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bacteknico, frankban: could one of you review my wee branch?11:35
bacand, good morning.  :)11:35
teknicobac, hi, do you mean your wee hours branch? :-)11:36
bacteknico: no.  my "wee" as in 'not many lines' and 'horribly boring'11:36
teknicobac, it's https://codereview.appspot.com/6873055 , right?11:37
bacteknico: yep.  sorry i wasn't specific, but it is linked off the card in the review lane11:37
frankbanbac: on it11:39
bacok, but i only need one review.  y'all can fight it out!11:39
teknicobac, it's settled already :-)11:39
frankbanbac: approved.11:46
bacfrankban: thanks11:46
hazmatgood morning11:57
bachazmat: morning.  hey where are you located these days?12:02
hazmatbac, dc still. costa rica ( west coast beach town) move out on dec 1312:11
hazmatwell.. technically va.. moved out of our dc house already12:11
hazmatwas up early (and late last night) doing support on the gui charm12:11
bachazmat: cool.  look forward to seeing palm trees and toucans in the background during hangouts soon.12:12
* hazmat pictures himself hunting jaguars and ocelots from a zipline with a bow and arrow12:13
hazmathmm.. hard to hold a martini that way12:13
hazmatah.. camelbak ;-)12:14
hazmatbcsaller, ping12:29
gary_posterbac I have a conflict with our call on Thursday.  Would moving our call an hour earlier be OK with you?13:08
bacgary_poster: that's fine13:08
bacone off or permanent?13:09
gary_posterone off bac13:09
bacmattuk1972: did you have any CSS changes you wanted to see for the charm store filter besides better placement of the checkmark?13:25
mattuk1972bac, just removal of the 1px outline 13:37
bacmattuk1972: i'm looking but don't know exactly what you're referring to regarding the 1px outline13:43
bacmattuk1972: is it the border: 1px solid #a3a1a1;13:45
gary_posterMakyo|out, you can't start bug 1083545 until teknico completes bug 107891013:52
_mup_Bug #1083545: Juju GUI charm: serve the GUI using static files. <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1083545 >13:52
_mup_Bug #1078910: app directory should work with simply serving files <juju-gui:Triaged by teknico> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1078910 >13:52
mattuk1972bac, yes13:56
teknicogary_poster, Makyo|out, which, with the valiant help of frankban, is almost ready for review13:59
gary_postergreat teknico 13:59
Makyo|outgary_poster, teknico_ , frankban - I don't think it's totally blocked.  I've been working on just getting nginx in there with the right location directives, though you're right that it won't serve properly until then.14:05
gary_posterMakyo|out, cool, sounds great14:05
teknico_Makyo|out, yeah, that's great14:07
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bacmattuk1972: better wrt outline and check placement?  https://dl.dropbox.com/u/420990/Screen%20Shot%202012-12-05%20at%2010.12.51.png14:13
frankbangary_poster: ready when you are for our call, I am in the hangout, when you have time14:14
mattuk1972bad, looks lots better ty14:18
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bradleyalexandermattuk1972: better is good.14:19
bradleyalexandermattuk1972: more suggestions before i land it?14:19
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mattuk1972bac, just the text alignment then its all good14:20
bacmattuk1972: what do you want to see changed, exactly?14:21
mattuk1972bac, the text should be indented from the left edge - the same as the other drop down and how the same as the text appears in the drop down before click.14:22
bacmattuk1972: ok14:23
bacmattuk1972: looks like padding-left: 4px does it.  what do you think?  https://dl.dropbox.com/u/420990/Screen%20Shot%202012-12-05%20at%2010.27.10.png14:27
mattuk1972bac, if that was 4 then 6 will make it the same as the drop down text b4 click. could you add the same padding to the bottom of it too? so the text isn't so close the the bottom edge?14:35
bacmattuk1972: can we do a quick google hangout?14:38
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bacMakyo: i see your rev 264 doesn't show any reviewers.  i wonder why that happened.15:19
