mjrosenbok, I'm not entirely sure how to back up my chromebook's ubuntu install01:09
mjrosenbnormally, I'd just boot into another OS, then dd if=/dev/root of=/backup, but there isn't another OS that I can easily boot into01:09
mjrosenbI guess I could boot into cros01:10
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mjrosenbok, are there directions for updating the chromebook to 13.04?01:56
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sfeolemjrosenb: regarding your 1st question above, what about using rsync ?02:06
sfeolemjrosenb: regarding your 2nd question about updating to 13.04, you could always add the raring ppa's to your /etc/apt/sources.list and upgrade that way. Of course after you do a full backup ;)02:08
sfeolemjrosenb: if your looking for an 'official' announcement then I would have to say, google is your friend...02:08
* sfeole is thinking about purchasing a chromebook02:08
mjrosenbsfeole: i've been happy about it thusfar02:27
sfeolemjrosenb: the last few days I was watching some youtube videos. I was impressed with the speed and video playback02:28
mjrosenbsfeole: I didn't want to use rsync because I had no guarantee that the files would be consistent, since there are lots of things accessing everything02:28
mjrosenbsfeole: now, I suspect that the ubuntu update scripts have *no* clue how to update the kernel02:28
sfeolemjrosenb: mmmm , i see02:28
mjrosenband updating to 12.10 did not go spectacularly02:28
mjrosenbso I suspect I also need to know how to update the kernel02:29
sfeolemjrosenb: I see what you mean, I just came across this while googling, http://bit.ly/rFDYjt02:34
mjrosenbsfeole: that does not seem to be talking about updating an already installed system, nor about a kernel02:36
sfeolemjrosenb: no it does not, just general installation..02:36
sfeolemjrosenb: If I catch any good articles relating to your problems during my research I'll be sure to let you know02:37
mjrosenbI've googled a bunch, but mostly find how to install it02:42
mjrosenband even less about arm chromebooks.02:42
mjrosenbbut yes, thanks in advance if you find anything!02:44
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dholbachgood morning08:07
dholbachogra_, did you check out the unity build didrocks mentioned?08:23
ogra_dholbach, i will once everything is built09:42
ogra_libunity is still missing ...09:43
dholbachI tried the raring image earlier and found it impossible to enter anything at all :)09:44
dholbachso I reflashed with quantal and will dist-upgrade and then install it manually09:44
ogra_dholbach, yeah, havent filed that bug yet, a reboot fixes it09:44
dholbachit didn't for me09:44
dholbachI tried external keyboard and onboard09:44
dholbachno dice09:44
ogra_it only happens when the installer boots directly from the tarball installer into X09:45
ogra_the subsequent boots it should work fine09:45
dholbachI tried, it didn't :/09:45
ogra_(onboard that is, i dont use external kbds anymore here)09:45
dholbachbut I'm happy to try again some other time09:45
dholbachok, upgrade is running, I'll take the dog for a walk now09:45
ogra_but touches ... i.e. button presses worked ?09:46
dholbachyes, but I couldn't anything into any of the textboxes09:46
ogra_or did no input work at all09:46
ogra_so its the same bug, just worse for you09:46
DogPis there a setting to make kernel output go to the screen or not?  running Debian on my tablet outputs text during boot, Ubuntu shows a black screen until the login prompt09:46
ogra_i wonder why, HW is the same09:46
dholbachno idea09:47
dholbachI'll be back in a bit09:47
ogra_yep, walk the dog09:47
ogra_DogP, ubuntu defaults to having "quiet" and "splash" on the kernel cmdline09:47
ogra_if you remove them you should get some output09:48
DogPogra_: ah, I'll check that... thx09:48
ogra_xnox, heh, if ubuntu archive would only accept source uploads the nvidia and ati users would be severely screwed :)11:05
xnoxogra_: software != hardware drivers.11:05
ogra_well, we have enough binary only software in multiverse as well11:05
ogra_the archive only accepts source packages, but doesnt care whats inside them11:06
xnoxogra_: OpenERP is pure python modules. And if a person mentions "no change debs" it's something that will be hard to support with ever changing python & OpenERP versions.11:06
