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dholbachgood morning08:07
dholbachdpm, maybe we should talk about devdocs :)08:49
dpmhey dholbach, sure, what's up?08:49
dholbachdpm, where do you store the update-packaging-guide script?08:50
dpmdholbach, under site-packages/update-packaging-guide08:51
dpmit's a straight check out from bzr, so whenever there is an update, I just do a 'bzr pull' in there08:52
dholbachok, I don't have permissions and can't use the devdocs user08:53
dholbachI'll ask #is08:53
dpmok, yeah, that's in the devdocs home folder08:53
vibhavGood morning10:57
dholbachdpm, http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tools/packaging/15:09
dholbachcan anyone help confirm the links on the page are working - for me it looks all right15:09
dpmdholbach, works well for me :)15:11
dholbachI moved the English bits and pieces to C/15:11
dholbachwhich will break some bookmarks, but it makes things a lot easier15:11
smartboyhwdholbach, good for me also15:11
dholbachI'll announce in a bit15:11
dholbachthanks a lot15:11
dholbachI'm *SO* please15:11
dholbachfinally a translated packaging guide15:11
dholbachthis is a huge milestone15:12
dholbachwe've talked about it for years15:12
dpmindeed, and most especially, it is easy to translate :)15:12
dholbach(and easy to break the translations ;-))15:12
dpmotherwise it wouldn't be fun, would it? ;-)15:12
dholbachbut yeah, as far as I'm concerned it's one of the best things we've done for ages15:13
dpmsphinx rocks15:13
dholbachbah, ./C/ breaks LOTS of wiki links15:14
* dholbach cries bitter tears15:14
dholbachI'll go and change it15:14
dholbachbut leave ./es/15:14
dholbachok, done15:19
dholbachhello SergioMeneses15:51
SergioMenesesdholbach, hey hey I saw your email about the Spanish packing guide15:52
dholbachyeah, finally15:52
dholbachnow it's time for the other language teams to catch up :)15:52
SergioMenesesdholbach, that's right15:53
SergioMenesesdholbach, https://twitter.com/sergiomeneses/status/27635345608266956915:53
dholbachhey jono15:57
jonohey dholbach16:00
jonodholbach, jcastro_, balloons, dpm, mhall119 setting it up16:00
jcastro_AWWWWW YEAHHHH.16:00
* balloons hopes g+ likes him today16:01
jonodholbach, jcastro_, balloons, dpm, mhall119 invite sent16:01
vibhavI probably mail my team for the packaging guide translations too16:06
vibhavdholbach : ping16:08
dholbachvibhav, in a call, bug yeah - pong :)16:08
vibhavdholbach : any plans to have the packaging guide as a SRU exception?16:09
dholbachit will take a bit longer16:09
vibhavAh wait, take your time16:09
dholbachbecause it might need a fixed sphinx16:09
vibhavdholbach : we could have a talk with developers on it16:09
dholbachyes, we'll talk about it16:10
dholbachmitya57 is a good guy to talk to about it16:11
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balloonsI knew it was too good to last16:25
balloonsg+ dropped me again.. so toodles to all.. enjoy dpm and dholbach16:58
dholbachballoons, I dropped from g+ on purpose16:58
dholbachI got tired of the whining16:58
dpmthanks balloons, this time it's bank holiday in Spain only, so dholbach is a bit behind on holiday count... ;)16:58
balloonsaww.. dholbach  sorry mate!16:58
dholbachit's not my fault your politicians deprive you of holidays - but last I counted the number of holidays in Berlin and in the US were the same, plus we don't have the concept of bank holidays - if a public holiday is on a Sunday or Saturday, bad luck17:00
dholbachbut I've said this like 500 times before already, I shut up now :)17:00
balloonsdholbach, if you got more i would be happy for you ;-)17:01
balloonsnothing wrong with getting time off17:01
dholbachballoons, you're the only friend I have in this team17:01
* dholbach hugs balloons17:01
dholbachbut now I really shut up :)17:01
* dholbach goes and replies to some translated-packaging-guide emails17:03
balloonsdholbach, toujours mon ami17:03
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day17:26
dholbachsee you all tomorrow17:27
mhall119jono: will be a couple more minutes17:30
mhall119jono: ok, ready when you are17:32
jonomhall119, will be a few mins17:33
jonomhall119, setting it up17:39
jonomhall119, invite sent17:40
jcastro_this is excellent17:43
jonodpm, invite sent18:11
dpmjono, joining in...18:12
SergioMenesesjcastro_, jajajaja18:38
jonomhall119, what is the status of the doc day wiki page and pad pages?20:39
jonomhall119, I would like to blog about it today if poss20:39
jcastro_jono: hey real quick21:40
jcastro_since I happen to be in juju docs right now21:41
jcastro_which docs do you have in mind?21:41
jcastro_when we've been randomly talking about docs today?21:41
jcastro_you mean just general ubuntu docs on the wiki or docs in bzr somewhere?21:41
jonojcastro_, you mean in the context of the u.c/community discussion?21:42
jonofor now I just want us to get the existing docs with some improvements on the new site21:42
jonobut then we can always widen the scope21:42
jonojcastro_, btw, just finishing off something and then I will get the juju commercial email draft written21:42
jcastro_jono: ok, so in your case, just a wordpress page21:43
jcastro_I had a thought today on how to integrate generated docs into wordpress21:43
jcastro_then just now I realized I'm not the only guy with that problem21:43
jonojcastro_, yeah, right now just WP pages21:44
jonoyeah, but I think we can explore the d.u.c approach to integrated docs in the future21:44
jcastro_yeah so marco was thinking of writing a WP plugin that would take autogenerated docs and expose them to wordpress21:44
jcastro_so we can have our cake and eat it too21:44
jcastro_anyway I was just wondering ...21:46
jonojcastro_, that sounds awesome21:51
jonoI am wondering if we should think of WP + Sphinx for our help.ubuntu.com side of things21:51
nigelbtechnoviking: Oh hey, a familiar face :D http://www.droid-life.com/2012/12/05/microsofts-new-droidrage-twitter-campaign-against-android-backfires/#more-9113422:55

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