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rilescan I get some tips. I have exhausted all I know and am kinda SOL22:27
rilesI am on another computer because my Macbook pro was running 12.4 of Ubuntu so I decided to try 12.10.22:29
rilesNow when I start my computer about 80% of the time the sign in screen shows but then after I sign in it freezes.22:30
rilesThe times that I get though it freezes after lots of small visual glitches.22:30
rilesWhat should I do?22:30
holsteini would just go back to 12.04 riles22:35
rilesHow do I do that?22:35
rilesI can't get my computer to read the disc drive. I press ESC at menu and nothing shows the disc in the device22:36
riles*at boot22:36
holsteinwell, ubuntu nor linux are magic. if the hardware is failing, that wont help22:36
holsteinriles: i would get the 12.04 live CD you likely used to install 12.04 and reinstall it22:37
holsteini would test the memory and the hard drive22:37
rileswhich button do I hold at boot?22:37
rilesThe drive is working I made a mint disc when I got it to run one of the few times.22:38
holsteinriles: all of that depends on the machine22:39
holsteinriles: when i had a macbook and was testing, i believe it was just the "c" key22:39
holsteincould have been "apple+C"22:39
rilesI am on a 100% ubuntu macbook22:39
holsteinriles: the operating system makes no difference22:39
rilesi s22:39
holsteinriles: you are asking the hardware to boot a CD.. that is before the OS loads22:39
rilesI am rebooting the device now22:40
holsteinriles: each machine boots CD's in a different way.. typyically from the bios22:40
holsteinthe apple hardware doesnt have a traditional bios in that sense.. so it can be a bit more tricky, though arguably more "attractive"22:40
rileslearning new things today22:40
rilesthe screen just went purple... shit.22:41
holsteinriles: try and keep it clean here.. the language22:42
holsteinriles: i would just try and boot a live CD22:42
holsteinriles: i would tap the shift key.. i would try down at the bottom "F6" and select "nomodeset"22:43
rilescould i put something into terminal to get it to boot from the disc?22:43
holsteinthis is what i reffered to with the apple hardware i had https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook22:43
holsteinriles: no22:43
holsteinriles: you can boot the live CD.. holding shift22:44
holsteinriles: then, at the bottom.. you'll see F622:44
holsteinin that f6 menu.. you'll see "nomodeset"22:44
holsteinthis will kind of "put something in the terminal"22:44
holsteinriles: i would test the memory there... try and get to a live desktop and look at the hard drive22:45
rilesI held shift and it did not do anything, resumed normal boot22:46
holsteinriles: cool22:46
holsteinriles: this will *not* be easy.. nor will it just automatcially happen for you. nor will apple or anyone else be able to help you22:47
holsteinriles: what did i do?22:47
holsteini put the cd in.. i removed the hard drive so i wouldnt "break" it, forcing reboots22:47
holsteinriles: i tried the live CD.. if that fails, i use the tap shift and f6 option22:47
holsteinriles: you likely are not doing the key sequences in the order the hardware is expecting22:48
holsteinriles: no22:48
holsteinriles: i would hit c.. or whatever it is that boots the cd22:48
holsteinwhen you hear the cd loading.. hold shift22:48
holsteinthat should bring up the options wth f6 at the bottom... which are not a big deal, since its just an alternative, and nothing to worry about22:49
holsteinif you cant get that to work, move on22:49
holsteinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook was quite helpful for me though22:49
holsteinthat should tell you, by the model you have, what you should need to do22:49
rilesalright thanks.22:50
holsteini think you should rule out hardware issues..22:50
rilesIs there anyway to just wipe my system clean?22:50
holsteinriles: sure.. boot one of these live CDs and wipe it22:50
rilesI have my documents backed up and my osx on an xternal22:51
holsteinriles: you'll need to sort out how to boot a live CD.. be that an apple OS one, or an ubuntu one.. or something with gparted22:51
rilesI could partition the drive and then slap on the osx and then delete the ubuntu right?22:52
rilesI have a sucessful boot. Testing memory22:52
holsteinriles: those are options that can be done after booting an osx installer disc.. correct22:52
rileshow do I do a memory test?22:53
holsteinriles: i boot a live CD with a memory test on it22:53
holsteinthe ubuntu ones have it.. but you need to press shift at the correct time22:53
holsteinriles: you would hold C to get the cd to load.. them press shift to show the menu with the f6 options that i mentioned and the memtest22:54
holsteinOR, just get a diagnostic live CD such as ultimate boot cd22:54
rilesokay. I will give this all a shot.22:55

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