ogra_oh, yeah, i wouldnt want him to upload his cruft :)11:07
ogra_but your statement wasnt right, we have tons of binary only software11:07
xnoxogra_: sure sure. Do we have binary only software in multiverse? /me thought it was more about restricted licenses (e.g. education only)11:07
ogra_multivers means everything that is distributable, no matter what format11:07
ogra_as long as the license allows redistribution11:08
xnoxogra_: I have tried to choose my language carefully =))))) (e.g. to discourage but still stay on the slippery slope)11:08
xnox"source uploads only" as in .changes is source only ;-)11:08
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xnoxogra_: e.g. I have seen people put debs in a native source package and in debian/rules do "tadah" here is your package.11:09
ogra_not in any archive i hope11:10
ogra_janimo, plars, so i played a bit with the gadget stuff ... you cant compile it as a module (the power supply needs it builtin, seems power is routed through gadget) .... using the composite or usbnet option makes NM on a desktop you attach to try to initiate a usb0 point to point connection, that looks quite weird so i think we cant do that11:13
ogra_janimo, plars, what works really well is the cdc_serial gadget though, it simply gives you a serial device if you connect the USB cable ... serial is probably a bit harder to script than ssh though11:14
janimoogra_, I know about the failing build due to power supply that is why I did not pursue it last time11:15
janimoif CDC works that is ok too11:16
janimoas I said, I never used any of these gadgety functionality with overlapping use cases11:16
mjrosenbok, silly problem-- my laptop does not seem to be setting the correct dns server11:17
ogra_janimo, plars http://paste.ubuntu.com/1412283/11:17
mjrosenbI'm decently sure that the dhcp server is broadcasting it correctly11:17
mjrosenbis there any way to see what the dhcp server is actuall sending?11:17
ogra_janimo, plars, thats the needed changes, /etc/init/ttyS1.conf can be shipped in ubuntu-default-settings-nexus711:17
ogra_mjrosenb, logs :)11:18
mjrosenbogra_: what logfile would that be in?11:19
janimoogra_, any chance you tell that to kernel team as in case they want extra info they come back to bug you? :)11:19
ogra_grep DHCPOFFER /var/log/*11:19
janimosuch as is nothing lost when disabling g_android?11:19
ogra_janimo, sure, just wanted to hear from plars if serial is enough for him before i move on11:20
ogra_janimo, nah, nothing lost apart from replacind adbd with getty on serial :)11:20
ogra_that feels a lot more "linuxy" imho :)11:20
janimoogra_, but this could not be shipped turned on by default to help devs who have broken wifi or no USB peripherals?11:20
mjrosenbthis image still has logs from the person who set up the image.11:21
janimohaving something that works by default even if not adb would be great11:21
ogra_janimo, why not ?11:21
janimoogra_, just asking :)11:21
janimoif it can we should I say11:21
mjrosenbok, there is "nameserver" in the logfile11:21
ogra_it shouldnt do any harm to have an extra serial port on by default11:21
mjrosenbbut not in /etc/resolv.conf11:21
janimothen we can stop recommening USB keyboard if someone wants to debug their system11:22
ogra_janimo, definitely11:22
mjrosenbok, I killed dnsmasq, and /etc/resolv.conf still has and
mjrosenbbut not the one that dhcp specified11:23
dholbachhum, I get "Wi-Fi Networks - device not ready" in network manager11:53
dholbachmaybe you're discussing the same problem just now?11:54
mlankhorstI was testing the raring iamge on the nexus7, but it seems that unity is showing only corruption..11:54
mlankhorstbackground image is fine, all panels are just noise11:54
dholbachmlankhorst, I get the same here - do you use the unity daily build ppa?11:54
mlankhorstI just used the instructions for installing the raring image11:55
dholbachunity in the daily build ppa just finished building - maybe that'll fix it11:55
dholbachI'll just need to fix my net connection to see if it makes it work11:56
mlankhorstdoes the image enable the ppa?11:56
dholbachno, not AFAIK11:57
dholbachit's ppa:ubuntu-unity/daily-build (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build?field.series_filter=raring)11:57
