yofelScottK: https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/kde-sc-4.9.4 - the announcement link is still dead though.00:02
simplewRiddell: i was told that wireshark has a qt ui but theres no suchk package in ubuntu00:03
simplewcrap, wrong channel again00:03
simplewRiddell: but yes, wireshark has a qt ui, would it be  possible to package it?00:23
micahgsimplew: is it in the same tree or a separate project?00:33
simplewmicahg: same source, in which uses cmake00:34
micahgsimplew: maybe file a bug in Debian?00:34
simplewmicahg: ?00:34
micahgis it an optional build flag or something?00:35
simplewhttp://anonsvn.wireshark.org/viewvc/trunk/CMakeLists.txt?revision=46147&view=markup   00:35
micahgsimplew: if it's in the same tree, I'd suggest speaking with the Debian maintainer or filing a wishlist bug (reportbug -Bdebian wireshark)00:37
micahgI'm not sure there's an easy solution though as it looks like it needs to be a separate build (which Debian probably won't go for as it's already a security sensitive pacakge)00:38
simplewmicahg: you have there the urk, you can see it yourself00:38
simplewmicahg: it can be done in a single build00:39
micahgah, ok, wishlist bug in Debian is your best bet then00:39
simplewmicahg: well im packaging it already00:40
simplewmicahg: at least will be available in my ppa00:40
micahgsimplew: wireshark is already packaged, we're not going to have 2 in Ubuntu, and we're in sync with Debian on this00:40
simplewand its not 2, its for 2 different GUI's00:41
simplewits the same as you wouldenable GTK build in Qt00:41
micahgI'm saying 2 sources, meaning that the way in is to politely ask the Debian maintainer to enable/package it00:42
simplewmicahg: yes, im not saying otherwise, but untill that is done im putitng it available in my ppa00:43
ScottKAlso including the packaging diff in the bug is not usually a bad idea.00:44
simplewbut now its time to sleep :)00:45
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Riddellhmm 4.9.90 or alpha 1?10:35
* Riddell cracks on with 4.9.90 for now10:35
* yofel_ pressed the publish button for the 4.9.4 news11:08
Riddellyay, thanks for that yofel_ 11:08
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Riddelladded a thanks to http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.9.4 :)11:11
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yofelheh, thanks11:30
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shadeslayerRiddell: are we backporting beta 2 to quantal?11:56
Riddellshadeslayer: well I hope to but it needs done for raring first11:56
shadeslayerokay, and are you working on the FTBF's?11:57
shadeslayerbecause I'll be free in another 30 minutes to look at them11:57
Riddellshadeslayer: yeah, I'm keeping http://notes.kde.org/kubuntu-ninjas updated so just check there and start on the next ones11:57
Riddellor I might take the opportunity to do some alpha 1 testing if you get onto 4.9.9011:58
Riddellannoying having upstream releasing a day early, with the tars being a day late it makes us look like slackers11:58
shadeslayerLike I said, I can take it up in another 30 minutes :)11:58
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soeeRiddell, i vote YES for backporting beta2 to quantal :)12:24
soeethough i wouldnt be helpful here as i dont know how it is done :)12:24
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shadeslayerRiddell: do we want to ship lines 2 and below http://paste.kde.org/620264/13:31
shadeslayerif we do, we will have to make libpala0 and libpala-dev13:32
BluesKajHey all13:41
Riddellshadeslayer: the /usr/bin file we do but the dev library files probably not13:50
Riddellshadeslayer: and they're in not-installed in kdegames so no we don't13:55
shadeslayeroh awesome, forgot to check that one thing13:55
ScottKBritney transitions are blocked for packages affecting Kubuntu images.14:44
ScottKRespining for (hopefully) final images now.14:44
