xorg_is_a_painand now I've just got no window manager at all00:00
xorg_is_a_painunity has just vanished00:00
[1]CameronHi, i have a quick question00:00
jribgustav__: no, look at gcalctool00:00
JohnTeddybkc_: Well I'm good at math, I need to learn calculator syntax.00:00
Rustyblade3now how do i let u use the SSH?00:00
Ben64Rustyblade3: run this and paste the link here "cat /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit"00:00
xorg_is_a_painand compiz keeps crashing...00:00
ubot93Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:00
[1]CameronCan anyone tell me a modern printer that will work with ubuntu that is under 50 USD?00:00
gustav__jrib: Software contains bugs.00:00
Rustyblade3what do u mean00:00
JohnTeddy[1]Cameron: B/W or color?00:01
Rustyblade3Run what?00:01
[1]CameronUm, both00:01
jribgustav__: gcalctool explicitly says the "-" button is subtraction00:01
bkc_JohnTeddy: then you'd know about operator precadence and parenthesis ;)00:01
Ben64Rustyblade3: "cat /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit"00:01
JohnTeddy[1]Cameron: HP and Brother are well supported under Linux. I like the low cost Brother B/W laser printers.00:01
[1]CameronThank u Mr. JohnTddy00:01
xorg_is_a_painshould I put my xorg.log onto pastebin..? Can anyone help?00:01
Ben64Rustyblade3: in a terminal, don't yell00:01
[1]CameronCan u link me one plz?00:01
JohnTeddybkc_: I do know about it in my head.00:02
gustav__jrib: Maybe they should change the button text.00:02
jribgustav__: why?00:02
[1]CameronPreferrably one i can pick up at Walmart or Besty Buy?00:02
JohnTeddyIt's translating that into programming/calc syntax.00:02
gustav__jrib: It's not complete.00:02
[1]Cameron*Best Buy00:02
Rustyblade3command not found00:02
bkc_JohnTeddy: which is the same as on paper :)00:02
gmachine_24Cameron, have you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers00:02
Ben64Rustyblade3: without the quotes...00:02
[1]CameronI wasn't sure if all Brother printers were supported by Ubuntu00:03
JohnTeddy[1]Cameron: I would say it's a safe bet.00:03
[1]CameronAlright thank you guys very much00:03
gmachine_24Cameron, it's never safe to assume all ....... well, there you have it.00:03
Ben64from what i've seen, canon printers are the only troublesome ones00:03
jribgustav__: I guess they could create another button for a negative sign....00:03
[1]CameronAlright again thank u guys very much00:03
xorg_is_a_painwell... i'l just leave this here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1393199/00:03
gustav__jrib: I think it can be the same. That's a later discussion.00:04
xorg_is_a_painif anyone can help me00:04
xorg_is_a_painI'd apprechiate it00:04
Rustyblade3It doesnt work :(00:04
Rustyblade3How do i let u access my Comp?00:04
rexRustyblade3: why dont u install team viewer00:04
Ben64rex: requires wine00:04
Rustyblade3it doesnt let me00:04
rexben64 no it doesnt00:04
Compy2In ubuntu 12.04, I am attempting to project the display onto a diagonal mirror for an interactive project, is there an option in ubuntu's X display system to flip the display vertically so the display appears reversed?00:04
Ben64yes it does00:04
Rustyblade3It says i need somekind of ialb3400:04
rexi just installd00:04
JohnTeddy[1]Cameron: http://www.amazon.com/Brother-HL-2270DW-Compact-Wireless-Networking/dp/B00450DVDY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354061060&sr=8-1&keywords=Brother+black+white+laser+printer I own this printer, it works awesome with Ubuntu.00:04
gustav__Compy2: xrandr?00:05
ozizka-ntbHi, I need some help.  I accidentally switched language to chineese00:05
[1]CameronYeah i need it to where i can use color, printer, scanner, copier00:05
ozizka-ntbwhat's english in chineese?00:06
[1]CameronAnd i need it to be able to be picked up at best buy or walmart before the weekend00:06
bkc_Ben64: "depends=('libsm' 'libxext' 'freetype2' 'libxtst')"... I don't see Wine in there :)00:06
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Ben64ozizka-ntb: 英语00:06
Ben64bkc_: Launching c:\Program Files\TeamViewer\Version7\TeamViewer.exe...00:06
rexrustyblade3: run this command -->sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libgcc1:i386 gcc-4.6-base:i386 libstdc++5:i386 libstdc++6:i38600:06
Compy2gustav__: Never heard of it. I can check it out.00:07
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Rustyblade3unable to locate packages...00:07
Ben64Rustyblade3: how did my command not work00:08
ozizka-ntbBen64:  Thanks, worked :)  It's a bit weird that switching to other language needs knowledge of the current.00:08
Compy2gustav__: Looks to be exactly what I need! Thank you very much!00:08
ozizka-ntbIt should be settable by a pictogram00:08
Ben64ozizka-ntb: yeah, a world map would be nice00:08
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Rustyblade3cant u acces my computer using something else?00:09
Ben64Rustyblade3: no, it'd take longer than to just fix it00:09
Rustyblade3Btw guys thx for helping me with all this. U are awesome00:09
Rustyblade3so then how do I install wine......00:09
Ben64Rustyblade3: isn't that your original problem?00:10
Rustyblade3Can ya fix it?00:10
Rustyblade3i will give u 5 BTC00:10
xorg_is_a_painlooks like the problem is: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module. Please check your NVIDIA:     system's kernel log for additional error messages.00:10
Ben64Rustyblade3: then for the love of god do what i said like 5 times "cat /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit"00:10
xorg_is_a_painwhere can I find the kernel log>00:10
rexrustyblade3: Are you using some other pc in which this problem is occuring or its the same from which you are chatting?00:11
JohnTeddybkc_ / mickster04 / Ben64 / gustav__ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_operations#Exceptions_to_the_standard ... Microsoft Excel does it (-2^2) = 4; hehe00:11
[_-S1L3NC3-_]how can I extract this?     tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=24700:11
Rustyblade3doesnt work, says couldn t locate...00:11
gustav__JohnTeddy: Nice. Maybe you should switch.00:11
Ben64Rustyblade3: what does it actually say00:12
* xorg_is_a_pain wonders if he's silenced00:12
Ben64xorg_is_a_pain: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current00:12
JohnTeddy[_-S1L3NC3-_]: cat "tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247"00:12
xorg_is_a_painthank you Ben64 !00:12
[_-S1L3NC3-_]that didnt help00:12
xorg_is_a_painBen64: nvidia-current is already the newest version.00:12
Ben64Rustyblade3: you need a * after list.d/00:13
JohnTeddy[_-S1L3NC3-_]: file "tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247" ; What does that output?00:13
* MoleMan just succesfull over-wrote every single 40 movies on his server, with symbolic links to themselves00:13
JohnTeddy[_-S1L3NC3-_]: What are you trying to download? What are you trying to do?00:13
* MoleMan is now going to jump off a bridge00:13
[_-S1L3NC3-_]gzip compressed data, was "noversions1.05.tcl", from Unix00:13
[_-S1L3NC3-_]extract a tcl file00:13
xorg_is_a_painBen64: ... now what? :(00:13
MoleManI think I already know the answer, but there is no 'Undo' for CLI commands is there? :(00:13
jribMoleMan: surely you have backups :/00:13
teepamazon instant video.  :(00:13
JohnTeddy[_-S1L3NC3-_]: zcat "tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247"00:13
Rustyblade3what i get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1393216/00:14
MoleManjrib: yeah, I'll get back to you when I actually have enough money to get enough storage to keep my content on, nevermind backing stuff up00:14
jrib!undelete | MoleMan00:14
ubot93MoleMan: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel00:14
[_-S1L3NC3-_]it didnt extract it johntedy00:14
Ben64Rustyblade3: sudo apt-get install wine00:15
intelgmaMoleMan: yes, you can in some cases restore the files, just don't write anything to the disk00:15
jribMoleMan: for things like movies though it's not a big deal.  You know the data exists out there somewhere and you can obtain it again.  At least backup your personal documents though00:15
JohnTeddy[_-S1L3NC3-_]: Did it output data that looks like tcl code?00:15
MoleManyeah, all my actuall docs are backed up00:15
JohnTeddy[_-S1L3NC3-_]: zcat "tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247" > mytclcode.txt00:15
bkc_JohnTeddy: Excel is a poor excuse for a broken bug-filled "program", so don't use that as an example unless you wanna be the laughingstock of the evening ^.^00:16
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JohnTeddy!question helpme2200:16
ubot93JohnTeddy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:16
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MoleManI don't think there is actually anything on my server I would be seriously f***ked over if I lost... just about everything actually important is on either my memory stick, dropbox, or both (as well as my PC HDD)00:16
helpme22i'm looking for a HTTP caching proxy or whatever you call it00:17
JohnTeddy[_-S1L3NC3-_]: Did that work?00:17
helpme22for ubuntu00:17
Ben64Rustyblade3: do you have synaptic? if so, open it00:17
JohnTeddyhelpme22: squid, join #squid00:17
ttydragonmy fud00:17
thiebaudehow do i disable the startup sound in ubuntu 12.04?00:17
ac_slaterhey guys I'm getting TCP_DENIED on the server side when using squid-deb-proxy. Any suggestions?00:18
ttydragonmy dvd* writer stopped reading discs. How do i verify it's a lens problem?00:18
MoleManjrib: as you say, its all re-obtainable, hence I'm not actually shouting in rage ATM, its just a case of a day or two's download...00:18
escottkantlivelong, did you check dmesg00:18
bryguy_My keyboard shortcut to open a terminal fails silently. I can run xterm or gnome-terminal from the command line just fine. Using 12.10.00:19
bkc_ttydragon: open it up and try reading from it... if you get hurt while looking into the laser it's fine :)00:19
bradyhi, im trying to compile a package according to some install instructions.. ive navigated to the folder, and it says that i should type ./configure , to configure the package for my system, however it comes back as "No such file or directory"00:19
Rustyblade3Ok i have opened it00:19
Ben64Rustyblade3: does it have a section for "Pinned" on the left?00:20
bkc_brady: chmod 0755 ./configure00:20
bkc_then run it again00:20
ttydragonbkc_ i could use some help dude00:20
Rustyblade3nope it has "all" section00:20
bradybkc:  chmod: cannot access `./configure': No such file or directory00:21
bryguy_is there a log somewhere that might show the terminal launch failure or some other way to debug a keyboard shortcut failure?00:21
bkc_brady: then that file simply doesn't exist, broken package :)00:21
JohnTeddyttydragon: Pop in a livecd, see if it boots. If it boots your disc drive can read stuff.00:21
bkc_brady: file a bug-report somewhere :)00:21
bradywhich file?  i can see the files in the folder00:22
ttydragonjohnteddy it's not reading.00:22
bkc_brady: 'configure' for example :P00:22
Ben64Rustyblade3: dpkg --get-selections | grep -i hold00:22
escottbrady, what are you compiling?00:22
nongooglei made a shortcut for a terminal command but everytime i try to launch the script through the button on the bar to the left it just peters out :C00:22
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bkc_ttydragon: he's trying to determine whether it's an OS problem or HW...00:22
questionopen-with? i have files with extention --> rkt that i want to open with DrRacket, i can not find how to connect this program to this file-type00:23
Ben64Rustyblade3: thats not what i said00:23
escottbrady, be sure to use a prefix with that00:23
bradyi dont know what that means, to use a prefix.00:23
Rustyblade3do i type the dpkg in the terminal>00:23
Ben64Rustyblade3: dpkg --get-selections | grep -i hold00:24
ttydragonbkc_ i was running my computer using live cd for sometime. Suddenly it stopped working. And stuck. When i restarted, it stopped reading. Don't know what happen00:24
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Rustyblade3Yeah i searched it00:24
vga6870 1gb video card for sale ^^00:24
Ben64vga: no00:24
bradyescott, what do you mean by that00:25
Ben64Rustyblade3: what did it output00:25
intelgmai need some SERIOUS help with fullscreen video playback. i already asked in #lubuntu, but i might have a better chance here: most video files either let the player hang or audio/video goes badly out of sync right away. i know that it does work with the same files and it even did so like two hours ago, but after some browsing and man page reading, the problem comes up again. i have NO idea where to look anymore nor what I did to 'reproduce' the 00:25
escottbrady, ./configure --prefix=/usr/local; make; checkinstall00:25
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questioncan someone help me with Open-With00:26
bradyi literally type in that escott?00:26
bryguy_is there a log for unity somewhere?00:26
ttydragonintelgma even with vlc00:26
Rustyblade3dpkg   I    1.16.7ubuntu6   I    (Same thing as before)    I   Debian Package manager   (Its Installed)00:26
intelgmattydragon: yes, output is a bit different, but it does crash or better hang, too, or the audio is terribly distorted00:26
bkc_ttydragon: then it's broken, replace it :)00:27
Ben64Rustyblade3: you're not typing it correctly. "dpkg --get-selections | grep -i hold"00:27
brady./configure: No such file or directory00:27
brady  00:27
bradymake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.00:27
bradyThe program 'checkinstall' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:00:27
Rustyblade3What do i type it in. The terminal?00:27
Ben64Rustyblade3: yes00:27
questionho to add other applications to "open With"?00:27
ttydragonbkc_ looking to call the company for repair00:28
teepamazon instant video.  I am not having any luck, here.  In firefox, it says to update my player but the update fails.  In chrome, I had to revert to adobe 11.2r202 to get anywhere at all, but again the update fails.00:28
Rustyblade3says nothing00:28
teepah, internet suggests I need a HAL.  I will go get one.00:29
ttydragonquestion, you have to create a .desktop file and place it inside .local/share/applications00:29
Ben64Rustyblade3: "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; sudo apt-get upgrade"00:29
questionttydragon will do thx00:29
EclipticaI have a damaged external hard drive I'd like to recover data from. What are some good Ubuntu utilities I can use?00:29
ttydragonEcliptica, photorec00:30
MoleManhmm, I prefer my media stored on my server... Means I can instantly stream to any device in the house without having to worry about bandwidth etc, (not that it's usually an issue) and I can grab something to my tablet within a few minutes to have ready to take with me, so I don't have to download on the move etc00:30
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bradymake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.00:33
bradythis sucks. the driver needs to be compiled.. asking for help just gets responses that i don't understand and don't lead to a solution.00:34
Rustyblade3Ben64: Hey?00:34
mickster04Rustyblade3: you have apt get open somewhere else or the software centre is installing something?00:34
CQNyou don't need a separate home partition to do a clean install while preserving data anymore, right?00:36
intelgmaare there any issues with an intel gma3100? i am really at my wits' end regarding video playback :( more so, because the problem seems to go away and come back with no real interaction from my side00:37
hmmmcan i format an external drive from a live cd session?00:37
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ttydragonHmmm, sure00:37
Rustyblade3ok Its done installing BEn00:37
CQNhmmm: use gparted00:37
Rustyblade3So now can I install wine?00:37
hmmmok thanks00:37
mickster04Rustyblade3: give us the output again?00:38
Rustyblade3It worked00:38
Rustyblade3The thing installed00:39
Rustyblade3Now how do I install wine?00:39
Rustyblade3now that the thing is done00:39
mickster04Rustyblade3: I ent for lunch, what did you install?00:39
escottbrady, generally you aren't meant to be building stuff on your own00:39
Rustyblade3sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; sudo apt-get upgrade00:39
[1]Cameronhttp://www.bestbuy.com/site/Brother+-+Network-Ready+Wireless+Color+All-In-One+Printer/2877498.p?id=1218359087042&skuId=2877498#BVRRWidgetID - woudl this one work with Linux?00:40
escottbrady, im also in the middle of making dinner so00:40
Ben64Rustyblade3: sudo apt-get install wine00:40
bradywell my main goal is to install libusb-1.0.9-rc3 , my goal is to get my usb projector , projecting00:40
CQNbrady: use apt-get build-dep to install the dependencies for building the package manually00:41
Rustyblade3sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; sudo apt-get upgrade00:41
CQNthen just untar the release, ./configure --prefix=/usr/local; make; make install00:42
Rustyblade3The following packages have unmet dependencies:00:42
Rustyblade3 wine : Depends: wine1.4 but it is not going to be installed00:42
Rustyblade3E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.00:42
mickster04Rustyblade3: what did that previous command do (sudo apt-get everything)00:42
teepYAY!  Fixing amazon instant video in 64bit ubuntu, 12.04 (brand new install) and chrome:  1.  get old  flash from adobe,  and then 2.  Install HAL (sudo apt-get install hal)  and then 3.  go into chrome and un-enable new flash, enable old flash.  Voila.00:42
Rustyblade3it installed what Ben told me to do00:42
mickster04Rustyblade3: give us the output again?00:42
OerHeksRustyblade3, you added a wine1.5 ppa, that might be your issue00:43
Ben64Rustyblade3: sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:43
bradyE: Must specify at least one package to check builddeps for00:43
orkhancan anyone help to install skype 4.1 on ubuntu 12.10 x64?00:43
questionttydragon > firts00:44
Rustyblade3The following packages have unmet dependencies:00:44
Rustyblade3 wine : Depends: wine1.4 but it is not going to be installed00:44
Rustyblade3E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.00:44
CQNbrady: well duh, you need to specify libusb00:44
CQNthat way it'll build the dependencies for libusb00:44
Rustyblade30 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.00:44
Rustyblade3NVM THE ONE before this00:44
Rustyblade30 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.00:45
orkhani need a help00:45
mickster04orkhan: sudo apt-get install skype in terminal;00:45
orkhani doesnt work00:45
bradyyes but when you say specify... i have no idea how that translates to what i actually type.  if I knew what to do, i would be doing it.00:45
mickster04Rustyblade3:give us the output of sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:45
escottbrady, how do you know that upgrading libusb is what you need00:45
mickster04orkhan: how?00:45
mickster04!doesn't work00:46
ubot93Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:46
questionttydragon > didnt know about existence of .local/share/apllications     it is invisble in home dir   magde file .desktop there and did put "drracket' in it and now?00:46
bradyi dont escott.. im just trying to get a usb driver so i can use my projector.00:46
OerHeksorkhan, enable partner repo in software centre / sources00:46
Ben64Rustyblade3: open up synaptic again and go to Edit -> Fix Broken Packages00:46
escottbrady, i dont think libusb will do anything for you00:46
roastedQuestion - is there any possible way to view multiple RTSP streams within a single instance of VLC? Or perhaps stream multiple instances through a web browser? Or some sort of other app?00:47
Rustyblade3ok when i do that the app just flashed once00:47
bradyi searched usb projector driver, and read that they had done stuff with that to make it support usb projectors00:47
OerHeksBen64, see his sources with wine 1.5 ppa00:47
Ben64Rustyblade3: now try installing wine again00:47
Ben64OerHeks: yeah?00:48
questionroaster > i'm as new as one can be00:48
troll`My ubuntu crashes often.00:49
Erintroll`, describe crashes ?00:49
troll`It crashed the other day, the screen stopped working00:49
Erinhrm. like it wasn't responding any more ?00:50
troll`Yes, all the icons were gone00:50
Rustyblade3it says i need wine1.4 to install00:50
mickster04Rustyblade3: try 1.500:50
escottbrady, when you plugin the projector what do you see in dmesg00:50
Erintroll`, weird did you check /var/log/syslog00:51
escottbrady, ie plug it in and type "dmesg | tail -n 20"00:51
troll`had to restart00:51
OerHeksBen64, >> <Rustyblade3> what i get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1393216/00:51
troll`Says something about path error00:51
mickster04troll`: the other day is often?00:51
Erincan you pastebin the error ?00:51
sam_nazarkoLVM is showing no logical volume00:52
mickster04OerHeks: Ben64 he has the same repo twice, in fact two repo's twice :p00:52
sam_nazarkowhat do I do? This is on a new system so no backup file00:52
Rustyblade3i think it is fixed now00:52
troll`So why is ubuntu crashing?00:52
mickster04troll`: we dunno because you haven't given us an error message00:53
Darkstar1how do I find out my current shell in linux again?00:54
troll`I think my cmd has been lost too.00:54
intelgmaecho $SHELL _00:54
rootyourcheers with 99 beers00:55
Darkstar1ok this is odd. System doesn't recognise sudo 0_o>00:55
rootyouryou can still su00:56
bryguy_if you have a root password you can00:56
escottrootyour, no00:56
bustacapCan someone please walk me through the steps of restoring grub after installing windows?00:56
escott!grub | bustacap00:57
ubot93bustacap: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)00:57
mickster04troll`: because it is broken00:57
bustacapescott, ty :P00:57
bustacapWasn't the bots name ubotu before?00:58
escottbustacap, different bot00:58
bustacapOh :P00:58
sam_nazarkoso can i restore the lvm or not00:58
ubot93yes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)00:58
Darkstar1aahh forgot this OS is a RHEL variant00:58
dr_willisit evolved00:58
escottbustacap, apparently this one is also a girl00:59
bustacapMakes sense :P00:59
escottbustacap, not a lot of men in that family for some reason00:59
Darkstar1adios amigos00:59
escottDarkstar1, ubuntu is not related to RHEL00:59
bustacap''/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).''00:59
bradyescott, did you see my pastebin?00:59
Darkstar1escott: I know.01:00
escottbrady, now i do01:00
Rustyblade3ben still cant install wine :(01:00
Darkstar1escott: I just realised that the OS on this remote was RHEL that's why I'm having issues :)01:00
Ben64Rustyblade3: fine, gimme ssh01:01
Rustyblade3i has a ssh viewer but..01:02
Ben64sudo apt-get install openssh-server01:02
Rustyblade3k installed it01:02
escottbrady, and when plugged in xrandr does not recognize it01:02
Ben64Rustyblade3: then you need to open port 22 for me to connect and either give me your user/pass or make a new one for me, or change your current password01:03
TheDifferentTurrOoh, my name failed. I suppose that's off-topic..>01:03
TheDifferentTurrI'm very new here so excuse me if I fail01:03
Rustyblade3how do i open port 22?01:03
TheDifferentTurrBut, I'm having quite a bit of trouble setting up my wireless internet on Ubuntu. I can't connect at all.01:03
Ben64Rustyblade3: you'd have to do it through your router01:04
Ben64i'm not going to show you how to use your router ...01:04
ubot93Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:04
ErinRustyblade3, go to the port forwarding section and open port 22 tcp/udp01:04
Erinand put the IP of the comp its running on, the server01:04
Rustyblade3So how do i send u a user/pass safely?01:05
ErinRustyblade3, dont give anyone ssh access .....01:05
ErinI think you need to do some reading before you set up an ssh server01:05
Rustyblade3ben can ya do it?01:07
escottbrady, i gather it doesnt see the projector in the displays configuration01:07
TheDifferentTurrCan I have some help connecting to the internet...? xD01:07
Ben64Rustyblade3: you still need to open the port01:07
Ben64i give up01:08
rootyournobody is here01:08
TheDifferentTurrI wouldn't say that...01:08
questionhow to connect .rkt files to DrRacket Application?01:08
Rustyblade3yeah see..01:09
roastedQuestion - is there any way to stream multiple RTSP instances at oncein VLC?01:09
Rustyblade3I wasted 2 hours thinking someone would help me install wine...01:09
questionroasted >  can't help you , i'm new01:09
TheDifferentTurrWell I can't even connect to the internet on my ubuntu desktop...01:10
roastedquestion: Iwasn't asking you...I was simply saying that in regard to the fact that I had a question. :)01:10
TheDifferentTurrI'm very new, though, so I figured I would need help01:10
questionroasted ok ;)01:10
mickster04Rustyblade3: you messed it up in the first place to be honest. you haven't paid anyone for support and we aren't paid for this either01:11
Rustyblade3i am sorry but i am just frustrated01:11
TheDifferentTurrCan anyone help me simply connecting to the internet?01:11
TheDifferentTurrLike the Ubuntu wiki wasn't very helpful...01:11
questionhow does ubuntu know wich application t use for a certain file extention?01:12
mickster04Rustyblade3: if there is a way for you to reset your sources list01:12
ubot93The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories01:12
mickster04Rustyblade3: then try install it again from scratch01:12
escottquestion, it doesnt go strictly by extension, but there is  mime type database01:12
nongoogleTheDifferentTurr can you tell the device you use to connect?  a a phoneline modem, an ethernet cable, or a wifi adapter?01:12
Rustyblade3everytime i try to install wine it says I need wine 1.401:12
Rustyblade3i dont think its the repos01:13
questionescot > where can i find that mime type db?01:13
mickster04Rustyblade3: you have the same sources listed twice01:13
TheDifferentTurrnongoogle yes I can I use a wifi adapter. The computer I'm trying to connect has a NetGear Wireless Card, and the network I'm trying to connect it to is a WPA2 personal01:13
mickster04Rustyblade3: that won't help[01:14
nongoogledo you use the current 12.10 ubuntu?01:14
questionescott where is this mime type db located?01:14
TheDifferentTurrErr...I use Lubuntu, but I've heard from everyone that connecting to the network is the same on both. And I use 12.10 Lubuntu01:15
nongooglei just had to select my wireless service when ubuntu got installed01:15
nongoogleoh ok01:15
nongooglei just clicked on the wedge icon and selected my network01:15
TheDifferentTurrthe Lubuntu chat isn't very responsive...01:15
TheDifferentTurrWell it doesn't automatically detect on mine01:15
TheDifferentTurrand for some reason I entered all the info but I must've done it wrong as it didn't work01:15
brandinhessDoes anyone know if there is an encyclopedia program out there similar to that of Britannica, but for Ubuntu?01:15
nongooglei prolly dont know enough to halp01:16
nongooglebut i hope you get assistance soon01:16
TheDifferentTurrSo do I01:16
roastedQuestion - is there any way to stream multiple RTSP instances at oncein VLC?01:17
escottbrandinhess, firefox http://www.wikipedia.com01:17
brandinhessroasted: No, unfortunately not.01:17
[_-S1L3NC3-_]How Can i extract this again? http://www.egghelp.org/cgi-bin/tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=24701:17
jpastoreI recently upgraded to 12.04. I noticed that when I do my dev testing perl scripts printing to STDERR no longer show up. what happened here? can someone point me to a work around. I see alternatives, while great for new dev, I have a ton of scripts that test for a debug level set and print to STDERR accordingly. I would like to get that working again.01:17
roastedbrandinhess: do youknow of a way to get an RTSP stream to work in a browser? If so Icould just write my own html/css page containing the two streams.01:18
brandinhessescott: I need something that doesn't require an internet connection.01:18
brandinhessroasted: I haven't dealt with RTSP streams for years, and I know they have changed since then.01:18
xanguabrandinhess: you can download/bought an offline version of wikipedia01:18
ekAnyone here willing to help a fellow Ubuntu user get his bootloader installed properly? ;)01:18
brandinhessxangua: How?01:19
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ZalHi. I'm running "apt-get upgrade -y" in a script. Until today, it worked fine, but today it is prompting (see http://bpaste.net/show/xQUhXWNFR019nMn4qYoO/ ). Why is it prompting, and how can I get it to stop?01:24
ZalI've tried setting dpkg options to ignore the one package, but that just gives me other prompts about removing deprecated packages. I've also tried adding an environment variable for non-interactive apt, which also has no effect.01:25
=== Guest3733 is now known as Adeel
=== Adeel is now known as Guest62095
Zalthat is, I tried "export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive", which did not have any effect.01:28
shoopdewoopJordan_U did you have any more ideas about my 12.10 installer crash? I can put up the screenshot again if you'd like01:30
jribZal: it explains why it's prompting01:31
Zaljrib, yes, I understand what the prompt is asking. When I tell dpkg to ignore that package it does so, but then prompts about removing deprecated packages.01:31
jribZal: pastebin01:32
ZalThere doesn't seem to be a way to get it to NOT prompt.01:32
jribZal: tell it what you want it to do...01:32
ZalThis script worked fine for years, until today.01:32
Zalso something outside changed01:33
jribZal: there's probably a dpkg option. Scripts like these seem dangerous01:33
=== igor__ is now known as igor__we
Zalyeah, I tried the dpkg option, it didn't work01:33
jribZal: "the dpkg option" being?01:33
igor__wetcnm [nj heccrbq&01:33
Zalwell, as I stated above, I tried setting DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive for starters, nothing.01:34
igor__weЕсть хто русский?01:34
jribZal: that wouldn't do anything in this situation01:34
ZalAlso tried was DPkg::Options="--force-confold", but that was someone else, so I'm not sure what it's supposed to do.01:34
ZalThe real question is though -- why did this suddently STOP working? What is the difference?01:35
jribZal: so read its description, so you understand what you are donig.01:35
jribZal: as the message you pasted says, there was a modification made to the configuration file01:35
Zalbut this has always been so.01:35
Zaland the script never prompted before today.01:35
=== igor__we is now known as igor_danil
=== igor_danil is now known as igor_danilets
jribZal: it should have, to my understanding.  But I can only guess at what the script is01:36
gear4I tried to install zeroc-ice, and it should install php-zeroc-ice V3.4.2, but, /usr/share/Ice-3.4.2/php/ doesn't exist01:36
gear4and I've no clue how to get the PHP version working01:36
Zaljrib, well thanks, I'll check on the modified file.01:36
gear4any help ?01:36
jribigor_danilets: stop01:36
almoxarifegear4: and the question is?01:37
gear4why doesn't the folder exist/how can I get it working01:37
dr_willis!info zeroc-ice01:37
ubot93Package zeroc-ice does not exist in quantal01:37
gear4oh yea, it's 11.0401:37
jrib!11.04 | gear401:38
ubot93gear4: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on October 28, 2012. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.01:38
gear411.10 I meant, sorry01:38
antonio_Anyone in here use openshot?01:38
antonio_For some reason its not exporting the videos correctly01:38
almoxarifegear4: time to read up on zero.......01:38
gear4almoxarife, why zero ?01:38
gear4the one in the repositories should be installing all the correct files01:39
shoopdewoopOr anyone, really: I'm trying to install 12.10 from LiveUSB on my HP Pavilion dv6, and this is as far as I get http://imagebin.org/23738901:39
jrib!info zeroc-ice oneiric01:39
ubot93'oneiric' is not a valid distribution: getdeb, precise, quantal, raring01:39
dr_willisits gone ;-)01:40
jribgear4: so did it install php-zeroc-ice?01:41
gear4jrib, yes01:41
gear4it's marked as installed01:41
jribgear4: dpkg -L php-zeroc-ice01:41
gear4but it's not "installed"01:41
dr_willisperhaps it just uses some other dir.01:41
jribgear4: also, check /usr/share/doc/php-zeroc-ice for a README.Debian...01:41
gear4jrib, I only see README01:42
gear4no README.Debian01:42
gear4http://graphox.us/paste/?b58f3999192c307a#NcH03kTjR0p/WoiL5mGUEcKLsQDG8D56CKTSaI9RnWo= <= full list01:42
jribgear4: start there then01:42
igor_daniletsТут хтось розуміє по-україньські?01:44
almoxarifeigor_danilets: you been asked to stop01:45
jribigor_danilets: english only here01:45
igor_daniletsWhat's to stop it?01:46
bazhangigor_danilets, lets move on01:46
shoopdewoopI'm trying to install 12.10 from LiveUSB on my HP Pavilion dv6, and this is as far as I get http://imagebin.org/23738901:47
MrAristoWhen locking a screen on 12.04, why would the sidebar and title bar still be visible?  And what can I do to fix that?01:47
almoxarifeshoopdewoop: thought about starting over?01:48
igor_daniletsSorry, I'm just Russian ...)01:48
gear4igor_danilets, #ubuntu-ru01:50
shoopdewoopalmoxarife: I've tried several times, with fresh USBs (even redownloaded the ISO) Is 12.10 notoriously difficult to install or is this just my luck?01:50
almoxarifeshoopdewoop: do you have a hardwire connection to the internet?01:51
escottshoopdewoop, anything strange about your disks01:51
=== mitch is now known as Guest40079
shoopdewoopalmoxarife: currently, I'm wireless; could that be a factor? escott: what do you mean by strange? (i'm still getting my feet wet as far as linux goes)01:52
[1]CameronOk where is the ISO file to burn to a disc?01:53
escottshoopdewoop, intel raid, gpt? ie what does sudo parted -l say01:53
almoxarifeshoopdewoop: i doubt its a factor, i would suggest the 'mini.iso' install, but it requires a internet connection via ethernet01:54
GunfighterJI installed vnc4server and configured it to run in a virtual gnome-classic window, however whenever I try to connect to it through tightvnc from a different location, I just get an error saying the machine actively refused the connection. Does anyone know what may be causing this?01:54
almoxarifeGunfighterJ: firewalled at the host?01:55
GunfighterJnegative, firewall is disabled01:55
=== root is now known as Guest83460
GunfighterJI was able to connect through x11vnc01:55
Guest40079I just installed bitcoin but keep getting error message.01:55
almoxarifeGunfighterJ: can you ping the ip/port?01:55
GunfighterJit uses port 5900 correct?01:56
shoopdewoopescott: sudo parted -l produces the following http://paste.ubuntu.com/1393397/ almoxarife: ethernet is possible, tell me more about mini.iso?01:56
GunfighterJlike all other vnc connections?01:57
almoxarifeGunfighterJ: no idea, you set it up01:57
Evil_Ericyeah testing that intel shutdown again01:57
Evil_Ericpray that this shut down works s01:58
[1]CameronCan someone tell me where i can get the necessary ISO files needed to create a Boot DVD?01:58
bazhang[1]Cameron, www.ubuntu.com01:58
