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WaltherBtw, any chance of getting nvidia 310 as the nvidia-current for raring13:13
Waltheriirc they already released the stable version of it, in addition to the beta/experimental13:13
BluesKajHey all13:41
BluesKaj the daily build still quits at my wireless KB16:42
bjsniderbluethey were going to fix that bug, but i requested that it be left in, just to mess with you17:34
bjsnideri hope you don't mind17:34
BluesKajbjsnider, was that joke meant for me ?18:15
bjsnideryeah, kinda18:15
bjsnidertoo many users with blue in their names18:16
bjsniderpick another colour18:16
BluesKajit doesn't matter much , since 12.10 is working well, My test partition is blank atm ...I might try the alpha tomorrow , but my faith isn't overwhelming :018:17
BluesKajwell, i play in a blues band , so the nick stays18:18
BluesKajbeen using it for almost 15 yrs18:19
vividBluesKaj, if you really want to try raring, you can just pretend by installing edgy components into quantal18:26
vividlike, unity, compiz, xorg, and kernel18:26

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