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TheLordOfTimeare the sysadmins ever online?  8 hours without a response... not entirely sure that's normal...00:55
micahgTheLordOfTime: no help contact today00:56
TheLordOfTimeso that's normal then.00:56
* TheLordOfTime grumbles00:56
micahgTheLordOfTime: it seems like your question was answered though00:57
TheLordOfTimeyou mean my question in here about whether its possible to change username.00:57
TheLordOfTimebut the user merge and username change requests, though, are on L:P00:57
TheLordOfTimeLP *00:57
TheLordOfTimewas kiunda curious why it wasn't handled, usually ~10 hours is what i've seen ti take for an answer to be given.00:58
TheLordOfTimebleh, keyboard's wonky again...00:58
* TheLordOfTime goes to get the secondary keyboard00:58
TheLordOfTimeanyone know what turnaround time for PPA-to-PPA binary copying is?04:38
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vivekimsitI guys, I have this branch: lp:~vivekimsit/crmcon2opp/trunk, I want to continue my dev but rename this branch to something lp:~vivekimsit/crmcon2opp/old and continue my dev in lp:~vivekimsit/crmcon2opp/V6.1. How to do that?09:00
BearIBeerHi, anyone here?09:15
maxbvivekimsit: You can rename branches using the 'Change details' link in the web UI09:18
BearIBeerHi All, I am a newbie to use launpad and I have a question.09:20
BearIBeerI following someone's instructions to review the weblink https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix several times but I am still can not find out where to deploy the operations09:21
BearIBeermodify totem by adding "Modified by $my_name" in the "About(A)"09:22
BearIBeerWho can help me on this point?09:22
BearIBeerAny one here?09:26
tumbleweed11:28 < BearIBeer> Hi All, I am a newbie to use launpad and I have a question. I following someone's instructions to  review the weblink https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix several times but I am still can not09:31
tumbleweederr, didn't meant to paste that09:31
vivekimsitHi Guys! I have created a new project in launchpad: https://launchpad.net/openerp-sales-extra-addons09:41
vivekimsitIt says that the current focus of development is "trunk"!09:41
vivekimsitHowever, I want to register a new branch to it, please give suggestions?09:42
vivekimsitAny opinion?09:57
vivekimsitHi Guys! please tell me if there is some answer!10:10
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vivekimsitHi guys! I have resgistered a new project with lp11:09
vivekimsithow to proceed to add branches there?11:10
tumbleweedvivekimsit: bzr push lp:~user/project/branchname11:28
vivekimsittumbleweed: It means if we have many module in a project, then they all go in the same branch?11:29
vivekimsitHow to add two diff branches to the same project? and with the same series11:36
jcolladoHello. I cannot login into staging.launchpad.net because 2fa fails (despite it's working fine in launchpad.net).11:39
jcolladoI've tried to change login.ubuntu.com preferences to be asked for 2fa only when required, but it seems launchpad keeps asking for it.11:40
jcolladoAny advice?11:40
tumbleweedvivekimsit: if you have a bunch of sub-projects, create a lp project group with sub-projects11:40
tumbleweedvivekimsit: "branchname" can be anything11:40
tumbleweedjcollado: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSO/FAQs/2FA#Why_doesn.27t_my_2F_login_work_on_staging.3F11:41
vivekimsittumbleweed: No, the project is same. but I have diff modules which can be downloaded separately, its like Project/(m1,m2,m3). I want that the modules can be pushed and pulled seperately11:42
jcolladotumbleweed: Thanks a lot for the link. Indeed, it provides an answer to my problem.11:43
tumbleweedvivekimsit: you can have as many branches as you want for each project. How you want to organise them is up to you11:43
* tumbleweed wonders why he's doing LP support...11:43
vivekimsittumbleweed: The same way I told you11:43
vivekimsittumbleweed: how you would have organized that?11:44
tumbleweedvivekimsit: depends on the details11:46
czajkowskivivekimsit: youc can always file a question on LP https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion11:48
czajkowskijcollado: still having login issue on staging?11:49
jcolladoczajkowski: I've just logged in successfully. Adding a new device to login.stating.ubuntu.com worked perfectly.11:51
jcolladoOne more question about staging. Should I be able to work with bzr branches?12:26
jcolladoI'm trying, for example, bzr branch lp://stating/utah and I get "not a branch" errors12:27
jcolladoeven if that's the url it's displayed in stating.launchpad.net12:27
jcolladoI've tried in the past to play with bugs, but that's the first time I try with branches, so I'm not sure to what extend I can rely on staging.12:28
jcolladoFor more information, I'm trying to write a configuration file for tarmac and test it before actually using it.12:28
* jcollado asks in #tarmac12:36
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mptI would like to offer my respect and appreciation to whoever it was made a mis-pasted URL like <http://launchpad.net/bugs/http://launchpad.net/bugs/1084626> actually work.15:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1084626 in Errors "Problem page should have a table view of instances" [Medium,Triaged]15:43
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shadeslayerhi, it seems my package is stuck : https://launchpad.net/builders/marid16:43
shadeslayerthis is a weird issue, i386 build gets stuck > cancel build > hit rebuild > builds fine16:44
shadeslayerhttps://launchpad.net/~netrunner-os/+archive/build/+build/4038404 I mean16:44
* shadeslayer hits cancel16:45
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shadeslayerand the build is stuck again19:09
shadeslayerwould it be possible to get the build kicked to another builder?19:09
shadeslayerit doesn't take more than 10 minutes to build it19:09
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slankI'm trying to authenticate to staging with the python library and it doesn't prompt me for credentials. How can I log out?21:20
ancoron_Hi, I've got a problem fixing a wrong orig.tar.gz upload in my PPA - can someone help me?23:32

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