Evil_Ericwhat iso you want01:58
almoxarifeshoopdewoop: d/l mini.iso , go thru the same routine to get it on usb, then boot it and follow the directions, its all network d/l01:58
escottshoopdewoop, sdb is throwing some kind of error. thats probably the source of your problems01:59
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
* Evil_Eric waves in almoxarife genral direction and test the intel shutdown in hopes it actually shuts down 100%01:59
SHOTbyGUNis this valid way to copy my ubuntu from USB stick to HardDrive.. ? http://www.absolutelytech.com/2009/11/13/how-to-move-your-ubuntu-installation-to-new-hard-drive/01:59
[1]CameronWait, u don't extract the files when u download right?01:59
bazhang[1]Cameron, correct, dont extract01:59
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shoopdewoopescott: do you think almoxarife's network d/l idea is a good next step?02:00
[1]CameronThanks, Winrar was confusing it02:00
GunfighterJYeah ports are configured and can be seen, I don't get why it would still actively refuse the connection02:00
almoxarifeGunfighterJ: the port is closed, verify you are talking to the right port02:01
GunfighterJI am talking with the correct port, however I don't know if vnc4server is configured to use 5900, I can't find documentation on setting it to work on that port02:01
escottshoopdewoop, the error message is from partman so its related to the disk partitions02:01
=== Sierr[a]AR is now known as SierraAR
shoopdewoopescott, what would you suggest?02:02
escottshoopdewoop, figure out what sdb is and remove it02:02
shoopdewoopescott: *noob question* how could I figure out what it is?02:03
escottshoopdewoop, sudo lshw -C disk; or read through the output of dmesg02:04
almoxarifeshoopdewoop: the partition you are installing to is a hard-drive correct?02:04
Kpwnhi what's up?02:04
almoxarifeshoopdewoop: it must be, you are installing grub on sda02:05
DrManhattanwhat is the command i use to watch my temps? For instance "foo -n 3 sensors"?02:05
shoopdewoopescott, thanks I'll try that; almoxarife, yes I'm trying to install it to the harddrive, but it crashes before I can configure the partitions02:05
escottDrManhattan, watch02:05
h00kDrManhattan: are you looking for 'watch'? 'watch -c somecommandhere'02:05
DrManhattanthank you escott and h00k02:05
h00k!helpersnack | escott02:06
ubot93escott: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:06
almoxarifehelpersnack <-- that is funny02:07
shoopdewoopescott: hmm, it looks like sdb might be the recovery partition that came set up for win702:08
escottshoopdewoop, no its a disk02:08
escottshoopdewoop, a1,a2,a3 are your windows partitions02:09
shoopdewoopescott, well there goes my hypothesis xD thanks for the tip, will keep looking into it02:09
=== zz_liono is now known as liono
shoopdewoopescott, what is an mSata ssd?02:16
escottshoopdewoop, that would make your system interesting. its an internal disk02:18
escottshoopdewoop, my guess is that this laptop has some kind of intel storage thing enabled02:18
RetardusMaximusjoin #unix02:18
escottshoopdewoop, intel smart response02:18
escottshoopdewoop, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_Response_Technology but thats a guess02:18
JC_SoCaltotally off topic but this channel has 1600 people so I have to try: does anyone know if Australian's have a nickname for the 20 cent piece ... like in america we call a 10 cent piece a dime?02:19
xangua!ot | JC_SoCal02:19
ubot93JC_SoCal: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:19
xanguaif you know then you don't ;)02:19
RetardusMaximusIts been a long time, I cant remember the comand to join a channel02:19
xanguaRetardusMaximus: /join02:19
RetardusMaximusok thanks!02:19
shoopdewoopescott, that definitely rings a bell; i remember adding that as an upgrade when i ordered the machine02:20
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JC_SoCalxangua: i know i just couldn't help it -- i've been trying to find out for a while now -- sorry02:20
escottshoopdewoop, and i dont know if that is going to work for you or not02:20
escottshoopdewoop, there might be a device mapper driver for that02:21
shoopdewoopescott, i'm not sure what that means02:21
escottshoopdewoop, you might try disabling the smart response to install ubuntu and then blacklisting the sdb device02:22
Evil_Ericwell i love linux but i love functionality more02:22
shoopdewoopescott, hmm, so would it still be usable after the installation?02:23
TandyUKubuntu desktop 12.04.1 x64 refuses to boot.. downloaded the iso twice, md5sum'd it, and verrified the disc the second time02:24
escottshoopdewoop, unless someone has written a device mapper driver of some kind (which they probably havent bothered to) the SSD and smart response will not work in linux. Its possible that you can just bypass it and go straight to sda with linux and leave windows to talk through SRT, or it might be that doing so completely corrupts both disks02:25
dr_williswhat does it do exactly TandyUK02:25
TandyUKother discs boot fine, and i can boot other disc burned in exactly the same way. it just sits at "attempting to boot from cd/dvd" on bios02:25
TandyUKony spins the disc up for a brief period then appears to stop all attepts to access it02:26
shoopdewoopescott, well that sounds dangerous! what is a device mapper driver?02:26
=== Guest62095 is now known as Adeel
dr_willishmm. that is weirdest02:27
TandyUKmythbuntu 12.04 x64 iso boots fine, which im trying to do a plain ubuntu install with the highpoint rocketraid 620 drivers02:27
=== Adeel is now known as Guest11300
dr_willisi tend to install from usb flash these days02:27
TandyUKand then load the mythbuntu stuff as they only have a live cd distro which doesnt give me a chance to load a driver disc as described in highpoints docs02:27
escottshoopdewoop, only link i can find. havent read ithttp://tobestool.net/using-intels-rst-with-linux/02:28
TandyUKi tend to use pxe boot for most of my stuff, but the pxe server is in a different building02:28
Ahmuckhow do i make mouse modifications?02:28
escottshoopdewoop, "dmraid intel SRT" gets a few others02:29
FarnabyAnybody know why I have the 12.04 image here and how to get rid of it? http://i.imgur.com/ptkIG.png02:29
TandyUKi just dont get why it woont boot, i see no reason or it, especially if other ubuntu based isos are fine02:29
shoopdewoopescott, thanks for the tip, i'll check them out02:29
dr_willisTandyUK: tried that disk on other machines?02:29
TandyUK2 discs freshly downloaded, md5'd etc02:30
toafanFarnaby: looks like it might be a mounted file.  What do you get when you right-click on it?02:30
escottFarnaby, virtual machine?02:30
TandyUKi havent tried it on another machine but i cant see 2 different copies failing in exactly the same way02:30
Farnabytoafan, the option to mount and format.02:30
Farnabyescott, I don't remember making one.....02:30
dr_willisive seen optical disk drives do weird things.  but i dont use them as much these days02:31
escottFarnaby, i was wondering if this was a vm guest. evidently not02:31
c_smithDoes anyone know how I can manually edit file type associations since the program I have to open a file isn't displayed by Nautilus?02:31
toafanFarnaby: to *mount* and to format... interesting.  So you can't rightclick->unmount, then?02:32
toafan(just double-checking)02:32
FarnabyThat was my first thought02:33
shoopdewoopescott, gotta run now, but thanks for the help! at least i know what the problem is now :)02:33
shoopdewoop!helpersnack | escott02:33
ubot93escott: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:33
toafanFarnaby: it says file though... makes me wonder how you got it in the first place.  Have you mounted any files (specifficly any ISOs)?02:34
c_smithdr_willis, I take it there's a wiki page detailing the issue I'm having?02:34
iIlL0oOhow to cat a.txt to xclipboard ?02:34
escottiIlL0oO, you should just be able to "xclip a.txt"02:34
iIlL0oOescott: thank you02:34
FarnabyMade a 12.04 usb disc yesterday which is, I am sure related toafan02:35
escottiIlL0oO, failing that cat a.txt | xclip should work02:35
iIlL0oOescott: on 12.04 , xlip is default installed ?02:35
TandyUKok boots fine on a different machine, but shares the same new style loader02:35
dr_willisc_smith: id check askubuntu.com02:35
toafanI've just installed a keylogger on my system.   I'm trying to configure it to start with the computer.  Learning about init files now, any other ideas?02:36
TandyUKgiven that http://www.highpoint-tech.com/BIOS_Driver/rr62x/linux/Install_Ubuntu_RR62x.pdf appears to be from the 9.10 era, perhaps a beter question would be02:36
dr_willisc_smith: ive seen some tweaker tools with the feature also. i thibk its mime type editing02:36
TandyUKwith 12.04, how do i load th highpoint rr620 drivers at install time, so that i can install ubuntu to a raid 1 array on said controller?02:36
iIlL0oOescott: Error: another clipboard is already running02:37
toafanFarnaby: My thoughts would be to track down the file that drive icon represents, and to try editing your 'places' menu02:37
c_smithdr_willis, alright, that's just what I needed, time for Google.02:37
dr_willisc_smith: id check askubuntu.com first02:38
dr_willisi bet its been asked there a dozen times02:38
FarnabySomehow I always get wierd things like this toafan but I guess its time to see what I can do02:38
FarnabyFirst things first, since its not mountable... actually I should try restarting first.02:39
escottiIlL0oO, what was your command?02:39
FarnabySomehow I alawys forget the easiest thing02:39
iIlL0oOescott: xclipboard a.txt02:40
toafanFarnaby: I feel like I missed something.  In review: you've got this mystery drive icon, and it's not mountable?02:40
escottiIlL0oO, xclipboard is a gui, you seldom use that in a modern environment. you need to install xclip02:41
iIlL0oOescott: thank you02:41
toafanshucks, missed 'im02:41
toafanWell, I just discoverd my keylogger's startup file in init.d.  Guess I'm good.02:42
Farnabyfyi: don't be a dummy, restart before jumping to conclusions. Otherwise you end up like me!02:44
FarnabyAnd with that.... its time for a beer and sons of anarchy I think.02:46
c_smithhmmmmm...... looking at the mime types file, the file extension (.exe) is there, just Wine isn't detected by Nautilus02:47
c_smithis there a solution to Nautilus not detecting Wine?02:48
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
nerddo gnome3 out of the box ?03:01
aahwhat is daisy.ubuntu.com and why does ubuntu constantly keep connecting to it?03:07
xanguac_smith: right clic, open with, select wine03:09
xanguanerd: ubuntu 12.10 comes with gnome 3.603:09
c_smithxangua, issue is, that isn't an option, Wine isn't listed in that method.03:09
xanguac_smith: do you have wine installed? did you install wine from repository?03:10
nerdxangua: really !! than it's cool let me check that out !!03:14
jbeattyafter a couple of hours of use, the filesystem dies and thinks it's read-only and will barely respond to anything (even bash completion doesn't work). Programs in RAM stay running though. Upon reboot, I have to fsck once or twice to even get it to boot... then the filesystem failed again after a few hours03:24
jbeattyis my drive dying or is there anything I can do to fix it?03:24
DrManhattanjbeatty, check your connections03:25
=== t0mcat is now known as diminoten
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jbeattyDrManhattan: switching to a tty gives me a bunch of "error: attempting to write lower page", would that imply a bad connection?03:28
jbeattyI'm afraid to open up my laptop and I want that to be my last resort :/03:28
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CavalierPrimejbeaty open unity dash home and type in disks, then click on the icon, it will give you basic disk health status there03:30
optikfiberanyone alive03:32
jbeattyCavalierPrime: says 40 bad sectors03:32
dr_willisjust us zombies03:32
CavalierPrimeyou have probs :\03:32
hitttjbeatty: run fsck03:33
L3mcejbeatty: touch /forcefsck and reboot or sudo shutdown -rF now03:33
jbeattyI ran fsck before and I got it to boot properly but then the problem came back up03:33
hitttthis might mean a damaged hdd03:33
CavalierPrimeyour hd is going, you need to transfer data now03:33
Pupuserworking on a minimal install and ubuntu cannot access the files archives on any mirrors tried03:34
=== diminoten is now known as t0mcat
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Pupusercannt download release files for ubuntu minimal install03:37
Pupuserthats not functional03:37
CavalierPrimepupuser is eth0 up or down?03:38
dr_williscan you ping the servers Pupuser ?03:38
dr_willisping command03:39
Pupusergotta exit the reg install and do cli03:39
dr_willissounds like netwrking is not cinfigured03:39
Pupuseror should use advanced cli?03:39
dr_willishuh?  any terminal will do.03:40
Pupuserwell its an install from a minimal cd03:40
dr_willisno idea what you mean by advanced cli.03:40
dr_willisyou may just  need to configure your network03:41
dr_willishow are yiu connected to the internet03:41
CavalierPrimepupuser go to terminal and type ifconfig to see if you are connected03:42
CavalierPrimeifconfig eth0 that is03:42
dr_willisunless hes wireless... ;-)03:42
Pupuserthere is no terminal ever done a minimal cd install? its the very base of ubuntu03:42
CavalierPrimeyes for a server03:43
dr_willisthe console is still there...03:43
Pupuserthat installs everything else the system needs to run via mirrors03:43
Pupuserhow to access it03:43
dr_willisim not sure your skill set is up to doing a minimal install. ;-)     alt f1 through f7 give consoles.03:44
Pupuserjust a moment03:45
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dr_willisyou are on a wired network connection?03:45
xanguawhat was the url to migrate a wubi install to a real install¿ i miss the bot :(03:47
Pupuserifconfig gives this _/bin/sh: ifconfig: not found03:47
Pupuserso no network03:47
Pupuserthe connection is via wlan003:49
Pupuserif that makes any diff03:49
Pupuserthere is a network manualy configured it a few nights ago on another minimal install but now cant get it on the same network03:51
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edoedoIs there any Ubuntu can create comic books>?03:57
robertzaccourMy new laptop's wireless card doesn't work in Ubuntu its a Realtek RT8723AE any suggestions?04:00
robertzaccourAlso I can't connect to the internet when wired neither.04:02
edoedoOh whatever04:04
edoedoI'll be back.04:05
libertehey guys04:07
robertzaccoursince nobody here can  help me with my issue, what is the developer's channel? I want to give them my information to help confirm my new laptop cannot connect to the internet in Ubuntu.04:07
libertei have a problem and i don't know how to ask04:07
libertebasically a friend of mine had an ubuntu installation inside of windows04:08
robertzaccournvm i found it04:08
libertewith wubi04:08
liberteand the installation went to hell04:08
phy1729liberte: on how to ask questions http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html04:09
dr_williswubi can be fragile04:09
liberteand now we must recovery the files inside of the this ubuntu04:10
libertein the spanish channel the gusya say me that wubi create a virtual disk04:10
dr_willisyou can miynt the wubi fileststem from a luve cd or ubuntu install04:10
libertebut we don't found this file04:11
robertzaccourMy new laptop's wireless card doesn't work in Linux its a Realtek RT8723AE any suggestions?04:16
robertzaccourAlso I can't connect to the internet when wired neither.04:16
CavalierPrimeyou may have to google a workaround04:16
CavalierPrimesome chipsets just don't jive04:16
dr_willisliberte:   c:\ubuntu\disks  is where the faq says.04:19
craigbass1976Can anyone recommend a good multifunction laser?  I got an hp for a guy that worked fine (scanned, printed) but something mechanical has failed and he wants an okidata.  He's had good luck with them in the past, but they provide no linux drivers at all04:20
dr_williscraigbass1976:  hp or brother is what i prefer04:21
libertethanks dr_willis04:21
libertejust one more qustion, if i dont have the virtual disk04:21
dr_willismultifunction often means more to go wrong04:21
Tecanwith the low latency kernel how do i get nvidia working ?04:22
Darkstar1Hello again me ol' chums. What is the package that contains the add-repository script? python-properties?04:22
craigbass1976dr_willis, the mfc by brother always seems to work for me too (although pdf printing over a network is slow for some reason) but he wants okidata.04:22
libertei have nothign to do?04:22
Tecannot sure how to kill xorg completely it keeps comming back... maybe init 1 ?04:22
dr_willisliberte: that file is the installed system. if windows trashed it... its gone04:22
craigbass1976Well, how about just a network scanner?04:22
dr_willisnever had or tried a networked scanner.04:23
Darkstar1……. 0_O04:23
dr_willischeck the sane homepage  and foruns perhaps.04:23
acidjazzhow can i search in apt which package contains the binary 'moc'04:24
dr_willis!find moc04:24
ubot93Found: automoc, libeasymock-java, libeasymock-java-doc, libjmock-java, libjmock-java-doc, python-minimock, python-mock, python-mock-doc, python-mocker, python3-mock (and 37 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=moc&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all04:24
Darkstar1apt-cache search?04:24
dr_willis!info apt-file04:24
ubot93apt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 24 kB, installed size 188 kB04:24
dr_willisapt-file moc       i think.04:24
dr_willisor use the full path04:25
acidjazzdr_willis: maybe automoc then?04:25
dr_willisno idea wghat  moc is. ;-)04:26
acidjazzqt's meta-object compiler04:26
dr_willisi bet id still have no idea after reading that.    ;-)04:27
acidjazz!find moc04:27
ubot93Found: automoc, libeasymock-java, libeasymock-java-doc, libjmock-java, libjmock-java-doc, python-minimock, python-mock, python-mock-doc, python-mocker, python3-mock (and 37 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=moc&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all04:27
rccola329Hello all, would anyone happen to know why my hard drive wouldn't be detected by ubuntus system installer?04:27
Tecani like to move it move it04:27
dr_willisrccola329:  allready using 4 primary partitions. or on a raid controller is common issues04:28
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rccola329Its a single partition that has windows 7 installed that I am attempting to install over, and most linux installers do not detect my hdd, but all windows installers do.04:29
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rccola329I use the same cd/iso on my laptop it detects hdd as expected04:29
rccola329this pc has acted this way with all linux distros since I first got the pc in 09 maybe 10'04:30
dr_willissounds like a controller isue. but no idea on a fix04:32
rccola329is that related to the motherboard? or the actual IDE cable?04:33
dr_willisssee if the live cds can mount the hd.04:33
rccola329good idea.04:33
dr_willisis it ide or sata,04:33
rccola329its old its ide i believe I havent opened it up in a while though04:33
dr_willisearly sata i recall had some bios settings i had to mess with04:34
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rccola329alright I'll check out the livecd mounting and look around the bios. the pc can load up the full live system i do know that04:35
dr_willispartition it by hand then start the installer perhaps04:37
rccola329the bios has an option ATA/IDE Mode <Enhanced (Native)> and Legacy, think legacy should be enabled?04:37
dr_willishard to tell  try them both04:38
rccola329Problem with partitioning it by hand is that I cant do it from outside of windows unless im installing windows04:38
n0sqhmm, i think i need to flash my DVD firmware on my XPS since it's not reading some double layer dvd's (other drives read the dvd's) but i can't find any firmware upgrades04:38
rccola329i want to get rid of windows completely and the live cd isn't showing the drive04:39
dr_willisrccola329: use gparted on live cd04:39
dr_willisif gparted dosent see it.. th04:39
rccola329when loading the installer it says "ata3: link is slow to respond, please be patient"04:43
fluxyHello, I am trying to run this command sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda5 /home/user/.disks/data -o rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=0770 but I cannot get the umask part right. Could anyone here have any idea about this plz?04:44
rccola329Ok in the Partition Disks section (I am installing from USB drive), All it shows is SCSI5(0,0,0)(sda) - 8.0 GB Sandisk04:48
seliteHow do I call two different commands with one name in Ubuntu? For example instead of calling javac hello.java and java hello, I would only need to call rn hello?04:48
seliteIs such a thing possible in Ubuntu terminal?04:48
dr_willisumask of 0002 is commonly used fluxy . the ntfs-3g homepage has other04:49
seliteCome on guys help me?04:49
tom_I was using Ubuntu software center to install applications, and tried clicking on matlab (and then realized that it didn't actually install matlab) ... ever since the, the installer for matlab has been stuck at a window called "Matlab Interface Configuration", which was brilliantly designed without an option to cancel or close04:49
dr_willisselite:  use a bash scriot04:49
tom_It's blocking me from installing anything04:49
fluxy@dr_willis: I want to restrict read/write access of that partition to one single user04:49
selitedr_willis: How do I build such a script?04:50
tom_And if I pkill matlab-support, then it just starts up next time I reboot and try to use synaptic04:50
dr_willisselite: its not clear to me what you want to do.04:50
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selitedr_willis: Here, for example I want to compile and run java code, first I have to compile it with javac hello.java and then run it with java hello. I am trying to achieve this with a single command.04:51
dr_willisfluxy:  id say chech the examples.04:51
selitedr_willis: For C code I would use makefile but for java I have to somehow make a tweak.04:51
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dr_willisselite: thats a trivial bash script04:51
lime__I was manually adding a new keyboard layout be editing /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us, evdev.xml, and evdev.lst but now no layouts will display in the keyboard manager04:52
seliteYay, tell me how to write it.04:52
dr_willislike 3 lines04:52
dr_willisjust put the commands in a file and make it executable04:52
dr_willisor use an alias.04:52
lime__The keyboard manager under settings displays nothing under keyboard options,  Is there a way to reset the xkb?04:53
hittthow can i edit this unity thing04:53
hitttis there any preferences anywhere04:53
dr_willisalias foo='command 1 ; command 2'04:53
tom_How can I cancel matlab from trying to install itself. I can kill the installer with pkill, but it just comes back when I try to restart synaptic or ubuntu software center ...04:53
selitedr_willis: But it has to accept an argument.04:54
dr_willishittt: seeral settings and 3rd party tweak tools exist04:55
selitedr_willis: "rn fileName" will do this "javac fileName.java" and then "java fileName".04:55
dr_willisselite: bash can do that vua $1 variable04:55
heoyeatom_: wait for it to finish then uninstall04:55
hitttwhere are the 3rd party tweak tools? im not waiting for gnome devels to ever make this thing better04:55
selitedr_willis: How?04:55
dr_willisselite: alias cant.. i think04:55
ubot93Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/04:56
heoyeaselite: use functions instead of alias04:56
tom_heoyea -- it won't finish it's getting stuck asking me where the matlab files are, and the developer had the brilliant idea of not adding an option to cancel or close the window04:56
devishhi All, where can i find the screen refresh rate settings in ubuntu 12.04?04:56
dr_willisoh yea.. functions. ;-)04:56
heoyeatom_: reboot then04:56
tom_heoyea -- It's stuck asking me for a file that doesn't exist, and there is no option to04:56
tom_As I said before, it just comes back when I reboot04:57
seliteheoyea: What functions?04:57
dr_willisbash has a function feature04:57
heoyeaselite: is more powerful then alias04:57
hitttdr_willis: any idea how to reach the settings? and how is the 3rd party tool called?04:57
tom_Heoyea -- I can kill it with pkill, but then the next time I reboot and start up synaptic, it comes back04:57
dr_willisscripts. functions. aliases..04:57
seliteheoyea: Do you have any idea how to implement it?04:57
dr_willishittt: depends on what you want to change04:58
hittt... everything04:58
heoyeaselite: example, nameiwant() {echo hello ;}04:58
seliteheoyea: I hope you aren't misunderstanding the question, I don't want to write C code to do this, I just want some kind of a tweak so that 'rn fileName' will compile and run fileName.04:58
dr_willishittt: thats vague.04:58
hittti seriously want to change everything, system font, the way the taskbar works, the position of it, the window manager04:59
seliteheoyea: I type that in terminal, it fails.04:59
hitttliterally everything04:59
dr_willisselite: a read of the abs guide will show you04:59
heoyeaselite: add it to ur bashrc04:59
dr_willishittt:  use the source  then i guess04:59
heoyeatom_: pkill only kills the gui, not the command line process i dont think05:00
seliteheoyea: How do I do that, I mean I don't know where bashrc.txt is located.05:00
hitttdr_willis: im not really in the mood of touching the source, i just need access to the preferences and that 3rd party thingy05:00
heoyeaselite: in ur home folder, hit ctrl+h05:00
dr_willisselite:   its   .bashrc05:00
tom_heoyea -- I know. I also killed dpkg, synaptic, etc. ... It just comes back next time I reboot though05:00
heoyeaselite: if u dont got it create one05:00
dr_willishittt: those wont do 'everything'05:01
tom_I need to know how to not remove it, but to STOP THE INSTALLER, so that apt doesn't try to keep installing it.05:01
M13_dos anyone know anything about dosbox here for ubuntu ???05:01
bazhangM13_, whats the real question05:01
dr_willisM13_:  its fun for old games05:01
tom_I need to find out where is the thing that says "Install Matlab next" and remove that05:01
hitttdr_willis: im not going for everything or nothing. I just need to change whatever i can from here05:02
heoyeatom_: try uninstall it package from the command line 1st05:02
seliteheoyea: I did 'gedit .bashrc' and I added 'nameiwant() { echo hello; }' and it didn't work.05:02
robbieHi, how can I convert a OneNote file to PDF in Linux?05:02
dr_willis!ccsm | hittt05:02
ubot93hittt: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz05:02
heoyeaselite: is just an example, u put what ever code u want05:02
dr_willisselite: open a new shell to load the new bash configs05:03
M13_im tring to play Arena on it but idk how to mount a drive for it and idk the command to print stuff in current directories05:03
dongliDoes any one know how to install ubuntu into ThinkStation C30?05:03
dr_willisthen type... nameiwant05:03
Jordan_Udongli: Are you having a particular problem?05:03
seliteheoyea: Doesn't work, command not found.05:04
heoyeaor just type bash again to reload05:04
tom_Ah - I think I figured it out -- dpkg -P was what I needed05:04
heoyeaselite: u gotta reload it everytime u edit the bashrc file05:04
dongliYes, I have installed it, but can not boot.05:04
dr_willism13 i recall dosbox having a mount commant. you did read its docs?05:04
heoyeaselite: just run bash again05:05
Jordan_Utom_: Please pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get purge matlab-support" (or if it brings up a pseudo-graphical dialog, post a screenshot).05:06
seliteheoyea: I did. I get "syntax error near unexpected token"05:06
Jordan_Uselite: Please pastebin your complete .bashrc05:07
dongliJordan_U: I have installed ubuntu into ThinkStation, but can not boot from it. Do you have any idea? Thanks!05:07
Jordan_Udongli: What happens when you try to boot?05:07
seliteJordan_U: There is no need. Just tell me what should I add in the .bashrc, something that compiles though.05:08
heoyeaselite: then u did something wrong05:08
dongliJordan_U: No bootable device found05:08
seliteheoyea: Nothing is wrong except the code that you provided. Considering there is a syntax error.05:08
Jordan_Uselite: There is a need, as what you've already been given is correct, which means that something else is wrong with your .bashrc.05:08
dongliJordan_U: Does ubuntu support ThinkStation C30? Or can I do something to fix it?05:09
seliteJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/zhekmATQ05:09
Jordan_Uselite: You forgot the spaces. Copy and paste exactly what heoyea gave you.05:10
hittti selected 'gnome' from the logon screen and now nothing shows up except windows (with no window manager)05:10
tucemiuxanyone knows how to install gnome without remix on 12.10?05:11
seliteJordan_U: Again, syntax error.05:11
Jordan_Utucemiux: What do you mean by "without remix"?05:11
Jordan_Uselite: Please pastebin your new .bashrc .05:12
seliteJordan_U: Copy pasted it perfectly. Ok, and thanks.05:12
hitttsomeone help me how can i logout?05:12
seliteJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/RJqbwyYD05:12
Jordan_Uhittt: Log out of Ubuntu, or quit your IRC client (this chat)?05:12
heoyeahittt: pull plug?05:13
dr_willishittt:  go to console.. "sudo service lightdm restart"05:13
Jordan_Uselite: You're still missing spaces. Please litteraly use copy and paste.05:13
jordihi .)05:13
hitttnothing opened but xchat (which loads up automatically) no window manager or anything05:13
Jordan_Uselite: Ahh, I see the problem now :)05:13
heoyeahittt: hold ALt+Printscreen+k05:14
tucemiuxJordan_U,  the current ubuntu install has the remix look and feel instead of good old gnome05:14
dr_willisold gnome?  you mean gnome 2?05:14
Jordan_Uselite: What heoyea gave you *was* incorrect, but when you repeated it, saying "I added 'nameiwant() { echo hello; }' and it didn't work." what you posted was actually correct :) If you use exactly 'nameiwant() { echo hello; }' it will work :)05:15
tucemiuxdr_willis, ideally gnome 3 but ubuntu now has by default the remix gui - I can't use that - I have to use gnome - how do I install gnome?05:15
tucemiux== without hosing the current install ==05:15
seliteJordan_U: Perfect, now, help me achieve this 'rn fileName' will do this 'javac hello.java' and then 'java hello'?05:16
dr_willistucemiux:  huh? you want the gnome 2 look or gnome 3 with nome shell?05:16
heoyeaselite: Jordan_U not sure wat u guys on about by mine was correct =D05:16
Jordan_Uheoyea: No, it wasn't. Try copying and pasting it into bash (if you add either spaces or a newline between '{' and 'echo' it will work, but without that it's a syntax error).05:17
tucemiuxdr_willis, ill go for latest and greatest, does gnome 3 look like remix though?  I just want the plain old gnome05:17
heoyeaJordan_U: well im on zsh, maybe a little diff05:18
Jordan_U!notunity | tucemiux05:18
ubot93tucemiux: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic05:18
dr_willistucemiux:  your words are confuseng.. gnome shell does not look like gnome205:18
heoyeaselite: u can do like name() { javac "$1" ;}05:19
tucemiuxdr_willis, I think Jordan_U nailed it, remix = unity, I don't want unity, I want plain gnome, like this: http://www.webcoz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/gnome-3-desktop-screenshoot.jpeg05:19
seliteheoyea: Yup did it.05:19
seliteheoyea: Thanks a lot.05:19
seliteJordan_U: Thanks a lot.05:19
Jordan_Uselite: You're welcome.05:19
heoyeaselite: use $@ for multiple arguments05:19
Jordan_Utom__: Did you see my message to you?05:21
tucemiuxjordan, "investigate" gnome-tweak-tool?  Does this means I'll have to figure out how to exorcise unity? :-(05:21
hitttfreenode thought it'd be fun to kill me about 30 times... sorry about that05:21
tucemiuxmy netbook got hosed pretty good and I'm going to lose some sleep figuring this out o.O05:22
hitttok, so i picked "Gnome classic (No effects)" and it seems to be the old good gnome without any netbook stuff05:23
Jordan_Utom__: Please run "sudo apt-get purge matlab-support" and select cancel when asked for the installation path to matlab, that should get everything back to normal.05:23
Jordan_Utucemiux: No, gnome-tweak-tool is just a nice GUI for twiddling gnome-shell's knobs :)05:23
tucemiuxhittt, how did you install the packages so that you now have a "gnome classic" option?  You figured it out already, can you share your experience please? :-)05:24
hittttucemiux: by restarting that services i got greeted with a login manager i've never seen before, it had much more options05:25
hitttyour sarcasm isnt going anywhere05:25
tucemiuxunity looks kind of decent but unfortunately I don't have time to mess with it right now, I'll have to hit it up eventually though05:25
tucemiuxhittt, you mean you switched to gdm ?05:25
hitttits heavily glitched but it works05:26
tucemiuxJordan_U, it looks **fantastic** , I tried on on a virtual machine, im slapping that on my ultrabook now, thanks you buddy !!!!!!!!05:27
munderwo-workHas anybody got experience with using pbuilder to build .deb packages?05:27
Jordan_Utucemiux: You're welcome :)05:27
Jordan_Udongli: Can you boot from a GNU/Linux LiveCD/USB, run boot info script, and pastebin the RESULTS.txt that it produces?05:29
Jordan_U!bootinfo | dongli05:29
ubot93dongli: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).05:29
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dongliJordan_U: Yes, I can boot into the LiveCD/USB, and installed ubuntu from there.05:30
voxadamI'm in the process of building a new desktop and I was wondering if there was any way to, using KVM, start or restart a Windows session when my girlfriend logs in. I have plenty of memory and my i5 3570 supports all the necessary virtualisation technologies.05:31
munderwo-workIm using pbuilder to build a custom package that involves a bunch of libraries and a python package, and then using fpm to build the virtualenv into a deb package. I've got all that working in a hook with pbuilder. Now I need to get the deb file back out. I dont have a .dsc file (because its a custom build) is there a way I can copy the .deb file out of the chroot?05:32
Daxterso yud want to save the state of the o for when your gf gets back? did i read that right?05:32
dr_willishmm.. there us a ubuntu-remixx variant that just comes with gnomelshell. calling unity 'remixx' is incorrect05:32
crimsonmanevoxadam: you can install VirtualBox, and I'm sure there's a command line method to run VB with a specified installed VM operating system, and you can make that command a startup command ending with " &"05:32
voxadamcrimsonmane: Thanks. I'll take a look.05:33
gimpygoowhy would update manager show me updates to software and then not let me update the software because of it not being from a trusted source?05:33
dr_willisgimpygoo: invalid gpg key perhaps05:33
dr_willisor the key expired05:34
