daubersHello lovely australian people :) Is anyone awake who can do me a favour? I'm trying to see if I can get to the bottom of a routing issue. Can someone try and ping and see if it goes? Especially anyone on telstra10:55
jeaI will try for you10:57
daubersMany thanks :)10:57
jea--- ping statistics ---10:57
jea23 packets transmitted, 23 packets received, 0.0% packet loss10:57
jearound-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 380.887/590.688/1027.643/184.866 ms10:57
jeaThere was only 1 request timeout10:58
dauberswhich ISP are you with?10:58
jeaThis is using a telstra mobile10:58
jeaI don't have access to my usual Telstra cable at the moment, but the routing should be the same10:58
daubersOk, thanks10:59
daubersThis is very weird11:00
jeawhat is going wrong?11:00
daubersI'm remoted into a machine in Sydney and it can't ping anything on Bitfolks IP range11:00
jeawould it help if i gave you a traceroute?11:00
daubersyes please11:00
daubersI'm very confused :-s 11:04
daubersThanks for the help, I'll go upstream to bitfolk and see if they can supply any answers11:04
jeaGood luck with it :)11:04
daubersThanks :)11:04
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