egyDev|workthelinuxer, عايز اشيل اوببتو وانزل فيدورا اعمل ايه :D08:45
thelinuxeregyDev|work: ليه كده بس :) ؟09:16
egyDev|workthelinuxer, اهو كده بقي :D09:17
thelinuxerطب بسيطة إن شاء الله. إنت عندك عندك الهوم فى partition تانى و لا نفس الببارتيشين بتات ال root ?09:18
egyDev|workthelinuxer, مش طولان برضه ؟09:32
egyDev|workthelinuxer, ايه لسه ماعرفتنيش :D09:33
thelinuxeregyDev|work: أيوة بس معلش معايا تليفون09:33
egyDev|workthelinuxer, اوكي :)09:33
thelinuxeregyDev|work: معلش مش واخد بالى :D09:33
egyDev|workthelinuxer, عربي ياعم09:33
thelinuxerAraby :D09:33
egyDev|workبالظبط كدا09:33
thelinuxerlesa shayef el info09:34
thelinuxerestana lama a7'alas el telephone09:34
thelinuxeregyDev|work: back09:39
egyDev|workthelinuxer, wb :)09:39
thelinuxeregyDev|work: thanks09:39
thelinuxeregyDev|work: betesta3many ya haram!09:39
egyDev|workthelinuxer, :D09:40
egyDev|workthelinuxer, عيب عليك ياكبير09:40
thelinuxeregyDev|work: lol09:40
egyDev|workthelinuxer, ايه مطبق ولا صاحي بدري ونشيط بقي وكده :D09:41
thelinuxerbadry we nasheet :D09:42
thelinuxeregyDev|work: badry we nasheet09:43
egyDev|workthelinuxer, :D09:44
egyDev|workthelinuxer, انت رايق09:45
thelinuxeregyDev|work: awi awi ya 7'al09:45
egyDev|workthelinuxer, يابختك , خاف مني بقي بدل ما احقد عليك :D09:47
thelinuxeregyDev|work: ya 3am enta betsada2 :D09:47
egyDev|workthelinuxer, اه علي طوووووووول09:47
coalwaterhey seiflotfy15:28
coalwaterseiflotfy: ping16:37
seiflotfycoalwater: yo16:38
coalwaterseiflotfy: i need to ask a small question if u have time16:40
coalwaterseiflotfy: anyway, i have a debian wheezy, and i installed gnome-shell and zeitgeist but the gnome-shell extentions that use it don't work, after looking a bit around i found that a package called zeitgeist-datahub fails cause it can't connect to some bus thingie, any idea what i should do ?16:46
seiflotfycoalwater: hmmmm16:47
seiflotfyrun "zeitgeist-daemon --replace --log-level=debug" in a terminal16:47
coalwaterok its running, some warning for missing images but i guess that's ok16:48
coalwaterkeep in mind the daemon it self is ok i think cause the jornal viewer has some activities already logged16:49
seiflotfycoalwater: is the datahub running now16:50
seiflotfyit should16:51
seiflotfyzeitgeist-daemon spawns the datahub too16:51
coalwatero i see, so why would the extentions like gnome-shell jump-lists not work16:51
coalwaterseiflotfy: i thought the reason was a missing or misconfigured zeitgeist package, how can i debug gnome-shell extentions?16:58
coalwaterhm, it says "requiring "GnomeDesktop"16:59
seiflotfyi can look into this in a bit17:01
seiflotfyright now i am in the middle of hacking something up17:01
seiflotfybtw coalwater do you hack17:01
coalwaternot really, but im a developer, but i need a lil training in first lol17:02
coalwateri fixed it btw17:02
coalwaterinstalled a package by after doing apt-cache search17:02
coalwaterfound a post about the tool called looking glass "lg"17:03
coalwaterseiflotfy: how can i help17:03
seiflotfycoalwater: just a general question17:03
seiflotfyare you egyptians?17:03
coalwateryea i am17:03
seiflotfyso i am looking for someone to mentor to become an upstream gnome developer17:04
coalwateru want to mentor someone?17:04
coalwateri dont do vala lol17:04
coalwateri was going to help u on zeitgeist before, and i spoke to u, but then u told me ur switching to vala17:04
coalwateri was learning python back then17:05
coalwaterseiflotfy: u want someone who knows vala right ?17:05
seiflotfyor python17:05
coalwaterreally? lol17:06
seiflotfyyeah but its not zeitgeist17:06
seiflotfyits gnome stuff17:06
coalwaterok cool, but im really really beginner with desktop stuff17:06
coalwateri know a bit python and im willing to go back studying agian lol17:07
coalwaterim ok with launchpad and bazaar17:08
coalwaterfixed few bugs for a program called "lernid"17:08
seiflotfycoalwater: yeah forget bzr17:10
seiflotfywe work on github17:10
seiflotfyand git17:10
coalwaterok np, i know git pretty well17:10
seiflotfyok brb17:12
coalwateralso my friend at work might help too17:13
coalwaterps: you need to mention in ur extentions that "gir1.2-gnomedesktop-3.0" is a dependency17:18
coalwaterseiflotfy: well when ur back tell me the details17:34

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