Zelouilleknome, i did not know who i was talking to. Thanks for your work on Xubuntu and the Albatross theme :)00:31
knomeZelouille, heh, no problem :)00:38
knomeZelouille, enjoy!00:38
Pupuseranybody have any idea whats up or down with the ubuntu mirrors been working on a minimal install and it cant access any of the mirrors03:36
well_laid_lawnPupuser: tried a different mirror?04:08
Name141How do you get to the hardware 'drivers' ?07:10
Name141as in, like AMD's (ATi) drivers07:10
Name141I guess what I'm asking is 'restricted drivers'07:10
Unit193Menu > Settings Manager > Software Sources07:11
Name141Unit193: says there are none in use (er.. well duh)07:14
Name141Unit193: do I need to check "Cronical partners" ?07:15
tomanonHaving issues installing xubuntu 12.04.1 in EFI mode. I am using the xubuntu 12.04.1 64 bit alternate iso on a cd and fails to work07:28
tomanonI get a prefix paramater not set error07:28
Unit193Name141: Supposed to be able to install them under "Additional Drivers"07:30
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xubuntu678hi all, can I ask a noob-question here?09:36
xubuntu678never mind, have a nice day :)09:38
nikolamI am so happy if it is right that xubuntu does not include ubuntuone by default ;)10:39
blackgatonegroHello, How I change the default web browser in Xubuntu?13:07
nehkzI guess download the one you prefer and remove the old one.13:16
knomesettings manager -> preferred applications13:17
blackgatonegroknome, some aplication still open chromium13:23
knomeblackgatonegro, then that application is most probably flawed13:24
knomeblackgatonegro, or needs a setting of its own13:24
blackgatonegroknome, ok thanks, manually changing every program to open with firefox is a pain but oh well...13:27
knomeblackgatonegro, if they don't obey the system defaults, there's nothing we can do about that13:27
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Admetusdoes anyone here play with cmus?15:07
AdmetusI'd opened cmus in a terminal, closed it, and then ran it again in another terminal15:10
Admetuscmus: cmus is already listening on socket /home/james/.cmus/socket15:10
Admetusa noob humbly asks how to open that socket15:10
blackgatonegrosudo cmus stop15:10
blackgatonegrotried that?15:10
Admetuseh? no way to just open it again?15:11
blackgatonegroor try to close it with the task manager15:11
blackgatonegroyou can close it, then open it again15:11
xubuntu285I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit LTS virtual machin using Vware Workstation 9 on a Dell E6420 but Cant start the unity Mode, I tried both 2D and 3D getting error - Unity mode is not supported on this guets operating system15:31
xubuntu285Any Help?15:31
blackgatonegroxubuntu285, you need 3d acelaration for unity15:32
blackgatonegroxubuntu285, also a propietary driver15:32
xubuntu285I donwaloaded the latest drive the video card is Intel HD graphics Familly15:33
xubuntu285is is compatible?15:33
blackgatonegroxubuntu285, it may be that since you are virtualizing it, the computer just has not enough processing power15:33
xubuntu285Thanks what should be the enough power (I set it up with 5 Gb of Ram, and 50 Gb Had and 2 processor)15:35
blackgatonegroxubuntu285, well, try to virtualize the 32 bit version of ubuntu instead, and see if that one works. Also the #ubuntu channel is the one you should go. this is for Xubuntu.15:52
blackgatonegroxubuntu285, alternately, you could see a small particion for ubuntu, and just dual boot. Or use a second hard disk.15:53
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Admetusbeen playing with cmus16:05
AdmetusI like it16:05
Admetusthanks for your help earlier blackgatonegro16:06
drcDis I see something on one of the IRC channels stating that alacarte was fixed (for 4.10) and backported to 12.10?16:36
GridCubeits on the mailing lists yes16:37
drcok, thanks (don't sub to the mail lists...everytime I do they go dormant, and I unsub and something important comes up :)16:38
GridCubeBug #1069207 drc16:40
ubot93Launchpad bug 1069207 in alacarte (Ubuntu Quantal) "Alacarte ignores XDG_MENU_PREFIX" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106920716:41
otenderr, I've managed to lose all title bars, the capacity to switch between virtual desktops, and proper window floating.  I think Xfwm broke.  wat do?17:03
knomeotend, alt+f2 -> run xfwm417:04
pgibomfg xubuntu 12.10.  Everything is so nice out of the box.  Thanks guys!17:05
ukhoWhere are everyone?17:15
sretahi, my alsa is dead and i don't know why18:41
sretai get "snd_pcm_open failed" when i try to play something in audacious18:41
sretai have ALSA in audio setting18:41
TheSheepset it to use pulseaudio18:42
sretawhat if i hate pulseaudio? :P18:42
TheSheepfine, kill all other application that might use or might have used the sound card18:43
TheSheepall other applications*18:43
sretajust audacious running18:43
TheSheepapparently not18:44
sretaok, pulseaudio works18:45
sretathanks anyway :)18:45
TheSheepdon't mention it18:45
Bizelihi guys, I can't seem to find how to change the default port 5900 for the vino VNC server on xubuntu 12.04... it's not in vino-preferences and I can't find a config file19:05
bar_Hello :)21:54
bar_I really liked Ubuntu + XFCE!21:54
bar_Just what I looked for after moving from Debian + Gnome 2 to Ubuntu and Unity (and Gnome 3. God.)21:54
bar_But I just wanted to know - what's the difference between Ubuntu + installing xubuntu-desktop - and getting a xubuntu ISO from xubuntu.org ?21:55
dbbbar_ make two VirtualMachines and write up your observations!22:00
dbbbtw- still interested in knowing the 'preferred' way to install a locale, for example iso8859122:01
dbbholstein was going to look into it... no word yet22:01
bar_dbb - can you help me realize the differences without doing that? :)22:02
bar_there aren't any ?22:02
dbbin a previous life, there used to be a thing on another system called a 'language pack'.. I am *guessing* that when you install a localized language you get the locales for it22:02
dbbbut there are a dozen small variations.. just wondering out loud, if I have en_US.iso88591 for example, the best or better way to install22:03
dbblooking at my commercial laptop from some California company, I see about 15 locales for english in all22:04
bar_dbb ? :(22:04
dbbC iso8859 iso885915 others22:04
dbbbar_ have you ever set up a Virtual Machine and loaded an operating system on it?22:05
dbbits very striaghtforward you know22:05
bar_I just think it's a waste of time22:05
bar_if you can answer in a second :)22:05
dbbwhose time?22:05
bar_well, mine...22:05
dbbI do not know the answer22:05
bar_ah, ok22:05
bar_I thought you did.22:05
bar_So if anybody knows what are the differences (if any) between xubuntu and ubuntu + xubuntu desktop... please share :)22:06
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