mlankhorsthm how do I even enable it then.. corruption is making it impossible :-)11:58
dholbachattach keyboard and ctrl-alt-t11:59
mlankhorstoh right11:59
ogra-cbuse onboard :)12:01
ogra-cbits in the panel, just click blindly until you find it12:01
ogra-cb(then use ctrl-alt-t in onboard and install openssh-server)12:02
dholbachogra-cb, I get "Wi-Fi Networks - device not ready" in network manager12:02
dholbachnot sure what to do about it12:02
ogra-cbdholbach, did you reboot already ?12:02
ogra-cbweird, i dont get that here12:03
dholbachman, I want your Nexus712:03
dholbacheverything just magically works there12:03
dholbach"reboot" seems our equivalent of 2004's http://paste.ubuntu.com/1412338/ :)12:04
ogra-cbwell, the HW should be the same for all but the 3G devices12:04
dholbachno 3G here12:04
dholbachand after a reboot it's still unhappy12:04
ogra-cbgeez, where did you dig that one up12:05
dholbach3mal darfste fragen :)12:05
mlankhorstI'll let you know, it's not exactly acting fast12:06
dholbachogra-cb, which kernel are you running?12:06
dholbach-7 or -8?12:07
ogra-cbYIPPIE !!!!12:07
ogra-cbthe ppa packages work !!!!12:07
ogra-cbdholbach, currently some self compiled one that has serial gadget support enabled12:10
dholbachogra-cb, could you try to boot the current raring one and see if that breaks your network?12:11
ogra-cbbut its originallz the -8 package i think12:11
dholbachmlankhorst, does wifi work for you with the -8 kernel?12:11
ogra-cbthat is the latest raring image12:11
ogra-cbinstalled last night12:11
ogra-cbdholbach, ome-config didnt offer you to set up WLAN ?12:14
dholbachogra-cb, it's a dist-upgrade - as I said earlier: installing the image didn't work for me (no keyboard input)12:14
dholbach(or at least I couldn't enter anything into the text boxes)12:14
ogra-cbupgrade with the PPA still enabled ?12:15
ogra-cbi wonder if that could break something12:15
dholbachno, update-manager disabled it12:16
ogra-cbwhat definitely works is if you ignore oem-config and actually use NM applet to set up wlan12:16
ogra-cbat least for me12:16
ogra-cbnon ubiquity windows seem to get the focus just fine12:16
ogra-cbso i did set up wlan via NM, rebooted and onboard just worked12:17
dholbachnm-applet tells me that "device not ready"12:17
dholbachwhatever that means12:17
ogra-cbi'm talking about the installer here12:17
dholbachyes, I realise you're talking about the installer - I didn't use it :)12:18
ogra-cbi have an idea what coudl eb wrong for upgrades (no easy way to solve it though)12:18
dholbachok, I'll try flashing again in a couple of days  :-(12:18
ogra-cbthe linux-firmware-nexus7 package isnt seeded, upgrades wont pull it in12:18
dholbachyes, it's not installed12:19
dholbachcan't I just copy it over with a usb stick?12:19
ogra-cbdholbach, in a couple of dazs i'll be on vacation, if you want to debug it and have it fixed before end of year you should ebug it now :)12:19
ogra-cbindeed you can just copy it over12:19
dholbachyeah, but I have quite a lot of other tasks too :/12:19
dholbachand I spent all morning on this12:19
dholbachI'll try that then12:19
infinityogra-cb: It shouldn't be seeded...12:19
ogra-cbinfinity, well, but depended on by something or so12:20
ogra-cbi know it shouldnt be seeded, thats why it isnt :)12:20
ogra-cbi assume making ubuntu/defaults/nexus7 depend on it should work12:20
infinityBy the nexus7 kernel metapackage, yes.12:20
ogra-cbor the meta, yeah12:20
ogra-cbnot sure whats harder to hack up ... we shouldnt make it a dep though12:21
ogra-cbbut a recommends12:21
infinityWhy not a dep?12:21
dholbachok, package installed - let's see if that makes it work12:21
infinitylinux-firmware is a dep of all linux-image metapackages.12:21
ogra-cbinfinity, so the hardcode free SW guys can use it without the firmware (and make the free drivers work)12:21
dholbachogra-cb, I'm happy12:22
dholbachis there a bug report for this, or will this be fixed soon?12:22
* ogra-cb hugs dholbach 12:22
ogra-cbfeel free to file it12:22
infinityogra-cb: Fair enough.  Can make it a recommends of the linux-image, then.12:22
* infinity does so.12:22
ogra-cbah, no need to file it then12:22
dholbachgreat, thanks12:22
ogra-cbi guess i can hack it out of livecd-rootfs then12:23