gimpygooit says requires installation of untrusted packages.05:34
gimpygoothe action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.05:34
hitttalt+f2 doesnt work though... why?05:34
heoyeagimpygoo: the gui sucks usually, best to use the command line for it05:34
gimpygooit just came up...05:34
Jordan_Udongli: And you're going to run boot info script and pastebin the RESULTS.txt?05:34
gimpygoois there an easy way to grab all of the updates using the term ?05:35
Jordan_Ugimpygoo: Run "sudo apt-get update" and it should get rid of the error, if not please pastebin the complete output of the command.05:35
crimsonmanegimpygoo: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"05:36
gimpygoojordan, that worked.05:36
crimsonmanethe && means the second half executes only if the first half is successful. that's how i update my systems05:36
gimpygoothank you .. you guys are always very helpful.05:36
gimpygooI appreciate the help always..05:37
gimpygooallways **05:37
gimpygoois there an easy way to see what is slowing down my system ?05:37
heoyeagimpygoo: use htop05:37
Aaronor top05:39
hitttwhats funny, is that i found out that what i've been typing in the tty was echoed in here too05:40
dr_willistop  | less05:40
hitttfor some bizzarre reason05:40
dr_willisnaughty :-P05:40
hitttindeed naughty05:41
=== oem_ is now known as Dave915
hitttthat one was my password05:41
dr_willishittt:  seen some reports of a bug like that05:41
hitttthe 'ass' are initials though ;)05:41
=== Dave915 is now known as GOBot9
hittti still use them cause people always misinterpret them05:41
GOBot9hello everyone05:42
hitttdr_willis by the way not only i was typing my password here05:42
hitttbut most of the processes from the desktop i killed05:42
hitttare still running05:42
dr_willishittt: i dident see you type that stuff05:42
hittti saw the scrollback05:42
hitttit was like, 10 lines after u told me to go to tty05:43
hitttand it only printed the password05:43
ampi4hello i hav a q let's see i need a apper05:43
hitttthe username and the commands i typed were hidden05:43
hitttfor example right now05:44
hitttfirefox is running on the other window manager05:44
hitttthats a wild-ish bug05:44
hitttill reboot05:44
doomlordis there such a thing as a commandline tool to send a message to an irc channel05:46
L3topYou are going to have to narrow it down ampi4. There is a lot of paper in the world.05:46
dr_willisdoomlord: most irc clients  are scriptable and can do that somehow05:47
tavoeI'm trying to shrink my ubuntu partition and expand my windows one.05:47
tavoeI have logged on via liveCD and am looking at gparted.05:47
kanupataris there any tools in linux to parse a directory ?05:48
tavoeProblem is, I can't resize dev/sda3. It seems to be locked. I can resize dev/sda6, its child thatis using almost all the allocated space, but the freed space is still part of dev/sda3.05:49
dr_willisparse in what way? t#e find command maybe what you want05:49
dr_willissda6 would be an logical partition inside of a extended partion05:50
tavoewhat is linux-swap?05:50
ubot93swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info05:51
bobbertTavoe: linux uses swap if it has too much in RAM for the actual RAM to cope with05:51
noliverhhow to change ip address using terminal?05:51
dr_willisnoliverh: ifconfig i recall05:52
dr_williswindows uses ipconfig... or am i backwa|es05:53
crimsonmaneifconfig is linux05:53
crimsonmaneipconfig is windows05:53
bobbertbut how do you actually change the IP? ifconfig lists all the settings.05:53
dr_willistricky ms. B-)05:53
noliverhbut how?05:53
crimsonmanebobbert: "man ifconfig"05:53
dr_willisifconfig --help05:54
hitttcompiz is giving me a headache now05:54
evilmooifconfig a.b.c.d netmask w.x.y.z05:54
=== hittt is now known as Guest41893
ampi4ok L3top my q is how to config a tv card avermedia avertv super 009 Tv card in ubuntu 12.0405:54
evilmooer... ifconfig ethx a.b.c.d ....05:54
=== Guest41893 is now known as hittt
L3topampi4: is that an ngene?05:54
noliverhevilmoo: how about their dns and gateways?05:54
ampi4L3top is a tv card05:55
bobbertcrimsonmane: ifconfig address <wanted address> ?????05:55
mcgreteHello.  I am new to fetchmail and thunderbird.  Looking to transfer email from gmail account to local drive (and remove from gmail), and locally use/view with Thunderbird.  I have had no luck searching web for this, at least not anything other than perhaps 2005 timeframe.  Does anyone have experience with this?05:55
L3topYes, I know. What are you attempting to capture in... what program?05:55
jbermudesI have a 12.10 DVD that boots fine on machine A, but on machine B it just gives me a blank cursor for a few minutes then the machine proceeds to boot off the hard drive. Any suggestions?05:56
Jonta_Imageviewer that, when showing PNGs with transparency (Alpha-channel) show what's behind the image? E.g. the window of another program, or the desktop background?05:56
crimsonmanebobbert: idunno, i didnt read the man page05:56
ampi4i dont know maeby i think i wana use the default ubuntu program05:56
ampi4is that's possible05:57
bobbertjbermudes: if you want to install Ubuntu an alternate install CD should do it.05:57
jbermudesbobbert: Didn't Canonical drop alternate install CDs for 12.10?05:57
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest29912
bobbertjbermudes: I don't know, if they did you could download an old anternate install then update to 12.10.05:58
L3topampi4: there isn't really a default program for capture... regardless... the things I am looking at looks like they can get the card running, but not audio... gimme a couple minutes ampi4.05:58
crimsonmanei'll find the alternate for you (if it exists)05:58
ampi4rigth L3top05:59
=== iIlL0oO is now known as iIlL10Oo
mcgreteanyone use fetchmail?05:59
heoyeaisnt that dead06:00
mcgretestill in Synaptic; recently released; I admit, I am lazy to read the man page, requires scripting.  Looking for examples to follow along with Thunderbird...06:01
crimsonmane12.04 alternate at the bottom of http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/alternative-downloads06:01
mcgreteI am open to different alternative(s)...06:02
bobbertmcgrete: you simply sign in to Thunderbird with you Gmail address and opt to delete the mails from the server, then they will be gone from Gmail and on your thunderbird.06:02
jbermudescrimsonmane: Ah, thanks. It seems that there's also a "Minimal CD" thing too now... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:02
rickstarhi mate06:02
mcgretebobbert: That simple?  Great.  Thanks, I will try it...06:03
heoyeaminimal is the netinstall, takes too long06:03
crimsonmanei believe the mini is a basic linux install without a desktop environment - i could be wrong06:03
rickstarneed to know what to do short of reinstalling ubuntu to get lan (internet to work)06:03
bobbertjbermudes: it might be hardware driver probalem, though06:04
rickstarwent down after installing update :(06:04
bobbertrickstar: what is not happening on your LAN?06:04
sargenntoAnybody know why I would lose my volume slider graphic in Unity after installing the 'xubuntu-desktop' package?06:04
L3topI don't think you are going to have any luck getting that card rolling ampi4.06:04
jerry_li am looking forward to fixing the mouse KVM issue. when switchng between windows and Linux on a PS2 KVM the mouse goes crazy and i have to reboot one of the systems.06:04
jerry_lis there an ubuntu dev room?06:04
heoyeasargennto: might got replaced by xfce 106:05
rickstarbobbert: went down after installing update06:05
bobbertrickstar: can you configure the interface manually?06:05
rickstardon't know what i need to do?06:05
crimsonmanerickstar: have you tried "ifconfig eth0 up" for ethernet or "ifconfig wlan0 up" for wireless?06:05
crimsonmanethose are zeros, not capital o's06:06
ampi4thx L3top for your time06:06
fontgorillazug zug. How do I find all *.ttf files (recursively) in a certain directory - and cp them to a specific folder?06:06
rickstarno... try it now... which program i use?06:06
bobbertrickstar: run that command in the terminal06:06
Erinfontgorilla, cp -R *.ttf /folder06:07
fontgorillaErin: that's what i thought too but it doesn't seem to let me06:07
jbermudesbobbert: Yeah, It's probably the video card. X freaked out when I tried the 9.04 live cd06:07
Erinfontgorilla, gives an error or ?06:08
hitttmy compiz is freaking out, anything i can do?06:08
dongli_Have anyone installed ubuntu 12.10 into a ThinkStation C30?06:08
hitttif i run the desktop effects, it lags alot, and then after 10 seconds compiz crashes06:08
warholeearly morning in spain,just looking into ubuntu about firsttime06:08
hitttleaving me with no window manager06:08
bobbertjbermudes: ouch, that can be a tricky problem to fix. Have you tried a different distro and had same problem?06:08
fontgorillaErin: also that one will find all ttf on the filesystem wont it? I only want in a certain directory -R06:08
bobbertwarhole: welcome!06:08
Erinfontgorilla, it will do it for whatever DIR you are in06:09
bobberthittt: that probably means problem with video card driver.06:09
fontgorillaah, that might be my problem , my starting point06:09
warholeyeah breakfast i will let it go,bad english.06:09
jbermudesbobbert: Nope, this machine is trying to migrate from Vista to Linux, and Ubuntu usually has such a good track record with drivers that I tried it first06:09
hitttbobbert: it worked great in 10.04, i just upgraded and it crashes06:09
Erinfontgorilla, yea cd to the dir you want to copy the files06:10
bobbertjbermudes: I'm afraid it is probably drivers. What is the Graphics card?06:11
sargenntoheoyea: if i did 'apt-get autoremove xubuntu-desktop' would this be safe? and would i restore my old slider?06:11
fontgorillaerin sudo cp -R *.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype/myfonts06:11
Erinfontgorilla, looks good.06:11
bobberthittt: you did an upgrade from 10.04 through to 12.10 with the OS or did you do fresh install?06:11
hitttupgraded, and im on 12.0406:12
fontgorillaerin does the -R need to be after cp or at the end?06:12
hitttand i swear i had a program called "Propriatery Drivers"06:12
hitttwhere did it go D:06:12
Erinfontgorilla, that will have all the .ttf files owne by root, which might be a problem later you can use chmod to change em after06:12
heoyeasargennto: u might want to find what the name of that slider and reinstall the silder only06:12
Erinfontgorilla, you had it right06:12
crimsonmanefontgorilla: the "-R" means recursive, so it'll grab things in your directory plus all directories within that one06:13
fontgorillaerin this isn't havent the expected result06:13
TheLordOfTimehittt, try "Hardware Drivers"06:13
TheLordOfTimehittt, type that into the dash, it should show up.06:13
umerHey folks. I was wanting a minimal install, and thought that I could do that with the alternate installer. However, it seems like that installed the full desktop suite. Is there a way I can remove all of the non-base packages with out having to do a re-install using the server iso? This is on Ubuntu 12.04.106:13
dongli_Does Ubuntu support ThinkStation C30?06:13
bobberthittt: oh, I see, then maybe Unity has something to do with it? I'm afraid I have no experience with upgrading Ubuntu, as I always choose to do a fresh install.06:14
rickstar:bobert no god06:14
hitttTheLordOfTime: im in the 'classic gnome' with no effects06:14
TheLordOfTime... ah.06:14
hittti just want to run the effects on it06:14
bobbertrickstar: what is no good?06:15
Erinfontgorilla, idk what result did it give?06:15
bobberthittt: I'm stumped :(06:15
hitttoh and alt+f2 isnt working06:15
rickstarstill not working... any drivers or programs i can get 4 it 2 work?06:16
Erinfontgorilla, it works on my system ...06:16
jbermudesbobbert: GeForce 8500GT06:16
bobbertrickstar: sorry, I had forgotten about you there, buddy. Do you know what settings are required for your network?06:17
hitttok i run jockey-gtk from terminal06:17
rickstarbobbert: no i don't... it was working fine until i installed upgrade06:18
hitttthere was my old driver installed06:18
hitttand ill install a newer one06:18
sargenntoDoes anybody know the package name for the volume slider in Unity?06:18
Erinchael you sound like fat albert, HEY hEy HEY!06:18
fontgorillaerin, strange. I dont get why it doesnt work. it seems to have...I'll put the dir names here to see if I'm doing it right06:19
rickstarbobbert: might just be easier to save work and reforfatt06:19
Erinfontgorilla, like it doesn't move the files or ?06:20
bobbertjbermudes: this is a fairly old graphics card, which should mean it is better supported! considering dirvers are available here http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_100.14.09.html I really am not sure waht is wrong. When you get to black screen is there a flashing cursor?06:20
fontgorillaerin it looks like it only cped the first files it could find in the first recursive dir it went to... (frown)06:20
chael'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. Logon failure.06:21
crimsonmanefontgorilla: before running the actual "cp" command, construct it using "ls" in order to see what it's going to select before you do any copying06:21
chaelhow to fix it?06:21
Erinfontgorilla, with the -R flag it should recurse all the directories....06:21
fontgorillacrimsonmane: how do i use ls as you suggest?06:22
crimsonmanefontgorilla: put ls where cp is06:22
jbermudesbobbert: Yes, when it attempts to boot from DVD, the cursor blinks for a minute on the top row of the screen, moves to the next line, blinks for another minute, then boots off the HDD06:22
chael'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. Logon failure.  how to fix it?06:22
SolarisB1yfontgorilla: find /path/to/files -name \* ttf -exec cp '{}' /path/to/destination06:22
hitttwhoa it really was my driver06:23
hitttthanks, bobbert, TheLordOfTime06:23
Erinfontgorilla, ls -lR | grep .ttf06:23
hittti was using the recommended one06:23
hitttand it didn't really work06:23
bobbertrickstar: well we can try this first. try to run "ifconfig eth0"06:23
bobbertjbermudes: when it gets to the flashing cursor try pressing ctrl+alt+f5 and see if you get a terminal access.06:24
gimpygooif your application says that it is going to minimize to tray, where does it go ?06:25
gimpygoobecause from what I can tell it is still running in htop...06:25
gimpygooat least the process is there still....06:26
bobbertgimpygoo: what application?06:26
gimpygooheya chael06:26
gimpygooxchat actually.06:26
gimpygooit disapeared when i moved it to a different workspace, then i opened a new connection06:26
heoyeagimpygoo: goes to tray, it tray dont exist it is invisible06:26
bobbertgimpygoo: if you minimise an application it should minimise to it's icon on the launcher.06:26
ampi4L3top some one on china ryantell me that's solve with the command tvtime | arecord -D hw:1,0 -f S16_LE -c2 -r32000 | aplay - and need to install QT jack and set up yourt card to hw1,0 that's produce a server error and you close the into the icontray this kicks in the audio That's Solve by ryan_turner please update into ubuntu-ask06:27
gimpygooyeah, it didnt minimize though...06:27
gimpygooit was just invisible...06:27
gimpygoohow do you get an application un, invisible ?06:27
heoyeagimpygoo: launch again06:27
gimpygoothats what I thought too heoyea06:27
heoyeagimpygoo: or alt+tab06:27
Stanley00gimpygoo: try look at message menu, if it's not there, you should install xchat-indicator06:27
gimpygoois that an addon?06:28
=== sid|1|blb is now known as Guest64086
gimpygooor plugin ?06:28
chael'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. Logon failure.  how  to fix : gimpygoo06:28
Stanley00gimpygoo: *at message indicator*, sorry06:28
gimpygoois there a specific command for that addon ?06:30
=== Guest49281 is now known as Adeel
gimpygooi tried at message indicator, and it didnt pull anything..06:30
dr_willistthe whole minimize to the systray is getting sort of outmoded  ;-)  and old skool06:30
=== Adeel is now known as Guest44716
gimpygoo yeah.. i noticed :)06:30
Stanley00gimpygoo: "sudo apt-get install xchat-indicator", message-indicator installed by default06:30
gimpygooi dont seem to have a systray.06:31
gimpygoothanks Stanley0006:31
dr_willisindicator applets are replaceing the ystray06:31
fontgorillaerin what can i do with the ls grep output?06:31
bobbertgimpygoo: quite a lot of chat apps will 'close' to their icon in the system tray.06:31
SolarisB1yfontgorilla: you need to use find to recurse into directories looking for files to copy06:32
Erinfontgorilla, just shows the .ttf files recursively06:32
ErinSolarisB1y, nah he can use ls and grep also :-P06:32
sets88Народ, вопрос на засыпку: "как узнать mac сервера к которому в данный момент подключен по pppoe?"06:32
gimpygoowhen you type sudo apt-get install "x" . where does that file go ?06:33
SolarisB1ysure and xargs.. but thats more difficult and not needed =)06:33
dr_willis!ru | sets8806:33
ubot93sets88: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:33
sets88sorry wrong channel06:33
fontgorillaSolarisB1y:  that i used a long time ago to find all files with spaces and change them to underscores. but im having trouble constructing the command06:33
heoyeagimpygoo: ur /usr/bin usually06:33
Erinls -lR | grep .ttf is hard ?06:33
fontgorillalol erin06:33
SolarisB1yis that going to copy the files where he wants them?06:33
SolarisB1ybecause the find command i posted would06:33
ErinI already gave him a command that would06:34
Erinlike 20 mins ago ;-p06:34
SolarisB1ycp -R wont do that06:34
Erinsure it will06:34
fontgorillait doesnt erin06:34
SolarisB1yare there ttf's under multiple directories?06:34
ErinI just tried it on my machine06:34
lkthomasguys, on VI insert mode, direction control key turns into D,C,B,A. anyone have idea how to fix it ?06:34
Erinworked fine06:34
SolarisB1ylike dir/*ttf/dir*ttf.. if so.. no it doesn't06:34
Erink ill bow out good luck getting it sorted06:34
fontgorillacp: cannot stat `*.ttf': No such file or directory06:34
evilmoolkthomas: what is your TERM variable set to?06:35
SolarisB1yfontgorilla: that means there are not ttf's in the current directory06:35
sets88Who can answer : "How can i get mac address of  the server i just connected via pppoe?"06:35
heoyealkthomas: check ur vimrc06:35
SolarisB1yif they are further under.. thats proof that command wont work alone..06:35
fontgorillabut as erin said the cp has the -R flag, so why isn't it doing it recursive?06:35
evilmoosets88: try tcpdump?06:35
bobbertsets88: is that like SSH?06:35
lkthomasevilmoo: xterm06:35
SolarisB1yfontgorilla: because thats not what it means..06:35
fontgorillain man find it says that06:36
SolarisB1yfontgorilla: try and copy a directory with cp -f..06:36
Erinthe R does mean recursive06:36
evilmoolkthomas: are you using an xterminal?06:36
Erinman cp06:36
SolarisB1y-R means copy a directory and it's contents dude...06:36
SolarisB1ynot recurse into directories deep and find files...06:36
lkthomasevilmoo: no, putty remote ssh06:36
evilmoolkthomas: try setting it to vt100?06:36
Erinoh well he gave you a command does it work?06:36
lkthomasevilmoo: actually, it's the same on my laptop ubuntu too06:36
almoxarife#bash already, i dont want to know all the niceties of cp etc06:36
fontgorillaoh true SolarisB1y ... my mistake in not readinf man cp properly06:36
sets88almost forgot sniffers and log readers do not offer :)06:37
SolarisB1yno worries..06:37
Erinthis is why I dont help people here alot almoxarife06:37
SolarisB1yand if you need to copy the files under /usr/* somewhere you'll need to prefix it with sudo06:37
Erinpeople like you try to complain when someone is getting help06:37
evilmoosets88: tcpdump -e06:37
hitttok i switched to normal 'gnome' but im not sure it should look like that06:38
lkthomasevilmoo: any idea ?06:38
SolarisB1yfontgorilla: find /path/to/files -name \* ttf -exec cp '{}' /path/to/destination06:38
SolarisB1ythats the command for the record06:38
lkthomasalso, how could I "convert" to ppa command if I found something I need on launchpad ?06:38
hittti mean there is something seriously weird with this06:38
evilmoolkthomas: does setting TERM to vt100 fix it?06:38
sets88evilmoo its a sniffer :(06:38
lkthomasevilmoo: does not help06:39
lkthomasevilmoo: same issue06:39
sets88bobbert what like SSH?06:39
almoxarifeSolarisB1y: fontgorilla, take it to #bash, argue out the merits there!06:39
evilmoolkthomas: did you export it?06:39
Erinalmoxarife, who made you king ?06:39
ErinI missed the ceremony :-(06:39
SolarisB1yuncalled for06:40
somsiplkthomas: http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Fix_arrow_keys_that_display_A_B_C_D_on_remote_shell06:40
crimsonmaneErin: earlier today at noon06:40
Erinthey are discussing linux, its not far offtopic06:40
Erinlet it be06:40
fontgorilla_this is what i have so far... SolarisB1y and Erin               find ~/googlefontdirectory -name \* ttf -exec cp '{}' /usr/share/fonts/truetype/myfonts            this returns an error06:40
almoxarifeErin: the channel rules did, this is not the bash101 channel06:40
Erinoh calm down man06:40
dr_willishittt: you mean gnome-shell or the gnome2 look fallback mode?06:40
Eringonna give your self an early heart attack06:40
SolarisB1ywhy would a C program be discussed in bash anyway?06:41
fontgorilla_is he hassling you erin?06:41
hitttdr_willis i have no idea which one this is06:41
evilmoosets88: pppoe -d ?06:41
Erinnah he is hassling you lol06:41
almoxarifeErin: have a nice day06:41
hitttif i hit the top left corner it shows me all windows, nice06:41
SolarisB1yor trying..06:41
hitttif i hit bottom right it shows me my windows again, still nice06:41
Erinalmoxarife, huh... ?06:41
hitttbut i have no minimize button06:41
hitttor maximize06:41
hittti only have a close button06:41
dr_willishittt: check youtube for videos of each.  ;-)06:41
hitttis that normal?06:41
dr_willisfor gnome-shell y|s06:42
fontgorilla_Erin: SolarisB1y I struggle with these a little. im getting better though but some things I still dont have a handle on06:42
SolarisB1yfontgorilla_: no worries its why were here to learn/help =)06:43
Erinfontgorilla_, use the command he gave you apparently I didn't comprehend the CP manual06:43
dr_willisactivities on left sie. desktops along right side .. gnome shell stuff06:43
hitttright, how can i add the minimize-maximize button back?06:43
fontgorilla_this is what i have so far... SolarisB1y and Erin               find ~/googlefontdirectory -name \* ttf -exec cp '{}' /usr/share/fonts/truetype/myfonts            this returns an error              find: paths must precede expression: ttf06:43
dr_willishittt: theres some tweak tools to do it06:43
sets88evilmoo thank you very much, thats all i needed :)06:43
SolarisB1yuh i think i had a space in there by mistake06:44
evilmoosets88: cool, you're welcome06:44
hitttname one please ? :)06:44
fontgorilla_SolarisB1y: \*ttf06:44
evilmoofont: i think you want -name \*.ttf, not -name \* ttf06:44
SolarisB1yyep .. fontgorilla_  sudo find ~/googlefontdirectory -name \*ttf -exec cp '{}' /usr/share/fonts/truetype/myfonts06:44
dr_willisone in the repos. try searching. i dont use gnome shell.06:44
SolarisB1ymy bad ;> extra spacey06:44
SolarisB1yyoull need sudo06:45
heoyeamight want to use -iname06:45
dr_willisgnome-tweak or somthing like it06:45
SolarisB1yif some of them are named TTF sure..06:45
fontgorilla_find: missing argument to `-exec'06:45
heoyeamainly digital camera got Caps06:45
sets88evilmoo oops not exactly, it just runs discovery and shows one of founded servers randomly06:46
stroodlepupanybody installed 12.04 on an hp 4445s laptop?06:46
evilmoosets88: how many are available to you?06:46
sets88evilmoo 306:46
fontgorilla_SolarisB1y: hrmm indeed :) XD06:46
SolarisB1yyou have it all on one line right?06:46
evilmoosets88: you want the MAC for all of them?06:47
almoxarifefontgorilla_: i have a solution, install kde, using dolphin do a window split, on the left do a find *.ttf on the right open the dir/folder where you want all these files to end up, when the find is done copy all from the left and drag to the right, done!, on the the next chore06:47
fontgorilla_almoxarife: lol06:47
sets88evilmoo no i want the MAC of server i connected to06:48
Erinwow what a great solution06:48
almoxarifeErin: not as sexy as bashing i know, but it works, the first time!06:48
dr_willismc can do that also06:48
Erinintall a new WM to copy files06:48
Erinnever heard of that :-\06:49
Erinits like killing a fly with a .4406:49
almoxarifedr_willis: i bet nautilus does too, but i cant repeat the steps06:49
dr_willisactually i thought nautilus had a way. with the / key06:49
stroodlepupneed some help06:49
evilmoosets88: what exactly are you trying to do?06:49
SolarisB1yoh my bad fontgorilla_ really silly of me06:50
SolarisB1yyep .. fontgorilla_  sudo find ~/googlefontdirectory -name \*ttf -exec cp '{}' /usr/share/fonts/truetype/myfonts  \;06:50
almoxarifeErin: less you forgot, the point of ubuntu is 'relative ease'06:50
SolarisB1ythats all no need to open a window and manually go through folders that will work06:50
fontgorilla_it is almoxarife very easy to use. I just want to do things in bash all in go go, instead of doing what you suggest.06:50
stroodlepupdoes ubuntu have a grudge against amd vision pro cards?06:51
sgo11is there a command to list all autostart services? is there a command to check if a service is autostarted or not? I asked this question many times here. no answer yet. thanks.06:51
SolarisB1yfontgorilla_: \; at the end is the win06:51
almoxarifefontgorilla_: go get bash lessons on #bash!06:51
SolarisB1ythis has nothing to do with bash by the way06:51
fontgorilla_no thank you. im on ubuntu 12.04 almoxarife  :)06:51
crimsonmaneit has everything to do with bash06:51
SolarisB1yfind nor cp are written in bash06:51
crimsonmane"expansion" even06:51
SolarisB1yim using zsh06:51
dr_willisstroodlepup: you got it backwards... amd/ati has a grudge againts linyx06:51
fontgorilla_just ignore me if you cant stand my ignorance almoxarife06:51
evilmoostroodlepup: usually the problem is the hardware developers not providing appropriate documentation to open source developers06:51
fontgorilla_here, ill even type out the command for you almoxarife ... /ignore fontgorilla_06:52
almoxarifefontgorilla_: have a nice day06:52
hitttdr_willis: i found it, i had it installed already06:52
fontgorilla_you too sir. :)06:52
Erinhe is so polite while being a ....06:52
Erinkind of interesting06:52
heoyeasgo11: think all the autostart stuff is ins ur ~/.config/autostart/06:52
sets88i have a 3 pppoe servers and i'm connected on one of it, i want to login via ssh on server i connected on, to do some manipulations, now i just login on each of them, and then checks06:52
fontgorilla_SolarisB1y: what does the \; at teh end do?06:53
sgo11heoyea: that is not for services.06:53
SolarisB1yterminates it06:53
stroodlepupubuntu livecd hangs on an hp 4445s laptop.... need help06:53
SolarisB1yit does06:53
SolarisB1yit terminates the arguments passed to -exec06:53
Erinits the terminator!06:54
sets88evilmoo wrote the message, forgot to assign it to you :)06:54
Erinrun sarah connor06:54
fontgorilla_something so simple. But why does it need to be specifically terminated?06:54
heoyeasgo11: maybe initctl list06:54
]||[If I select the `upgrade' option from the installer, will it wipe /root?06:54
crimsonmaneno it won't wipe root06:54
]||[thank you06:54
Erinfontgorilla_, so the robots can take over ;p06:54
fontgorilla_(it works by the way)06:54
fontgorilla_grin erin :)06:55
Erinfontgorilla_, you can make a bash script with that command in it also06:55
Erinfor future use06:55
sgo11heoyea: initctl list only for current status. not autostart status.06:55
SolarisB1yfontgorilla_: no clue why =)06:55
fontgorilla_SolarisB1y: dosen't it know to terminate by itself?06:55
SolarisB1yits run in an interpreter06:55
Erinno, then it would be self aware. like skynet06:55
Erinhahaha you set me up for that one06:55
fontgorilla_it just works therefore it is?06:55
dr_willisself termination!06:55
Erindr_willis, suicide ?06:56
evilmoosets88: use pppoe -S to connect to the specific PPPOE server you want?06:56
SolarisB1yso the interpreter may mistake some of the arguments given to -exec for other things..06:56
sets88evilmoo what if it's down?06:56
evilmoowhy do you have three PPPoE servers in the first place?06:56
SolarisB1yfontgorilla_: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2961673/find-missing-argument-to-exec || answer is there ;>06:56
fontgorilla_well, my next task is to change all the cp'ed fonts to be owned by me. I must chown something? chown . 66606:56
SolarisB1yfontgorilla_: yes and that you CAN do -R with06:57
Erinfontgorilla_, sudo chown -R * user:group06:57
Erinmaybe ?06:57
SolarisB1ywell no.. i dunno about the . 666 thing06:57
crimsonmaneor 77006:57
dr_willisfontgorilla_: owned by your user? but in the system widefont dir?06:57
SolarisB1ychmod changes that not chown06:57
ErinI meant chmod lol.06:58
Erinwait no06:58
Erinhe wants chown doesnt he06:58
Erinso would my command work06:58
SolarisB1ybut he should really make them the same ownership as the other files06:58
Erin*.ttf anyway06:58
SolarisB1yErin: yes it would06:58
jerry_lhow do i add a text file named ubuntu12.04 to a DVD iso?06:58
Erinhurray huzzah for -R doing what I think it does.06:58
dr_willisfor a single user they can have their own.      .fonts  directory06:58
SolarisB1yalso true06:59
fontgorilla_so, how do i find out who should own them?06:59
SolarisB1yand just update the font cache06:59
SolarisB1yfontgorilla_: see dr_willis comment06:59
fontgorilla_yes thats next SolarisB1y06:59
Erinfontgorilla_, so put them in the .fonts folder and make them owned by your user:group it seems like06:59
SolarisB1yfontgorilla_: you can make a ~./fonts and copy them there and then run that command06:59
SolarisB1ythey will be found and available for you atleast06:59
Erinfontgorilla_, sudo chown -R user:group ~/.fonts ?07:00
dr_willis    .fonts  ;-)   note the    .07:00
fontgorilla_how i make them available to all users on this computer?07:00
SolarisB1yim having a bad typing day lols07:00
Erin/usr/share/fonts maybe ?07:00
ubot93Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/07:00
cocomoI changed the ubuntu themese a couple of times but now the window control (maximize, minimize(-), close(X)) have shifted to the right, they used to be on the left by default.07:01
cocomohow do i revert the controls to their default positions?07:01
fontgorilla_I've read that dr_willis. It's 10.04 LTS. I assume nothing has changed for 12.04 since you directed me there?07:02
ubot93Starting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263307:02
dr_willisfontgorilla_: no idea... i use   .fonts in my home dir...;-)    i doubt if ithchanged07:03
SolarisB1yi use it as well with my 3 fonts for vim-powerline lol07:03
cocomodr_willis: yes thats what i want them on the left side but i changed desktop theme and the suddenly are now appearing on the right.. i tried setting the default theme but still window's controlls are on the right side07:03
cocomohow do i get them back on the left where they were by default07:03
fontgorilla_is ~/.fonts accessible to programs? i.e. libreoffice will be able to see those fonts and use them?07:04
alusionI'm creating a backup and I want to have more information of my system what are some good commands or programs to see an overview of my files / directories and how much memory they take up ?07:05
SolarisB1yfontgorilla_: if you startef the programs yes07:05
Erinalusion, df -h07:07
fontgorilla_thanks for your help Erin, SolarisB1y , dr_willis07:07
fontgorilla_thanks for the entertainment almoxarife07:07
SolarisB1yfontgorilla_: np07:07
ErinI didn't help, I tried atleast07:08
sets88Who can help : "How can i get MAC address of  the server i just connected via pppoe?"07:08
SolarisB1ysets88: are you on that server?07:08
Erinsets88, sudo macchanger -s07:08
fontgorilla_i appreciate in any case erin07:08
SolarisB1yif so type ifconfig -a and look for the the pppoe interface07:09
cocomoHow do i move the windows controll(max, min, close) to their default left position? Window's controll on my ubuntu are suddenly moved to the right http://postimage.org/image/yr8lxsigb/full/07:09
Erinsets88, sudo macchanger -s interface07:09
fontgorilla_cocomo you can do it...i did it deliberatly once07:09
Erinhaha beat me again SolarisB1y I forgot ifconfig shows it ;-p07:09
cocomohow do i do it.. thats my question07:09
SolarisB1yErin: ;>07:09
ErinI haven't been using linux alot recently. well I have but just for my web/file/music server07:10
cocomofontgorilla_: plz help07:10
Eringaming alot on my "gasp" pc07:10
fontgorilla_https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/config-desktop/C/window-button-order.html cocomo07:10
Erinyea windows :-P07:10
fontgorilla_cocomo: i haven't tried it in 12.04 but that is what i used in 10.0407:10
ErinI think in 5 years linux will be game ready ;-p07:11
SolarisB1yits game ready now - no one makes them07:11
SolarisB1yor atleast any good ones07:11
cocomohow did you deliberately change controlls position in 10.0407:11
dr_willisbeen playing 'rochard' all week on ubuntu07:11
ErinSolarisB1y, valve is helping pioneer the way07:11
SolarisB1yyea i know.. i happen to have a special access to that beta...07:11
jerry_llinux is game ready as long as you dont plan on playing halo on it.07:11
Erinwhen I say game ready I meant the big titles.07:11
fontgorilla_cocomo: by reading and following that tutorial. see if it works for you for 12.04 https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/config-desktop/C/window-button-order.html07:12
cocomofontgorilla_: ty07:12
dr_willisubuntu-tweak has tools to move the controls left and right also.07:12
Erinjerry_l, well, halo4 is on xbox360 only so, even on PC you can't play it ;-p07:12
sets88SolarisB1y no im on a client07:12
SolarisB1ysets88: if you have the IP ping it and then type arp -an07:12
jerry_lwh not build a 360 emu?07:12
Erinwho me? HAHAAHAHAH!07:13
sets88Erin not working shows mac:00:00:00:00:00:0007:13
Erinpigs will surely sprout wings and fly first.07:13
jerry_li am reading the book on bash right now...07:13
fontgorilla_can you have gnome and KDE installed and use one or the other?07:13
SolarisB1yif the halo developers built a port of halo that ran on a linux system ofcourse with some h/w requirements,, then halo would be on linux,, and that would be the end of the story07:13
Erinsets88, try sudo ifconfig -a like SolarisB1y boy said then07:13
sets88SolarisB1y i cant have an ip ping PPPoE servers doesnt need an ip07:13
Erinsets88, a server with no ip ?07:14
Erinsounds fishy07:14
sets88Erin yes07:14
Erinsets88, thats not possible bud07:15
dr_willisheard of logging servers doing that... somehow07:15
dr_willisyears ago.07:15
Erindr_willis, with no IP ?07:15
SolarisB1yits like a black hole07:15
sets88Erin PPPoE works over ethernet no over IP07:15
SolarisB1yencapsulation in ethernet you mean?07:15
SolarisB1yof IP proto?07:16
