ahoneybunanyone with the doc team?00:14
ahoneybunpleia2, hello!00:15
knomeno, we're all hiding00:15
ahoneybunknome, hiding00:45
ahoneybunI want to know about helping in the offline documentation on the roadmap  for 13.0400:46
knomeahoneybun, basically, we're open to any suggestions00:47
ahoneybunin ways to improve it?00:47
knomeif you think there's something we're missing in the docs, or an idea how can we improve/extend what we have now, just go ahead and suggest00:47
knomeif you're familiar with launchpad and documentation (docbook) translations, we need to set up those as well00:48
ahoneybunknome, I did apply for membership for the launchpad group00:49
knomeif you would like to help with the SRU for 12.04 (we need to rewrite some parts to make it accurate for xfce 4.8 and everything else), that's one thing we should start working as well00:49
knomeahoneybun, ah, right. great!00:49
knomeahoneybun, once we have some contributions from you, i'll gladly approve you :)00:50
knomeSRU as in stable release update; let me explain00:50
knomein 12.04, we have the 4+ year old documentation00:50
knomewe want to update that00:50
knomebut the documentation we've now written is for xfce 4.10, and some other packages are newer too00:50
knomeso we need to rewrite those parts to actually match with 12.0400:51
knomeafter we've done that, we'll SRU the new documentation to 12.04.x00:51
ahoneybunare there 2 versions for 12.04? the one for 4.8 and 4.10 from the backports?00:51
knomeno, just one for what's officially supported00:51
ahoneybun4.8 for the 12.04 then?00:52
ahoneybunand 4.10 for 12.10?00:52
ahoneybunknome, should I be running 12.04 then?00:52
knomeif you want to help with the SRU thing, the easiest way would be to install 12.04 in virtualbox or so00:53
Unit193knome: Re: Network section: /var/run/nm-dns-dnsmasq.conf won't tell you, just nm-tool.00:53
knomeand then simply go throgh the documentation and see if it still matches. where it doesn't, make a note and rewrite00:53
knome(we still need to see how we want to do that rewriting part, since we need to maintain two version that we're working on!)00:54
ahoneybunknome, where would it be?00:54
knomeUnit193, right. can you add that to your todo list when we start working on it? or if not willing, add an item to remind me again00:54
knomeahoneybun, we're probably trying to work on it on launchpad as much as possible00:54
ahoneybunknome, so the docs would be on lp?00:55
knomeahoneybun, that's correct. both the 12.10/13.04 and the 12.04 ones..00:55
knomeahoneybun, but if you want to start working before we get it all up, comparing locally and making notes is fine too!00:56
knomeactually, i even think the best way to approach this would be to simply check what doesn't match first00:56
knomeand create a list of those parts00:56
ahoneybunknome, well, I have to get the image first lol, where are the docs locally?00:56
knomeand then rewrite collaboratively00:56
knomeahoneybun, applications -> help00:56
knomeand the path: /usr/share/xubuntu-docs/desktop-guide/00:57
knome(that's for the actual documentation, not the front page "welcome" you get when opening apps -> help)00:57
ahoneybunSo I read for grammar. spelling, and incorrect data00:58
knomeumm, no00:58
knomewell, yeah and no :)00:58
knomefor the SRU update, we mostly want to find technical inconsistencies00:59
knomeeg. can you actually follow the instructions and get the desired results, or is something different/missing00:59
ahoneybunoh that they work00:59
knomegrammar and spelling fixes are fine, but those need to be fixed for both docs, so that's not the main focus for the SRU'd docs01:00
knomewhile we go, we might have some inconsistencies between the docs too01:00
knomethe new version might have an extended section, or something deleted in favor of something different01:01
knomebut of course, those modifications will not land in the SRU'd docs automatically, if we've set up a different codebase01:01
knomeand that's what we really need to do once we've started actually rewriting the stuff01:01
ahoneybunshould I look though the 12.10 Docs then? or wait and look for the SRU in 12.04?01:02
knomethat depends what you want to work on01:03
knomeif there's something you think you can improve/extend in the 12.10 docs, that's fine01:03
knomeif you want to start working with the SRU stuff, that's fine too01:04
knomewith the latter, i think the best thing to do was to find which sections need rewriting first01:04
ahoneybunin the parts about error messages, maybe give a idea what the message would look like?01:04
knomeso we wouldn't be forking the codebase just yet01:04
knomeyou mean visually?01:04
knomemmh, maybe we could have some kind of visual "glossary"01:05
ahoneybunwell you would see a error message from the CLI anyway, but a messagebox about it if your using a GUI application01:06
knomeyeah, well; we usually know if the message is going to be a CLI or GUI one, because we're the ones telling the user what to do :)01:07
ahoneybuntrue lol01:08
ahoneybunoh my new ERB01:08