infinityogra-cb: Uploaded.12:26
ogra-cbyay, thx12:27
dholbachwe still need an onboard release in raring12:28
dholbachthe upstream folks generally seemed receptive to the idea - I'll ping them again today12:28
ogra-cbwell, onboard works for me12:28
ogra-cboh, for the versioning and upgrades ?12:28
dholbachnew unity makes us happy12:29
dholbachmlankhorst, ^12:29
ogra-cbyep, works quite okayish12:29
ogra-cbseems eth workspace switcher has some issue though12:29
ogra-cb(no icon and it seems to hang after using it a few times for me)12:30
ogra-cboh, its not the W|S switcher that hangs, the mouse is stuck in grab mode12:30
ogra-cbso thats the old xinput issue12:30
infinityThe workspace switcher is sketchy on a desktop machine, nevermind introducting touch input. :/12:31
ogra-cbyeah, but its not the switchers fault in this case12:31
ogra-cbi have a firefox window stuck to my mouse atm12:32
infinityI disagree.  The switcher's default it to attempt to grab if you left-click, not switch.12:32
infinityAnd left-click is all you have.12:32
ogra-cbluckily the powerbutton causes a propwe shutdown after 60sec12:32
infinityIt's a subtly annoying behaviour on desktop machines that's amplified on touch.12:33
* ogra-cb wonders why we have the system settings in the launcher as well as in the session indicator12:35
ogra-cbseems redundant12:35
infinityWe.... Do?12:36
infinityI don't here.12:36
infinityMaybe you pinned it by accident? :P12:36
ogra-cbi have the gear with the wrences in a fresh nexus7 install12:36
infinityWeird.  I guess it could be a fresh install versus upgrade thing, since this is a raring machine that used to be precise.12:37
infinityAnd I absolutely agree it shouldn't be there if it is.12:37
ogra-cbwell, we had it in the quantal images too12:37
ogra-cbat least on the nexus12:37
ogra-cbthe math of upower seems really wrong12:40
* ogra-cb has 93% battery left according to it ... which results in 1.7h (!?!)12:40
infinityMaybe you've killed your battery already? :P12:41
ogra-cbnah, i think its the new kernel or rarings fault12:41
vibhavMan, I really want a nexus 7 now :(12:45
ogra-cbwhy dont you have one yet ?12:45
ogra-cbiirc your manager even sits on the spare ones12:46
* sfeole wonders if the nux fix has landed for raring yet13:13
ogra-cbsfeole, in the daily ppa .... it will get uploaded to the archive soon13:15
ogra-cb(the unity ppa that is)13:15
sfeoleogra-cb: thats great news13:15
ogra-cbwith luck it makes tomorrows image13:16
sfeoleogra-cb: which ppa is the unity-team daily?13:42
mlankhorstdholbach: yeah I forgot to hit send :-)13:45
mlankhorststill a bit glitchy or slow with redraw though, not sure yet13:46
sfeoledah i found it, in /staging13:47
ogra_sfeole, well, the binaries are just getting published into raring14:05
ogra_you shouldnt need the ppa anymore after thats done14:05
sfeoleogra_: ack14:07
plarsogra_, ogra-cb, janimo: serial is better than nothing at all, but it's not ideal. It lacks an easy way to transfer files. adbd or ssh would be much nicer.14:14
plarsogra_, ogra-cb, janimo: how far away from working do you think adbd would be, given that janimo says he's had it working in the past?14:14
ogra_plars, i simply heavily dislike the fact to depend on any android stuff ... the kernel patch was just sent to the kernel ML to change to g_serial14:15
janimoplars, I think adb could be made to work if someone gave it a day of work since we know others have done it14:16
janimoogra_, is the new patch preventing adb from working even in theory?14:16
janimoplars, adbd would need to be packaged too though14:16
ogra_janimo, no idea if adb can attach to a serial connection14:17
janimoogra_, I see no problem leveraging android related free software, especially since it is for debugging and testing, not something that androidized the Ubuntu experience14:17
ogra_janimo, well, the proper fix imho would be if someone fixed the kernel to accept gadget support to be modular14:18
janimoogra_, if the g_android functionality is removed then adbd will not work over USB as it could now? In this case I think it is a regression even if we did not get it to work14:18
ogra_i have no idea about adbd14:18
janimoI thought the patch introduces no regression whatsoever14:18