Erinhow is data transmitted then ?07:16
fontgorilla_erin brainwaves07:16
Erinim by no means a know it all, I know alot though never heard of this lol07:16
dr_willisErin:  was in a linux journrl mag. 6+ yrs ago. ;-)07:16
Erinme and my puppy communicate through brain waves07:16
SolarisB1yErin: its possible07:17
Erinall she ever says is 'feed me''play with me'07:17
cocomofontgorilla_: ty, gconf-editor worked.. my controlls are now on the left.07:17
dr_willisa dedicated loging server.  somehow07:17
fontgorilla_oh my goodness you are beautiful people! im off to play in my font of youth07:17
SolarisB1yit means there is a direct connection between two devices07:17
SolarisB1yand the connection doesn't need to pass an IP stack07:17
Name141how would I install the AMD/ (ATi) driver for the 4670 ?07:17
ErinSolarisB1y, isn't data still in packets hough ?07:17
fontgorilla_yw cocomo07:17
SolarisB1yon a wire07:17
SolarisB1ythere is data layers under IP07:17
ErinSolarisB1y, so like usb ?07:17
sets88SolarisB1y no i mean it is on the same level as an IP level07:17
dr_willisin pipes... with cats.07:17
SolarisB1yactually kind of07:17
ErinI don't like cats :-(07:18
Erinalllergies you see.07:18
sets88SolarisB1y same layer07:18
SolarisB1ycats are the best07:18
SolarisB1yethernet!=IP layer07:18
Erincats don't need people and they let you know it when they piss on your stuff07:18
sets88SolarisB1y PPPoE layer=IP layer07:18
SolarisB1yit's encapsulating PPP in ethernet07:18
SolarisB1yby means of encapsulation dude07:19
SolarisB1y?? do you not get it?07:19
Erinencapsulating? I know what that means sort of.07:19
Erinlike keeping in one place right ?07:19
SolarisB1yits two directly connected peices of equipment07:19
SolarisB1yafter they finish the encapsulation ITS IP AGAIN07:19
Erinis a LAN encapsulated ?07:19
SolarisB1ylike connecting two office networks and such07:20
Erinit uses ip's though07:20
SolarisB1yits not passing over the internet07:20
sets88SolarisB1y not PPP, PPPs are differ, only PPPoE, yes it encapsulating in ethernet07:20
Erinbut it uses packets locally right ?07:20
sets88Erin yes07:20
SolarisB1ywhat does Erin?07:21
Erina LAN07:21
SolarisB1yyes... they all do07:21
SolarisB1yframes and packets07:21
Erinwtf is a frame lol ;-p07:21
SolarisB1ywhat a packet is in07:21
=== sid|1|blb is now known as Guest81331
dr_willisstealth logging server07:21
javier_hello, I am having a really hard time getting the alsa 1.0.25 installed on 12.04. can anyone help?07:22
sets88SolarisB1y so, any solution?07:22
SolarisB1yso your connectdd to a ppoed interface and you have a server on the other side you dont know ip of?07:23
javier_I have researched the net for 3 hours now and am not able to get xbmc to work,07:23
=== cyclicflux is now known as CyclicFlux
SolarisB1ynope no solution07:23
SolarisB1yrun nmap over the ppoe or something07:23
almoxarifejavier_: better to ask at #xbmc :)07:23
javier_but the inability to install the alsa is here right?07:24
dr_willisjavier_: why do you need that alsa?07:24
Erinwhy cn't you install it ?07:24
almoxarifejavier_: not really, they live and breath xbmc-sound issues07:24
javier_according to what I have read, I need it for ac3 and dts07:24
javier_it isn't included in 1.0.2407:25
SolarisB1ysets88: do you atleast know the subnet the server is on?07:25
SolarisB1yoh wait theres no ip... nm....07:25
ErinSolarisB1y, I think you are fighting a losing battle07:26
SolarisB1ywtf its serving with no ip who knows...07:26
dr_willisjavier_:  no ppas to found of a newer alsa?07:26
SolarisB1yErin: good call07:26
Erinjavier_, you might have to build alsa from source, which could be a nightmare idk....07:27
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=== jack is now known as Guest16314
javier_I have been trying to do that, and  I keep getting errors.07:27
Erinsuch as ?07:27
javier_javier@ubuntu:~$ apt-get source libasound2-plugins07:27
javier_Reading package lists... Done07:27
javier_Building dependency tree07:27
javier_Reading state information... Done07:27
javier_Picking 'alsa-plugins' as source package instead of 'libasound2-plugins'07:27
javier_E: Unable to find a source package for alsa-plugins07:27
FloodBot1javier_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:27
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
dr_willisjavier_:  ppa would be best. agea ago i saw a 'compile alsa' script.. not needed it in ages07:28
almoxarifejavier_: have you asked that question on #xbmc?07:28
dr_willis!info alsa07:28
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
ubot93Package alsa does not exist in quantal07:28
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
javier_can you give me the command?07:28
javier_i have not been on xbmc. I just started here07:29
SolarisB1ywait i thought it was precise the bot did07:29
almoxarifejavier_: its a channel, use '/j #xbmc' to join it07:29
sets88SolarisB1y there are some ways: sniffers and logs, but i dont like that ways07:31
=== Guest44716 is now known as Adeel
Name141is there a way to get the 'classic' look in Ubuntu still ?07:31
ubot93Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic07:31
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Name141is Natty the LTS?07:32
dr_willisthe old gnome look feature is to be phased out.07:32
SolarisB1ysets88: its says arping can send a broadcast ping with -U.. not sure never tried..07:32
ubot93LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)07:32
SolarisB1ybroadcast arp ping . sets8807:32
almoxarifedr_willis: i dont understand why a feature that people actually like needs to be pulled07:33
dr_willisalmoxarife: lack of manpower......07:33
sets88SolarisB1y arp ping work only with ip addresses07:33
Erinsets88, have you googled this ?07:33
izxIs there any front tool available in ubuntu for vnc viewer ???07:33
Erinto find out how to do it07:33
dr_willisizx:  front tool?07:34
sets88Erin aha07:34
Erinsets88, just saying u might find more info07:34
SolarisB1ysets88: ok then im out of clues for ya,, call the admin and have him give it to ya ;)07:34
sets88Erin cant find anything, here is last resort :)07:34
izxdr_willis: Yes i mean GUI front end tool for vnc viewer07:34
Erinsets88, why do you need it anyway07:34
lolek1hello all, how can i setup two default gateways graphically  in network manager ?07:34
ubot93VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX07:35
Erinlolek1, you can't have 2 default gateway on one device...?07:35
dr_willisizx:  i belive ive seen some.. ages ago.. not really used them07:35
lolek1Erin: well.. i can07:35
sets88SolarisB1y what is the worst thing in this story: i am admin :(07:35
Erinhows that gonna work ?07:35
lolek1Erin: just exec twice: route add default gw with different addresses07:35
almoxarifevino is the server?07:35
SolarisB1ysets88: hahaha welcome to the club07:35
lolek1Erin: and it works as i need it07:35
Erinlolek1, yea no idea07:36
=== lolek1 is now known as lolek
lolekErin: hmmm07:36
Erinlolek, I was pretty sure you can only have 1 default gateway, hence the term 'default' lol07:37
lolekErin: yea, i was thinking the same way until i've checked that out :)07:37
Erinwhy use 2 gateways ?07:37
lolekErin: well temporary problem with some routing so depneding on gw i have access to selected networks :/07:38
ErinI see07:39
sudo-apt-gethow to cd to /root? I get access denied...07:41
somsipsudo-apt-get: sudo -i; cd /root;07:42
heoyeasudo cd /root ?07:42
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=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
sudo-apt-getty somsip07:42
somsipsudo-apt-get: but remember - you are now working as root - be careful :)07:43
sudo-apt-getok !!07:43
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KeuI'm trying to enable RandRRotation in xorg.conf in LXDE but the change is not taking even after restarting lightdm or logging out. Is the right file still /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?07:48
someprimetimeso i use pbcopy on os x, but when i ssh into my server, i want to be able to pbcopy the contents of files into my local clipboard.. any idea how to do so?07:51
CyclicFluxWhats happening fellow Ubuntu-enthusiasts!?07:54
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
CyclicFluxErin, Thats the way to be!!!07:56
CyclicFluxI have a question I am having one heck of a time with.07:56
CyclicFluxI installed swift fox(the faster, and smoother riding Firefox counterpart for Linux), and I am unable to get flash to work07:57
CyclicFluxI have installed flash, and have had it successfully running on my system with both Chromium, Firefox(which is what I used prior to Swiftfox).  But it doesn't seem to like SwiftFox.07:58
CyclicFluxI have tried both package manager installation, and then re-installation, and then when that didn't work I tried the apt-get purge for all of the flash on the system.07:59
heoyeaCyclicFlux: might have to manully add flash to swiftfox07:59
CyclicFluxAny thoughts?07:59
CyclicFluxheoyea, I am in the process of doing that now! :)07:59
heoyeaCyclicFlux: thats how we use to fix firefox flash junk in the past =D08:00
heoyeayea just add the libflash.so file to the correct folder08:00
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
CyclicFluxheoyea: Semantically speaking everything is fine, I see on this setup that the firefox plugin location is /usr/lib/firefox/plugins, and upon installing swiftfox, I saw that the /usr/lib/firefox/plugins was then linked to /usr/lib/swiftfox/plugins, and I dbl-checked the link with 'll' from the shell.08:01
heoyeayea it might be symlinked08:01
Jordan_UCyclicFlux: If their webpage, http://getswiftfox.com/ , is any indication then swiftfox is *many* *many* versions behind Firefox.08:01
CyclicFluxheoyea, I got ya, it should work because Ubuntu has the /etc/update-alternatives present(I think that takes care of the majority of the prior flash squabbles on linux/ubuntu)08:02
Jordan_UCyclicFlux: Firefox has had *a lot* of performance improvements since 3.6.13, which will do a lot more than a few compiler flags.08:03
CyclicFluxJordan_U, so your saying that it could be a software compatibility thing?  The plugins were compatible, maybe I should check the about:config, and see the plugin settings/etc...08:03
=== nebula is now known as Guest37892
Jordan_UCyclicFlux: I'm saying that you shouldn't run such an old browser, which if it's really still at 3.6.13 has many known security vulnerabilities.08:04
heoyeais cool hes on linux not windows08:04
almoxarifehttp://getswiftfox.com/index.htm <-- i got 404 and certificate out of date :)08:04
Erinheoa_, LOL08:04
Erinheoyea, LOL.08:05
Erineven linux can be insecure08:05
heoyeaErin: yea but still safer then most08:05
Erinsafer than windows fo sur08:05
tuxtotihello. i'm on 12.10. I see that gnome-terminal on this has a bug ->  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-terminal/+bug/107931108:05
ubot93Launchpad bug 1079311 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "gnome-terminal memory leak causes slow performance" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:05
Jordan_UCyclicFlux: Firefox is at version *17*.08:05
tuxtotiis there a way for me to downgrade the gnome-terminal alone to a previous version or something that was on 12.04 ?08:06
heoyeaFirefox got new version every month dont worry about it08:06
almoxarife!terminator | tuxtoti , terminal on steroids08:06
dr_willisterminator uses gnome-terminal08:07
heoyeause guake08:07
almoxarifedr_willis: it does not, dont say that, you sure?08:07
dr_willisor at least it used to. it was a python front end ages ago08:08
dr_willischeck its homepage perhaps08:08
almoxarifedr_willis: i may need the terminator-kde version08:08
CyclicFluxJordan_U, Good eyes, I am glad you saw it, I am checking the website now.08:09
almoxarifedr_willis: you are correct sir, multiple gnome terminals, time to toss it here08:10
CyclicFluxJordan_U, Your totally right, I was wondering why my google search window was not pulling up any issues past 2010-2011 with it, lol!!! I think I now know why my firefox was originally so slow.08:11
dr_willis i recall it being a python skin/frontend over  gnome-terminal somehow. ;-)08:12
dr_willisalmoxarife: its also using gtk2 it seems. ll keep using it however08:13
almoxarifedr_willis: there must be a equiv in kde, split screening is the part that works for me08:13
zebro09Has anyone here used Asterisk here? I want to install it for home use wondering what sort of learning curve I am looking at, if it is worth it08:14
dr_willisguake like terminator tweak.....   http://wenlong.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/gnome-terminator/08:15
heoyeaguake with tmux > terminator08:15
Kartagiscan I pass mkpasswd result to useradd?08:16
dr_willisi run tmuxin terminator08:16
heoyeayay =D08:16
dr_willisKartagis: with the right bash voodoo i ikagine so.08:17
yhushadoing a virtual box with ubuntu minimal cd and the whole operation stands still with a purple screen shortly after it gets the files archive download08:18
=== Hydra is now known as Guest3883
Guest3883Hello I am new here08:19
yhushathere is however some sort of command line at the bottom of the screen08:19
yhushaanybody have anything08:20
yhushanew here whats the issue08:20
antzwhen you do sudo apt-get install irssi  where is the directory for irssi?08:20
heoyeau just type irssi in the terminal08:20
dr_willisantz: it has files all over the place08:20
olegbantz: "which irssi" gives /usr/bin/irssi08:21
antzyeah but i want to put in the theme file08:21
dr_willisthe binary you mean?08:21
antzand then i can do /SET theme theme_name08:21
antzi need to know where to put my theme file at08:21
llutz_antz: ~/.irssi08:21
dr_willisuse your users home dir. irssi dir08:21
dr_willisnot system widespread08:21
heoyeause weechat =D08:21
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
dr_willisi use weechat. ;-)08:22
antzthank you08:22
textaHey guys. Am I correct in assuming that gvfs-gdu-volume will only detect mounted storage in /media08:29
textaand not /mnt or otherwise?08:29
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=== mimor is now known as mimor_
=== Guest98088 is now known as Adeel
RJ45-QI need to downgrade samba-common Ubuntu3.8 to samba-common Ubuntu3 in order to install Samba (Ubuntu 10.04), according to Synaptic it requires the removal of ubuntu-desktop, is that safe?08:32
=== Adeel is now known as Guest23197
alusionI am using byzanz-record and I want to use the --display=  feature to record from a certain display, how do I specify the window?08:32
RJ45-Qwould it actually remove the desktop and leave me with a command-line?, or is the package name 'ubuntu-desktop' just mis-leading?08:33
ErinRJ45-Q, its just a meta package08:33
Erinis that the only thing it says its gonna remove ?08:33
RJ45-QErin: before I refreshed repos yes, not it wants to remove other stuff to, but it's safe to remove stuff.08:34
RJ45-Qwhat is a meta package?08:34
ErinRJ45-Q, im not entirely sure but thats what ive been told it is.08:35
ErinIve had similar question before08:35
ubot93k/ed/x/l/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.08:35
somsipRJ45-Q: a package that just contains information relating to other packages. It contains no code as such08:35
evilmooa meta package is one package that points to one or more other "real" packages08:35
RJ45-Qlook, I REALLY can't afford my whole OS to need a complete re-install!, are you sure?08:35
Erinyea you can remove it08:35
=== leonmarincowitz is now known as Lionthinker
Erinjust put it bk when it done I guess08:35
RJ45-Qm'kay, I hope ur right.08:36
RJ45-Qhere goes :-/08:36
Erini know xubuntu-desktop says it will only remove that 1 pckage08:36
Erin44kb so it must be safe08:36
LionthinkerQuestion: Lightread wont login, ask Ubuntu, launchpad has no answer. can you guys help?08:36
RJ45-Qif I don't respond to Erin here within 10 minutes, that means everything f***ed up and I'm very pissed.08:37
CyclicFluxJordan_U, Thanks for your interjection, I uninstalled swiftfox(found it strange that I had to either install it from source, or that it was not included in the default Ubuntu sources).  But after opening my original firefox, and then tweaking, and checking it I saw that it was progressively slower due to the overly grown SQLite database it keeps for anti-fishing.  Looking back its got 1+years of backups its using when I loaded my full file from FEBE(08:42
CyclicFluxfirefox environment backup extension), which I use to handle my browser-related stuff/profiles08:42
RJ45-QI just removed the 2.8, so-far so good but... I NEED HELP!...08:42
RJ45-Q  Depends: libwbclient0 (=2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3) but 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.8 is to be installed08:42
RJ45-Qwhat do I do?08:43
RJ45-QI need to know what to do!08:44
RJ45-QI'm scared08:44
RJ45-Qand clueless08:44
ErinRJ45-Q,  idk sudo apt-get -f install08:44
RJ45-Qforce install?08:44
Erinya try it08:45
yhushahow to add the kernel driver for my network card to a minimal iso before install08:45
skiminihaving trouble with booting from a liveUSB (64bit) on a new Samsung laptop with Win8 pre installed. Have tried various adjustments in BIOS to no avail. Is it necessary to turn Secure Boot off, or doesn't that matter. Any other suggestions please?08:45
RJ45-Qno way man!, I tried that with a pesky Java package and I had-to re-install the whole OS!08:45
ErinRJ45-Q, sounds like you did a not needed reinstall then08:46
CrowX-I created an ext4 partition using fdisk on the ubuntu live cd, installed ext4 on it with mkfs.ext4 and then put some files on it.08:46
CrowX-I unmounted the partition and rebooted.08:46
skimini...Does the USB need to be selected as first in boot order? ...do I need to use the Ubuntu-Secure-Remix iso ?08:47
CrowX-Now when I boot through the ubuntu live cd and try to mount the partition without file system arguments, it says "you must specify file system"08:47
CrowX-when I do specify file system, it says it can't find ext4 on the partition08:48
CrowX-here's my dmesg output for that specific command08:48
CrowX-[  234.377948] EXT4-fs (sda3): VFS: Can't find ext4 filesystem08:48
ErinCrowX-, sudo mount /blah/blah -t ext4 ?08:48
CrowX-what could be the reason?08:48
crimsonmaneCrowX-: unpartitioned?08:48
ErinCrowX-, pastebin sudo parted -l ?08:49
almoxarifeCrowX-: unformatted ?08:49
CrowX-crimsonmane: what do you mean? I explained above how I partitioned it and installed the file system08:49
almoxarifeCrowX-: installed system on sda3?08:49
CrowX-almoxarife: I explained above everything I did08:50
CrowX-read several lines above please08:50
ErinCrowX-, pastebin sudo parted -l please08:50
CrowX-Erin: sec I'll pastebin you the output08:50
crimsonmane<CrowX-> Now when I boot through the ubuntu live cd and try to mount the partition without file system arguments, it says "you must specify file system"08:50
almoxarifeCrowX-: great, and that error explains you not having a formatted sda3 to ext4, :)08:50
CrowX-almoxarife: I created an ext4 partition using fdisk on the ubuntu live cd,  installed ext4 on it with mkfs.ext4 and then put some files on  it.08:50
skiminiUEFI problems ...help?08:50
CrowX-that's my first line08:50
CrowX-I was able to mount and put those files and everything worked well08:51
CrowX-but after i unmounted and rebooted, it can't remount the partition08:51
ErinCrowX-, yea please pastebin parted so I can see whats up08:51
CrowX-Erin: here's my output of parted -l: http://pastebin.com/hRjNGhne08:51
yhushaanybody have a command to get a gui for mini install from console08:52
ErinCrowX-, thats not all of it08:52
Erinand it doesn't show an ext4 partition08:52
CrowX-Erin: /dev/sda3 is the ext4 partition08:52
almoxarifeCrowX-: seems you dont have a formatted sda3 to ext408:52
ErinCrowX-, thats not the whole output08:53
CrowX-number 3 on the list08:53
Erinplease paste it all ;-p08:53
CrowX-almoxarife: if I didn't have it formated to ext4, how was I able to mount it before rebooting?08:53
RJ45-QI did a 'force downgrade' in Synaptic, and now suddenly everything is somehow happy clappy. :-/ not sure I won the battle or lost it...08:53
CrowX-Erin: here's the whole output: http://pastebin.com/pFywWMHf08:54
RJ45-Qlibwbcliand   force downgrad*08:54
=== Youri is now known as YBook
ErinCrowX-, id say you need to format it again08:55
CrowX-Erin: that's what I feared :(08:55
CrowX-thanks anyway08:55
ErinCrowX-, use parted08:55
CrowX-Erin: why parted and not fdisk?08:55
ErinCrowX-, fdisk is ancient08:55
CrowX-Erin: practical reasons?08:55
crimsonmanebecause you're doing it wrong, that's the real reason08:55
CrowX-crimsonmane: what's the right way?08:55
yhushanone of the commands like sudo or aptitude or anything like that work in the shell console of ubuntu minimal install08:56
crimsonmaneyhusha: they're not shell commands, they are programs you have to install08:56
CrowX-yhusha: you can install aptitude manually using "apt-get install aptitude"08:56
crimsonmaneCrowX-: i dont use fdisk, but it's obvious you did something wrong.08:56
RJ45-Qafter all thise changes, now although I just installed Samba, I for some strange reason can't right-click share in Nautilus anymore, the feature's gone!, any suggestions?08:56
ErinRJ45-Q, use /etc/samba/smb.conf to make your shares08:57
RJ45-QI REALLY like the option though08:57
CrowX-ok thanks guys, I'll reformat and redownload a bunch of files :)08:57
RJ45-Qhow do I put it back?08:57
almoxarifecrimsonmane: something not being right does not make the dude wrong08:57
ErinCrowX-, no backups lol ?08:57
CrowX-Erin: those were the backups :D08:57
yhushait says apt-get not found08:58
almoxarifeoh dear,08:58
ErinCrowX-, learn to use parted its much better08:58
RJ45-QI reckon I have-to re-install 'nautilus-share'08:58
CrowX-Erin: how is it better? I don't mind trying new things, but I'd like to know the difference first08:58
RJ45-QI'll try that.08:58
ErinCrowX-, works with GPT for one thing08:58
shwouchkI disabled search results in 'privacy' and uninstalled the shopping-lens, yet I still get commercial suggestions at the bottom of the 'all programs' list. What do I need to do to completely get rid of this/08:59
llutz_CrowX-: parted has advantages when i comes to gpt-drives. for old msdos-patitiontables fdisk still works fine08:59
=== dark3n|off is now known as dark3n
heoyeashwouchk: delete unity09:00
Erinheoyea, bizinga09:01
izxWhat does this mean?? E: Package 'xvncviewer' has no installation candidate09:01
heoyeaizx: wrong name?09:01
Erinizx, you got the name of the package wrong09:01
almoxarifeshwouchk: did you also un-install the 'ubuntu software center'?09:01
shwouchkalmoxarife, no09:01
RJ45-Q'nautilus-share' is included with the OS from first install, so I should not have-to re-download it from pkgs.org and re-install it, but Ubuntu is made by retards 25% of the time, so I'm gonna have-to I guess.09:02
ErinRJ45-Q, WOW son.09:02
shwouchkheoyea, great suggestion. I'm glad #ubuntu has people such as yourself in the community09:02
almoxarifeshwouchk: give it a try, i assume you dont want pay-ware09:02
ErinRJ45-Q, tried using apt-get and calming your attitude down ?09:02
heoyeashwouchk: no probs09:02
shwouchkalmoxarife, don't want commercials of any kind09:02
RJ45-QErin: I should not have-to apt-get either!, for Samba!09:03
ErinRJ45-Q, thats like saying you shouldn't haveto breathe09:03
RJ45-Q...at-least it's not Apple.09:03
ErinRJ45-Q, yea its free try to remember that.09:03
almoxarifeshwouchk: i can imagine09:03
RJ45-Qor at-least it's not Windows09:03
shwouchkalmoxarife, there is no package called ubuntu-software-center... do you know how it is actually called?09:04
RJ45-QI'd rather take an Elephant trunk up the ass than but stuck with Apple or Microsoft the rest of my like :P09:04
ErinRJ45-Q, you would like that eh?09:04
almoxarifeshwouchk: did you look via synaptic?09:04
heoyeashwouchk: think is just called software-center09:04
almoxarifeshwouchk: what heoyea said09:04
shwouchkI use aptitude usually09:05
almoxarifeshwouchk: i use zypper usually09:05
ubot93Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code09:05
ubot93Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator09:06
ErinI use eclipes when the sun is too bright09:06
RJ45-QI re-installed 'nautilus-share' even though I shouldn't of had-to, not it's still not there.09:06
ErinRJ45-Q, try restarting the WM09:07
RJ45-QI'm gonna reboot now, I just hope I can log back in afterwards after all those changes, wish me luck!!!09:07
ErinRJ45-Q, no need to reboot09:07
ErinRJ45-Q, sudo service lightdm restart09:07
RJ45-QErin: it needs a fresh start anyway.09:07
Erindid you update kernel ?09:07
Erinthats only reason to reboot09:08
RJ45-QI don't think so, why?09:08
almoxarifeErin: he wants to reboot!09:08
Erinso then you don't need to reboot09:08
ErinI try to teach people this isn't windows09:08
Erinevery right mouse click doesn't require a reboot lol09:08
alusionErin, what command can I issue to find out more about a process?09:08
RJ45-Q...and I was all like, "screw you muther ******, I'ma gon' reboot man!09:08
Erinalusion, like what exactly ?09:09
* RJ45-Q reboots09:09
alusionErin: I issue pgrep, and wanna find out more about a process id09:09
alusionykno? lol I wanna know what is running on my system09:09
Erinalusion, ps -ef09:10
almoxarifeRJ45-Q: there is a practical reason for a reboot, its a guarantee that the sys will restart next time, restarting a service only tells you that the service runs post what ever you did, its not a server working moon shots or keeping us safe, reboot brother!09:10
Erinalusion, or install htop09:10
alusionah yeah I use htop. Thanks, hey also -- how do I check my zeitgeist logs if ya know09:10
llutz_almoxarife: ps -fp <pid from pgrep>09:10
llutz_alusion: ^^ sry almoxarife09:10
Erinalusion, idk what a zeitgeist is09:10
RJ45-Qit worked! :D09:11
almoxarifellutz_: no idea09:11
textaHey guys, my mounted disks aren't showing up in nautilus on the left09:11
textaany idea how I can get them up there? They are mounted via fstab09:11
ErinRJ45-Q, welcome back big scaredy cat09:12
heoyeazeigesit is a logger, think of it as recent documents on steriods09:12
almoxarifetexta: sure they are mounted?09:12
textaalmoxarife:  I've been using them all day :[p09:12
alusionThe man has arrived.09:12
almoxarifetexta: what changes in nautilus?09:12
ErinI was wondering where parsnip was09:13
Erinhe is always in here09:13
textaWhat changes?09:13
RJ45-Qthe one thin g I hate about Linux is all the bullshit yer have-to go through to install one f****** program or get a service to work... not like that with Windows, I hate Windows so bloody much, but Linux has a lot of 'deal breaking' crap.09:13
ActionParsnipErin: howdy09:13
textaThe only storage devices that appear in nautilus (as drives) are two disks I _haven't_ got in fstab09:13
ErinRJ45-Q, usually its sudo apt-get install 'app' alot easier than windows09:13
heoyeaRJ45-Q: dont update =D09:13
textathat are NTFS formatted09:13
RJ45-QErin: what if you have no Internet connection?, screwed much?09:13
almoxarifeRJ45-Q: believe it or not this channel has to stay kiddie friendly, so be nice09:14
ErinRJ45-Q, no? if you have the .deb file for the app09:14
Erinno need interwebz09:14
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: with windows you need to know the site for the app you want (not always obvious), in Ubuntu you can just search software centre09:14
ErinRJ45-Q, you bash linux alot yet you use it.09:14
ErinRJ45-Q, I think it stems from you being a 'noob' no offense ;-P09:15
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: you need web access to install apps in Windows too.09:15
RJ45-QErin: I no, that's how I install y programs usually. '1 .deb to manually go, about 103 more to go, for one program :-/'09:15
ErinRJ45-Q, sudo dpkg -i *.deb09:16
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: with Windows, use a web connection and get everything setup then use it. Simple09:16
ace_leohello anyone there? Noob here09:16
ActionParsnipace_leo: howdy09:16
almoxarifeRJ45-Q: perhaps what you need is a really configurable desktop, like KDE09:16
llutz_Erin: "done"  if you got all the depending .debs too09:17
Erinllutz, like a boss!09:17
RJ45-QErin: say ur only access to thi Internet is via a Library computer running Windows, and ya gotta get some apps for ur Ubuntu at home.. welcome to hell.09:17
ace_leohey ActionParsnip: fine how are you?09:17
ErinRJ45-Q, well id say get internet acess at home lol.09:17
ActionParsnipace_leo: working hard and hardly working09:17
RJ45-QErin: not so easy when you really poor.09:17
ace_leolol nice09:18
ErinI am really poor09:18
RJ45-QErin: I had this problem09:18
Erinin the US you can get broadband internet almost free if you meet income guidelines09:18
Erinidk what country you are in tho09:18
RJ45-QErin: I live in UK09:18
llutz_RJ45-Q: there is software creating list of packages to download in that case, but you're true, linux without internet is no fun (like all other OSes too)09:18
ace_leoActionParsnip: Trying to get myself accustomed to this ubuntu09:18
Erinmight have similar program09:18
ace_leoActionParsnip: recent convert from windows :)09:18
ActionParsnipace_leo: you will as you use the OS09:18
Erinany computer without internet is no fun09:19
Erinits like being on a desert island alone09:19
Erinonly coconuts to keep you company.09:19
ace_leoErin: been there :)09:19
Vistaanyone use powernap, does it actually work?09:19
almoxarifeRJ45-Q: you at the library on a win?09:19
ErinRJ45-Q, bring your desktop pc to the library and hook it up to one of their monitors ;-p09:20
RJ45-QWindows is a lot easyer with no Internet, 'cos to install an average program, you just need ONE .EXE, on Ubuntu you've got a crap loada dependency .DEBS.09:20
ace_leoActionParsnip: any tips for a newbie? so far this ubuntu is giving me headaches lol09:20
almoxarifeVista: powernaps always worked for me, even the 10min ones09:20
ErinRJ45-Q, you got a point09:20
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: try install Gimp in Windows, its not one EXE09:20
RJ45-Qalmoxarife: thankfully not at the moment!09:20
Erinwell night all me and the puppy gonna go cuddle in bed ;-)09:20
ActionParsnipace_leo: just use the OS, get used to it09:20
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: each app having its own install stuff is also why WIndows wastes resources09:21
almoxarifeRJ45-Q: so why are you using a linux system if it sux so much? i missed something09:21
Erinalmoxarife, u missed the part where he said ubuntu was made by retards09:21
RJ45-QI just want some sort of Ubuntu-like alternative, that installs programs in a very similar way to Windows, and no, not Wine, it sucks ball, also no ethics.09:21
RJ45-Qsucks balls*09:22
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: in Linux, libraries already in RAM are not loaded over and over, its a waste. Many apps can use a single lib from the HDD and in RAM, so it is more efficient in that way, also upgrades to the single lib upgrade ALL apps. Windows doesn't have this so upgrades use more data and are slower09:22
almoxarifeErin: that was not nice09:22
gordonjcpwindows is really hard to install things in09:22
icerootRJ45-Q: if you want an installer like on windows and not like apt-get you dont have a clue what you are talking about09:22
almoxarifei hate ubuntu, let me in09:22
Erinalmoxarife, yea yet he uses it09:22
RJ45-QI said a small percentage of Ubuntu is made by 'tards, not all of it.09:22
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: I can punch holes in both OSes, in short, every OS sucks09:23
icerootRJ45-Q: and stop your stupud discussion here, if you have a support question feel free to ask real questions, everything else goes to #ubuntu-offtopic or /dev/null09:23
ace_leoI guess the whole 'Linux for Human Beings' is out of the window :)09:23
gordonjcpActionParsnip: indeed09:23
gordonjcpActionParsnip: RT-11 doesn't09:23
rudivsis it a good idea to disable all ppa's before upgrading to 12.10?09:23
RJ45-QActionParsnip: true09:23
ActionParsniprudivs: yes09:23
icerootrudivs: its done automaticly by the upgrade-tool09:23
gordonjcprudivs: yes, very much so09:23
rudivsthanks all09:24
RJ45-QI am a 'Install manually from .debs' war veteran!, how?, 'cos I've done VLC like that on multiple occasions   X.X09:24
bazhang_RJ45-Q, that enough.09:25
icerootRJ45-Q: its stupid to install debs manually09:25
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: vlc is in the repos, so why make work for yourself?09:25
icerootRJ45-Q: no dependencies will be fit09:25
icerootRJ45-Q: sudo apt-get install vlc09:25
ErinRJ45-Q, are you a troll?09:26
RJ45-Qno internet onnection...09:26
Erinif you are you got me I admit.09:26
iceroot!offline | RJ45-Q09:26
ubot93RJ45-Q: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD09:26
RJ45-QErin: no09:26
RJ45-Qlook, I have a different problem now, please may we drop this?09:27
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: then you will need the debs and all it's deps. Ubuntu comes with a media player you can use already09:27
Erinoh well took the dog out to the bathroom now its bed time. Night all!09:27
antzanyone have any ideas why 12.04 LTS wireless connection isnt stable (sometimes it just disconnects for no reason)09:27
=== deegee__ is now known as drussell
RJ45-Qwhat's wrong with this share?:09:27
RJ45-Q'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. The connection was refused. Maybe smbd is not running.09:27
RJ45-Qwhat happened?09:27
ErinRJ45-Q, is smbd running ?09:27
heoyeajust use Windows package manager, cinst 7zip vlc ..etc09:27
RJ45-QErin: should be09:28
ErinRJ45-Q, ps -ef | grep smbd09:28
ErinRJ45-Q, sudo service smbd start or do restart09:28
Eringood luck and learn how to use samba.conf if you want to be a samba pro09:28
ActionParsnipor:  service smbd status09:28
RJ45-Q      2017  1997  0 09:28 pts/1    00:00:00 grep --color=auto smbd09:28
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
ActionParsnipErin: smb.conf ;)09:28
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: then its not running09:29
ErinActionParsnip, ahh yea its late here ;-P09:29
Erinwas thinking /etc/samba/smb.conf turned in to samba.conf09:29
RJ45-Qshouldn't is be running from reboot?09:29
RJ45-Qwhy it not auto-run?09:29
ErinRJ45-Q, mine has to be restarted once after boot for no apparent reason09:29
Erinor it doesn't work09:29
Erinits like it gets started too early before network is up09:29
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: can you start it manually?09:30
Erinok my wife is pissed09:30
RJ45-Qdamnit such a deal-breaker!09:30
RJ45-Q...what's the damn command?09:30
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: sudo service smbd start09:30
Vistaalmoxarife: I was trying powernap last night but it didn't seem to do anything, I retsarted it and could see it running but no logs or suspend attempt, do I need to use the stages 2 bit?09:30
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: if it fails to start, thats why it dodn't start at boot09:30
Vistamy box suspends fine09:30
