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Aramso, I'm writing the maas provider for go-juju. I want a test maas environment to work with. there's a mass/vdenv script that seems to bootstrap such an environment.16:39
AramCan I use the packaged maas with that script or do I have to use the source? Or do you suggest something else?16:39
Arammaas/vdenv/HOWTO actually16:39
flacosteAram: i'm not sure the state of vdenv tbh, smoser might able to give you more info there16:46
flacosteAram: you could also ask milner from the Landscape what they used for integration testing16:47
smoserAram, vdenv is probably *close* to working,, but probably not completely.16:48
Aramso, what do you recommend I should be using?16:48
smoserwell, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smoser/maas/maas-pkg-test/view/head:/maas-ephemeral-test-quantal.txt is what i was doing to test ephemeral images...16:48
smoserand we could/should get some solution for "all in one" with kvm like you're wanting and vdenv provided.16:49
smoserthe thing missing from that 'test-quantal.txt' list is power control of instances16:49
smoservdenv hooked power control up also.16:49
smoserAram, the link above i was doing in a kvm instance (ie, nested virt) but also tested on hardware.16:51
smoserAram, i'm sorry i dont have a better answer. i'd really like to have something liek you're after.17:03
smoserbut i dont have the time to fix right now.17:03
smoserwhat i'd like to see is vdenv with maas running either in an lxc container or "on the host" rather than in an instance.17:04
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