coolbhavidpm, hey13:34
cwayneheya coolbhavi14:48
coolbhavihey cwayne14:48
coolbhavidid you update the website field by anychance for unity-lens-vm in the portal?14:49
cwaynecoolbhavi: i dont believe so, why?14:50
coolbhavithere was a change request notification14:51
coolbhaviand when I looked around I found an empty field14:51
cwaynecoolbhavi: hmm, i dont think that was me14:52
coolbhavicwayne, oh ok then!14:53
coolbhaviso how is life going?14:53
cwaynecoolbhavi: thanks for checkin :)14:53
cwaynecoolbhavi: so is the pypi lens still waiting on 2 votes now/14:53
coolbhavione vote is enough14:53
coolbhaviaccording to the new proposed arb process14:54
coolbhavisince we are 3 people on the arb now14:54
cwaynecoolbhavi: oh, cool.  so does that mean it can be pushed to extras?14:55
coolbhavicwayne, yes14:56
cwaynecoolbhavi: cool!15:00
* cwayne is excited15:02
coolbhavicwayne, why?15:06
cwaynecoolbhavi: i like seeing my lenses in extras :)15:06
coolbhaviyou make some cool lenses believe me15:07
cwaynecoolbhavi: hey, thanks :)15:09
cwaynei still have a lot more ideas i want to try15:09
coolbhavi:-) great!15:09
cwaynecoolbhavi: will you let me know if/when pypi-lens is pushed to universe?  i'm working on another blog post to beg people to download it :P15:32
coolbhavicwayne, sure!15:52
cwaynecoolbhavi: thanks man :)15:53
coolbhavicwayne, :)16:03
PaoloRotoloHi all!20:29

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