RJ45-Qsmbd start/running, process 203109:31
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: by default the service will start at boot, but if there are issues, or you killed the PID, it will be stopped09:31
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: then its running now09:31
RJ45-QActionParsnip: what issues could there be?09:31
llutz_RJ45-Q: check logs /var/log/*09:31
RJ45-QI can't read logs!09:31
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: millions, you should check logs. Can you connect ok now?09:31
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: sure you can, you can read this, you can read logs09:32
=== Viiral|zZz is now known as Viiral
llutz_RJ45-Q: simple thing: you run services, you have to read logs09:32
=== Guest23197 is now known as Adeel
RJ45-QActionParsnip: not sure, I can now create new shares :)09:32
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: sweet09:32
=== Adeel is now known as Guest7331
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: you also just learned how to start services :)09:33
almoxarifeVista: sorry, i dont know a thing about 'powernap'09:33
RJ45-QActionParsnip: I don't wanna learn!, I wanna be stupid and just enjoy the OS!09:33
RJ45-Q...you know, like a USER!09:33
RJ45-Qwhat name is the log?09:34
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: its useful to learn, you'll get more from your OS09:34
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: if you can do stuff like that in Ubuntu, you'll have a smoother ride. Like those Windows users who don't defrag or do system housecleaning09:35
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: same bag09:35
RJ45-Qthere are so many logs, what name?09:36
almoxarifeRJ45-Q: check this out, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7591469&postcount=19 , make the fix suggested, restart the service09:36
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: I can't intelligently reply without you typing words. How do you want me to reply '???'. Thinnk about it09:36
llutz_ActionParsnip: !!!09:36
ActionParsnipllutz_: *^*&^&*^*&^&*^*^  please reply09:36
gundyIs there a better place to ask about ubuntu on AWS?09:36
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: :/var/log/samba holds the logs09:37
RJ45-Qwhat is the log name?09:37
llutz_ActionParsnip: the answer is, as always, "42"09:37
=== thunder_ is now known as freethunder
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: log.hostname of system. Why not have a look, explore your OS a bit09:38
almoxarifei forget, why do people insist on using 'samba'?09:39
RJ45-Qlog. appears to be a blank empty file.09:39
RJ45-Qnothing in there09:39
Guest83543sudo chmod ugo-rwx /09:39
gustav__almoxarife: Is there an alternative if you want to be compatible to unmodified Windows clients?09:39
ubot93DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!09:40
ActionParsnip!ops | Guest8354309:40
ubot93Guest83543: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!09:40
almoxarifegustav__: ssh(sftp/fish) ?09:40
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: its quick and dirty09:40
whoami2 guys :D09:40
gustav__almoxarife: Can't start and run applications from/on it.09:40
=== whoami is now known as VNLover
elkysorry took so long09:41
almoxarifegustav__: it?09:42
gustav__almoxarife: The server host.09:42
almoxarifeelky: thnkssssssssssssssssssssssssss09:42
RJ45-Qhas anyone here ever tried DLNA program 'Rygel' and found it does not work, then looked online for a solution, but found nothing?, well guess what guys!, I figured out a fix all by myself!: change the 'port number' to '1900'... YOU ARE WELCOME!09:42
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: you'll probably find it's ok after a reboot09:42
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
RJ45-QActionParsnip: the problem occured after a reboot.09:43
erkonhello all09:43
RJ45-QI have no account on forums, somebody please update them with the fix for Rygel I just mentioned.09:43
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: could add the command in /etc/rc.local above the 'exit 0' and it will get started up at boot09:44
erkonI want to report that the older ubuntu netinstalls do not work09:44
erkonPLEASE fix them09:44
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: dude I've submitted buckets of fixes, as have others. Nobody else is shouting "you're welcome"09:44
erkonanna-install package can not find package list file09:44
RJ45-QActionParsnip: should not need to be don X.X , damn it Ubuntu devs! (divs*)09:44
erkonanna-install can not find mirror package09:45
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: have you tried reinstalling the samba package. It should ass the startup commands09:45
erkonis there anyone from ubuntu stadd here?09:45
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: you really need to get over yourself09:45
ikoniaRJ45-Q: I'm getting pretty board with your complaining09:45
ikoniaRJ45-Q: stop it - people are trying to help, adjust your attitude please, this will not continue09:45
erkonnetinstall for older realeases do not work09:46
ikoniaerkon: no, as the repos will have been moved to the oldrepo url09:46
RJ45-QX.X, I'm outta here, scru you all and thank you so much for helping! (those of you who helped)09:46
erkonthey are not moved09:46
ikoniaerkon: which release ?09:46
erkonexplain please what you said09:47
ikoniaerkon: thats not an old release then09:47
erkonworks 10.04 does not work09:47
ikoniathat's current09:47
ikoniacould you please define "doesn't work"09:47
erkon12.04 work, but 10.04 does not wrok09:47
erkon8.04 does not work09:47
VNLovershjt i have a problem with conpiz09:47
ActionParsniperkon: 10.04 desktop has about 6 months support left, why bother with it09:48
erkonI have reported this 1 week ago09:48
ikoniaVNLover: no need for the language09:48
ikoniaerkon: please define not work09:48
ikoniaerkon: 8.04 HAS been moved to the oldrepo's archive09:48
ActionParsnipVNLover: what is the issue?09:48
erkoninstaller can not download installed components09:48
erkonin debug logs I see09:48
erkonanna-install : can not find package list file09:48
=== Viiral is now known as Viiral|afk
erkonis 10.04 have been there too?09:49
erkonif this is so09:49
ActionParsniperkon: try: wget https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage09:49
erkonset up a virtula machine and try to install with mini cd09:49
erkonplease fix this09:49
ikoniaerkon: no, 10.04 should still be on main09:49
erkonor delete all mini cds from the mini cd install page09:50
ikoniaerkon: YOU fix it09:50
ikoniaerkon: or don't use old releases that are dead09:50
almoxarifeerkon: which mirror did you use?09:50
heoyeaerkon: think is called end of life Repositories09:50
erkonjust set up a virtual machine and dowload minicd 10.04 32 bit , and try to download the install components09:51
erkonyou will see that I'm right09:51
almoxarifeerkon: which mirror did you use?09:51
erkonus mirror09:51
almoxarifeerkon: try the 'de' mirror09:51
erkonyou try it man09:52
erkonI 'm trying this for a week09:52
almoxarifeerkon: it was shown to work, thnks09:52
erkonwhat was shown?09:52
almoxarifeerkon: the mirror at 'de' was installing 10.0409:53
almoxarifeerkon: less than a week back09:54
erkonI'll check it atm09:54
almoxarifeerkon: ok09:54
masterhow do i block any gtk3 apps from installing? Lick pinning libgtk3 to nothing09:56
gordonjcpmaster: that seems like an odd thing to do09:57
mastergordonjcp, still..09:57
gordonjcpmaster: you could try only installing old software09:58
gordonjcpmaster: most things that use gtk will be ported to gtk3 sooner or later09:58
masterwell, sometimes it is in the dependencies. I want to block any app from installing that has dependencies on gtk309:58
mastersimple as that09:59
mastergordonjcp, ugly. and does not look integrated in my desktop09:59
master* -d09:59
gordonjcpmaster: well, don't install gtk apps then09:59
almoxarifemaster: i know, delete the lib, create a link to gtk2 with the same name, wont keep it from installing but when it crashes you know you got a gtk3 app from running10:00
masterthere are plenty of gtk2 apps that i like10:00
masteralmoxarife, i rather use apt to block the apps10:00
nowayrideSo /etc/xorg.conf is depreciated right? Where should we be saving custom modelines?10:00
almoxarifemaster: what magic you going to apt with to keep gkt3 apps from installing, short of not installing the app?10:01
erkonNetinstall installer is not dowloading anything from de mirror10:01
masteralmoxarife, exactly i do not want any random metapackage to install gtk3 by accident.10:02
almoxarifeerkon: unfortunate, the nick who brought it up was all excited about finding the one mirror that worked, perhaps it was not 'de'10:02
=== hyp_ is now known as hyp
almoxarifemaster: great, good luck10:03
=== TuxLof is now known as TuxLof`work
erkonyou said that de works10:03
almoxarifeerkon: sue me!10:03
erkonthe other guy above is giving me a script with apt-get10:03
masteralmoxarife, How do i blacklist any package?10:04
erkonapt-get is not installed in netinstall10:04
erkonso if you please do not know , do not answer10:04
erkonso I'm very disappoined that with ubuntu mess10:04
masterapt-get is in the netboot iso10:05
textaso my mount points need to be in /media rather than /mnt10:05
textato make them appear in the nautilus side-pane :\10:05
almoxarifeerkon: gosh, you sound disappointed, i am feeling bad for adding to your calamity10:05
mastertexta, you could symlink /mnt to /media afaik10:06
dr_willisor visa versa. ;-)10:06
textaProbably a better idea, I have a folder called /net too10:06
textawhich has all my mounted nfs shares :p10:06
erkonapt-get not found10:06
erkoncheck it fist10:07
erkonapt-get is not in netboot10:07
dr_willisapt-get install apt-get   :-P10:07
erkoncan you please tell ubuntu to delete old miniCD they are useless10:07
dr_willisnever ysed the netboot here.10:07
almoxarifeerkon: i will add it to my xmas list10:08
mastererkon, you must have a corrupted iso. both apt-get and aptitude is on the netboot iso10:08
erkonwell it is not10:08
almoxarifedr_willis: i used it, works, but i was not trying to install noahs version of ubuntu10:08
masterdownload a working iso10:08
erkonmd5sum is correct10:08
erkonthe big question is why ubuntu keeps not working isos?10:09
mastererkon, no idea10:09
dr_willishistorical  reasons10:10
erkonis there anyone from ubuntu in irc ?10:10
almoxarifedr_willis: version -2bc the 'pluvial' edition10:10
textamaster, Either I have to reboot10:10
textaor it isn't working :c10:10
dr_willisangry amoeba10:10
almoxarifedr_willis: :)10:11
dr_willisbe a cool nameung scheme for a mini sized distro10:12
almoxarifei never figured out what a 'oneiric' was10:13
dr_willispangolin - the other yellow  meat.10:15
dr_willisnow i have to go home. get a n|t install cd and see if it hhas apt-get10:16
=== hittt[timeout] is now known as hittt
almoxarifedr_willis: i just happen to have one, will look10:20
skiminidoes anyone know how to adjust mouse wheel behaviour in ubuntu 12.10 please?  ....the one I have scrolls too fast/too much per click of the wheel10:20
almoxarifedr_willis: nop, hence the 'mini'10:22
bouInstalled, or tried to install, ubuntu 12.04 on a refurbished laptop. bootloader "failed to install in the designated area" or similar. followed instructions here, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair, which ends by advising people to come to a place like this and ask for help. so, any help appreciated10:24
almoxarifegots to love kde, used dolphin to open the folder on a network drive (fish) and opened the iso with ark, flawless10:24
ActionParsnipbou: are you installed Grub from the liveCD?10:25
masterdr_willis, i just installed precise from net boot and it definitly has atp-get10:25
rudivscan I "pause" the file downloading during a distribution upgrade process? with my current connection, a 1.4GB download will take about 18 hours it seems...10:26
ActionParsniprudivs: what are you downloading using?10:26
almoxarifemaster: i am looking at the iso content, i wonder why i dont see it?10:26
rudivsActionParsnip, the Distribution Upgrade tool10:26
bouActionParsnip, no, from USB10:26
bouActionParsnip, from a USb from which, incidentally, I installed Ubuntu on another laptop, fully successfully10:27
dr_willisperhaps the italler installd it.10:27
almoxarifedr_willis: could be, them itallers are tricky10:28
ActionParsnipbou: same difference10:28
ActionParsnipbou: you can use the omgubuntu guide called 'sticking it to grub' to chroot to the installed OS and reinstate grub10:29
bouActionParsnip, i installed ubuntu from usb external device, not just the grub, that is what didn't install (properly)10:29
ActionParsnipbou: you can chroot and fix it easily10:30
dr_willismay want to make sure the bios dosent have a "protect the mbr/antivirus" setting also10:30
bouActionParsnip, thanks for that, however i have no idea what it even means to "Chroot" so i guess it is another trip to google,10:30
bouI'd appreciate if some one could take it from here:10:31
rudivsActionParsnip, it gives me a Cancel button - if I press it, will it keep the files it has downloaded so far or delete them? ie can I use the Cancel button and then start the upgrade process from where it left off later?10:31
dr_willisbou:  the boot-repair live cd may elp also10:31
bouas directed from the how-to i was already following ...10:31
boudr_willis, i do not have a boot-repair live cd10:31
haydarHello, guys im trying to install VMWare workstation on ubuntu 13.04 Raring. but vmware cant find the kernel header. i tried to reinstall the headers and stuff but that didnt work anyone got an idea where i can look ?10:31
dr_willisso get one?10:32
MonkeyDusthaydar  #ubuntu+110:32
haydarMonkeyDust, thx10:32
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=== Adeel is now known as Guest89561
DrLinuxI can't connect with ethernet cable, only wlan - I need to get my full duplex 100/100 working in an hour. Guidance needed!10:35
dknighthas anyone tried kexi? I liked sequel pro but it is only for Mac. any suggestions?10:35
BartzyFor a developer laptop - What version of Ubuntu should I install ? 12.10 ?10:35
dknightBartzy: your statement is ironical10:36
dknighta developer knows exactly what (s)he wants on the system10:36
dr_willisDrLinux:  plug it in.. check dmesg output for errors.10:36
dknightBartzy: if its a wanna developer in question, then ask the master10:36
dr_willisDrLinux: try with a live cd.. see if it works there. to prove its not a hardware issue.10:37
Bartzydknight: What? I just need a stable system to web develop on. is 12.10 stable? Why should I go for 12.04 LTS?10:37
dr_willisBartzy: doubt if it matters much.10:38
boudr_willis, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair is the page i reported in the first place that i was following instructions, and given that it can not give any more generic advice, advises to come to somewhere like this for further help taking from my results, which i have also pasted10:38
MonkeyDustBartzy  12.04 and 12.10 are both stable, choose the one you prefer10:38
BartzyMonkeyDust: What are the differences ?10:38
dr_willisbou so you did use the boot-repair tool?10:38
DrLinuxdr_willis, I'm sure it's software.10:38
bouwhich i can paste again: can some one help by reading this pastebin and advise what i should do further please?10:39
MonkeyDustBartzy  i'l sure there are reviews that describe the differences10:39
boudr_willis, as stated in my first sentence, yes i did10:39
dr_willisDrLinux: if a live cd works. see what module its loading for the nic.10:39
BartzyMonkeyDust: And it's not an issue to use Gnome 3 and not unity ?10:39
boubut it didn't repair it enough for ubuntu to be able to boot so i am asking here for futher help10:39
MonkeyDustBartzy  unity is a shell over gnome310:39
=== deadpony is now known as skpl1137
riqdiizI previously had xp and ubuntu installed side by side and wanted to add slitaz in the list how do I do that such that I still maintain ubuntu grub as well as xp?10:40
BartzyMonkeyDust: So using Gnome Shell instead of Unity? Is it during installation or afterwards ?10:40
MonkeyDustBartzy  yeah, you can do it afterwards, i don't use unity myself10:41
dknightBartzy: go for the latest stable release. Use LTS when you want to use the same system for a very long time.10:41
dr_willisbou got a pastebin of the boot-repair info file? you did chevk the bios to make sure no mbr protection features are enabled?10:41
MonkeyDustBartzy  tip: first get to know ubuntu, before you start using it for development purposes10:41
RJ45-QSamba is set up and works when the service is enabled in the command line, but when I check 'personal file sharing' in preferences it says the feature can't be enable because the required packages are not installed!, what packages am I missing?10:41
BartzyMonkeyDust: I'm using Debian right now. Is it that different ?10:41
Bartzydknight: Thanks.10:42
BartzyMonkeyDust: And do you use gnome shell, or just gnome 2? :) Is there an option besides gnome shell and unity ?10:42
BartzyI'm currently using gnome 2 with Debian. Interested to move forward but I'm afraid of the change ;)10:42
boudr_willis, i got a pastebin of the boot-repair info file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1392367/10:42
MonkeyDustBartzy  these questions are offtopic -- i use gnome-classic/fallback10:42
dr_willisbbl. heading home.10:43
RJ45-Qwhat packages am I missing?10:43
warhole_no comments just a salud,installet linux mint 14 nadia,and was abel too install vmware tools aswell,dam used hours on that,grenn on this10:45
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=== zeppo_ is now known as zeppo
ubot93Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org10:47
warhole_im been doing dos fore 20 years ,,last few months been looking into ubuntu and now mint10:48
ActionParsnipwarhole_: If you like DOS, you'll love powershell :)10:49
warhole_dam complicated but if i take it slow its quite satis fiing10:49
warhole_norwegian in spain,language  is hard enoufgh10:50
TeraQuibblerHow can i install ubuntu raring?10:50
ActionParsnipTeraQuibbler: ask in #ubuntu+110:50
swordsmanze17 or nothing10:50
bradythe unity sidebar is not present in ubuntu GNOME remix?10:50
riqdiizI still on 9.04;-)10:51
riqdiizNo  much problems.10:52
MonkeyDustbrady  http://i.imgur.com/3N5f6.jpg10:52
ActionParsnipriqdiiz: just no updates or support, pretty big problem imho10:53
riqdiizTeraQuibbler: what is raring?10:54
RJ45-QSamba is set up and works when the service is enabled in the command line, but when I check 'personal file sharing' in preferences it says the feature can't be enabled because the required packages are not installed!, what packages am I missing?10:54
ActionParsnipriqdiiz: codename of Ubuntu 13.0410:55
warhole_raring in norwigian is steve jobs one who does the opposite10:55
bradycan one use cairo dock in gnome3 ?10:55
RJ45-Qcan anyone hear me?10:56
warhole_a little bit,as always10:56
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: I see you10:57
ActionParsnipbrady: sure if you want10:57
RJ45-QSamba is set up and works when the service is enabled in the command line, but when I check 'personal file sharing' in preferences it says the feature can't be enabled because the required packages are not installed!, what packages am I missing?10:57
warhole_no,installed and managed too get up and going this mint system,spo im quite happy tjis morning,,ok10:57
ActionParsnipbrady: the app requires compositing which is given by compiz, so i will run10:57
almoxarifeRJ45-Q: does it not ask you if you want to install now?10:57
MetricsRJ: perhaps this helps: http://macpablodesigns.wordpress.com/2010/05/01/enable-personal-file-sharing-in-ubuntu-10-04/10:57
RJ45-Qalmoxarife: no, but even if it did, I want the debs10:58
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: what are you using to click 'sharing'?10:58
bradyso it will run?10:58
TeraQuibblerActionParsnip: they are afk all of them10:58
ActionParsnipbrady: yes10:58
ActionParsnipTeraQuibbler: so?10:58
warhole_with a litle bit help from frienda10:58
ActionParsnipTeraQuibbler: doesn't mean its ontoppic here10:58
TeraQuibblerActionParsnip: do install ubuntu raring, i install 12.04 and enable unstable repo?10:58
ActionParsnipTeraQuibbler: you will need: sudo do-release-upgrade -d10:59
ActionParsnipTeraQuibbler: if you need to ask, you probably shouldn't use pre-release10:59
rootptsometimes the list in console is too big and i cant push more on the top, what could i do to see the entire list?10:59
ActionParsniprootpt: pipe the text to less11:00
Metricsor tail it :)11:00
TeraQuibblerActionParsnip: k thanks.11:00
rootptdon't understand sorry.11:00
riqdiizWhere can I get a decent dictionary for computer jargon?11:01
ActionParsniprootpt: what command are you running to make a lot of text?11:01
MonkeyDustrootpt  type [your command] | less11:01
ActionParsnipriqdiiz: online.....11:01
ActionParsniprootpt: eg:  ps -ef       outputs a LOT of text. If you run:  ps -ef | less      you can use the pager to view the text11:02
almoxarifeRJ45-Q: you need 'samba' deb11:02
RJ45-Qwhoever sent my that blog link, thanks, I thing it might work for some reason.11:03
ActionParsnipRJ45-Q: why not make life easier and just get a web connection and get setup11:03
RJ45-Qalmoxarife: ns, I installed it.11:03
RJ45-Qalmoxarife: it no work11:03
RJ45-QActionParsnip: I now have a web connection, it just sucks, I want the debs!11:03
RJ45-Qdebs = future installations11:04
RJ45-Qand knowing what's going in ur system.11:04
almoxarifeRJ45-Q: it may 'no work' but is what includes the server, which 'no work'11:04
RJ45-Qapache requires 10 packages, ffs.11:05
RJ45-Qalmoxarife: ur embarrassing urself, be quite please.11:05
almoxarifehe seems very uptight11:05
rootptActionParsnip: ahmmm ok thanks man.11:06
almoxarife!info samba11:07
ubot93samba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.6.6-3ubuntu5 (quantal), package size 4010 kB, installed size 22359 kB11:07
rootptActionParsnip: for example the comand is netstat -a |less11:08
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phaxHi I updated grub 1.5 to 2 and now I get error 15 on startup, searching online this seems a common issue. I have booted using unetbootin and mounted linux, can you please advise how to fix it11:21
MonkeyDustphax  what's the output of lsb_release -sd ?11:22
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lxxis there any body?11:33
=== Guest89561 is now known as Adeel
dsenatorhey all11:34
dsenatora quick one11:34
=== Adeel is now known as Guest57670
dsenatorbluetooth adapter not present in ubuntu 12.1011:34
ActionParsniprootpt: exactly11:34
ActionParsniplxx: lots11:34
rootptand then i need to click enter enter enter11:35
ActionParsnipdsenator: if you run:  dmesg | grep -i blue   do you see it detected?11:35
rootptuntil finish11:35
ActionParsniprootpt: you can use cursor up and down11:35
dsenatorActionParsnip, let me do that now11:35
lpeafternoon gentlemen, anyone know how I can go about to remove this package? It seems something is really broken http://pastebin.com/Wt7L8KaS11:35
ActionParsniprootpt: Q to exit11:35
rootptyep, i see11:35
rootptthank u man11:36
ActionParsniprootpt: can also use PgUp and PgDn11:36
phaxMonkeyDust, no such command found. how do i boot into my existing linux kernel from unetbootin then i can run grub-install again11:36
dsenatorActionParsnip, nothing actually happens in my terminal when I enter the lines11:36
MonkeyDustphax  if lsb_release -sd is not found, then it is not ubuntu11:36
ActionParsnipdsenator: if you run:  lsusb; lspci    do you see it listed there?11:37
phaxMonkeyDust, i am booted onto archlinux but the distro installed on the hard drive is Ubuntu 10.0.411:37
abhitesthi. i installed opensuse then i installed lubuntu and now my grub do nto show suse. it only shows lubuntu. i am inside lubuntu right now. how can i get opensuse listing in grub back?11:37
abhitesthelp please11:37
ActionParsnipabhitest: if you run:  sudo update-grub   does it get added?11:38
MonkeyDustphax  what was the initial issue again?11:38
ActionParsniprootpt: the less pager is very useful :)11:38
phaxMonkeyDust, i installed some updates including moving from grub 1.5 to grub 2 now i get error 15 on bootup11:39
phaxMonkeyDust, i can mount my linux partition after booting from the usb-archlinux11:39
dsenatorActionParsnip, pls what exactly shd I be looking for to tell me if its there or not, a lot of output turned up? I did use a bluetooth mouse and that is always recognised... I just cant send or receive bluetooth messages from my phone or elsewhere, but it did work normally until it stopped11:40
phaxMonkeyDust, is there any file i need to edit or do i need to re-run grub-install?11:40
ActionParsnipdsenator: do you dual boot?11:40
blackshirthello stephenson11:40
dsenatorActionParsnip, yes I dual booth11:40
ActionParsnipdsenator: in windows device manager, disable the ability for the device to wake up the system as well as disable power management on it11:40
ActionParsnipdsenator: patience11:41
stephensonis anyone out there11:41
dsenatori use windows 711:41
ActionParsnipdsenator: it still has a device manager11:41
ActionParsnipdsenator: so why tell me it's Win7?11:41
MonkeyDust!grub > phax start here, read this first11:41
ubot93phax, please see my private message11:41
dsenatorI am told to always give all info about my spec to get the right help11:41
ActionParsnipdsenator: true :). You aren't wrong11:42
Kartagiswhen I ftp in a server and type ls, the server becomes unresponsive. how come?11:42
stephensonwhere r u girls11:42
ActionParsnipKartagis: same in gui apps?11:42
ubot93Girls exist on the internet. See http://www.escapistmagazine.com/print/17/27 | http://www.xkcd.com/322/ | For more interesting reading: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/11:42
MonkeyDuststephenson  type alt-f4 to get a list11:42
spidernik84Hi everyone. I was wondering: when building a deb package, is it preferrable to build a version of the package for each release it should be installed on? Say I build it for Lucid, do I need to build a Precise version for better performances/features/compatibility or can I use the same one?11:43
dsenatorActionParsnip, i will follow all your directions here and note it so when I switch over to windows I can do what you say without having this xchat on still... so ple tell me11:43
narcosHi all. What's the best way to remote GUI into Ubuntu 12.10 desktop? I'm trying VNC, but am getting a boring grey background (after following https://rbgeek.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/how-to-install-vnc-server-on-ubuntu-server-12-04/)11:43
KartagisActionParsnip: haven't tried yet. will try in 1011:43
phaxMonkeyDust, i don't know why this failed in the first place11:44
IohnI recently accidentally deleted a bunch of files from a partition. I thought I'd be smart to create an image of it, using TestDisk to avoid any further writings possibly damaging the files. Now I've got the ISO but I'm not sure of how to try to extract the deleted files, any ideas? The partition was my home, partitioned in Ext411:44
MonkeyDustphax  got to go, i'm sure someone else can help, good luck11:45
ActionParsnipdsenator: win device manager, properties of device, disable wake up and power management11:45
abhitestActionParsnip: yes i ran update-grub and it do not work11:46
ActionParsnipIohn: use your backups11:46
ActionParsnipabhitest: my grub skills are slim11:46
ActionParsnipabhitest: the guys in #grub may be able to help some11:47
abhitestActionParsnip: ok11:48
KartagisActionParsnip: no stall whatsoever using gFTP11:49
yaccspidernik84, well, that depends, usually the big difference between distributions are libraries => hence a package for xxx will not work on older/newer distributions that miss the relevant version (or a compatible one).11:49
ActionParsnipKartagis: cool :)11:50
ActionParsnipKartagis: does the client show it switching to different transfer modes?11:50
KartagisActionParsnip: first Binary, then Passive11:51
IohnActionParsnip: The directory I deleted sadly has no recent backup. Which is why I hoped to be able to extract the deleted files from the ISO. Is there any possiblity of acquiring these files?11:51
spidernik84yacc, thanks, so it's generally better to compile it for different distributions to avoid issues11:51
Kartagisdo I need PASV before ls?11:51
oberthow to wget an entire site?11:51
Kartagisobert: wget -m11:51
Metricsobert: http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/downloading-entire-web-site-wget11:51
ActionParsnipIohn: then you can try foremost. You will need a partition as big as the partition to spit all the data to (deleted and current). The data may be damaged or it may be fine11:52
Kartagisobert: one caveat though, if the server has php files, they are first processed, then wget'd11:52
ActionParsnipKartagis: try it, not sure11:52
IohnActionParsnip: Thanks for the help, I'll give it a go.11:53
oberti still download one only index11:53
KartagisActionParsnip: heh, typing passive worked11:53
ActionParsnipKartagis: groovy :)11:54
ActionParsnipIohn: its gonna take a while11:54
rudivsI use dual monitors in ubuntu, with Sticky Edges turned off. Moving from left monitor to right, the cursor moves across smoothly, moving from right to left, it sticks. Is this expected behaviour, or a bug? ie, should it move smoothly both ways across the divide?11:54
ActionParsniprudivs: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc11:56
rudivsActionParsnip, precise11:56
ActionParsniprudivs: are there bugs reported?11:56
rudivsActionParsnip, there are bugs for Sticky Edges, but I haven't found any for "one way only" sticky edges11:58
dsenatorActionParsnip, once I do that what next do I do... I am asking cos I have to exit the IRC chat to get to windows11:58
ActionParsnipdsenator: reboot to Ubuntu11:58
KishiHow would I check which version of Ubuntu I am using?11:59
dr_willis!version | Kishi11:59
spidernik84cat /etc/issue11:59
ubot93Kishi: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »11:59
KishiMhm, so it's precise after all12:00
KishiThen I'm having some trouble12:00
KishiI'm trying to install iplist (iplist.sourceforge.net)12:00
KishiSite instructed me to create a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d with my version to add iplist to repositories12:01
KishiAnd so I did, typing precise as my version12:01
KishiHomever something didn't work out12:01
rudivsActionParsnip, seems to only be an issue when launcher is set to hidden12:02
ActionParsnipKishi: can you pastebin the file you made please12:02
KishiIt's 2 lines of text I can paste it here as well12:02
Kishideb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ssakar/ppa/ubuntu precise main12:03
Kishideb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/ssakar/ppa/ubuntu precise main12:03
abhitesthelp restore encrypted lvm suse after installing lubuntu to grub212:03
ActionParsnipKishi: why are you adding it like that?12:03
KishiActionParsnip: http://iplist.sourceforge.net/download.html12:03
KishiI was following the instructions posted there12:03
bazhangabhitest, sounds like a suse issue12:03
ActionParsnipKishi: delete the file you made12:03
KishiI allready did12:04
ActionParsnipKishi: there is a command to do it automatically12:04
bazhangabhitest, #suse12:04
KishiCause it was throwing errors during updates12:04
ale_hi, what do I need to do to have the internet turn on when I turn on the computer? it takes about 10 minues to turn on each time12:04
ActionParsnipKishi: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ssakar/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install iplist12:04
ale_it says "waiting for network connection"12:04
abhitestbazhang: i first installed suse with /boot in normal partition and / inside encprted lvm. "Then" I installed lubuntu 12.10 and now grub shows only lubuntu. so its lubuntu issue. not suse.12:05
ale_and stays waiting.. and when it turns on no network until I do "sudo service network-manager start"12:05
ale_how do I get that to start by default? surely the internet should work out of the box12:05
ale_also with new ubuntu if there's a system problem it doesn't show me the error12:05
ale_it just wants to send it somewhere12:05
KishiActionParsnip: Didn't work12:06
KishiActionParsnip: I got 40412:06
dr_willisit does work outof the box on bootup here for me ale_  sounds like you got somthing crashing. How are you connected to the internet?12:06
KishiOh wait I get it12:07
KishiThere is no version for precise available in the repository12:07
KishiActionParsnip: How do I remove this repository now? It's useless and keeps throwing up errors in console while updating12:08
datapoliticalQuestion: I have a p5k ws motherboard and want to get a killer graphics card, what are the limiting factors12:11
Metricskishi: just put a # in front of the entry and run update again12:11
dr_willisdatapolitical:  the amount of $$$ you want to waste :)12:12
KishiMetrics: Oh yeah, commenting the lines. How could I not come up with this myself? Hahaha. Thanks.12:12
datapoliticalFrom a technical perspective12:13
Metricskishi: another option is to delete the lines you dont need anymore and run update :)12:13
OerHeksKishi, open softwarecentre, edit sources and remove the ppa12:13
dr_willisdatapolitical:  Im not clear on what sort of answer you are expecting really...12:13
dr_willisIf you want a suggestion on what card/make to get for the lease amount of problems? or some other specific needs?12:14
KishiThe PPA might be useful, but only when its maintainer adds repositories for precise version for Ubuntu12:14
KishiI guess I should bug him about that.12:14
llutzdatapolitical: whatever a "killer graphicscard" might be, ask in #hardware12:15
Discordian93I'm trying to open a file but my console gives me this error message:  error while loading shared libraries: libgnome-2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory12:16
Discordian93I have libgnome2 installed12:16
dr_willis!find libgnome-2.so.012:17
ubot93File libgnome-2.so.0 found in libgnome2-0, libgnome2-dbg12:18
knowjIs there an alternative to Samba to mount a Ubuntu share on a OSx Device?12:18
Metricsrun apt-get install libgnome2-0 libgnome2-dbg12:18
knowjor should Samba be sufficent?12:18
dr_willisknowj:  you could use NFS i imagine if you make nfs shares. Not sure if OSX can mount stuff via ssh.12:19
knowjdr_willis: Samba is working fine but I always thought it was a protocol more aimed at windows12:19
=== LarrySteeze is now known as LarrySteeze|Away
dr_willisknowj:  windows uses it. :)12:20
=== dark3n is now known as dark3n|off
dr_willisoften uses it badly. ;P12:20
knowjdr_willis: I just want an easy way to work on file on my dev box over the network and FTP is pretty useless12:20
dr_willisknowj:  ssh is our friend. ;)12:21
knowjdr_willis: SSH is great but I was always having to move files rather than working directly and I can't quite get on with VIM over textmate for dev work12:21