vibhavogra-cb: Actually, my parents wouldnt buy me one :(14:18
ogra_janimo, how do you mean regression ?14:19
ogra_tecnically i think the target of what we are doing here is to make ubuntu work right ... androidizing ubuntu instead of fixing the setup to just work with linux oboard bits doesnt seem right to me14:20
janimoogra_, as in not supporting something the unpatched kernel does14:20
janimowith the current one adbd has at least the chance to work if someone figures it out14:20
ogra_what does the unpatched kernel do ?14:20
ogra_which adbd ?14:20
ogra_we dont have the userspace14:20
janimostock adbd binary from android14:20
ogra_we do have the userspace to support g_serial14:21
ogra_(we even have the userspace to support ssh over usbnet ... the issue is the androidization of the kernel that avoids us from modularizing the gardget stuff)14:21
ogra_instead of poking at the symptoms, someone should fix the cause and sort the kernel issue here14:22
ogra_plars, xz/yz shoudl work fine for transferring files over serial14:28
ogra_(or however the tools lrzsz ships are called)14:29
plarsogra_: those are some things I haven't used since my bbs days :)14:29
ogra_and the good thing is that you can have that access in initrd already14:29
plarsbut yes, might be ok as long as we don't have to transfer anything too huge.  Probably mostly just logfiles and the sort I *think*14:29
ogra_so you can have initrds with scripts you can trigger for whatever thing you do (re-flash for example)14:30
ogra_plars, oh, note also that there was a kexec patch added recently, you might be intrested in that one for testing setups14:35
ogra_hmm, so we still need a fix for bug 105594914:37
mjrosenbis there someone in particular that deals with firefox on ubuntu/arm, or do the people that deal with firefox/x86 also deal with arm issues?14:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 1055949 in unity (Ubuntu Raring) "Unity panel shadow appears as solid black bar on GLES/ARM (Pandaboard, Nexus 7)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105594914:37
ogra_mjrosenb, yes14:38
ogra_chrisccoulson, ^^^ a customer for you14:38
mjrosenbthe overlap between #ubuntu-arm #pandaboard and #linaro is impressive :-p14:40
ogra_#pandaboard often enough just redirects people to us14:41
ogra_#linaro is kind of upstream from #ubuntu-arm perspective14:41
mjrosenbI know, that is why I'm in here14:41
mjrosenbI don't actually understand the relationship between linaro and ubuntu14:41
hrwthere is also #debian-arm on oftc but less popular14:41
ogra_linaro does core upstream stuff14:41
ogra_ubuntu assembles a distro14:41
hrwmjrosenb: Linaro works on making linux on arm the best possible. Ubuntu (as a distro) makes use of it14:42
hrwmjrosenb: and Linaro makes use of Ubuntu as source of packages for test images14:42
ogra_i.e. linaro cares upstream for kernels, bootloaders, GLES support, toolchain14:42
hrwmultimedia, graphics etc14:42
ogra_ubuntu just grabs these bits, applies glue and bling and whoops, there's a distro :)14:43
mjrosenbgotcha.  thanks.14:46
infinityhrw: I dunno if #debian-arm is "less popular", or just has a different focus.14:50
infinityhrw: We're almost always talking about toolchain type scary in there, and this channel is more about device enablement and pretty fluff.14:50
ogra_definitely it is annoyingly on a different network14:50
infinityogra_: I consider it annoying that Ubuntu settled/stayed on freenode, to be fair. :P14:50
* ogra_ used to be there when it was still freenode14:50
ogra_well, debian used to be here too14:51
infinityYes, a very, very long time ago.14:51
infinityJune 4th, 2006 was the switch, apparently.14:52
ogra_yeah, i remember it14:52
ogra_thanks for making me feel old !14:52
* ogra_ was already suspecting the grey hair isnt a morning hallucination14:53
hrwinfinity: and I like that split14:54
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janimomarvin24, did you get a chance to look at ac100 patches to the mainline kernel as a possibility of syncing to 3.8 for 13.04?15:48
marvin24janimo: I wanted to wait until 3.7 is out before posting patches against 3.815:56
janimomarvin24, sounds good15:57
marvin24you can allways get patches against -next at http://gitorious.org/~marvin24/ac100/marvin24s-kernel/commits/for-next-thierry btw15:58