ScottKI pinged claydoh about release notes, but never heard back.14:45
RiddellScottK: is that worth announcing on ubuntu-devel-announce?14:45
ScottKI'll ask.14:45
Riddellanyone else fancy taking on the release page task?14:45
ScottKstgraber is writing the u-d-a mail.14:47
ScottKshadeslayer: Can you do ISO testing today?14:48
ScottKI can test i386.14:48
ScottKAnyone up for amd64 testing?14:48
* ScottK is poking at shadeslayer for amd64+mac.14:48
shadeslayerdidn't I do that already?14:48
shadeslayeror did something change?14:48
ScottKWe're respinning to get in sync with the archive.14:49
ScottKAlso, only one test case got done.14:49
shadeslayerwell ... you can also mark live session as being fine14:49
shadeslayeras for being in sync with archive ... hmm14:50
shadeslayerI can do some live testing as long as it doesn't entail a huge download14:50
ScottKWe'll need retesting for the updated image.14:50
RiddellI can do testing14:50
shadeslayerokay, 10 % needs downloading14:56
shadeslayergood enough14:56
shadeslayerI can test the live session14:56
ScottKRespin isn't done.14:57
shadeslayerbbiab, have to run out for a bit14:57
shadeslayeroh okay14:57
ScottKIn progress14:57
shadeslayerhttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/247/builds hasn't been marked as being respun14:57
shadeslayerbe back in 20 minutes :)14:58
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yofelagateau: I'll look at gwenview later15:01
ScottKThere you go.  Test away.15:04
BluesKajis  Kubuntu Desktop amd64 Raring Alpha 1 ready for downloading ? I've been waiting to try it since the latest daily builds don't run in full screen due to nvidia drivers failing to install 15:05
ScottKBluesKaj: The candidate images are ready, but it's unlikely to be any different than the dailies.15:07
ScottK(unless there's been a specific fix for your issue in the meantime)15:07
agateauyofel: sure, no urgency15:10
BluesKajScottK, ok thanks , the last daily used was last thursday, if there's a fix for the nvidia driver problem since, then I'll try again . If someone can tell me the nvidia driver failures are repaired then I'll give it a try.15:11
RiddellBluesKaj: not our area15:12
ScottKBluesKaj: Does bug 1054458 look like your bug?15:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1054458 in ubuntu-drivers-common (Ubuntu Quantal) "nvidia-detector crashed with ValueError in __get_value_from_name(): invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'experimental-304'" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105445815:12
ScottKIf so, I'd subscribe to that and test once it's marked fix released.15:13
BluesKajScottK, I forgot to mention the 3.7 kernel doesn't recognize my wireless KB , so the install freezes at that point .. I can only use the 3.5 kernel on my setup15:18
ScottKAh.  That would make install tough.15:18
ScottKDid you file bugs?15:18
BluesKajwell no I thought I'd wait for the alpha release15:19
ScottKNo one bug Kubuntu/Edubuntu are doing an Alpha.15:19
ScottKNo need to wait.15:20
shadeslayerScottK: downloading15:24
shadeslayertorrent stats for anyone interested : http://i.imgur.com/svKuZ.png15:28
shadeslayerapparently we have a 20GB difference between amd64 and i38615:28
shadeslayeroh fun, that link looks like a 40415:29
yofelshadeslayer: same for me: 83G <> 104G15:34
BluesKajScottK, yofel so today's daily build is the 13.04 Alpha ?15:42
RiddellBluesKaj: no15:43
ScottKToday's build is the candidate.15:43
Riddellit's a candidate in testing15:43
Riddellplease test15:43
shadeslayerScottK: re invalid openID transaction, works for me15:44
ScottKshadeslayer: I tried it several times.15:45
ScottKDid you remove all cookies and such?15:45
shadeslayerI logged out and logged in15:45
shadeslayerdoes that count? :P15:45
shadeslayerbut then again, I'm using 2 factor auth15:45
ScottKNo.  That doesn't count.15:46
shadeslayerok, sec15:46
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shadeslayerScottK: works for me after clearing everything15:49