gary_posterhazmat, benji and I cannot duplicate the problems that you encountered with his branch.  We tried simple make and we also tried following the steps that uistage followed.  the pastebins show you using sudo make, and we don't know why you would want to use sudo (http://paste.ubuntu.com/1411255/).  Maybe sudo was a reflexive debugging thing from an earlier problem?15:25
gary_posterAnd do you have any other thoughts on duping?15:26
gary_posterwe simply don't support jitsu deploy-to or make server yet in the charm, fwiw15:26
hazmatgary_poster, try deploying to an env and add unit, wait for one to fail15:27
gary_posterhazmat, with that branch, not with trunk, right?15:27
hazmatgary_poster, jitsu deploy-to doesnt have a delta for connecting to the env15:27
hazmator executing a charm15:28
hazmatgary_poster, i was on trunk revno 26515:28
hazmatoh.. for the previous failure.. revno 263 on trunk i think15:28
hazmattrying it with the branch should do it, if the problem lies there15:28
gary_posterbac bcsaller benji frankban goodspud hazmat Makyo mattuk1972 teknico call in 215:29
bacmattuk1972: the changes you requested have been landed15:29
gary_poster1 now15:29
mattuk1972bac, nice one15:30
bacmattuk1972: i noticed the expanded widget was shifting to the right.  i changed that to make it drop straight down15:30
gary_posterhazmat, right.  and then the dupe instructions are not "wait for it to fail" because that happens @ current trunk15:30
hazmatgary_poster, different failure though15:31
hazmatgary_poster, its hard to say definitively since the output is obscured15:31
hazmatgary_poster, but the previous one was a hard one... that manually running the make would also hit.. the current issue seems to more intermittent15:31
hazmatie manually running the make can succeed15:31
gary_posterright make works on dev box15:32
teknicohazmat, "recursive make considered harmful", really? had no idea15:48
hazmatteknico, it was a bit tongue in cheek15:53
hazmatMakyo, sent info on hr stuff via priv msg15:53
teknicohazmat, sphinx has its own makefile, can't see a better way :-)15:53
hazmatgood point15:54
teknicohazmat, but feel free to find more problems with that branch ;-)15:54
hazmatpls consider that a non review then 15:54
hazmatdig on the make help output though, that's great15:54
teknicohazmat, not all the available targets are described, only the most useful ones15:55
teknicotried to strike a balance between readability and completeness :-)15:56
teknicoalso, resisted the temptation to reorder and overhaul the whole Makefile :-)15:57
gary_posterteknico, if you have a plan on reordering/overhauling that you think you could do in < day, +116:04
gary_poster(as separate card)16:04
gary_posteryou would ideally coordinate with Makyo and benji, who are in the same world, so that your changes would not make their lives inordinately difficult16:05
benjiI have resisted the same urge a couple times recently. :)16:06
gary_posterbenji, are you trying to dupe what Kapil mentioned above?  If we can get this resolved quickly that would be super16:07
benjigary_poster: yep; no luck yet16:07
gary_posterdo you want to pair for just a bit benji?16:07
gary_posterup to you16:07
benjiI managed to deploy the charm, but it is stuck in pending16:07
gary_posterbac bug 1086790 would be super duper.  causing pain16:10
_mup_Bug #1086790: charm does not include makefile stdout or stderr <deploy-story> <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1086790 >16:10
gary_posterif you are looking16:11
teknicosorry, wind+hale storm going strong here16:24
gary_posterteknico did you see my comments about makefile?16:31
gary_posterteknico_, ping?16:31
teknico_gary_poster, back, hopefully for a while16:32
gary_posterfrankban, teknico_ am I right that the charm builds the gui as root?16:32
gary_posterteknico_, did you see my comments about the makefile?16:32
gary_poster<gary_poster> teknico, if you have a plan on reordering/overhauling that you think you could do in < day, +116:32
gary_poster<gary_poster> (as separate card)16:32
gary_poster<gary_poster> you would ideally coordinate with Makyo and benji, who are in the same world, so that your changes would not make their lives inordinately difficult16:32
teknico_gary_poster, yes, I saw those (just before being thrown out)16:33
teknico_gary_poster, better discussing it before moving forward, it seems :-)16:34
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gary_posterteknico, invited you to hangout, you see?16:34
