aquariusmhall119, I've tried following dpm's advice in https://lists.launchpad.net/quickly-talk/msg00173.html -- what I did was create ~/quickly-templates, cp -r /usr/share/quickly/templates/ubuntu-application-qtquick ~/quickly-templates, and then create an empty ~/quickly-templates/ubuntu-application-qtquick/license.py and... quickly license in my qtquick quickly project is still failing with an error in17:36
aquarius/usr/share/quickly/templates/ubuntu-application/license.py .  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do :(17:36
dpmaquarius, is quickly looking at ~/quickly-templates at all? (I'm asking because I can't remember if it does by default, or if you have to set up an environment variable to do so). mterry or didrocks might know17:38
aquariusdpm, I don't know. mhall119 suggested it would. I have also tried QUICKLY_TEMPLATES=/home/aquarius/quickly-templates quickly license and that didn't work either ;)17:39
aquariusaha, mterry might know. mterry, ping. :)17:39
mhall119aquarius: the code says it looks there, I'm just not sure where it looks *first*17:39
* aquarius laughs17:39
aquariusmhall119, so it might be useful for adding brand new templates but not necessarily for overriding17:39
mhall119you can re-name it to ~/quickly-templates/aq-application-template, then in your .quickly file change the template to aq-application-template17:40
mhall119aquarius: possibly17:40
dpmaquarius, or simply uninstall the qt and qtquick templates17:41
dpmthen you're sure it uses those from /home17:41
aquariusstupid question: quickly doesn't require the templates at runtime, right?17:41
aquariusthey're just used to create the project, which is then standalone?17:41
dpmI don't think so, no17:41
dpmnot a stupid question, btw :)17:41
aquariusdpm, I was trying to avoid uninstalling the real ones because then I'm basically forking the template :P17:42
aquariusor creating aq-application-template17:42
dpmso you're avoiding at all costs to become the maintainer :)17:42
* aquarius laughs17:42
aquariusessentially, yes :)17:42
aquariusbecause I don't have the time to be a good maintainer17:42
aquariusso if I end up being The Guy, there'll be someone else in my position three months from now and I'll be too busy to help them and they'll be just as frustrated as I am :P17:43
dpmit'll probably be small fix you're contributing, come on, we'll make sure you don't get commit rights :)17:43
aquariushaha! I like mhall's trick of renaming the template17:44
aquariusthat works, sorta17:45
aquariusdpm, it seems that having an empty license.py file in the template root isn't enough to provide a license command. :)17:45
aquariusmhall119, how do I provide a "quickly license" command in my template?17:45
aquariusdpm, I should note that doing this rename-the-template trick breaks anyone else who wants to hack on my code, because they don't have a ubuntu-application-qtquick-sil template, but once I've contributed the fix I'll change it back :)17:46
dpmhahaha, ok17:47
dpmin any case, essentially, right now the quickly-community-templates are (un)maintained on a best-effort basis, so if you manage to get the template fixed, just send the mp, ping us here, we'll get the fix in and won't beg you to become the maintainer.17:47
dpmQuick and painless. Well the part of actually implementing the fix _might_ be a bit of a pain :)17:48
aquariusdpm, there are two ways I could fix this: disable the license command, or fix it to do it right. I'd like to do the second, but I don't know how much work it is yet :P17:48
aquariusmhall119, ping aobut DstUtilsExtra and quickly22:25

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