jlamotheDoes anyone here have any experinece with lubntu?12:56
willwhjlamothe: a bit yah16:36
willwhalthough I am not running it currently16:36
jlamotheI've just switched my netbook over to lubuntu, and was wondering if thers a way to get the mail notification icon that regular ubuntu has.17:00
jlamotheThere's a popup that shows up, but that only does me any good if I happen to be looking at the screen when it happens.17:00
willwhthis may help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=195961117:11
jlamotheThis looks promising.  Thanks.17:14
willwhhey guys19:48
willwhrandom Q19:48
willwhI use apache + usermod19:49
willwhI want to give access to a friend to be able to write to my /home/willwh/public_html/somedir19:49
willwhso I created a new group "web" - added willwh, and the other user to the group19:49
willwhchown -R willwh:web ~/public_html/somedir/19:50
willwhI can use WinSCP with the other account - and it does save file changes19:50
willwhbut WinSCP is throwing permissions errors19:50
willwhhjalp! :)19:50
Chexwillwh: sounds like a job for S-ticy bit20:10
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willwhChex: huh? :]20:36
Chexwillwh: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_permissions21:01
Chexwillwh: take a look at sticky bits21:01
willwhChex: well... I read it, didn't fully understand23:04
BobJonkmanwillwh: The sticky bit on the Group permission for a directory will give the same permission to all folders and files created under that directory23:09
willwhso how do I set that?23:09
BobJonkmanIt's a way to ensure all files and directories created have the same group owner23:09
BobJonkmanIt's been a while, but from memory: chmod -R g+S folder/23:10
BobJonkman-R make it recursive so it applies to all subfolders23:10
BobJonkmang+S set the Sticky Bit for Group23:10
willwhah :)23:11
BobJonkmanSo now, whatever user:group ownership you have on "folder/" will automatically apply to new folders and files you create under folder/23:12
willwhg+S didn't seem to work23:12
BobJonkmanMy memory ain't what it used to be23:12
BobJonkmanIf you're not already the owner of that folder (and its subordinates) then you might have to sudo that23:13
willwhI did23:14
* BobJonkman experiments on a temp folder23:14
BobJonkmanhmmm... chmod -R g+s folder/  works, but I remember something about a difference between g+s and g+S23:15
BobJonkmanAnd funny thing, applying g+s still shows with a S when I ls -l23:16
willwhI set get perm issues from winscp23:19
willwhit is saving it23:19
willwhbut puking and saying permission errors23:19
BobJonkmanThat link shows adding sticky bit to "Other" permission.  I've only used it with Group.23:21
willwhThe sticky bit. It's needed for "other" in shared directories like /tmp. It's needed for "group" in shared directories where write permission is given to a group, like /var/www23:22
BobJonkmanThat's right, so that any files and directories created get the same permissions and ownership as the parent23:23
BobJonkmanIn other OSes it's called Inherited File Rights23:23
BobJonkmanAnd other OSes (I'm thinking Netware, not Windows) the file system has a lot more finesse over assigning file rights.23:24
BobJonkmanLinux file permissions are great for their simplicity (mostly), but lacks fine-grained control.23:25
BobJonkmanI've never played with it, but there's a whole set of extended file rights available23:25
BobJonkmanCan't think of the package that provides it;  it'll come to me23:25
willwhso that is actually at /home/willwh/public_html/ilovedf23:26
willwhI have a user account called "zealot" - whose home directory is set to /home/willwh/public_html/ilovedf23:27
willwhso when I SCP in, that is what I get23:27
willwhzealot is also in the "web" group23:28
BobJonkmanThere's a way of assigning permissions to specific accounts with Access Control Lists23:31
BobJonkmanACLs are more like what I'm used to on Netware and Windows23:32
BobJonkmanman acl23:32
BobJonkmanHaven't played with ACLs on Linux, and I suspect you don't need it for what you're trying to do23:32
willwhI just want to let one user account edit crap in a dir under my user's home dir23:35
BobJonkmantry setting the group owner for that folder to that user's home group23:36
BobJonkmanSorry, willwh, I've gotta go.  I suspect I'm not being all that useful anyway...23:40
willwhnp BobJonkman thx for the assistance!!23:40
BobJonkmanyou're welcome, for what it's worth.23:41
BobJonkmanI'll be back in a couple of hours.  Dinner needs to be made and eaten23:41

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