marvin24janimo: ^^^15:58
marvin24if you want to try out15:59
* ogra_ thought the binary drivers wont work with mainline 16:00
janimomarvin24, thanks.16:11
janimoI wish my ac100's wifi wasn't broken though16:12
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ogra_janimo, i thought you did the HW fix16:13
janimoogra_, nope16:14
janimoI was not sure it was a hw issue and I have not reinstalled since. But it probably is even if it appeared out of the blue16:15
ogra_it most likely is16:15
ogra_geez that new nexus kernel really misbehaves wrt battery sometimes16:18
ogra_"your system will shut down soon if you do not apply power to it (13min, 93%)"16:19
ogra_inbetween it dumps to something like 8% but then it shows several hours left16:19
ogra_and sometimes it just works like it did with the old kernel16:20
ogra_very weird16:20
marvin24ogra_: you don't need binary driver if you have tegra drm16:34
ogra_marvin24, for GLES and video playback ?16:35
marvin24for this children game stuff, yes16:36
marvin24on the other hand, nvidia tries to upstream nvhost stuff to make it going with their binary drivers16:36
ogra_yeah, i was expecting that16:36
marvin24so we will get both, tegra drm, open source ddx and binary drivers for 3d/video decode16:37
ogra_move to the community what you can, only keep the actual proprietary bity yourself :)16:37
ogra_but its not there yet16:37
marvin24well, I guess it's not decided yet if they also open up 3d stuff16:37
marvin24I guess that depends on user demand16:37
marvin24or maybe some nouveau people will step in once the user interface is in the kernel16:38
marvin24*user api*16:38
ogra_well, even if they dont16:38
ogra_having the 2D stuff maintained by the community simply saves money if you can flange your 3D stuff on top16:38
ogra_so they dont need to care for the kernel side16:39
marvin24yes, it reduces the maintaince burden16:39
marvin24even nvidia started to recon this16:39
ogra_they stole that ingenoius concept from robclark ;)16:39
marvin24but it also cause more work at the beginning16:39
ogra_yeah, definitely16:40
ogra_but pays off massively in the end16:40
marvin24also device tree makes things lot of easier16:40
marvin24but also needs carefull thinking at the beginning16:41
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Zero_ChaosI'm going to buy ODROID-X2, anyone know a good reason I shouldn't?18:50
mjrosenbchrisccoulson: ping?19:14
EtherninHey guys, I'm sure this gets asked every day but does anyone know if the ubuntu install for the Nexus 7 32GB with 3G works yet?19:25
Etherninlast time I tried it a couple weeks ago it didn't work, just wondering if there's been any progress since?19:25
tassadar_Ethernin: 13.04 should work if I'm not mistaken19:32
mjrosenbanyone know what timezone chrisccoulson is in?19:36
mjrosenbor what time he is likely to respond?19:36
tassadar_whois says he's from germany19:39
infinitytassadar_: No, /whois says he's connected to a server in Germany, which doesn't mean much, since the servers are on a DNS round-robin.19:47
RaYmAnwhois chrisccoulson19:48
infinitymjrosenb: He's in the UK.  Not sure what his usual working hours are.19:48
RaYmAnthat was silly.19:48
mjrosenbinfinity: thanks.19:48
* tassadar_ will keep his mouth shut now, it'll be better for everyone)19:48
Ethernintassadar_, hey thanks man i'll try it19:59
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achiangjanimo: gave you https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7/+bug/107077022:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 1070770 in ubuntu-nexus7 "bluetoothd dies with glibc malloc memory corruption when used with brcm_patchram" [Medium,Confirmed]22:10
janimoachiang, I wonder if I need some BT peripherals or an android phone would do for debugging22:11
achiangjanimo: you don't own any BT devices? :)22:12
janimoachiang, hey I only got my first smartphone 3 months ago what do you want? :)22:12
janimoI'll get some BT headset if it is needed fo debugging though22:12
achiangjanimo: alternative is to spin up a kernel and ask people to test it22:13
achiangjanimo: i'm sure you'll find lots of interested helpers22:13
* janimo checks the bug details22:13

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