnhey kbmonkey20:54
superflymagespawn: but it works fairly well for the limited set of features it has...20:54
superflyhi kbmonkey20:54
kbmonkeysuperfly, last night I wrote my first android app. :)20:54
magespawni like what i see so far20:54
kbmonkeynot much to show, but got the framework working!20:55
kbmonkeyplus.. its in python. how about that!20:55
superflykbmonkey: in PHP? :-P20:55
kbmonkeyha ha ha20:55
kbmonkeyhi magespawn 20:55
inetprokbmonkey: sounds interesting20:56
Banlaminetpro, it's all MTN's network. You can click on the top of the map and view 8ta's network20:57
Banlamthey have nothing outside of the cities20:57
magespawnsuperfly did you have any plans for it?20:58
Banlamyou can use their standard itnernet20:58
Banlamit's just some of the specials which cna't be used on their extended network20:58
superflymagespawn: yes, I did20:58
inetprothat is terrible20:58
superflyback in the day20:59
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:59
magespawnnight Kilos20:59
Kilossee you morrow20:59
inetproKilos: lekker slaap oom20:59
magespawninetpro if he uses dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdb bs=4k that would take forever on a 2tb drive20:59
inetpromagespawn: I was just joking21:00
inetproand I'm sure he knows it21:00
magespawnsuperfly perhaps we could get it going again if you want21:00
inetpromagespawn: oh and I didn't say he should do it to /dev/sdb21:01
magespawnoh okay inetpro, i though it was a good idea21:01
magespawnthat was just an example21:01
magespawnthat might be his other drive21:01
superflymagespawn: I've messed around with writing a cross-platform version, but I never get very far21:03
inetpromagespawn: I specifically used the example from wikipedia with of=myrandom21:03
inetprothat would go to a file called myrandom in the current folder 21:03
magespawni was reading here http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/learn-the-dd-command-362506/21:04
magespawnsuperfly perhaps a team of people?21:05
kbmonkeygood 'ol Disk Destroyer21:05
inetpromagespawn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dd_%28Unix%29#Generating_a_file_with_random_data21:05
magespawnahh ty inetpro21:05
magespawndd looks like a good way to recycle a drive or computer so that all your data is removed21:06
inetpromagespawn: there are tools for that21:06
inetpromagespawn: like shred as part of coreutils21:09
magespawnthat does lokk useful21:13
inetpromagespawn: also see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/85636/how-do-i-erase-my-disk-in-a-secure-way-ubuntu21:13
inetproThere's a propability of 56% that one single bit can be correctly recovered....21:13
magespawni need more time and less sleep, can anyone spare me about 4 hours a day?21:14
inetpromagespawn: but if you want something totally secure, you need to physically destroy the drive.21:15
magespawnindeed i was thinking more along the lines of donated machines to schools etc21:16
inetproshred would be a good way to clean a drive before donating it21:17
kbmonkeyif you dd with a bs=xM equal to your drive's cache size it should go faster21:17
kbmonkeywould /dev/zero be faster than random? 21:18
inetprokbmonkey: I guess it would be, because there's little or no processing involved21:19
kbmonkeyoh apparently /dev/random is the least best input for wiping. urandom is preferred. how interesting21:21
kbmonkeya comprehensive list of wiping methods: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Securely_wipe_disk21:22
magespawnany reason why kbmonkey ?21:28
kbmonkeythat page says...21:29
kbmonkeyrandom fills with 512 bytes of random values. when its all used, it has to wait to fill up again 21:30