teknicogary_poster, in juju-ui? getting there16:35
gary_posterteknico, no16:35
gary_postergetting url...16:35
teknicooh, ok16:35
gary_posterteknico, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/8ee850f7066069eb3f8c5de034cb29a9da690f7d?authuser=1&hl=en-US16:35
frankbangary_poster: re who build the gui in the charm: the user executing the hook, i.e. root (IIRC)16:41
gary_posterbcsaller or hazmat, am I right that charms are run as root?16:42
gary_posterfrankban, exactly, thanks16:42
bcsallerthey do16:42
gary_posterthanks bcsaller 16:42
teknicoMakyo, thanks for the review, are you totally positively sure there's nothing at all that can be improved (or just complained about :-) )?16:47
hazmatgary_poster, they are16:55
hazmatgary_poster, but its still good to put in the sudos16:55
frankbanthanks for the review Makyo 17:02
Makyoteknico, frankban, Makefile is kind of a mess, but I agree with gary_poster in that it would probably do well as a separate card. 17:22
MakyoSorry for delay, fighting with charm :/17:23
teknicobenji, gary_poster, previous makefile behavior restored as agreed, with hints added to various places17:56
gary_postercool teknico 17:56
MakyoOh man, Dave Brubeck died today :(18:00
* Makyo switches music.18:00
gary_posterhazmat, I'm sorry you had to stay up last night getting the charm to work.  In the future, if you have a command performance of something we are working on that you have to deliver, please feel free to pass it to me/us to get it working.  I understand these things come up suddenly sometimes, and we can try to deal with what we have, and we might know more about the status of the parts in motion.  And even if not, we18:37
gary_poster can help.18:37
gary_posterbenji, how is the charm doing?18:37
benjigary_poster: "agent-state: started"18:39
hazmatgary_poster, no worries .. it was out of the blue18:40
hazmatas in they contacted me yesterday at 5pm est for help18:40
* benji returns to lunch.18:40
gary_posterheh, lovely hazmat.18:40
gary_posterthanks benji18:40
hazmatgary_poster, it happens.. i felt sorry for them.. they where in the london office till past midnight i guess18:41
hazmatgary_poster, where you guy able to reproduce?18:41
* hazmat needs a permanent auto replace for where were18:41
gary_posterhazmat, heh.  summary is that we have not duped, and we think we have a story for how everything resolves to the intermittent failure bug that you filed later.  Details:18:42
gary_poster- we used trunk as of benji's branch for all tests.  For the charm, we pushed it to LP separately since we don't have a revno control in the charm18:43
gary_poster- running make locally worked always, including after partial cleans, such as of the way build works.18:44
gary_poster- to try and dupe failure in uistage, I incrementally  moved through revisions to benji's18:44
gary_posterthe first reload of benji's gave the error I saw at uistage18:44
gary_posterbut then a subsequent reload was ok18:44
gary_posterit turned out it was because of a cached index.html asking for old locations of css18:45
gary_posterand then the new index.html was correct18:45
gary_poster- for the charm, we did it twice18:45
gary_posterthe first time it failed, and we were bitten by the "charm eats stdout" problem as to diagnosis18:46
gary_posterbut it failed in make18:46
gary_posterand when we ran make again, it worked18:46
gary_posterthen we did make clean && make and that worked too18:46
gary_posterFor the second run18:46
gary_posterwe hacked the charm to no longer eat the stdout18:47
gary_posterand then started it back up again18:47
gary_posterthis time it worked fine, per benji's report above18:47
gary_posterthe pastebins that you gave at the time, at least all the ones that we looked at together, were from various surprises18:48
gary_postersuch as the fact that make is run as root18:48
gary_posterbut then you tried to run make as ubuntu18:48
gary_posterwhich failed18:48
hazmatright.. ignoring that one18:48
gary_posterand then subsequent makes are hosed18:48
gary_postere.g. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1411255/18:49
gary_posterSo in conclusion, and to repeat my summary, I think we have explanations for the symptoms we saw.  I think we should re-land benji's branch, and then land a change to no longer eat stdout/stderr18:50