ScottKI'll try it again after the next install15:50
shadeslayeryay, downloading the ISO at ... 10KBps16:08
ScottKDid you at least zsync from the last one?16:24
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shadeslayerScottK: ofcourse16:25
shadeslayer#################--- 88.9% 2.9 kBps 905:40 ETA   16:25
* shadeslayer notes that build page looks pretty green16:25
shadeslayerScottK: too many devices, not enough bandwidth16:26
shadeslayerI see 6 devices on my WiFi with a bandwidth of about 512 Kbps16:27
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1074978] [kubuntu 12.10] multiple pages per sheet options makes printer hang @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1074978 (by damahevi)16:27
Riddellshadeslayer: greener but still splashes of yellow and red16:27
shadeslayerRiddell: did you also upload some games? because palapeli didn't have install files16:28
shadeslayerdo the rest of them need similar fix0ring?16:28
Riddellshadeslayer: it's a single .deb isn't it?16:29
Riddellmost of them won't need .install files, palapeli will need one to stop those headers getting installed16:29
shadeslayerpalapeli was 2 binary packages16:29
* shadeslayer checks again16:30
Riddellfixoring is needed then16:30
shadeslayerand ideally we want to follow what kde games did16:30
shadeslayerso that upgrades are smooth16:30
shadeslayerright, it's palapeli and palapeli-data16:31
shadeslayerRiddell: muwhahah, I got us a minion from foss.in16:51
shadeslayerapachelogger: would you like a minion?16:52
Riddellshadeslayer: excellent, does this minion use irc?16:52
shadeslayerhe said that he knew how to use it16:52
shadeslayerand I got a email from him that he'll hang around16:52
shadeslayerRiddell: I'm not sure, but do you know kstar?16:53
shadeslayerAakarsh Simha16:53
shadeslayersaid minion is kstar's brother :D16:53
Riddelloh cool16:53
shadeslayerthis is fun : http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/all/kdegames-data/filelist16:54
shadeslayerso I guess that since the data package is pretty much empty we don't have to split data packages for other games16:54
Riddellno palapeli was the only one I think16:56
RiddellI just took the entries from the old kdegames debian/control16:56
shadeslayerScottK: how is bug 1086840 a bug in kubuntu-settings ?17:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1086840 in kubuntu-settings (Ubuntu) "Missing bookmarks.xml error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108684017:12
ScottKshadeslayer: Because I wasn't sure where to file it.17:12
shadeslayerit's kind of weird though17:13
ScottKI picked kubuntu-settings before I knew the file actually existed17:13
ScottKI've seem something similar before and it was in kde4libs.17:13
shadeslayerwell ... that's where the kded comes from17:13
shadeslayerbut the question is, why is it showing that error when you most likely do NOT have a full disk drive17:13
ScottKIf you grep for bookmarks.xml in kde4libs, it's pretty easy to find where it's doing that.17:13
ScottKI most certainly don't.17:14
shadeslayerI wiped my disk, so cloning kdelibs is a task that I'll leave overnight :P17:14
* shadeslayer clones on server instead17:15
shadeslayer1.4 MBps <317:17
shadeslayerScottK: comes from kio/bookmarks/kbookmarkmanager.cc17:24
ScottKOK.  Does it look like it's doing anything odd with trying to open the file?17:24
shadeslayerNot really17:25
shadeslayertries to open file, if it fails, reports an error17:25
ScottK.kde/share/apps/kfileplaces/ does not exist on a fresh install17:25
ScottKSo I wonder if it's checking for it before it gets created the first time.17:26
ScottKNo, it does.17:26
ScottKI take that back.17:26
ScottKI remember several cycles ago a similar bug and ended up patching away the error message because it was bogus.17:27
shadeslayerhow the heck does one use errors.ubuntu.com17:28
shadeslayersearching for germinate there doesn't do anything :/17:28
