solarcloudSorry took a while to find .. here it is ::: http://uk.ts.fujitsu.com/rl/servicesupport/techsupport/lifebook/AMILO/Amilo-L/Amilo_Li1705.htm  .. I'll go to bed now , but if you reply here I will see/answer it in the morning, thank-you for your reply.01:41
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IbrIs this channel only for technical purpose. Or could we do general chat, ofcourse related to lubuntu?06:52
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synnedcan anyone help me with some theme setting issues09:41
synnedguys any help regarding themes09:43
cdoublejjsorry synned but, theming really isn't so with lxde09:51
cdoublejji've seen it done but, it's meh at best09:51
cdoublejjhere is a how to09:52
cdoublejjyou should at least judge for yourself it's worth doing or not09:52
cdoublejjthere are other theme install by default but, it's just the same thing with a few tweaks09:53
synnedcdoublejj: ok let me take a look09:58
madmikeismadhas anyone here had the migration/xx process hang-up issues, and is there a fix for it yet?11:24
madmikeismadanyone up?11:56
madmikeismadhave you had any issues with the migration process hanging randomly?11:57
madmikeismadgoogle wasn't much help11:57
bioterrorI have to say that I have no problems ;)11:58
madmikeismaddang.  Mostly does it when I open new pages/tabs in chrome.  If I alt/ctrl into a terminal, and then back to X, it fixes it temporarily11:59
MangoBoyHi. I just happend to update all old packages in my ubuntu oneric, and among them firefox to version 17 and now nearly all my add-ons are incompatible. i would like to revert back to 16 but dont know how, and in synaptic it seems like the only version i can force back to is 7. Is there a apt command to get access to all old versions or a adress where i can find the old packages for download and local install?12:51
bioterrorcd /var/cache/apt/archives/12:52
bioterrordpkg -i firefox-<tab complete>.deb12:52
bioterrorsudo dpkg...12:53
MangoBoybioterror there is only version 17 in the cache12:55
bioterrorhave you cleared your cache?12:55
bioterrorthen go to mozillas site and download older deb?12:56
MangoBoyit suprised me to!12:56
bioterrorI have to flee to see a doctor12:56
MangoBoyok! yess of corce12:57
Moewehi leszek16:05
nachoprepocan someone help me to join a windows server 2k8 domain?17:32
holsteinnachoprepo: in what way?17:32
nachoprepoi have an error when i want to join and i cant get it to work17:33
holstein^^ like that ?17:33
nachoprepoi tried with likewise and didnt work but now im trying with samba and i get an error17:35
nachoprepoFailed to join domain: Failed to set account flags for machine account (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)17:35
holsteinsure.. share the errors and we'll see17:35
holsteinkeep in mind, this is *not* a lubuntu or lxde specific issue, so you might get better help in #ubuntu .. but its going to be challenging to find someone with both ubuntu and a windows domain controller17:36
holsteinyou could try the server channels, but they are usually slow, i would imagine more about using linux as a controller17:37
holsteinyou could try a windows channel, but they will likely send you back to a *buntu channel.. that being said, looks like a permissions error with samba17:37
holsteini would choose the tool you want to troubleshoot, and start sharing error messages17:38
holsteinnachoprepo: i assume you have seen http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=195289517:39
nachoprepoi`ve seen another pages but i will look at those, thank you a lot17:42
nachoprepoi have another message now18:10
nachopreponet_update_dns_internal: Failed to connect to our DC!18:11
nachoprepoDNS update failed!18:11
holsteinnachoprepo: i would expect that to be something in /etc/hosts to sort that out18:12
holsteinsimilar to http://blog.unflap.com/2010/03/04/fixing-net_update_dns_internal-or-dns-update-failed-for-smb-and-ad/18:12
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Noskcajis bug 1085825 actually a bug or just the theme being slightly difficult?20:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1085825 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "lubuntu installer "hard drive, power, internet" check page has colourless ticks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108582520:19
TheLordOfTimeNoskcaj, i had that with 12.04.1, not sure it even counts as a "bug" though20:31
TheLordOfTimeNoskcaj, colorless ticks on the installer.20:31
* TheLordOfTime downloads a 13.04 ISO20:33
Noskcaji had though it was a bug originally, then i used lubuntu in a VM and realised its goal is to remove all colour from the OS20:33
TheLordOfTimeit'd be a bug if the tickmarks didn't show up I think20:34
TheLordOfTimeTHAT would be problematic - missing imagery :P20:34
Noskcajthey appear but faintly20:34
TheLordOfTimeNoskcaj, i can confirm what you see21:46
TheLordOfTimewhen you mention the colorless ticks21:46
TheLordOfTimebut they're clearly visible on this system21:46
Soojinwhy has Safely remove disk been removed from the disk utility?:)23:43
Soojini guess i should ask that to the gnome-utility-disk guys instead23:46
holsteinSoojin: what are you trying to do?... i usually just do "eject"23:46
Soojintheres only a mount/unmount option now, i'm used to there being a "safely remove hardware" option that totally powers it off after unmounting.23:48
holsteini find eject does that.. though i dont know about powering anything off.. i havent seen that go on that im aware of23:49

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