gary_posterand keep on with other bugfixes18:50
hazmatgary_poster, sounds good18:50
hazmatgary_poster, benji thanks for digging into it18:50
gary_postercool, thanks hazmat18:50
benjigary_poster: I'm relanding my branch now19:04
gary_postergreat, thanks benji19:04
gary_posterbenji, uistaging ;-)19:04
benjigary_poster: if that is a reminder to use the QA lane, gotcha19:05
gary_posterit is, benji.  That was the "if you make it just hard enough to figure out then maybe people will think about it and remember it better" approach.  I will leave it to your imagination as to whether or not that was intentional, or merely a nice excuse for misremembering "uistage" :-P19:06
hazmatjust added 8 units of the gui in ec2.. all came up nicely19:09
* benji reboots in the hope of getting Chromium to work again.19:37
benjimy machine was so much more stable on quantal19:43
baclp2kb does not like the 'prototype' lane.  if it is 'in progress' then you must be coding, dammit19:52
MakyoRunning on nginx :) http://ec2-23-22-181-236.compute-1.amazonaws.com:8888/19:56
benjiwe need a /version page (or similar) so we can tell which version is running on the stage20:05
benjiok, I am declaring the un-revert to be done; the uistage is still working 15 minutes later20:08
hazmatbenji, ping.. 20:24
benjihazmat: yo20:24
hazmatbenji, i'm trying to use tb.. i get a Can not authenticate with server... any ideas?20:24
benjihmm, that's not one I think I have seen; are you using two-factor auth?20:25
hazmatbenji, nope20:26
benjithis is when running "tb send ..."?20:26
hazmatbenji, recieve.. nm.. its working now20:27
hazmatbenji, it seems it doesn't work with the auth file20:27
hazmatbenji, but cli passing works okay20:27
benjimaybe I broke the config file handling recently, that or you changed your password in your sleep and don't remember ;)20:27
hazmatbenji, not sure.. created a new auth file.. verified password. dunno20:33
hazmatpassing the cli flags for user/pass worked so.. that's good enough20:33
benjibac: is it still the case that LP staging doesn't do two-factor auth right?21:24
gary_posterit does benji.  I had a comment about that in the doc I wrote in that branch you are finishing21:24
benjicool, looking21:25
gary_posterAIUI, either you get a separate two-factor auth for staging (which I don't actually know how to do) or you ask the webops to turn off the two-factor auth for you in LP staging.21:25
gary_posterI recommend the second because It Worked For Me21:26
benjigary_poster: what did we decide about development releases?  Should they be named "VERSION-NUMBER-LAST-RELEASED-dev-r123" or "unreleased-dev-r123" or something else like "development-release-r123"21:38
gary_posterbenji, I don't remember the decision.  On the face of it, I prefer something like the last two (even "dev-r123").  However, I was concerned about the fact that the connection between the dev and stable releases would not be clear.  you might have had a reply/reassurance about that?21:40
gary_posterIOW, the fact that dev-r123 comes after 0.5.0 and before 0.6.0 is not clear, and I like the usual naming schemes because they are clear in that way.  I don't have a concrete use case for it though atm21:42
benjigary_poster: my (small) concern is that using the last release's version number can be somewhat misleading; for example if we are working on what will become 1.5.0 but the last release was 1.4.6, then a non-final release would be 1.4.6-dev-r123; that makes it look like it is just a bit different than 1.4.6 instead of "almost 1.5.0"21:42
gary_posterbenji, before my call at 5 I should talk with you about teknico's branch.  You and I are both concerned about similar things, but I have a bit of a different take.21:43
benjigary_poster: now is good for me21:43
gary_posterbenji, yes, agree, but that's because I am acquiescing to your dislike of guessing what the next release number is :-P21:43
gary_posterbenji, juju-ui is open21:44
benjiIf you are cool with the 1.2.3-dev-r123 versions, then I'll go with that21:44
benjicoming over21:44
bacbenji: i'm unsure about lp staging and 2fa21:45
benjibac: you have to have it disabled, that worked well for me21:45
bacsince they made it mandatory i figured they had to have some plan...21:45
bacfor some definition of "mandatory"21:45

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