dr_willisI use the sshfs feature on ubuntu ;) no idea if osx has a similer thing12:22
Metricsowncloud! :D12:22
somanHi all! Can I made a some script which downloads only necessary apps from specified repositories (not full repo)? WWhat tool can help me?12:23
Discordian93Metrics: still not working12:23
Metricsrun ldconfig and test again12:24
MasKBosshi!! i'm really new to this... just installed ubuntu and after login in, only mouse pointer and background appears! i can access the terminal. can someone help me? something with the graphics maybe?12:25
Metricsdiscordian: if it fails again, try apt-get install libgnomeui-dev12:25
Discordian93nop, not working12:28
Metricsboth? ^_^12:28
Discordian93oh, okay, I see the problem kin the program's forum12:29
Discordian93it only works in  32-bits systems :S12:29
zlszkwhere to download emacs elisp plugins?12:29
llutzDiscordian93: sudo apt-get install libgnome2-0:i38612:29
dr_willisMasKBoss:  whats your video card?12:30
dr_williszlszk:  you searched the package manager listings yet?12:30
Discordian93thanks! that did the trick12:31
dr_willisel-get - install and manage elisp code for Emacs12:31
dr_willisapt-cache search emacs elisp12:32
dr_willisemacs23-el - GNU Emacs LISP (.el) files12:32
zlszkdr_willis,yes i want to download wb-line-number.el,but i can't find it,i remember some website can download elisps but i forget12:32
billaudjHello guys12:33
ActionParsnipkisom: sudo apt-get install ppa-purge; sudo ppa-purge ppa:ssakar/ppa; sudo apt-get clean12:34
cfhowlettbillaudj: greetings12:34
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=== zz_liono is now known as liono
sam_nazarkolvm lost all my data12:44
sam_nazarkocan anyone help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12376822#post1237682212:44
ActionParsnipsam_nazarko: why did you not make a backup?12:45
sam_nazarkoI did12:46
sam_nazarkobut Ubuntu decided to trash it12:46
ActionParsnipsam_nazarko: scary12:46
sam_nazarkoanyway, that is beside the point, can it be restored or not?12:46
sam_nazarkoit's damn weird, because the volume group showed as exported on boot, when i tried to import, zilcho, no logical volumes12:46
ActionParsnip!test | seeeeesar12:49
ubot93seeeeesar: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )12:49
BluesKajHey all12:52
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: howedy12:52
BluesKajhi ActionParsnip12:52
BluesKajActionParsnip, , what's new?12:53
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: work is quiet :)12:54
=== liono is now known as zz_liono
=== tsam_user is now known as tsam_new
BluesKajActionParsnip, a break in the action :)12:58
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: but not the parsnips :)12:58
hitttim getting a "System program crash detected" every time i boot up13:00
hitttwhat can i do?13:00
ActionParsniphittt: which release ?13:01
hittt12 0413:01
ActionParsniphittt: did you upgrade from Oneiric?13:01
hitttwhich one was oneiric?13:02
TandyUKhi guys..13:02
ActionParsniphittt: 11.1013:02
ActionParsniphi TandyUK13:02
hitttno it was 11.0413:02
TandyUKhaving installed ubuntu onto a rr620 raid controller (and NOT rebooted)13:02
ActionParsniphittt: did you clean install Precise?13:02
desuwasn't 11.04 natty?13:02
ActionParsnipdesu: yes13:02
hitttclean install?13:02
desuthen 11.10 was oneric13:02
TandyUKhow do i 'boot' into the newly installed os, and install the dkms drivers for the hardware, and finally rebuild the initrd image so that i can boot from this controller?13:02
ActionParsniphittt: delete the old release and install a new one a-fresh13:02
hitttno i upgraded13:03
ActionParsnipTandyUK: you could use the liveCD and chroot to the installed OS13:03
ActionParsniphittt: you have leapfrogged a release13:03
MasKBosscan someone help me with my issue?13:03
hittti know :D13:03
ActionParsniphittt: this will cause isues13:03
TandyUKok i did that, but /dev seems a bit wierd while chrooted13:03
MasKBossi'm really new to this... just installed ubuntu and after login in, only mouse pointer and background appears! i can access the terminal. can someone help me? something with the graphics maybe?13:03
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
TandyUKeg, o hard disks are listed at all, not even the ones which are visibile to the installer without tthe dkms module13:04
hittti thought you can upgrade to an LTS no matter which release you are using13:04
phixMasKBoss: no panel13:04
ActionParsniphittt: no, only LTS to LTS or release to the next release13:04
desuMaskBoss, what version are you running?13:04
MasKBossphix nothing..13:04
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
phixMasKBoss: hmmmm13:04
MasKBossdesu: the latest i guess.. downloaded it from the official website13:04
hitttoh, sorry i was using 10.1013:05
hitttbut still not an lts13:05
desuMaskBoss, you wouldn't happen to have an AMD/Intel 2xxx 3xxx or 4xxx gpu would you?13:05
hitttActionParsnip: well that just means that if you are using 11.04 or 10.10 you are practically locked out of upgrading normally13:05
hitttcause you have to leapfrog13:05
m3powhello !13:05
MasKBossdesu i honestly don't know, i assembled this computer a few days ago from old computer parts. is there anyway i can check that on the terminal?13:06
TandyUKinstalling the dkms driver goes badly while chrooted13:06
Sab3rHow can i delete all the shit from my SD memory card? I've tried "sudo gparted" but the partitions have a lock icon next to the name. Also tried fdisk, mut when im trying to format my new partition, it says that the device is busy or in use.13:06
hitttunmount it Sab3r13:06
hitttor use fuser13:06
m3powany ideas why there is slooow disk access in Ubuntu 12.10 /13:06
desuMaskBoss, try lspci or lshw13:07
Sab3rhittt: will tryi, thanks13:07
=== cryptfu_ is now known as Guest22096
m3powin 12.04.1 was just fine, but after a fresh install of it. things got jerky13:07
MasKBossdesu, ok hold on a sec13:07
micjan02m3pow, you might try using latencytop to check. but i doubt it will give you any more information if you already suspect your disk13:08
m3powthank you micjan0213:09
LucidLunahi ddaeo13:09
ddaeois there any (easy) way to downgrade libs installed by ppa after removing those ppa ?13:10
TandyUKActionParsnip: any suggestions why i cant load the dkms drivers while chrooted?13:10
micjan02ddaeo, yes, ppa-purge13:10
micjan02!ppa-purge | ddaeo13:10
ubot93ddaeo: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html13:10
frankkois there a repo for the 3.6 kernel (precise)13:11
ddaeomicjan02, ubot93 : thnaks13:11
ddaeodidn't know about it13:11
cocomohow do i remove this bit at the front of each terminal command i put . ali@ali-Aspire13:12
cocomoi presume its my username@computer_name13:12
ActionParsnipTandyUK: not sure, seems weird13:12
cocomocan i get rid of it in the terminal13:12
MasKBossdesu, damn! now it's worst!!13:12
cocomomy laptop is so small and this takes alot of space13:12
MasKBossit was like hanged up, so i just rebooted13:12
jribcocomo: forever?13:13
cocomono temporary would've me better.13:13
jribcocomo: just set PS1 to whatever you like then13:13
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
MasKBossnow i can't even login! after entering the password a black screen shows with somethin but really fast, and then gets back to the login page. no errors are displayed...13:13
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
cocomoit will show the directory am in thou? right?13:13
jribcocomo: only if you setup PS1 that way...13:14
cocomoPS1 is terminal variable ?13:14
jribcocomo: you can see the PROMPTING section in « man bash » for special substitution characters you can use13:14
jribcocomo: yes13:14
cocomojrib: ty13:15
phixcocomo: yes13:15
phixcocomo: it has been for a while now13:15
abyssinhey, how long does it take to install ubuntu on a computer with 256 mb of ram?13:15
desuMaskBoss, what do you mean by worse?13:15
desuabyssin, I would recommend Damn Small Linux13:16
abyssinthe installation seems to be stuck after the step where it is asked if there’s enough space, an internet connection, etc.13:16
abyssin@desu , ok, but that’s not what i asked13:16
desuabyssin, well I've never tried installation on a machine with less than 2Gb of ram, so I wouldn't know.13:17
Picifranxute: stop13:17
FloodBot1franxute: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:17
abyssin@desu thank you :)13:17
franxutetu puta madre13:17
LucidLuna@pici he is swearing in spanish13:18
MasKBossdesu, before i was able to login, but after that only mouse pointer and background appeared. after i rebooted, now i can't even login! after entering the password it goes to a black screen really fast and gets back to the login screen, no errors showing..13:18
PiciLucidLuna: I'm very well aware.13:18
desuMaskBoss try a tty? ctrl+alt+f<1-6> f7 to go back to your normal display13:19
MasKBossi saw that if i hit ctrl+alt+f1 i can access the console, want me to do something13:19
=== zz_liono is now known as liono
desulscpi/lshw to see what gpu you have.13:19
phixwhat's wrong with franxute?13:19
phixLjL: <313:19
MasKBossdesu, ah ok, lets try13:19
MasKBossdesu, ati radeon 9200 pro13:21
ActionParsnipMasKBoss: could install xfce4 and use the xfce desktop13:21
desuI believe it's a similar issue as this: http://ubuntuxtreme.com/howto/how-to-fix-your-amd-graphics-in-ubuntu-12-10/13:23
desuHowever, you have much older hardware, so I don't know if that little guide will be of use or not.13:24
MasKBossActionParsnip thats the solution u gave me before, the problem is that after 2 days, the problem was this one. i can't even login!13:24
MasKBossdesu i'll give it a try13:24
ActionParsnipMasKBoss: do your partitions have free space?13:24
ActionParsnipMasKBoss: if you press CTRL+ALT+F1 and login there, you can run:  df -h   and check :)13:25
phixI like to press SYSRQ+B13:25
phixALT+SYSREQ+B even13:26
ActionParsnipphix: can't like it that much if you get it wrong13:26
phixdesu: print screen button13:26
ActionParsnipdesu: i wouldnt press it13:26
phixdesu: see how it saus Sysrq13:26
MasKBossActionParsnip yeah, lots of free space..13:26
phixdesu: no no, ALT+SYSRQ+S then ALT+SYSRQ+B is better :)13:27
ActionParsnipMasKBoss: cool, if you make a fresh user, can you log in as that?13:27
desuactually on my current laptop sysreq and prntscrn are different keys altogether13:27
desu( they're actually fn subfunctions of other keys )13:28
phixdesu: really? hmmm well sysreq is the one to press13:28
phixdesu: confusing13:28
MasKBossActionParsnip and how do i make a fresh user? :S13:28
desuDoes nothing.13:28
ActionParsnipMasKBoss: sudo adduser newuser13:28
phixdesu: get a 17"+ LCDed laptop next time for that full keyboard goodness13:28
MasKBossdesu i saw the tutorial. but i says to download, i dunno how i can do that only in the terminal..13:29
desuI'll just try it on my desktop later.13:29
phixdesu: ok13:29
desuwget <link>13:29
phixdesu: wget -c <link>13:29
=== live is now known as Guest36027
MasKBossActionParsnip yeah it worked... but now the same as before. only mouse pointer and background :/13:30
MasKBossdamn i gotta go13:31
desuDoes the c really make much of a difference for small files?13:31
MasKBosswill u guys be here later on?13:31
desuMaskBoss I would recommend using an earlier version of ubuntu. I'm fairly certain it's just an issue with x11 not agreeing with your hardware.13:32
MasKBossActionParsnip and desu tks for ur help for now. i'll be back to you later13:32
MasKBossdesu ok wich one?13:32
TandyUKok well did everything i though i should - dkms add the module, built and installed it13:33
desuGreat question, I wouldn't actually know since I use debian, kind of a dick for being here I guess.13:33
TandyUKand rebuilt initrd, rebooted13:33
TandyUKsystem starts to boot but i then get caps lock and scroll lock flashing at me, and no response from the machine13:33
TandyUKhow do i tell ubuntu to boot without the stupid graphical crap, so i can actually see what is going on?13:33
desuesc while the plymouth thing is going13:34
ubot93To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode13:34
desuor any of the f keys I believe13:34
desuor that13:34
TandyUKi didnt even see a grub menu tbh13:35
TandyUKbut will tap esc during next boot13:35
=== Guest98292 is now known as Adeel
PiciTandyUK: We use grub2 by default now, so shift is the best option.13:35
desuno grub? did you use wubi to install within windows?13:35
=== Adeel is now known as Guest44371
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
mar77ihmm, nautilus currently seems to only let me search by place and file type...13:37
TandyUKok lol so in text mode it boots just fine13:38
mar77iis there a way to get ALL o/ the search options?13:38
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
lolekhello all, how can i set up route for specific ip through specific gw, for example, from my machine i'm connecting to and this ip should be accesible through for example; (the routing will be set up on my local pc)13:40
TandyUKroute add -host gw metric 20 dev eth013:42
ActionParsniplolek: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-add-permanent-static-routes-in-ubuntu.html13:42
phixlolek: man route13:43
phixkssubu: sup!13:43
lolekTandyUK: thank You13:43
kssubucan i install adobe products on ubuntu 12.0413:43
TandyUKlolek: read the link ActionParsnip posted too13:43
ubot93kssubu:: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu13:43
ActionParsnipkssubu: check the appdb for compatibility in WIne13:43
=== darg is now known as darG
phixTandyUK: you dont really need to specify metric though or dev13:44
lolekTandyUK: yeah just watching it13:44
=== darG is now known as DARG
phixkssubu: there is a port for adobe reader13:44
mar77idid my question reach #ubuntu?13:44
phixkssubu: and flash13:44
TandyUKyou dont 'need' to probably 99% of the time, but sometimes you do :)13:44
=== DARG is now known as FrazG
desumar77i what's your question?13:45
phixTandyUK: sure, if you have multiple interface cards in the same subnet, of course that might break a few things13:45
phixmar77i: I saw it13:45
kssubuis flash pro or flash player13:46
phixcfhowlett: dont be silly, there are linux ports for adobe products13:46
ActionParsnipkssubu: flash player is available in Linux13:46
phixActionParsnip: there sure is13:46
cjaeits there bugs with mount.cifs -V 5.1? on 12.04?13:46
cfhowlettphix: still waiting for that adobe creative suite for linux ..13:46
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
phixcjae: what issues are you having? it works fine for me13:46
rudivshow can I upgrade from a liveusb? under software sources I can see options for livecd or livedvd, but nothing for liveusb...13:46
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
nmljwhat you'd use for video downloader for ubuntu 11.10?13:46
ActionParsnipphix: not for long though :)13:46
phixcfhowlett: did he even mention that product?13:47
ActionParsnipnmlj: are you going to rip the audio out?13:47
cjaephix: cannot connect with either smbclient or mount command13:47
kssubui am a 3d moduler13:47
kssubui have maya13:47
phixcjae: connect to what?13:47
nmlji want download a video13:47
kssubui need photoshop13:47
phixcjae: are you using dns name, netbios name, IP13:47
ActionParsnipnmlj: there are addons and extensions for web browsers13:47
phixkssubu: GIMP13:47
desuWhy not use GIMP?13:48
nmljVideo downloader helper?13:48
phixdesu: ActionParsnip and yourself are my echo tonight :)13:48
cjaephix: nas4free, I cannot get stab, mount to work but I can clearly see it in my file manager. IP or netbios name13:48
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
desuphix, that's ok.13:48
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
cfhowlettkssubu: look into inkscape as well13:48
phixcjae: what is nas4free?13:48
cfhowlettkssubu: look into or perhaps blender13:48
mar77idesu: I think something's not quite right with my nautilus. it only displays two search options in the extended menu.13:48
ActionParsnipnmlj: yes, there are things for web browsers, makes life easier13:49
cjaephix: NAS based on freebsd with a webmin gui13:49
phixcfhowlett: blender <3  but that is for 3D stuff13:49
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
phixcjae: ummm that is ubuntu related?13:49
desu( though if you really need photoshop you can try wine[I've gotten it properly working in the past])13:49
DanawarHey ##ubuntu i am trying to install a new php i have added a ppa but when i try to update and upgrade i get this! http://pastebin.com/J9wnFcfz13:49
nmljok i'll try it13:49
cjaephix: no but I cannot connect to it with my ubuntu machine13:49
phixdesu: or you can use VirtualBox13:49
desumar77i, oh I have little experience with nautilus.13:49
ActionParsnipkssubu: it may run in wine, check the appdb for compatibility, gimp will run cleaner13:49
phixcjae: can you ping it?13:49
desuphix, I would have suggested that, but VMs can be a pain if you have older hardware.13:50
FrazGkssubu: or maybe krita ?13:50
cjaephix: I can clearly see the shares in my filemanager on ubuntu client. I can use smbclient -L and see the shares plain as day, plus I  can use them from a windows machine13:50
cjaephix: also the NAS box is mine and is like two feet from me so its not like its someone elses13:51
phixcjae: so are you using -o username=theUserName ?13:51
phixor have you enabled guest/.13:52
cjaephix: also I have a NFS shares that is working corectly on it13:52
phixnorbique: hai13:52
cjaephix: I have one created user on the NAS that I can use the credentials for on windows and it works quite well13:53
norbiquesorry to interrupt, just looking for someone who can help me with screensaver in Ubuntu 12.04LTS13:53
ActionParsnipnorbique: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/10/enable-screensavers-in-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot/   works on 12.0413:54
DanawarHey all I am still having issues trying to install a new php i have added a ppa but when i try to update and upgrade i get this! http://pastebin.com/J9wnFcfz13:54
phixcjae: samba3 or 4?13:54
cjaephix: I have tried setting stab entries and using a credentials file both which give me either no such device or dir or permissions insufficient errors13:54
=== Kvaks_ is now known as Kvaks
ActionParsnipDanawar: you may need something to satisfy the deps of the packages, thats why they get held back13:55
ActionParsnipDanawar: i'd contact the ppa maintainer13:55
norbiqueActionParsnip: thank you!13:55
desuUmmm not necessarily an ubuntu question, but any IDEs anyone knows about that I should check out?13:55
phixok I am on a coffee breal now13:55
norbiqueI was trying to set up electricsheep, but no success, I remember using the screensaver before had no issues at all13:55
=== Suprano is now known as Marenz
desuphix, breal?13:57
DiogoPOLISHOPhello...I need to find some brazilian chanel around here, can any one help me?13:58
phaxI have a Ubuntu installation on /dev/sdb5 which I want to boot into but the grub 2 update there failed. I have booted using Grub Disk but want to boot into the Ubuntu installation so I can fix the GRUB 2 config, any ideas?13:58
cjaephix: sorry about that Samba 3.6.913:58
kssubuthank you my friends thank you very much13:58
DiogoPOLISHOPhello...I need to find some brazilian chanel around here, can any one help me?13:59
ubot93Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:59
usr13_livingdaylight: Hello...14:01
desu /msg livingdaylight?14:01
=== henrik is now known as Guest4340
LucidLunaif i am on a dynamic IP, could I still contribute to a regional mirror?14:03
ActionParsnipLucidLuna: have your IP resolved to a name. Use a service like no-ip or dydns :)14:04
dsayou guys know of any good app that backups/restores system state like a snapshot on a virtual machine?14:07
MonkeyDustdsa  there's rsnapshot, but i havent tried it14:08
dsasomething that backs up/restores system settings, files and services14:08
dsaMonkeyDust, thanks ill have a look at it14:09
dsayesterday i ruined somethings on my system.. made some bad installs/removes which led me to reinstall ubuntu14:10
usr13_dsa: learning experience(s)....14:10
MonkeyDustdsa  always make sure to backup, before you start experimenting14:10
Erealzhey everyone14:11
cfhowlettErealz: greetings14:11
Erealzi love linux and made the big leap over 3 years ago now14:12
Erealzbut been playing on and off b4 then aswell14:12
seednodecongrats, I guess?14:12
seednodeIs this leading to a question?14:12
seednodeOR just saying hi14:12
usr13_dsa:  I find only the need to backup personal files.14:12
Erealzid like to know if anyone have been successful rooting android on linux14:13
Erealzi have not been14:13
seednodeSorry, no smartphone here.14:13
seednodeBut I think there are tools to do it.14:13
desuisn't there channel for that?14:13
Erealzif you know of it14:13
auronandaceErealz: try #android (if indeed it is an android)14:13
Erealz#what the name14:13
bitnumushi can someone tell me where shell prompt name is stored? as in i created a new user with 'useradd' and there is no name before the prompt14:13
usr13_Erealz: I find that Android phones work pretty well the way they are.14:14
dsai need to backup system state/services/apps/settings14:14
seednodebitnumus: To edit the prompt, change a line under ~.bashrc14:14
Erealzusr13 you miss the the point then of rooting14:14
Erealzwhy wouldnt you want to14:14
Erealzyes it works well14:14
desuIt's a bit tricky to sorth through the mess of bashrc, so I suggest looking at a guide online.14:14
dsanot speciefic directories only14:14
ActionParsnipbitnumus: should be in PS114:14
desu( while you're there you should also customize it a bit )14:14
seednodedesu: bashrc doesn't seem like a mess to me.14:15
Erealzbut android is for the nerdy more tech savy people in my opinion14:15
seednodeMine's like 7 lines14:15
desuseehnode seriously?14:15
seednodeAnd more than half of that is aliases I made.14:15
ActionParsnipErealz: its no more techy than other mobile OSes. You install apps and use them.14:15
Erealzand i dont know about you but i like being able to install features on my phone14:15
seednodeMine has... Two lines outside of my aliases14:15
ActionParsnipErealz: you can do that on iPhone too.....14:15
desucopy the one from /etc/skel/.bashrc?14:16
Erealziphone for yuppies dicks14:16
seednodeOh, right, I'm thinking of the ~/.bashrc14:16
robergreetings everyone, is a pleasure to be here with you :)14:16
usr13_Erealz: http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android14:16
Erealzi dontlike there comunity there are all mean14:16
bitnumushmm, thanks ActionParsnip  and seednode but i think the user i created (without -m) is a little screwed14:16
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
bitnumusi tried removing using 'userdel' and readding with -m14:16
seednodeMy .bashrc in /etc/skel/.bashrc is 4 lines14:16
bitnumuswould that cause issues?14:16
usr13_Erealz: (The video is priceless!:)14:16
ActionParsnipErealz: yes but it does what you said, you can install apps.14:17
desugive me a sec14:17
Erealzi can install apps in a 25 phone buddy14:17
Erealzthat dosnt mean it better then an android14:17
ActionParsnipErealz: exactly, so how is that being 'tech savvy'?14:17
Erealzand you aguement is laughable14:17
dsaso guys by backing up / entire root i'll be able to recover everything to the way it was yeah?14:17
ActionParsnipErealz: i'm not making an arguement, i'm not seeing how installing apps is 'tech savvy'14:18
usr13_dsa: Just clone it.14:18
dsausr13, clone is the command?14:18
ActionParsnipErealz: especially when 'yupie dicks' can do the same thing on iphone14:19
Erealzthe plat form14:19
ubot93#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:19
Erealzioscommunity is stupid14:19
bitnumusBy default, using 'useradd -m username' should it have a shell prompt name ?14:19
bitnumusin .bashrc14:19
dhanasekaranHI Guys where i can find dhcpd logs i am using isc-dhcp-server please guide me14:19
PiciErealz: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?14:19
ActionParsnipErealz: stll doesn't answer me, but its offtopic here14:20
usr13_dsa: No, it's just an exact image of a drive.  You just put two identical drives in your system, clone to the slave. If anything happens to the primary drive, switch them.14:20
desuseednode, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1394526/14:20
dhanasekaranHI Guys where i can find dhcpd logs i am using isc-dhcp-server please guide me14:20
ActionParsnipdhanasekaran: look in /var/log is a good start14:20
dsausr13, oh =/14:20
Erealzexactly relax14:20
Erealzit not serious14:21
Erealzyou takeing it personal do you work for apple or somthing14:21
usr13_dsa: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/2-methods-to-clone-your-linux-hard-drive/14:21
Erealzyou own an iphone14:21
ActionParsnipErealz: no, i don't. Your statement just makes no sense14:21
dsai was more looking for system restore option14:21
ActionParsnipErealz: i use android, but you knew that14:21
Erealzso you say14:21
dsalike the snapshot example of  virtualbox14:22
* ActionParsnip moves on14:22
Erealzother say the same i do14:22
desuseednode, try that one, and look at this for playing around with bashrc https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bash14:22
Erealzso i know im not the only one14:22
Erealzso i  guess it a matter of opinion14:22
PiciErealz: This channel is for Ubuntu support only.  If you want to chit-chat, there is #ubuntu-offtopic.14:23
usr13_dsa: Cloning is the ultimate system restore option, IMO. It's much simplier.  It is a complete snapshot, personal files and all.14:23
ActionParsnipdesu: how big is your vbox disk file?14:23
Erealzsomeone chit chatting with me14:23
BobbieHello, I have a question about ubunut :o is this the right channel for that ?14:23
desuActionParsnip, I don't have a virtual box...14:23
usr13_dsa: Are you using vbox?14:23
Erealzyou saying i cant reply14:23
dsausr13, yeah i know i used ghost for that before but thats not the idea14:23
PiciErealz: You're both offtopic. ActionParsnip has stopped, please do the same.14:23
Erealznp iv already had to say what i had to14:24
dsausr13, no i'm not14:24
BobbieI deleted my ubuntu partition and now I cant boot into my windows 7 OS, I keep getting this GRUB rescue screen for some reason14:24
usr13_dsa: I just keep /home/ on a separate partition.14:24
dsai was just saying like a snapshot works on a virtual machine14:24
Erealzdo you mind stoping telling me this im quite aware of this. thanks14:24
bitnumusActionParsnip, i cannot even use tab completion on my new user, any idea why that would be? it doesnt feel like it was created right14:24
cfhowlettBobbie: need to run the windows repair function14:24
Bobbiehow ? :o I cannot even boot a cd14:25
=== albert is now known as Guest72822
Bobbiethe only thing I got to work from a cd is damn small linux14:25
Bobbiehoping that might give me the possibility to run something else14:25
ActionParsnipbitnumus: copy the one from /root then uncomment the bottom 3 lines, then run: source ~/.bashrc14:25
BobbieI cant run my windows 7 recovery disk for some reason14:25
=== Guest72822 is now known as Phryq
narendra_how can i access ext4 drive of ubuntu10.04 in win7 64 bit???  any free software or system setting???14:25
cfhowlettBobbie: you have the windows CD?  change your bios to boot from the cd and repair away14:25
dsai'm worried about system state services and settings14:25
Bobbieand I cant run my ubuntu cd either14:25
Bobbieyeah I have a recovery disk but it wont boot it, grub rescue says that it doesnt recognize the file system14:26
ActionParsnipBobbie: what happens when you try the ubuntu CD?14:26
cfhowlettBobbie: could your optical drive have failed?14:26
dsai dont belive /home is responsible for all that14:26
Bobbienothing it also says it doesnt recognize the filesystem14:26
bitnumusActionParsnip, what would be the reason it didnt create it right in the first place any ideas? there is a .bashrc and home DIR etc, would tab completion be something stored in .bashrc too?14:26
usr13_dsa: No it's not.  But what type of customized system state, services and settings to you have?14:26
ActionParsnipbitnumus: its told to start in ~/.bashrc   you may find one is there, just needs the lines uncommenting14:26
BobbieI mean I can try to run the ubuntu cd again and see what happens if you'd like but last time it didnt do anything14:27
usr13_dsa: ... beyond default ones.14:27
dsanow it's like virgin just installed14:27
ActionParsnipBobbie: black screen at boot?14:27
dsabut thats the idea for now14:27
funky1anyone experience with mplayer and dvb-s disecq settings in channels.conf?14:27
funky1 everything on disecq 0 works fine but none on disecq 1, when i run mplayer with -v i see it does not pick up the proper disecq setting, the ones that should be disecq 1 appear as disecq 0, e.g.: SAT, NUM: 53, NUM_FIELDS: 6, NAME: on8, FREQ: 12515000, SRATE: 8888000, POL: H, DISEQC: 0 PIDS:  200  210  0 , entry in channels conf is: on8:12515:h:1:8888:200:210:2 so i thought the disecq setting comes after the polarization setting,...14:27
ActionParsnipBobbie: then that's something, not noting14:27
Bobbiegrub rescue then pops up14:27
dsausr13, probably i wont mess it up again but just in case..14:27
ActionParsnipBobbie: what video chip do you use?14:27
Bobbieerrmm my laptop uses an nvidia m330 or something like that if I recall correctly14:28
dsausr13, and when i start installing and setting up my stuff ill do the same if all is good14:28
ActionParsnipBobbie: have you tried the boot option: nomodeset14:28
BobbieI got the ubuntu disc to boot14:28
Bobbieits booting14:28
Bobbiethe ubuntu disc14:28
usr13_dsa: If you did get some sort of system restore going for yourself, that would be about the time you'd learn enough not to hose your system anymore.  Linux is a bit simplier than you realize at first.14:28
Bobbielets see how far I get its loading up14:29
usr13_dsa: We don't have the smoke and mirrors that MS Windows has, (like a registry file).14:29
ActionParsnipusr13_: gconf is not too dissimilar14:30
Bobbieoh well this is taking some time xd.14:30
ActionParsnipBobbie: CDs aren't fast14:30
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roberbobbie:  Did yo had dual boot on your box??14:31
Bobbieyes I had14:31
dsausr13, the problem was webmin > uninstall > zentyal >  zentyal boom messed up my network somehow then remove zentyal and some services were still there14:31
Bobbiethen I deleted the ubuntu partition while I was on windows 714:31
Bobbiewhich I found out was a stupid thing to do14:31
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
ActionParsnipBobbie: you can make its easier by resizing the NTFS in Windows14:31
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
usr13_dsa: Don't use webmin14:32
AnnieMHi folks.  I tried to install Ubuntu on my win7 drive and now I have no MBR or GRUB.  Win 7 via CD does not see the C:\.  Cannot fix mbr, and I have no linux experience.  Help? Please?14:32
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
dsai mean i messed up probably could repair all that but i thought it would be cleaner to start off fresh14:32
BobbieI dont quite get what you mean with that actionparsnip14:32
dsausr13, yeah thats why i changed to zentyal14:33
ActionParsnip!webmin | dsa14:33
ubot93dsa: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.14:33
usr13_dsa: If you hose your system up, it is a learning experience, plain and simple.14:33
Bobbieoh gee, you weren't kiddin CD's are extremely slow.14:33
dsaright it is14:33
BobbieIll just grab a drink Im right back14:34
roberbobbie :  Thats why l prefer booting from my usb pendriver  :P14:34
dsaso you are saying there is no system backup working on ubuntu14:34
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
dsalike a system restore on windows14:34
yellabs-r2does anyone know how ubuntu one interface was coded ? it looks a bit odd14:34
ActionParsnipdsa: you can manually backup14:34
dsashadow copy14:35
yellabs-r2not gtk i guess14:35
usr13_I just dont think there is an automated app that you are thinking of.14:35
dsamanually backup what ? individual config files?14:35
BobbieIm back14:35
ActionParsnipyellabs-r2: I believe it's python based, look at the deps on http://packages.ubuntu.com14:35
Bobbieusb pendriver14:35
usr13_Having backups is basically the same.14:35
ActionParsnipdsa: you can do the whole OS or just some folders etc14:35
Bobbieah my ubuntu cd booted14:36
=== Guest44371 is now known as Adeel
dsawhole OS yeah thats what i was asking for :D14:36
SierraARHow do I find what my computer's local IP address is?14:36
BobbieI can choose between trying and installing ubunty14:36
SierraARUsing ubuntu 12.0414:36
dsaActionParsnip, like a snapshot on a virtual machine right?14:36
Bobbieubuntu* should I just pick trying and can I fix my problem from there ?14:36
robersierraar:  ifconfig on terminal14:36
ActionParsnipBobbie: you can kickoff the installer from the liveCD14:36
=== Adeel is now known as Guest79924
SierraARrober: Thanks14:36
ActionParsnipdsa: sure, just copy the data in a liveCD and it's good to go14:36
usr13_dsa: You can backup separate partitions or filesystems such as  /home/  or / or  /boot/14:37
roberSierraAR: you from argentina?14:37
dsaActionParsnip, now im lost :s14:37
ActionParsnipdsa: its why a separate /home partition is advantageous14:37
Bobbieactionparsnip: should I choose "try ubuntu" and can I fix my boot problem from there or should I install it to fix it (which I assume takes a hell of a lot longer"14:37
wukonhi,i'm a newer14:37
usr13_dsa: The short answer is   "no"14:38
roberbobbie:  you can fix it from  "try ubuntu"14:38
dsausr13, right =/14:38
SierraARI have apache2/php5/etc installed and it's loading fine on my machine using my local ip, but other machines on the same network can't connect - Connection timed out14:38
BobbieI just want to avoid stupid mistakes, which is why my questions may seem dumb14:38
bitnumusActionParsnip, i did as you said, but it seems no commands work, i cannot run 'source ~/.bashrc'14:39
bitnumus-sh: 2: source: not found14:39
yellabs-r2SierraAR have you tried local adres ?14:39
tgagreetings, I could use a hand with setting up cherokee14:39
tgait works fine from the default location, but virtual dirs download php files instead of interpreting them14:40
SierraARyellabs-r2, If by local address you mean like then that's what we were attempting to connect to14:40
Bobbieokay, ubuntu has loaded. where do I go from here ? :oi14:40
usr13_dsa: We do not have a "system restore" [AFIK] (comparable to what MS Windows has).  And yes, I know that you can get a Linux system into an un-reparable state (just like you can a MS Windows system).14:40
ActionParsnipbitnumus: is the file there, you can run:    ls -a    to check14:40
dsafunniest thing i remeber from yesterday was even though i removed zentyal when shutting down there were still stuff there sttoping related to it i think modules XD14:40
roberbobbie: what do you need to do?14:40
bitnumuswhich file? i can edit .bashrc yes14:41
Bobbiewell since I deleted my ubuntu partition I boot into grub rescue14:41