shadeslayerScottK: btw, do we have plans for autopkg tests?17:33
ScottKWe have lots of plans.17:33
ScottKFor ALL the things.17:33
shadeslayernah, I'm looking at autopilot and autopkg17:33
shadeslayerand is debian also using autopkg tests?17:34
shadeslayerok cool17:35
Riddellraring is raring to go on my first test17:41
shadeslayercan I go ahead and put kio-mtp in the kubuntu experimental ppa?18:06
shadeslayercool, I'll be uploading for raring only atm18:07
shadeslayerafiestas: ^18:07
shadeslayernow that my HTC phone has gone ahead and become MTP only, I can understand the pain :(18:09
shadeslayerstupid HTC18:09
shadeslayeroh derp, forgot the dbg package18:10
shadeslayerthen again, kio-ftps doesn't have one18:13
ScottKThat doesn't make it right ...18:13
shadeslayeryeah, fixing18:15
shadeslayersweet : http://wstaw.org/m/2012/12/05/plasma-desktopki2110.png18:16
shadeslayereh wat18:16
shadeslayerphone rebooted xD18:16
shadeslayerbuggy software is buggy18:17
shadeslayerokay, something is *really* wrong18:18
ScottKShip it!18:34
shadeslayerwell some things don't work, like trying to open png files18:34
shadeslayertaking insane amount of time18:34
shadeslayerpdf's open quickly18:34
ScottKFile size difference?18:35
shadeslayershows the file size as 0 Bytes :P18:36
shadeslayermp3's copy fine as well18:38
shadeslayerit's specfically images it seems18:38
ScottKbinary versus text data perhaps.18:40
ScottK(PDFs are text)18:40
shadeslayerif you want to test, gtg and check if the raring ISO boots18:43
ScottKNo amd64 here.18:46
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DarkwingRiddell: pong19:00
shadeslayerScottK: amd64+mac QA'd19:01
shadeslayerthe live session only though19:01
shadeslayerand unless alot of the efi stuff changed in the last 2 days, I think the full disk encryption should work as well19:02
yofelearly St. Nicholas' Day here: my kubuntu shirt arrived :D Thanks Riddell!20:05
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ScottKyofel: Did you put out a call for testing for 4.9.4 beyond just the web site announcement?20:29
ronnocshadeslayer: installed the AMD64 daily in virtualbox. Installed fine.20:29
ScottKronnoc: Can you look on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/247/builds/29479/testcases and check off the ones you've done?20:30
yofelScottK: not so far20:31
ronnocScottK: sure will do now20:31
ScottKMight be nice yofel.20:31
ronnocScottK: done20:57
ScottKronnoc: Could you try some of the other amd64 test cases?20:57
ronnocScottK:  i can later tonight. is the oem install case necessary? 21:00
ScottKIt's not essential for Alpha 1, but we do want it.21:00
ScottKThere are oem's that preinstall Kubuntu, so that should work.21:00
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ronnocScottK: ok I'll test that one a bit later then in a new VB instance. 21:01
ronnocas well as the live cd.21:03
ScottKi386 is done.21:36
ScottKshadeslayer: Can you look at KDE telepathy/farstream/gst 1.0 (see kubuntu-devel message from 30 Nov)22:27
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1084965] [SRU] Bugfixrelease Qt4.8.4 @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1084965 (by Sandra Karuving)22:43
Riddellyofel: remember the price is to blog a photo with you or someone equally good looking wearing it22:52
Quintasanshadeslayer: ping23:18
Quintasankio-mtp works23:20
QuintasanBut I can't copy directories23:22
ScottKyofel: I'm taking care of the revert dfaure reccomended for4.9.423:23
ScottKFor quantal anyway.23:26
yofelScottK: ok, thanks, I'll update precise then23:46
yofelRiddell: done already ;)23:46
* ScottK notes a depressing lack of amd64 testing for Alpha 1 and looks around.23:51
* yofel can spare half an hour before going to bed for virtualbox23:52
yofelRiddell: did the script fail, or why are there a few beta2 packages missing in ninjas? (at least gwenview, cantor, dragon and perlkde)23:56

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