ahoneybunvery well done docs, looks wise.01:09
ahoneybungrammar and spelling when looking a bit01:09
knomeyeah, there will be errors01:10
knomewe were quite busy last cycle with this, and we're happy for the docs to even be in 12.10½01:10
ahoneybunoh btw01:10
ahoneybunin the printer part01:10
ahoneybunsays to go to settings manager -> printer settings01:11
ahoneybunbut it should be settings manager -> printers01:11
knomei actually know.. that was changed quite late in the cycle, and we didn't really have a possibility to fix that01:11
knomeanyway: welcome to the community!01:12
knomeand thanks for helping out01:12
knomei'd suggest you to send a mail to the xubuntu-devel list telling who you are, what you'd like to work on, and on a separate message, any ideas and fixes you have for the docs01:13
ahoneybunwell I just started!01:13
knomepointing out your irc and launchpad nick is good too, so people will be able connect the dots more easily01:13
ahoneybunI guess ahoneybun = Aaron Honeycutt is not easy lo01:14
knomeit's a bit frantic, and sometimes it might take even weeks until... "oh, so YOU are the one from the mailing list!"01:14
knomemost of the nicks in this channel have nothing to do with real names01:14
ahoneybunI feel sometimes to make a new lp because of my new email01:15
ahoneybunso Bryan Lunduke wants to connect on Linkedin01:16
knomeshould we know him? :)01:17
ahoneybunoh he is a big open source supporter and ex-ex-host of the LAS = Linux Action Show01:17
ahoneybunhe even tried to live on the donation model for open source software01:18
knomeright. i probably should recognize the name, but i still don't...01:18
ahoneybundon't worry lol its a big world01:18
ahoneybunwell, back to looking though the docs01:21
ahoneybunthe section of "what makes Xubuntu" should include GNU? and Unix?01:22
ahoneybunoh should I just write this down?01:24
knomeGNU's mentioned in "free software"01:25
knomeunix could probably fit under "linux"01:25
knomewe decided we don't want to make it too technical or daunting01:25
knomekind of "try to let the projects/entities describe them extensively themself"01:26
knomeif you look around the docs, we're trying to be relatively brief along the way01:27
knomenot too tight-lipped, but keeping to what is relevant01:27
ahoneybuntry it really is that way01:28
ahoneybunit really is01:28
ahoneybunin Ch.2 one of the directions say to go to the xubuntu-logo and go to system then software updater, but I do not have that01:29
knomei suppose it would be best if you gathered these on a mail sent to the ML01:29
knomethat way we'll be able to track down what's to be done01:30
ahoneybunI did start writing in abiword01:30
knomeplaintext works best, but if you think we all benefit of a specific text layouting, that'll be fine too01:31
ahoneybunwell copying it in a email will be plaintext01:32
knomeyup :)01:32
knomeanyway, i should head to bed01:32
knome(3:30am here)01:32
ahoneybunI mean I did not write everything01:33
ahoneybunjust enough to find that spot01:33
ahoneybunoh thanks for the help01:33
knomelooking forward to talking with you again01:33
knomeand again, welcome to the community01:33
ahoneybunsame here01:33
ahoneybunthanks 01:33
ahoneybunits 8:30 pm here01:34
knomeothers are willing to help too, just ask if you need something and wait patiently :)01:34
knomewe're from around the world, so pretty much any timezone should work01:34
ahoneybunyep thats all you can do in a IRC lol01:34
knomeand some of us *cough* stay up late too01:34
ahoneybunwhere are you asia?01:34
ahoneybunI knew it was overseas for that difference01:34
ahoneybunwell I will not keep you from bed01:35
knomeyup. not really asia, would need a few hours more to even hit the western parts... :)01:35
knomeanyway, have a nice evening and see you later!01:35
ahoneybunyou too!01:35
knomesee you Unit193 and GridCube too! :)01:36
knomeGridCube, here. later.01:37
GridCube:P oh, good bye knome have a good night01:37
knometa, you too once you get to bed much much later :)01:37
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
pleia2so, how *do you* start an application in a specific workspace?21:26
* pleia2 finishing up FAQ, hopefully21:26
pleia2and what do we say about "2. (regressions [messaging-menu])"21:26
knomedunno, i'm very tired now21:28
knomehave to hit the sack soon21:28
pleia2ok, I'll finish the rest of the cleanup21:28
knomei'll be around a lot on friday, so if you have questions, i'll be able to answer those at the latest then21:29
Unit193I could tell you how I fixexd the menu. :P21:40
pleia2there is a fix in -proposed so we're just telling people to use that if they need it immediately21:40
Unit193Messaging menu*21:41
pleia2sent to -devel too21:42
GridCubepleia2, the regresions one was "semi proposed" by ochosi21:46
GridCubedont know how that helps, but he should understand at least why he proposed it21:47
pleia2ok, hopefully everyone can just chime in on list so we can get this firmed up, thank you21:47
GridCube:) 21:47

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