Bobbiewhile I want to boot into windows 714:41
dsausr13, yeah i know my system was kind of broken not fubar14:41
usr13_dsa: ... BUT, doing a fresh install and leaving /home/  as is... well, that is a pretty good alternative.14:41
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
dsajust i wanted a fresh install since i didnt do much to it14:41
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
Bobbieso I dont quite know how I fix that from here14:42
usr13_dsa: See my PM.14:42
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
MaxFramesI have a series of complicated problems with ubuntu 12.04, I am testing on a virtual machine.14:43
MaxFramesthe first problem is that on the logon screen only the english keyboard is available, and I need the Italian keyboard14:43
roberbobbie :  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair14:43
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
MaxFramesonce I login, I have both available, but no joy in the logon window14:43
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
MaxFramesI have already tried to select Italian in the regional settings and choose "apply globally" but it does not work14:45
roberbobbie : l had a similar problem,  l fixed it  with boot-repair  :)14:45
Bobbieah lol thanks Ill try it out and see where I get14:45
=== mogitox is now known as mogitaff
BobbieIll update on here whether it worked/works or not xd14:45
MaxFramesso I do I choose a different keyboard in the logon window?14:46
roberbobbie :  Cool, good luck buddy, and never give up.14:46
robermaxframes :  go to "keyboard layout" and change it from there14:49
MaxFramesdoesn't work... I have already selected Italian as default for all screens14:51
Bobbieoh awesome14:52
Bobbieit's fixed @14:52
roberbobbie :  cool14:52
Bobbiemany thanks rober :) and actionparsnip14:52
roberbobbie : you can now send us $ 500 to our paypal accounts  :D.         KIDDING!!!!14:53
ActionParsnipMaxFrames: you can set it in /etc/default/keyboard14:53
=== albert_ is now known as Phryq
robermaxframes :   l'd try this    http://askubuntu.com/questions/155424/changing-keyboard-layout-in-ubuntu-12-04-server-command-line-interface14:55
sporkboyany suggestions on limiting usage on a browser to 30 minutes? right now, it auto-starts chrome, and starts it again when it's closed. it works great, except people hog the public computer a LOT.14:55
JuJuBeeI am having problems with process /usr/bin/X :0 -br -audit 0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/ :0.Xauth -nolisten tcp vt7 getting up to 100% frequently. It seems related to Rhythmbox and or EasyTag. When using Rhythmbox if I alter the mp3 tags I see this process spike. If I use EasyTag it always spikes and the system gets slow.14:57
tgaanyone running Cherokee?14:57
tgafor some reason I can't get it to serve php out of vdirs14:57
Picitga: You could try asking in either #ubuntu-server or #cherokee if you don't get a response here.14:58
tgaubuntu-server might be an idea, #cherokee is pretty much dead14:58
usc911Hi guys can anyone point me in the direction of making a portable ubuntu flash drive on OSX? I need something that I can install to and preserve files etc... on it14:59
makilloI hate osx i'm sorry ;)15:00
robermakillo:  theres only one thing l hate more then osx, its ms-windows   xD15:00
ActionParsnipusc911: use unetbootin15:00
makilloAnd all apple products  except the ipod15:00
LapperTDoes anyone here know how wine handles alt-tabbing of fullscreen programs in ubuntu?15:01
makilloActionparsnip is right15:01
* ania__ 15:02
ActionParsnipLapperT: I'd ask in #winehq too15:02
LapperTOkey :)15:03
bitnumusActionParsnip, Is this related to my issue, the /bin/sh ?    >     main:x:1000:1000::/home/main:/bin/sh15:03
desumakillo, I agree with the Apple bit. I've never seen such utter shit being sold for quite so high.15:04
desuwell except for maybe ambergris...15:04
ActionParsnipbitnumus: mine's: andy:x:1000:1000:andy,,,:/home/andy:/bin/bash15:05
bitnumusso what could cause this ?15:05
bitnumusim lost, i only used 'user add'15:05
desuuseradd <username>15:05
bitnumusyesyes with -m15:05
llutzbitnumus: next time use "adduser"15:05
makilloOr adduser15:05
[awal]how to make ipv6 in ubuntu?15:06
bitnumusllutz, should i user 'userdel' and do that ?15:06
bitnumusand could you actually explain what its done wrong at all ?15:06
llutzbitnumus: sorry i haven't followed you issue. what is wrong withthat user?15:07
[awal]how to make ipv615:07
makilloDesu : i think apple is more superficial than technological15:07
bitnumuseverything lol, it has no shell prompt name, tab completion doesnt work and other simple things15:07
bitnumusjust doesnt 'feel' right15:07
llutzbitnumus: sudo chsh -s /bin/bash main15:07
ActionParsnipllutz: nice :)15:08
desumakillo, related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFeC25BM9E015:08
bitnumusi coudlnt even use 'logout'15:08
bitnumuslet me try that!15:08
llutzbitnumus: logout/relogin after that15:08
bitnumusyay :)15:08
bitnumusso what did that command actually do llutz  ?15:09
bitnumuscan i blame 'useradd' for this ?15:09
llutzbitnumus: changes your default shell into bin/bash instead of dash15:09
llutzbitnumus: you can :)15:09
doomgiveris linux mint "lisa" similar to ubuntu, somehow?15:09
bitnumuswell thanks alot :)15:09
llutzbitnumus: either read "man useradd" very carefully or simply use "adduser" next time15:10
ActionParsnipdoomgiver: mint is based on ubuntu, similarly how ubuntu is based on debian15:10
bitnumusyes, i have read this before, forgot15:10
bitnumusty also ActionParsnip15:10
ActionParsnipdoomgiver: mint has a completely seaparate supoprt network15:10
llutzbitnumus: adduser is a script around useradd doing stuff "right"15:10
makilloThats horrible , because everyone around me thinks that Apple is simply the best innovators ....what the hell !!!15:11
doomgiverActionParsnip: so, the packages and methods i use in ubuntu (methods = list/series of actions) will work in ubunut?15:11
ActionParsnipdoomgiver: more than likely yes15:11
makilloI'm french15:11
ActionParsnipmakillo: who cares what others think, use what you like :)15:11
desuApple has somehow managed to steal everyone else's idea, add a twist, and then get away with it in court.15:12
desuWhile robbing people blind, I honestly don't know why people buy that shit.15:12
doomgiverthank you! ActionParsnip, you have saved the day!15:12
IdleOne!language | desu15:12
ubot93desu: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:12
doomgiverdesu: we need more apple haters, so we can burn them in our cauldron of hate15:12
IdleOneAlso, I don't see what Apple has to do with Ubuntu support. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics15:13
makilloThank you actionparsnip , at least I know I'm not the only one thinking like that ;) ... Is it the same case in USA ?15:14
ania__well ubuntu support should help apple users15:14
ania__what do you mean no15:14
ActionParsnipmakillo: no idea, I'm from the UK15:14
auronandaceania__: ubuntu support is for help with ubuntu15:14
ActionParsnipania__: as long as it is ubuntu on apple hardware, yes15:14
ubot93#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:15
desuania_ no15:15
doomgivertoo many hardliners15:15
ania__yes but once you put ubuntu on international space station or mars rover ubuntu support should help you with software issues15:15
ania__that means not more or less they need to know everything everywhere15:16
ActionParsnipania__: yes, it is then ubuntu.15:16
ania__ActionParsnip: you are still best help on this channel15:17
ania__i dont know how you do that15:17
ania__it is goint to turn out you are like SIRI ......nice sexy lady in front of 12 screens ( like big bang theory ) :P15:18
DJones!ot | ania__15:18
ubot93ania__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:18
IdleOneania__: This channel is for Ubuntu support. Please stop with the chit chat15:19
doomgiverwow... idlers with too much time15:19
phixdoomgiver: where?15:19
makilloCan someone tell me a technologie that apple is the only one to have15:20
ipayshow to root login command ?15:21
ActionParsnipipays: sudo -i    in a terminal15:21
ania__dont need to .....use sudo comand than yours password15:21
DJones!root | ipays15:21
ubot93ipays: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:21
MasKBossActionParsnip u there?15:22
ActionParsnipMasKBoss: aye15:22
ipayssudo: Illegal option -i15:23
k1lipays: can you show the command? which ubuntu are you using?15:23
=== SierraAR is now known as Sierr[a]AR
desuipays sudo su15:23
ActionParsnipipays: what is the output of:   lsb_release -sc15:23
k1ldesu: STOP15:23
ActionParsnipdesu: sudo -i   uses the user's environment. sudo su    uses roots, not ideal15:24
desuoh boo, you're no fun15:24
jpdsActionParsnip: No, -i resets the environment.15:25
ipaysActionParsnip : sh: lsb_release: command not found15:25
chisholmIs it possible to control where the installer installs grub? (Ubuntu 12.04)15:25
jpdsdesu: We're not here to have fun.15:25
DX099hello, even though I defined policies in "Privacy", I still see some files and folders that shouldn't be there in "Recent" bookmark in Nautilus15:25
ActionParsnipipays: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue15:25
k1lipays: this is a ubuntu support. dont come here if you dont have a ubuntu (like i told you the last days)15:25
ipaysActionParsnip : SULinux release 1.5 (Server) Kernel \r on an \m15:26
k1lipays: so please use the SULinux support15:26
ActionParsnipipays: then you are using suse. support for that is in #suse15:26
desuk1l does that mean I should leave since I'm on debian, or can I still stick around to provide assistance and educate myself?15:27
dv310p3rso i'm trying to "watch" the /tmp directory. "sudo watch -n1 /tmp" and I get sh: 1: /tmp: Permission denied. I don't understand.15:27
jpdsSULinux looks like RedHat.15:27
ActionParsnipjpds: http://linux.die.net/man/8/sudo  shows it leaves environments variables the same15:27
llutzdv310p3r: watch watches commands, not directories15:27
jpdsdesu: sudo watch -n1 ls /tmp15:27
dv310p3rllutz, damnit.15:27
auronandacedesu: you can stay to learn or help others15:27
dv310p3rSo sorry, thank you,15:27
Picidv310p3r: jpds's comment was for you15:27
jpdsdv310p3r: You're not doing, what you thinking you're doing.15:28
jpdsdv310p3r: sudo watch -n1 ls /tmp15:28
k1ldesu: you just want to make trouble?  i just said you shouldnt assume the not-ubuntu-way in a ubuntu-support15:28
dv310p3rSorry guys total brain fart. THank you15:28
dv310p3rI use this command all the time.15:28
k1land using root shells and stuff is not the ubuntu way. thats it15:28
harrypotter2how to convert nrg to iso15:29
ActionParsnipharrypotter2: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-convert-a-nrg-nero-file-to-a-iso-file-in-ubuntu.html15:29
usr13k1l: Well, you can switch to a root shell in Ubuntu.15:29
k1ldesu: and if the user runs SULinux and cant use sudo and stuff, why the heck is he not asking in their support? so stop being that way15:29
IdleOneharrypotter2: install nrg2iso15:29
ActionParsnipharrypotter2: http://www.bing.com/search?q=nrg+to+iso+ubuntu&src=IE-SearchBox&FORM=IE8SRC   all I did15:29
opalepatrickwhere is Trash located on 12.10 - would like to rm the contents - cant find it at .local/share/15:29
usr13k1l: ... or su15:29
desurm has no trash, it's gone.15:29
IdleOne!trash | opalepatrick15:30
ubot93opalepatrick: Your GUI file manager's Trash folder is located at ~/.local/share/Trash/ for files moved to trash from your hard disk and .../.Trash-userid/ on external devices for files moved to trash from the device.15:30
harrypotter2installed but when i am going to convert that to iso saying seems like already an iso15:30
k1lusr13: right you _can_ . but if you should and should ruin your rights settings in ~ is the other question. most user are fine with sudo15:30
=== Sierr[a]AR is now known as SierraAR
ActionParsnipharrypotter2: what does the 'file' command, say it is?15:31
opalepatrickcheers IdleOne15:31
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
harrypotter2It seems that win7.nrg is already an ISO 9660 image15:32
harrypotter2[Aborting conversion]15:32
ActionParsnipharrypotter2: then there isn't anything to do15:32
usr13k1l: You won't ruing your settings.15:33
=== jason is now known as Guest53192
usr13k1l: You can ruin just as much with sudo  ;015:34
IdleOneusr13: Drop it please15:34
usr13IdleOne: YOU DROP IT!15:34
=== terry is now known as Guest34387
=== Guest79924 is now known as Adeel
chisholmI found the answer to my problem here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing15:37
=== Adeel is now known as Guest14398
auronandace!yay | chisholm15:38
ubot93chisholm: Glad you made it! :-)15:38
ogalchon1anyone here has an idea why i cannot watch videos in chromium? it says something about flash plug-in :-o15:38
DX099hello, even though I defined policies in "Privacy", I still see some files and folders that shouldn't be there in "Recent" bookmark in Nautilus15:38
itu1Hello, I am having trouble getting a multifunctional epson scanner to work in ubuntu 12.04. Could anyone please help me with that?15:39
Cottuslet's see15:40
=== TexNixk is now known as Tex_Nick
Cottusi found this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScannersEpson15:41
=== Tex_Nick is now known as TexNick
ogalchon1anyone can help? :-)15:41
=== domie1 is now known as domie
itu1I can't find my model, (stylus tx133), though i can find a similar one (stylus tx 121)15:42
Cottusitu1: are you in the optical group ( or the appropriate one , like scanner ) ?15:42
Cottus(you can see it in /etc/group15:42
chisholmogalchon1: one option might be to use chrome instead of chromium15:43
ogalchon1can i use chrome in ubuntu as well?15:43
Cottusitu1: neither here http://www.sane-project.org/cgi-bin/driver.pl?manu=epson15:43
chisholmogalchon1: yeah, just go to the google website to get it15:44
OerHeksogalchon1, sure, download the linux version from the website15:44
reindeernixogalchon1: You can download a deb file from Google15:44
itu1I dont seem to bein scanner.15:44
ogalchon1thanks a lot :-D i'll do that15:44
Virunga_Hi guys, could you help me with this regular expression/command ls | grep *\.h$ ? i'd like listed all the files with .h extension.15:44
chisholmogalchon1: cheers15:44
darkhawkhi there15:44
Virunga_But it doesn't work.15:44
itu1Stylus TX130 Series USB 0x04b8/0x0883 complete all-in-one15:45
llutzVirunga_: ls | grep -E '*\.h$'15:45
Cottuswhat error do you get itu115:45
chisholmVirunga_: or even try: 'ls *\.h'15:46
prokaHey guys, I have a problem with fdisk. When I type in fdisk -l /dev/sda for example, I get an Cannot open /dev/sda error15:46
Cottus!sudo > proka15:46
ubot93proka, please see my private message15:46
itu1When I try to open any scan utility (like Image Scan! for Linux) it just stalls and waits, until I unplug the usb cable.15:46
itu1Then it tells me it couldnt connect.15:46
itu1It used to work before15:46
prokaCottus, Omg. Thank you very much. I feel so stupid now xD15:46
itu1Like a month or 2 ago15:46
Cottusproka:  np15:47
Virunga_llutz: chisholm thank you.15:47
DX099hello, even though I defined policies in "Privacy", I still see some files and folders that shouldn't be there in "Recent" bookmark in Nautilus ?15:48
=== Virunga_ is now known as Virunga
Cottusitu1: there is a log , /var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages which gathers messages from when a device is connected15:49
Cottusit might have interesting info15:49
itu1Opened /var/log/syslog15:49
itu1what should i be looking for?15:49
Cottuswell i would unplug the scanner,  look for last message, replug and check for any new messages15:50
Cottus( i prefer : tailf /var/log/syslog15:50
ipayshow to patch shell?15:50
k1lipays: the answers here wouldnt help you, since you dont use ubuntu.15:51
itu1Says stuff about disconnecting and reconnecting the printer.15:52
itu1ends with15:52
itu1itu-ThinkPad udev-configure-printer: Re-enabled printer ipp://localhost:631/printers/EPSON-TX133-TX13515:52
SachWhat the default shell that installs with ubuntu 12.04?15:52
Cottuslooks fine to me, then i would try (x)sane with root permissions15:53
k1lSach: dash15:53
Sachk1l: I currently use ubuntu 10.04. Do you know what my default shell is?15:53
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
itu1I tried (x)sane as root before, stalls just like imagescan15:53
=== mrenouf|away is now known as mrenouf|home
itu1Scanning for devices..15:54
itu1then closes.15:54
itu1Wait not closes, just stalls.15:54
itu1But with no window shown..15:54
itu1Trying to open it again while it stalls says the scanner is busy/15:55
mn2010hello all, got a question...15:56
k1lSach:  echo $015:56
k1lthat should say what you are using. and im not sure if it was dash on 10.04. but i think it was dash15:56
Cottuslastly i would check to see if it exists anywhere in "http://localhost:631"15:57
robermn2012 :     SHOOT!15:57
auronandace!dash | Sach15:57
ubot93Sach: /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash15:57
mn2010xserver: is it possible to run 2 seperate adapters, running different drivers and use xinerama?(Fglrx and radeon{foss})15:58
raven12.04 - no libmp3lame any more in avconv?? how to install it?15:58
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
Cottusit's the configuration page for cups ( printers )15:59
itu1Administration > Find new printers15:59
itu1doesn't find anything15:59
Cottusadd it16:00
itu1Wait it's there on Printers16:00
FloodBot1Cottus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:00
itu1The printer works, it's just the scanner giving me problems/16:00
itu1It works on windows though, so it's not broken/16:01
ActionParsnipitu1: don't they use iscan / iscan-data16:05
mn2010xserver - is it possible to run 2 seperate adapters, running different drivers and use xinerama?(Fglrx and radeon{foss})16:05
itu1Yeah they do. I have those installed/.16:05
itu1It used to work before with this setup/16:06
islandmonkeyHello, I have the most strangest problem, of which is that when I try to run Google Chrome and Unity, Ubuntu returns me to the login screen16:06
islandmonkeyHas only just happened when I turned the computer on about half an hour ago16:07
islandmonkeyBTW, I did install some updates this morning16:07
islandmonkeyCan't remember what they were though16:07
TexNickislandmonkey : ya might try the brute force approach & just reinstall chrome16:11
islandmonkeyTexNick: Done that16:11
islandmonkeyAlong with Unity16:11
kettererHey guys, I hope you all are having a good day16:11
mn2010launch chrome from terminal and output status to file (chrome>~/chrome-log.txt16:12
kettererDoes anyone know how to completly reset all settings for unity web apps. I used the beta version back on 12.04, and since then i have not been able to make them work on 12.1016:12
mn2010xserver - is it possible to run 2 seperate adapters, running different drivers and use xinerama?(Fglrx and radeon{foss})16:12
islandmonkeyRighto, I'll be back in a minute when I log back in16:13
itu1Well I have to go now. Thanks for your help Cottus, I'll keep trying tomorrow.16:14
ActionParsnipmn2010: should be. You may need an xorg.conf file to set it up16:14
islandmonkeymn2010: No output was written16:15
mn2010simple dual-head setup, with layouts to each screen? i want to make sure before i go into it.16:15
mn2010islandmonkey: install the chrome-dbg libraries, i have a feeling its with unity though. ive seen that before.16:16
flyinprogrameranyone know where, or what to search for, to find a server psu that has both a 24pin AND 20 pin plug [for a dual processor mobo]  ?16:16
ActionParsnipflyinprogramer: ask in ##hardwae16:17
ActionParsnipflyinprogramer: this is ubuntu support16:17
flyinprogramerActionParsnip:  didn't know that was a thing - sorry!!! don't hate me!!16:17
mn2010probably stuck using a 24pin splitter(Y) and a single 24>20 pin adapter16:17
kettererDoes anyone know how to completly reset all settings for unity web apps. I used the beta version back on 12.04, and since then i have not been able to make them work on 12.1016:18
ActionParsnipflyinprogramer: no hate here dude :D16:19
mn2010brb, going to test these xorg config's.... wish me luck!16:20
islandmonkeymn2010: No chrome-dbg or unity-dbg packages16:20
islandmonkeyOr anything like that16:20
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
mn2010islandmonkey: i think its called "chrome-browser-dbg", are you running the ubuntu universe packages or the PPA16:21
=== Mila is now known as shojo
decciI have a Fibre Channel Card which I want to validate with HP hardware.I need to stress test it with BIOS and HP hardware. What test shall I perform16:22
islandmonkeymn2010: The package is chromium-browser-dbg and I use Chrome, not Chromium. Are you sure it's going to work?16:23
Touhou11islandmonkey: Chrome is part of a botnet, I would advise against using it16:23
islandmonkeyTouhou11: What are you blabbering on about?16:25
mn2010islandmonkey: there is a chrome version as well. the Chromium version wont work, as its for the "Chromium" Browser... the debugging symbols will output debugging info. will know if its unity or chrome then,16:26
mn2010i agree with Touhou11, and if youre running recent builds its slightly faster and uses system version of flash and ffmpeg(libav) codecs. Rather than google versions and doesnt log everything back to google...16:27
bobweaver!info  chromium-browser-dbg16:27
ubot93chromium-browser-dbg (source: chromium-browser): chromium-browser debug symbols. In component universe, is optional. Version 22.0.1229.94~r161065-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 2973 kB, installed size 22157 kB16:27
bobweaver!info chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra-dbg16:27
ubot93chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra-dbg (source: chromium-browser): chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra debug symbols. In component universe, is extra. Version 22.0.1229.94~r161065-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 1714 kB, installed size 7518 kB16:27
islandmonkeymn2010: Can't find the chrome edition of those dbg symbols16:28
bobweaverLook in there repo are you using beta ?16:28
islandmonkeyNo stable16:28
bobweaverI think that they have three repos16:28
islandmonkeyAnd I have looked inside the repos16:29
Touhou11islandmonkey: Chrome contains proprietary code which you can't examine, I suggest running wireshark while using it16:29
mn2010^i cant find it either.... strange... i know it was in there 11/2011... when i was debugging 12.04...16:29
mn2010brb ^16:29
islandmonkeyTouhou11: What's that got to do with fixing my problem?16:31
Touhou11islandmonkey: If you don't use Chrome there isn't a problem16:32
decci_How shall I reboot BIOS 100 time through script16:32
prokaDoes anyone know why GParted won't start if there is an USB inserted? It spits out this error message when starting it from terminal: "Assertion (head_size <= 63) at ../../../libparted/labels/dos.c:659 in function probe_partition_for_geom() failed."16:34
jribdecci_: i'm really curious why anyone would ever want to do that...16:34
decci_jrib: For BIOS stress testing16:34
islandmonkeyTouhou11: No thank you Richard Stallman. And I still have a problem, since we have also Unity to get back up and running16:34
jribdecci_: i guess you can put a script to run at startup that writes how many times it has run to disk somewhere...16:35
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prokaDoes anyone know why GParted won't start if there is an USB inserted? It spits out this error message when starting it from terminal: "Assertion (head_size <= 63) at ../../../libparted/labels/dos.c:659 in function probe_partition_for_geom() failed."16:38
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=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
jribproka: sounds like a bug.  I'd check for open bugs and file one if it doesn't exist yet16:40
simplewi have gpg-agent running, still 'debuild -S' continues prompting for the gpg key becuase it asks twice fot the gpg key, can anyone clarify?16:41
prokajrib, Could it be that this specific USB is causing trouble, or just a generic bug?16:41
jribproka: I'd assume it's related to the way that particular usb is formatted16:41
prokaAlso, how do I format a USB drive to fat32 using terminal? mkfs.vfat does not seem to do the job.16:42
ner0xWhat is the java plugin again? I keep forgetting.16:45
seednodener0x: icedtea-web-plugin is what I use.16:47
seednodeOr whatever it's called.16:47
seednodeAnd OpenJDK/JRE for non-web16:48
ner0xThank you.16:48
seednodeI think the name in repos is icedtea-web-java716:49
VarazirAnyone here good at start up ? I have create my own conf file and set it to "start on startup" hoping it would start before lightdm but don't do it16:49
ActionParsnipner0x: you can use oracle java if you want16:51
soomonhello. i crated a mdadm raid 5. but it doesnt have the size it should have... here is the information about the raid: 4*3TB hard drives: Personalities : [linear] [multipath] [raid0] [raid1] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raid10] // md0 : active raid5 sde1[4] sdd1[2] sdc1[1] sdb1[0]. i only get 6TB of storage.. why?16:51
JBzhHi. Does someone knows if there is a fix to the python 2.7 SEGFAULT when using help('modules') ? (bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python2.7/+bug/896836)16:51
ubot93Launchpad bug 896836 in python2.7 (Ubuntu) "Segmentation fault when asking help() for the list of modules" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:51
ActionParsnipner0x: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html16:51
VarazirMy problem is that I have a script that turn on my TV and my AVR (using CEC HDMI lib), they need to be on befor lightdm/x starts16:52
ActionParsnipVarazir: if you add it in /etc/rc.local above the 'exit 0' line, it will run befor lightdm runs. You can also add a sleep command to add an N second pause so the devcie has time to come on etc16:53
VarazirActionParsnip: ok I'll try it16:53
ActionParsnipVarazir: use full paths to files etc, they will run as root16:53
VarazirActionParsnip: ok16:53
Varazirdo I need to add exec before the script file ?16:55
zizohi, I'm a very new user of ubuntu. Just installed it into may laptop alongside windows. in ub untu16:57
islandmonkeyHello, I have a rather strange problem of which is that when I try to login to Unity it takes me back to the login screen16:57
islandmonkeyChrome does the same thing as well16:58
zizo hi, I'm a very new user of ubuntu. Just installed it into may laptop alongside windows. in ubuntu warless is not working. My computer is Dell Inspiron 1525. Any one please help me?16:58
ldleworkhow do I get it to install the 5.22? http://hastebin.com/givipamabu.coffee16:59
feeshonzizo: What model wireless card do you have?16:59
honvaiHello. How to open ipad system?17:01
xanguahonvai: depends on the ubuntu and iOS version you use17:01
ejozizo: be sure that any special key on the keyboard for turning the wireless on/off is not the cause17:01
zizoejo, I've checked it is on.17:02
zizoejo, it is working in windows 7 fine.17:02
honvaixangua: ubuntu 12.04.1 and iOS 6.0.117:02
soomonwhat is "used dev space" in mdadm?17:02
xanguahonvai: most likely no :)17:03
=== Az0nic is now known as Azonic
ejozizo: ok good... does the graphic at the top right of your screen indicate the wireless antenna is working?   Is the problem just that you can't connect to your base station?17:03
ejo(i mean connect to your wireless network)17:04
zizoejo, its not working.17:04
ejozizo: what exactly is not working17:04
zizoejo, now I've connected with waired lan.17:04
honvaixangua: what di you mean?17:05
feeshonzizo is your card getting detected in ubuntu? I would check the there is a driver installed17:05
zizoejo, It is not showing any access point17:05
honvaixangua: what do you mean?17:05
skai-falkorrwho i need to mail to talk about technical stuff on planet.ubuntu.com?17:05
=== Azonic is now known as Az0nic
zizofeeshon, it is not detecting I think.17:05
feeshonzizo: at the top where it shows a add on card icon it should give you options for additional drivers17:06
ejozizo: possibly because you are connected by wire now.  Also do you have your wireless network configured to not advertise its SSID?  If that's the case then you would need to use the "add a wireless network not shown here" option17:07
xanguahonvai: that in every ubuntu release it supports the current ios, then a new iso update is released and it breaks the supports...a new ubuntu is released and the history repeats17:08
DJonesskai-falkorr: You can contact the planet sysadmins by emailing rt@ubuntu.com.17:08
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
skai-falkorrDJones: thanks17:08
islandmonkeyHello, I have a rather strange problem of which is that when I try to login to Unity it takes me back to the login screen17:08
islandmonkeyChrome does the same thing as well17:08
feuretyanyone that can help me with updating World of Warcraft on Ubuntu 12.10?17:09
honvaiHow to format ipad?17:09
Myrttihonvai: why do you want it formatted?17:09
simple_onei cant see any file included in a .zip when i open it with archive manager.17:09
xanguahonvai: 12.10 is supposed to support ios6 by the way17:09
simple_onei cant see any file included in a specific .zip file when i open it with archive manager.17:11
TexNickfeurety : you might #wowhead17:14
islandmonkeyHello, I have a rather strange problem of which is that when I try to login to Unity it takes me back to the login screen17:16
islandmonkeyChrome does the same thing as well17:16
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ukhois password correct?:)17:19
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest19003
Guest19003Ubuntu.com down???17:19
Guest19003i can't hit it at all?17:19
DJonesGuest19003: Its working for me17:19
Guest19003can anyone else confirm?17:19
Guest19003DJones,  where are you located?17:20
andygraybeal_comes up for me17:20
Guest19003i'm in Texas SUA here17:20
andygraybeal_i'm in ohio17:20
deepmI am on 12.04 and when I try to update I get this: https://gist.github.com/72e22d7c4fb02333171317:20
Guest19003andygraybeal can you hit ubuntu.com17:20
deepmIt seems I amnot able to update at all17:20
Guest19003i can ping it17:20
TexNickGuest19003 : i'm just west of dallas ... it's working for me17:21
islandmonkeyHello, I have a rather strange problem of which is that when I try to login to Unity it takes me back to the login screen17:21
islandmonkeyChrome does the same thing as well17:21
Rustyblade3guys can  anyone help me install Wine on my 64 bit Ubuntu 12.10?17:21
Max401Guest19003: Also can't connect from UK17:21
olegbfrom .dk neither17:21
Guest19003Some in UK can...some can't... some in Texas can... some can't!17:21
Guest19003What Gives!  :(17:21
ejoI cannot reach www.ubuntu.com in California right now17:22
ukho<islandmonkey> is your password correct?17:22
ejoprobably won't last too long17:22
Guest19003it's wide spread! everyone panic! :)17:22
Guest19003at least it isn't my University blocking it!!!17:22
olegbejo: could you try to lookup the ip ?17:22
Guest19003that is what I was afraid of17:22
Toph2RussellB28,,, install it from Ubuntu Software Centre17:22
ejoi can, however, ping it.17:22
Rustyblade3You can use Tor to pass blocks from School and places17:22
Guest1900391.189.94.156 isn't that the IP for ubuntu.com17:22
Guest19003never tried that Rustyblade317:23
Guest19003looking no9w17:23
Rustyblade3Ubuntu.com is working fine from NY17:23
honvaiHow to downgrade ios 6.0.1 to 5.1.1 with ubuntu 12.04 terminal?17:23
ejoi've got
phixRustyblade3: and from Sydney too17:23
Rustyblade3If you are being blocked, download Tor17:23
Guest19003olegb,  i tired that IP and it didn't work for me17:23
olegbGuest19003: for me neither :-)17:24
Rustyblade3It makes you anonymous on the internet and you can bypass blocks in Schools, libraries and more17:24
Rustyblade3Unless ur from china17:24
Guest19003can someone that is hitting ubuntu.com give us the IP that is working?17:24
olegbcould someone that can reach ubuntu.com lookup the IP17:24
Rustyblade3They have a great firewall of china17:24
TexNickGuest19003 : try traceroute17:24
olegbah up now17:24
Guest19003I'll hvae to let my sister try Tor Rustyblade3 she works for a K-12 school that blocks EVERYTHIGN17:24
phixolegb: gg17:25
Rustyblade3Here is a link for you convenience17:25
Guest19003don't have it installed TexNick17:25
Guest19003at the moment17:25
phixGuest19003: I bet I could get around it17:25
Rustyblade3u can use tor...17:25
Guest19003compdoc,  that ip worked for me17:25
ukhoHi! I've come in www.ubuntu.com just now o_017:25
Rustyblade3easy as that17:25
Guest19003Well looks like the domian now worked as well!17:25
Guest19003ok gotta download and install! I'm on a  live used 32bit right now... i need 64! Thanks for the help!17:26
islandmonkeyHello, I have a rather strange problem of which is that when I try to login to Unity it takes me back to the login screen17:26
Rustyblade3Thank you and have a nice day :D17:26
islandmonkeyChrome does the same thing as well17:26
Rustyblade3guys can  anyone help me install Wine on my 64 bit Ubuntu 12.10?17:26
auronandaceislandmonkey: chrome is a browser17:26
meltingwaxif a help.ubuntu.com says 'Open Settings->Network->Wireless' how can i open this from the command line (running lxde)17:26
islandmonkeyauronandace: I know that; when I run it, I'm returned to LightDM17:27
Rustyblade3feels ignored*17:27
auronandaceislandmonkey: weird17:27
islandmonkeyauronandace: Indeed17:28
Rustyblade3guys can  anyone help me install Wine on my 64 bit Ubuntu 12.10?17:28
TexNickRustyblade3 : try #winehq17:28
xanguaRustyblade3: sudo apt-get install wine17:28
Rustyblade3Yeah i did that and this is what i get17:28
islandmonkeyauronandace: Any ideas?17:30
xanguaRustyblade3: are you using a ppa¿17:30
honvaiHow to unlock ipad?17:30
auronandaceislandmonkey: sounds like a setting is wrong somewhere, does it let you login to unity with a guest account?17:31
Rustyblade3Do i disable the PPA?17:31
DJoneshonvai: You need to find an apple channel17:31
xanguaRustyblade3: so get rid of it17:31
islandmonkeyauronandace: Let me check17:31
DJones!alis > honvai17:31
ubot93honvai, please see my private message17:31
xanguaRustyblade3: if you have no installed anything from it, software center>edit>sources>others17:31
XenHi, does anyone here have experience with Raid cards in an ubuntu enviroment? More specifically Vantec PCI Raid cards17:31
xanguaRustyblade3: or better use ppa-purge17:32
ikoniavantex are not a good make17:32
ikoniathey are fakeraid cards17:32
honvaiHow to unlock ipad with ubuntu terminal?17:32
xanguawhere is that damn bot when you need it :/17:32
ThinkT510!raid | Xen17:32
ubot93Xen: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto17:32
ikoniahonvai: you don't17:32
karthikselvaCan any one tell me some finger print recognition software for ubuntu17:32
Rustyblade3another error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1394963/17:32
islandmonkeyauronandace: Nope17:32