kbmonkeythe fill is slower than dd uses them21:30
magespawnthanks  for the class guys, i am off to bed, good night all21:33
kbmonkeygood night magespawn 21:41
kbmonkeythink its about time. nite all21:41
smileWie spreek afrikaans hier? :-P21:51
bakumannie ek nie21:55
Banlamdis waarom ons #ubuntu-afr het21:55
smileKan jy nederlands lees?21:55
Banlamek het al klein gesprekke met n belgiee gehad21:56
Banlamwaneer hy nederlands praat21:56
Banlamen ek afrikaans21:56
smilewww.foad.nu - wil jy stem vir die mooiste afbeelding?21:57
Banlamnederlands klink snaaks21:58
smileTot 23u kan julle stem21:58
Banlam23 uur21:59
smileJa. 22U vir julle21:59
Banlamek sit in die selfde timezone as jy22:00
Banlamnet n paar honderd km weg22:00
smileIn NL?22:01
smileWat doen jy daar? :-P22:02
Banlamerasmus tiepe ding22:02
smile1 jaar?22:03
Banlamnein, nur drei monaten22:03
Banlamen ek het nog net 2 weke22:04
smileNur 3? Nicht viel22:04
Banlamneh, nicht viel22:04
smileKennen sie schon die tagen der woche? :-P22:05
Banlamhulle's nogals die selfde as afrikaans, behalwe woensdag22:06
smileI just wondered, no particular reason22:07
Banlamnie seker of ek hulle korrek kan spel nie22:07
smileLaat ons praat in drie tale :-P22:08
Banlamjy kan n bietjie nederlands ingooi dan het ons 422:08
Banlamas ons engels ook bytel22:08
smileJa dat kan ik wel doen ja :-D22:08
Banlamaber meine deutsch ist seher slecht22:08
smileMeines auch. ;-)22:09
smileSo i prefer english, afrikaans, nederlands or french22:10
Banlamknow a guy from Gent22:11
Banlamspeaks english and dutch (dialect) fluently22:11
Banlamand hsi german and french are also pretty good22:11
smileIs hij cool?22:11
Banlamyeah, get on very well with him22:12
smileYou heard someone talking west-vlaams yet?22:14
Banlamthe guy i know grew up in Aachen, or is that nto west enough?22:15
Banlamsome of his friends came over the other day22:15
Banlamthey were cnoversing22:15
Banlamthat's about all I've heard22:15
Banlamnto aachen22:16
Banlamwhat am i saying22:16
smileNo only kust-people will do. Max distance from north sea 50km. :-P22:16
BanlamAntwerp is what I meant22:16
BanlamGent is like 50km inland22:17
smileReally difficult to understand what they say22:17
smileOk :-D22:17
Banlami'll come visit in a year's time22:19
smileEven for me :-P22:19
smilewhich region?22:19
Banlami want to take a month of work next year22:19
Banlamand do a trip through europe22:19
smileEk is moe22:20
Banlamich auch22:21
Banlamaber ich habe viel arbeit22:21
smileLike what?22:22
Banlama master's thesis22:22
Banlamalong with some work at the university22:22
smileGood luck22:23
Banlamdanke schon22:24
Banlamist seine keyboard auch QWERTZ?22:24
smileBitte schon22:24
smilenein meines ist azerty22:25
Banlamis dit standaard in belgie?22:25
smileJa. :-)22:26
* Banlam skid sy kop22:26
Banlamdie ergste vir my as ek n duitse keyboard gebruik is dat al die symbole op ander plekke is22:27
Banlamshake my head22:27
Banlammove it from side to side22:27
smileJa schudden in NL22:27
smileKan jy nie blind typ nie?22:28
Banlamja, maar ek vegeet altyd om die keyboard se layout te verander tot dit my pla22:29
Banlamen gelukkig hoef ek nie te veel op duitse rekenaars te werk nie22:29
smileOp linux jy kan setxkbmap layout gebruik22:30
Banlamop linux ja :P22:30
Banlamdie rekenaar waarop ek werk is win XP22:30
smileSetxkbmap for win :-P22:31
Banlamleer ek dit nou eers22:31
smileI found it :-P22:34
smileBanlam :-D22:37
smileI wonder how to use it22:38
Banlamnot a clue22:40
smileI have made an installer with wget for windows recently22:41
smileBye :-)22:45
smileGood night22:45

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