auronandaceislandmonkey: then it isn't your settings17:33
islandmonkeyWell I gathered that17:33
Rustyblade3Why is this happening, I spent 2 hours yesterday to fix this and it didn't work :(17:34
auronandaceislandmonkey: the only thing i can think of is something that you installed (i only stick to the repos)17:34
llutzRustyblade3: sudo apt-get install wine1.417:34
islandmonkeyauronandace: Well did install some updates this morning but I can't remember what they were17:34
islandmonkeyWell I*17:35
llutzRustyblade3: apt-cache policy wine1.4-i38617:35
ThinkT510!ppa-purge | Rustyblade317:36
ubot93Rustyblade3: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:36
=== erick is now known as Guest56617
deepmI also have problems with the packages on 12.0417:37
deepmI can't seem to make a proper update17:37
deepmI get this error17:37
deepmcan anybody help?17:37
=== Guest34647 is now known as Adeel
Rustyblade3wait so how do I install purge?17:38
Rustyblade3wait nvm17:38
=== Adeel is now known as Guest34910
Rustyblade3so how will I revert to my original packages now that i have PPA-Purge17:40
ChristopherAlanI'm having a problem installing ttf-mscorefonts17:41
ChristopherAlanA simple configuration screen pops up asking me to hit okay during installation but I cannot, this isn't the first time i've ran into this either17:41
ChristopherAlanhere is a picture of what I'm talking about http://oi50.tinypic.com/6zbn1j.jpg17:41
=== {bosco} is now known as Guest27751
Guest27751is there a way in linux to take a windows iso file and make it bootable with a usb flash drive so i can install windows on a computer with no CDrom drive???17:41
DJonesRustyblade3: ubot93 is a bot17:41
trismChristopherAlan: hit tab, then enter when ok is highlighted17:42
XenRegarding my raid card, I have a raid card, the guides u sent me seem to be pointing to setting up the hard drives without a raid card.  Is this a much better option? I am just wondering if it would be better to do that, or find drivers or such for my raid card (Vantec UGT-ST320R)17:42
ChristopherAlanTHANK YOU SO MUCH trism17:42
Rustyblade3So how do I revert to my original packages now that I have ppa purge?17:42
ChristopherAlanguest27751 : there is a windows USB installer now yes, I'm afraid i dont know exactly all that much about it but there is an official usb tool released from windows for creating a USB installer now,  just sayin17:43
crimsonmaneGuest27751: type /join ##windows17:43
crimsonmaneinto chat17:43
Guest27751ChristopherAlan, i know that but for some reason i cant get wine to work right and i am in a live ubuntu right now lol17:43
DJonesRustyblade3: Its not something I've used, but the http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html page seems to give instructions on how use the command17:44
DJonesRustyblade3: eg. sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa17:44
Guest27751is there another program that loads exe fils in linux other than wine ?? that is free ??17:45
DJonesRustyblade3: You'll need to find the correct info for the ppa you installed though17:45
=== stefano is now known as Guest56448
crimsonmaneGuest27751: only wine.17:45
ThinkT510Guest27751: loads exe? in what way do you mean?17:45
Rustyblade3No i wanna reset all my repos17:45
Guest27751crimsonmane, i cant seem to get wine installed at all17:46
Rustyblade3Like EVERYTHING of repos17:46
ChristopherAlanOuch,  there is crossworks, similar to wine, infact crossworks contributes much code to wine in their favour,   But it's not free,  you could get it if your smart but I wont speculate about how,17:46
crimsonmaneit's crossover, not crossworks. and he asked for free.17:46
ChristopherAlanand I mentioned it wasn't free17:46
=== Mike is now known as Guest77250
ChristopherAlanI had difficulty installing wine,17:47
ChristopherAlanI uninstalled it, and when I installed the front end Playonlinux which includes wine It installed properl after that.17:47
VIVIDGuest27751, if you cannot install wine, i suggest trying 'sudo apt-get install wine'17:47
Rustyblade3Can anyone tell me how to reinstall ALL my repos with PPA purge17:47
Guest27751VIVID, i did that lol17:47
VIVIDGuest27751, then provide some console output of your failure17:48
Guest27751ChristopherAlan, i know about that software 2 just not working right17:48
ThinkT510Rustyblade3: ppapurge removes ppas, thats all17:48
crimsonmaneRustyblade3: you can locate a fresh sources.list online and replace yours17:48
Guest27751VIVID, ok one sec17:48
Rustyblade3someone told me you could remove all ur sources and install them again using ppa purge.17:49
Rustyblade3All I really wanna do is Install Wine17:49
superbootHi all. I'm trying to setup a scanner share over my LAN using saned and xinetd. This config works: http://sprunge.us/gTJP  But when I change use and group to saned, I can't detect the scanner remotely with scanimage -L17:49
Rustyblade3Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit17:49
superbootAlthough I can detect the canner localy as the saned user with the scanimage command.17:49
=== RonaldH is now known as Ronald
ubot93Guest56448: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:50
ceti331__Can ubuntu and win8 dual boot ok17:52
Max401Rustyblade3: looking at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1966013 there seems to be some arch problems with wine (although that was 12.04)17:52
BLZbubbaok this is annoying, ubuntu's deb mirror is choosing wallawalla.edu, which goes about 10% as fast as the default17:52
BLZbubbawhat is the best way to get ubuntu precise to choose the fastest mirror?17:53
Max401Rustyblade3: out of interest, can you post results of dpkg --print-foreign-architectures17:53
XylonNeed help uninstalling ubuntu. Its not wubi, i made a partition. Need to uninstall reallocate the space to my windows drive and fix the start up back to windows only. A detailed guide would be useful .-. thank you17:53
Rustyblade3I get nothign17:54
jwrigleyXylon: boot up windows17:54
Xylonjwrigley: I am using windows atm, dual boot.17:54
Max401Rustyblade3: Ok, so run sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386, then sudo apt-get update17:55
jwrigleyXylon: ok,  find your windows cd17:55
Xylonjwrigley: x'D thats the thing. Dont got one17:56
=== patr|ck_ is now known as patr|ck
=== mani is now known as Guest54025
Max401Rustyblade3: Then the result of sudo apt-get install wine1.4 (or 1.5)?17:56
jwrigleyXylon: ok, plan B, let me just find the link17:56
Xylonjwrigley: thank you17:57
Rustyblade3I LOVE YOU MAX (No homo)17:57
Rustyblade3if u are a man that is17:57
Max401Rustyblade3: no probs. Saw your frustration yesterday so took a look around17:58
daxxone1Can I ask a hardware question here?17:58
crimsonmanedaxxone1: what's up18:00
ThinkT510daxxone1: if it is ubuntu related18:00
=== deadmund is now known as software
=== software is now known as deadmund
Rustyblade3Max I hope ur Good karma lvl is....18:00
Rustyblade3OVER 9000!18:00
daxxone1I got an ambient light sensor on laptop, 12.04, the fn key shortcut for it shows a trackpad with an x18:01
daxxone1on screen18:02
daxxone1anyone ever trouble shoot a light sensor?18:02
livingdaylightwhat is the current version of wine in ubuntu?18:03
k1l!find wine18:03
ubot93Found: wine-gecko1.4, gnome-wine-icon-theme, libkwineffects1abi4, q4wine, shiki-wine-theme, wine, wine1.2, wine1.3, wine1.4, wine1.4-common (and 5 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=wine&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all18:03
livingdaylighti can see wine 1.5. However, when I try to install it via synaptic it wants to remove VLC ?18:03
k1llivingdaylight: see the link from the bot and choose your release18:03
daxxone1I think it is a graphics card issue, as my backlight only works in 4 changing points at the top of the meter.18:04
crimsonmanelivingdaylight: did you install vlc as a windows version?18:04
livingdaylightcrimsonmane: windows version on Ubuntu?18:04
crimsonmaneit can be done.18:04
crimsonmaneif you used wine18:04
livingdaylightcrimsonmane: wine is not installed here18:04
livingdaylightcrimsonmane: i'm actually using uberstudent which is a ubuntu based distro. It came with vlc pre-installed. However, when I try to install wine it wants to remove VLC18:05
komputesAre there alternative meta-packages for language.support-* in 12.04?18:06
ThinkT510livingdaylight: not supported here18:06
=== newbie is now known as Guest37990
newGugI have a software raid card that might be only suitable for windows, is it possible that I installed ubuntu onto both hard drives and that GRUB is randomly choosing which one to boot to?18:07
jwrigleyXylon: Check private chat18:07
DlukZA1Hello everyone,  I need to install Postgresql-9.0 on an 10.04.4 server.  but for some reason 9.0 was deleted from the repo.  does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to get it installed?18:07
ActionParsnip!ppa | DlukZA118:08
ubot93DlukZA1: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge18:08
daxxone1This was similar functioning in windows before ati drivers got loaded, but I loaded a bunch at one time.18:08
honvaihow to open ipad system?18:08
DlukZA1ActionParsnip, the problem is that 9.0 was deleted from that PPA18:08
DlukZA1it only has 9.1 and 9.218:08
ActionParsniphonvai: use a screwdriver :)18:08
ActionParsnipDlukZA1: are they not backward compatible?18:09
DJoneshonvai: As I said earlier, you need to find an apple channel and ask in there18:09
DlukZA1not when i'm doing replication form a 9.0 to a 9.118:09
TexNicklivingdaylight : you might just let it remove vlv ... then reinstall vlc18:09
rothamwhat shell command will search for a string in every file in a folder and subfolders?18:09
DlukZA12012-11-28 06:05:00 GMT DETAIL: The data directory was initialized by PostgreSQL version 9.0, which is not compatible with this version
ThinkT510honvai: stop asking, this is ubuntu support18:09
ActionParsniprotham: grep -R string /path/to/search/*18:10
livingdaylightTexNick: ok, maybe. Just wondering why VLC would come into it, even, at all18:10
=== Catbuntu is now known as Katbuntu
ThinkT510livingdaylight: we don't know what your distro has changed so we can't support it18:10
ThinkT510!derivatives | livingdaylight18:10
ubot93livingdaylight: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)18:10
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
daxxone1So my fn key for my light sensor shows a trackpad off pop-up when I try to toggle18:11
DJoneslivingdaylight: Have you asked the uberstudent support channels/forums? They might know, as its not official ubuntu and has different packages, we won't know18:12
gartralrandom dumb question.. when installing a new graphics card (In my case nvidia) should I remove nouvue before, or after installing the binary blob?18:12
livingdaylightDJones: they don't have an irc channel. Will register and post question on forum :s18:12
trismgartral: you don't remove nouveau, it is just blacklisted when nvidia is installed18:12
gartraltrism: ok, thanks18:14
daxxone1Will SuSE drivers work on ubuntu?18:18
ThinkT510daxxone1: drivers are to do with the kernel, i doubt there are suse specific drivers18:18
lhavelunddaxxone1: Most of the same software will, but not all. Also, you can't install yum packages safely.18:19
ThinkT510lhavelund: not safely no18:19
lhavelundThinkT510: And that's the point I was making.18:20
yeehi30 GB are available for Ubuntu - I want to have separate / and /home partitions. What size should I make / ?18:20
ThinkT510lhavelund: ah sorry, misread18:20
lhavelundyeehi: I'm careful and conservative; I'd probably do 10GB /, 20gb /home18:20
lhavelund(Not counting in swap)18:20
yeehithank you Ihavelund18:20
yeehiah yes - I should have 2GB swap18:21
lhavelundyeehi: I haven't personally installed the last couple of releases, so I'm not sure how system disk space usage is right now, but in earlier releases, I remember being told ~7--8 / would be plenty.18:21
daxxone1ThinkT510 I got a 8560p elitebook, and HP has SuSE software for some 8560w hardware/ fingerprint scnner, web cam.18:21
seednodeMy 60GB install was 15GB /, 40GB /home18:22
daxxone1not safe?18:22
lhavelunddaxxone1: That depends what the medium it's distributed as is.18:22
lhavelunddaxxone1: If you could link me, I can have a look.18:22
daxxone1It has different gpu packages, only thing under my device is for trackpads.18:23
gartralI have an issue with one 32-bit game, second life, on 12.10, it complains that it can't load the 32-bit libs from ia32-libs even though their installed and working18:23
lhavelunddaxxone1: They seem pretty outdated... I wonder if they're compatible with current kernels.18:24
lhavelunddaxxone1: Just checking the archives they provide.18:24
ThinkT510daxxone1: most likely the drivers are already in the kernel, try ubuntu and see what you need18:24
lhavelundI think what ThinkT510 proposes is very likely, too.18:25
daxxone1I tried the ati gpu hardware add on, it shows me having a different gpu than win7 did.18:26
lhavelunddaxxone1: The packages for SuSE won't work, I'm afraid.18:26
ThinkT510daxxone1: do you need fglrx? what's wrong with the open source drivers used by default?18:27
daxxone1Ya, I'm just loosing on some performance and power managment18:27
daxxone1ati doesn't support this gpu with there generics packages in win7 or other OSs18:28
jjgalvez__I just bought a new laptop, and I want to put ubuntu on it (most likely xubuntu), does anyone know how I can take the existing W8 install and move it to a Virtualbox so I can use it too?18:29
ThinkT510jjgalvez__: perhaps ask in #vbox18:29
daxxone1did fglrx, still got VESA:SEYMOUR/Standard in system details18:29
jjgalvez__ThinkT510: good point I'll ask there18:30
ThinkT510daxxone1: lsmod will list what modules are currently in use18:30
lhavelundjjgalvez__: You can do a standard dualboot if you wanted.18:31
jjgalvez__I might to that if I have too, I really don't like dualboots because you can't use both at the same time. I really only need W8 for a few programs for school18:33
daxxone1video =018:33
* Sm0kEz is Away (fewd) @ 06:34:28pm18:34
lhavelund!away > Sm0kEz18:34
ubot93Sm0kEz, please see my private message18:34
=== MaTk is now known as mata
daxxone1or videodev? I don't see fglrx18:36
=== mata is now known as matk
matkhow do i become sudo in unbuntu desktop?18:36
ThinkT510daxxone1: then fglrx isn't being used18:36
ActionParsnipmatk: sudo isn't a user18:36
matkhow do i become root in unbuntu desktop?18:36
ActionParsnipmatk: if you are in the sudo group, you can use sudo18:36
geekychiragHello I am on android any tips on converting ninja3 to run suburban tun18:36
ThinkT510matk: you shouldn't need to18:36
ActionParsnipmatk: sudo -i     will give a root prompt18:36
geekychiragUbuntu.    Touch prob18:37
lhavelund!root ´mat18:37
lhavelund!root | matk18:37
ubot93matk: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo18:37
matkubot93: what are you talking about?18:37
ubot93I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:37
=== dpb_ is now known as Guest46508
ikoniamatk: he's telling you (a bot) that there is no root account enabled in ubuntu, it's part of the security model ubuntu uses18:37
geekychiragHow to change ninja 3 to run ubuntu18:38
ikoniawhat ?18:38
ikonianinja 3 ? change it ?18:38
ActionParsnipgeekychirag: what is ninja3 ?18:38
geekychiragNinja 3 is an android phone with 1 gigahertz processor18:38
matkok i am have an installation of ubuntu server on a USB drive. i want to plug it into a unbuntu desktop and edit the files, but i get permission denied from desktop gui??18:38
daxxone1well I kind of thought that would be the case. post-release updates wont help either?18:39
ikoniamatk: so you use sudo18:39
ikonia!sudo | matk18:39
ubot93matk: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:39
matklet me try that18:39
=== Guest34910 is now known as Adeel
TexNicklol that last ubot93 post resembles a scene out of the Matrix18:39
=== Adeel is now known as Guest8058
geekychiragLook at this for micromax a5718:40
matkikonia: didn;t work18:40
matkstill same error18:40
matkcan't transfer files permission denied18:40
OerHeksgeekychirag, not yet, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android18:40
geekychiragHow can I get any help from ubuntu for android phone18:40
honvai:~$ ideviceinfo18:42
honvaiEntity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found?18:42
OerHeksgeekychirag, not. see the url i gave you18:42
SamMcgAny one know how to uninstall Ubuntu12.10?18:42
geekychiragThanks oerheks18:42
ThinkT510SamMcg: get rid of the partition(s) and overwrite the mbr (if thats where grub went)18:43
SamMcgHow would I do that? pm me if you can18:43
matksame thing happens in terminal18:43
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
SamMcgThinkT510 how would I do that?18:46
ThinkT510SamMcg: are you using wubi?18:47
ThinkT510SamMcg: then you uninstall it just like any other windows app18:47
SamMcgIs that all?18:47
ThinkT510SamMcg: yes, avoid wubi in the future if you want to use ubuntu seriously18:48
SamMcgI will remember that! Thanks so much! Hugs and kisses18:48
honvaiHow i operating usb device?18:49
gsanthi anyone with experience in noapic e nolapic kernel options ?18:49
daxxone1Is that why I got issues? wubi? It is a vm drive?18:49
gsanti ve just updated my ubuntu and it doesnt boot without the noapic option.18:50
ThinkT510daxxone1: wubi is an abomination, it is a pretend install within windows18:50
gsantif i add the noapic option it does fuck my network card18:51
daxxone1Ya, it seemed I had more flexability with mint on the cd install with my other hard drive18:51
ThinkT510daxxone1: wubi creates a file on the ntfs partition that acts like a harddrive18:51
gsanti guess it is because its is giving same irq to 2 different devices.18:51
gsantany help ?18:51
daxxone1similar to power ISO's virtual cd18:52
daxxone1Maybe I will start this clean with unetbootin18:53
root____1what screendump command used for?18:55
daxxone1will win7 disk management work to format this partition? Or wubi is needed to dumb this of the disk?18:55
schultzahow do i change compiz settings in ubuntu 12.04?18:55
k1l!rootirc | root____118:55
ubot93root____1: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.18:55
ThinkT510daxxone1: windows doesnt support other filesystems (ext2/3/4 etc)18:55
k1lschultza: try myunity18:56
root____1ubot93: i got it18:56
k1lschultza: you can use the ccsm, but be careful it can ruin compiz, so that it wont start18:56
=== root____1 is now known as sail
ThinkT510daxxone1: use gparted from a livecd18:56
sailwhat screendump command used for?18:56
schultzaccsm? and will i be able to do the cube?18:57
twirmschultza, if that's all you change with ccsm you'll be fine18:57
k1lschultza: yes18:57
twirmdoes anyone know if MyUnity offers the option to turn on the Desktop Cube?18:57
schultzabut i have to get ccsm to change that, right?18:58
ThinkT510schultza: unity wasn't meant to be used with the cube so it may or may not work18:58
funkthi there does anyone know the command for worksapce switcher?18:58
schultzaim beginning to really hate unity again.18:58
h00kfunkt: you can use ctrl+alt+arrowkeys18:58
daxxone1The 35gb partition I made was done first, formatted ntfs, then loaded with wubi from win7.18:58
OerHekssail > http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man1/screendump.1.html18:58
twirmThinkT510, you can change the layout of the workspaces, after you do that you should be fine!18:58
ThinkT510schultza: use another desktop then18:58
funktI know I just want to find a keyboard shortcut i can use18:58
funktoh yeah of course18:59
twirmschultza, check out XFCE or Cinnamon for an alternative desktop that brings back some GNOME 2 goodness18:59
=== Tiktalik is now known as Tiktalik_
StaNyhey, i have some trouble configuring rsyslogd daemon18:59
=== Tiktalik_ is now known as Tiktalik
ThinkT510twirm: use of ccsm with unity is cautioned here18:59
schultzai thought cinnamon wasnt as configurable as gnome2 was18:59
twirmThinkT510, word, that's a good call :)18:59
funktwould anyone know how i change the background color on folders in 12.0418:59
k1ltwirm: schultza cinnamon is not using compiz and is not having a cube18:59
ThinkT510twirm: also cinnamon isn't supported here18:59
sailOerHeks: thanx18:59
StaNycan anybody help me with rsyslogd in private please ?19:00
heoyeacube in 2012?19:00
twirmThinkT510, is there a DE that is supported here that isn't Unity, or is it just non-XFCE, GNOME Shell, LXDE, KDE?19:00
ikoniatwirm: ubuntu shipped/supplied desktops19:00
ikoniaor packaged19:00
schultzawhich are?19:01
ikoniaones that are in the official repos19:01
ThinkT510twirm: xfce, lxde, kde, gnome-shell, enlightenment19:01
honvaiwhat command show usb info19:01
honvai? ̈́19:01
maxmythI am unable to open .blend files when double clicking on them. When I right click and go to "Properties > Open With" I can not locate Blender in the list of possible applications. How can I get Blender in that list? How can I make it so when double clicking on .blend files they get opened in Blender?19:01
twirmikonia, isn't awesomewm in the default repos?19:01
StaNyi am trying to log all messages with warn priority, except lpr or mail in a file19:01
ikoniatwirm: have a look,19:01
twirmikonia, I'll cover that support, haha19:02
ikoniawhat ?19:02
twirmikonia, AwesomeWM is in the default repo for 12.1019:02
ikoniaso ?19:02
ikonia(sorry am I missing your point) ?19:02
StaNyis there someone who knows how to configure the daemon named rsyslogd ?19:03
twirmikonia, Oh, I was just joking that I'll cover that support as I don't use any other DEs other than Cinnamon and Awesome :)19:03
daxxone1wubi added ubuntu to win7 bootloader? Since I put it on a second partition (I left it raw when I did mint as dual boot) I run wubi in win7 and uninstall, or could I remove ubuntu from win7 bootloader list and format D: partition?19:04
ikoniaI see19:04
honvaiwhat commad to open id adress folder?19:04
ikoniawhat ?19:04
ikoniaip address folder19:04
ikoniahonvai: what are you trying to actually do ?19:05
ThinkT510ikonia: open his ipad i think19:05
honvaigo to id adress19:05
farid__hi guys19:05
gsanthi guys19:05
twirmfarid__, heya, need some help?19:05
ikoniahonvai: what are you trying to actually do ?19:05
StaNyjoin #rsyslog19:05
HowdyBobAnyone know if it's possible for rsync to use check multiple directories for --ignore-existing19:05
gsantim just having problems with noapic kernel options19:06
farid__yeah how i do update ubuntu kernel with apt command?19:06
ikoniaHowdyBob: you need an ignore file19:06
twirmfarid__, have you run 'apt-get update'?19:06
gsantanyone know how to address these issue ?19:06
HowdyBobikonia, I'd run a script to populate the ignore file with the directory contents?19:06
farid__i mean only update kernel19:06
honvaiikonia: open all data in usb device19:06
ikoniahonvai: you need to mount the usb device19:07
ikoniahonvai: the ignore file basically is a text file thats a list of files/directories to ignore19:07
ikoniahonvai: sorry that was for HowdyBob19:07
ikoniaHowdyBob: same format as the exclude file19:07
HowdyBobnice, thank you ikonia19:08
gsanti just performed the updates suggested and then it stopped to boot19:08
gsantso i added the "noapic" kernel option.19:08
honvaiwhat command open usb device?19:08
ikoniahonvai: you have to mount it19:09
gsantit does boot, but now my network is fucked. :/19:09
gsantany help  ?19:09
ikoniagsant: that language is unacceptable and uncalled for19:09
ikoniagsant: please moderate yourself19:09
honvaiwhat command mount usb device?19:09
gsantikonia: srry19:09
ikoniahonvai: you treat it like a hard disk19:09
funktI know to press alt ctrl and an arrow key to move between workspaces, but I am after creating a keyboard shortcut which when pressed will open "workspace switcher" The larger version would anyone know where i can find the command19:09
honvaiwhat command mount usb hard disk?19:10
lhavelund!mount | honvai19:10
ThinkT510funkt: hold down the super key (windows logo)19:10
ubot93honvai: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount19:10
heoyeafunkt: think is ctrl+e19:10
ikoniahonvai: is this your ipad....are you stil talking about your ipad ?19:10
gsantanyone had similar issue with noapic ?19:11
farid__anyone can help me how i do update only ubuntu kernel with apt command?19:11
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
ikoniafarid__: apt-get ugrade $PACKAGE_NAME19:11
twirmfunkt, doesn't super + S do that?19:11
funktgood man twirm thanks! thats it!19:11
heoyeafunkt: if u using unity then is super+e i believe19:11
funktits super -s19:11
twirmfunkt, awesome, glad I could be of help!19:11
funktthank you all19:12
farid__ikonia:you mean apt-get upgrade kernel19:12
ikoniafarid__: if that's the package name (it's not)19:12
twirmfarid__, it's probably something closer to linux-kernel-3.x.x.x19:12
twirmfarid__, try tab completion after typing linux into that command19:12
farid__ok i think i figure19:13
=== matt_ is now known as Guest6188
honvaican not find the hard disk19:14
ikoniahonvai: is this your ipad....are you stil talking about your ipad ?19:14
farid__ok TNX all my problem solved19:14
gsantis it possible after an upgrade any Bios feature be messed up?19:14
ikoniagsant: no19:14
farid__and SPT twirm and ikonia19:14
ThinkT510gsant: to mess up the bios you'd need to enter it and mess it up19:14
DJoneshonvai: If you don't respond to the questions people are asking you, we have no idea what you're trying to do19:14
Guest6188Hey guys, I'm trying to install libreoffice from the repositories, but it's throwing a wobbly. Can anyone help? Looks like dependency problems, but when I attempt to resolve them it throws a wobbly at me. http://pastebin.com/7nzTMStH19:15
twirmfarid__, glad we got you sorted out!19:15
gsantweird, because after the upgrade ubuntu doesnt boot without the noapic option ,..even by CD19:15
honvaiikonia: i speak my device19:15
ThinkT510gsant: what does the bios have to do with setting a kernel boot parameter?19:15
honvaiand it is black19:15
ikoniahonvai: ok - I'm going to stop talking to you now, bye19:15
twirmGuest6188, try 'apt-get install -f'19:15
ikoniahonvai: I didn't ask it's colour19:16
ikoniahonvai: I asked if it was your ipad - you cannot answer me, so I have no interest in helping you19:16
Guest6188Twirm: As stated, I tried it, the result is at the bottom of the pastebin19:16
twirmGuest6188, yeah, it looks like you don't have java install19:16
gsantwell, the APIC functionallity is a Interrupt controller, some pc doesnt support it, so in the Bios u can disable the APIC Support19:16
Guest6188matt@lounge-desktop:~$ java -version19:17
Guest6188java version "1.7.0_09"19:17
Guest6188OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea7 2.3.3) (7u9-2.3.3-0ubuntu1~12.10.1)19:17
Guest6188OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.2-b09, mixed mode)19:17
FloodBot1Guest6188: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:17
twirmGuest6188, You need to try to run 'apt-get install -f', just that string19:17
=== Youri is now known as YBook
gsantactually if i disable it by BIOS ...i dont have to add the noapic kernel option to boot it19:17
=== AshleyWaffle is now known as Guest24412
csilkHi, Unity is really slow on my low powered netbook. Is there something I can do to make it quicker? I know there used to be a 2D mode but that seems to have been removed in 12.10?19:17
Guest6188I have done that -f thing, the result is at the bottom of the pastebin I sent19:17
gsantbut the problem is that if I add noapic option it does boot but my network stops working ..19:18
DJonescsilk: You could try a different desktop environment, lxde or xfce might be quicker on a low spec machine19:18
twirmGuest6188, try 'apt-get purge libreoffice'19:18
Guest6188trying that now.19:18
jwrigleyGuest6188: try creating the directories it is claiming are missing19:18
twirmGuest6188, it looks like you had it installed previously19:18
twirmjwrigley, they aren't missing, it's failing to overwrite them19:19
gsantThe weirdest is that i have backtrack installed ..but it doesnt boot anymore! :(19:19
csilkDJones, I wanted to continue running out of the box defaults if at all possible?19:19
gsantwithout noapic option.19:19
ThinkT510gsant: backtrack isn't supported here19:19
jwrigleyGuest66925: so /var/lib/libreoffice/share/prereg/ exists?19:19
Guest6188apt-get purge libreoffice is telling me the package is not installed.19:20
gsantyeah I know it is not. I just mentioned.19:20
jwrigleyGuest6188: *oops, wrong guest, ^ ^19:20
gsantcause i cant boot any Linux without the noapic option.19:21
ikoniawhy is this a problem19:21
ikoniaset noapic and move on19:21
Guest6188twirm: update: just realized I removed it earlier because it wasn't working. let me re-install.19:21
gsantits a problem cause my network doesnt work with noapic19:22
=== Snaker is now known as fartofagony
gsantwell im running Ubuntu 10.1019:22
=== fartofagony is now known as Snaker
ThinkT510gsant: 10.10 is no longer supported19:22
Guest6188jwrigley: lol, k19:22
gsanti guess i should try install the latest one.19:22
ikoniagsant: how did you upgrade19:23
ikoniafrom what to what ?19:23
gsantikonia: from the upgrade window proposed when you start it.19:23
ikoniaso you're not longer running 10.10 then19:23
ikoniawhat are you actually running ?19:24
Guest6188twirm: when I run 'apt-get purge libreoffice' it just complains of unmet dependencies/19:24
jwrigleyGuest6188: so /var/lib/libreoffice/share/prereg/ exists?19:24
ikonia!pm > honvai19:24
ubot93honvai, please see my private message19:24
StaNyhey everyone. i want to configure rsyslogd daemon in order to log all files with warn priority, except lpr and mail in a file19:24
twirmGuest6188, but you were able to reinstall fine?19:24
Jacruthhi guys: my unity launcher leaves a shadow when it is hidden. I have updated some minutes ago my ubuntu.19:24
gsantikonia: it still says 10.1019:25
Guest6188twirm: no, it throws the errors seen in the pastebin at me19:25
ikoniagsant: I'm asking because 10.10 is dead so there are no updates, so what has offered you an upgrade19:25
twirmGuest6188, jwrigley, check to see if /var/lib/libreoffice/share/prereg exists19:25
gsant"You are using Ubuntu 10.1019:26
gsant                - the Maverick Meerkat - released in October 2010 and supported until April 2012.19:26
Guest6188twirm: doesn't appear to exist when i cd to it in terminal19:26
New_kidI wanna join linux to win AD. anyone there to help?19:26
ThinkT510!ad | New_kid19:26
ubot93New_kid: You can learn more about ActiveDirectory intergration at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryWinbindHowto19:26
gsantikonia: weird, well anyway i guess i will just try install one supported.19:27
jwrigleyGuest6188: sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/libreoffice/share/prereg19:27
jwrigleyGuest6188: sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/libreoffice/program19:28
Guest6188jwrigley: doing that now. surprised though how it hasn't automated this. I've installed it on other machines from the repos fine.19:28
jwrigleyGuest6188: then try uninstalling again19:28
honvaii try !mount $ !mount mount pad mount: usb devive file not foumd /etc/fstab, or /etc/mtab19:28
twirmjwrigley, do you know what causes apt to do that?19:29
csilkubuntu 12.10 -  Unity is really slow on my low powered netbook. Is there something I can do to make it quicker? I know there used to be a 2D mode but that seems to have been removed in 12.10?19:29
llutzhonvai: what is you native language?19:29
gsantanyway thak you ikonia and ThinkT51019:29
somanhow to download with dependencies using 'aptitude download <package_name>' ?19:29
twirmcsilk, Will you use something that isn't Unity?19:29
jwrigleytwirm: some incomplete (un)install most likely19:29
Guest6188jwrigley: I can uninstall fine in synaptic, the problem is getting it to install right and correct dependencies.19:30
csilktwikz, I'd rather not19:30
Guest6188jwrigley: have always been able to uninstall it fine :)19:30
jwrigleyGuest6188: don't use synaptic19:30
Guest6188jwrigley: okay.19:30
twirmGuest6188, use apt-get via the command line19:30
honvaillutz finnish. but they not help my19:31
twirmcsilk, why not?19:31
jwrigleyGuest6188: what twirm said19:31
Guest6188jwrigley: that is usually my first choice but there are too many individual packages to remember19:31
llutzhonvai: you won't get help here either, if you don't state your real problem in readable sentences19:31
twirmGuest6188, tab completion helps a lot19:31
Guest6188so just 'apt-get remove openoffice'19:31
j0bihow can i extract mail from a website with ubuntu or ubuntu terminal???19:32
csilktwirm, this netbook will be used by several people whom don't have time to learn yet another UI. Unity is set up in such a way it meets their needs19:32
Guest6188twrim: or would that just remove the metapackage19:32
csilkI just need unity to not run slowly on out intel ATOM 1GB ram netbook19:32
csilkI'm surprised it is struggling on that hardware to be honest19:32
twirmGuest6188, run 'apt-get purge libreoffice'19:32
twirmand then try reinstalling19:32
jwrigleyGuest6188: the same one you tried before19:32
Guest6188twirm: oh, yeah i see now. sorry.19:32
j0bihow can i extract mail from a website with ubuntu or ubuntu terminal???19:33
twirmcsilk, ATOM doesn't have a very good GPU19:33
fishcooker1i've tried to install Nvdia*x86.run on Lucid lynx19:33
twirmcsilk, is there a reason you moved away from 12.0419:33
twirmcsilk, it's LTS :)19:33
fishcooker1but the commandline complain about x-server still running19:33
fishcooker1how to override those?19:33
csilktwirm,  12.04 had the same unity slowness issues19:33
Guest6188twirm: now it is telling me to fix dependencies with apt-get install -f19:33
csilkI was hoping 12.10 had updates to fix this19:34
ThinkT510fishcooker1: you should stick to the repos19:34
honvaii try get all data in ipad19:34
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
csilkIt now looks like Ubuntu doesn't work out of the box on Intel ATOM based netbooks19:34
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
bekkscsilk: It perfectly does, here.19:35
csilkbekks, really? I get a lot of lag when using the unity menus19:35
fishcooker1hmmm ThinkT510.. is there a way to install it manually..19:35
csilkeven the keyboard lags19:35
fishcooker1i've download the officiall driver19:35
csilkbekks,  I've got a 1GB ram net book19:35
ThinkT510fishcooker1: why?19:35
jwrigleyGuest6188: did you rerun apt-get install -f ?19:35
fishcooker1the laptop offline ThinkT51019:36
jwrigleyGuest6188: another paste perhaps?19:36
bekkscsilk: Thats an issue of the slow graphics adapter, nothing to do with Intel ATOM.19:36
csilkbekks, any suggestions?19:36
ThinkT510fishcooker1: sorry i can't help19:36
bekkscsilk: Which graphics driver do you use?19:36
csilkbekks, whatever came out of the box with the default install19:36
bekkscsilk: I have no clue which hardware you actually have... :)19:37
Guest6188jwrigley: you read my mind lol, was pasting it to a pastebin just then. result of -f is here http://pastebin.com/ndXcYmX219:37