xnoxcjwatson: how was the original timezone map done? Can that be updated, cause a few countries have changed "default" timezones.14:23
cjwatsonxnox: I'm not entirely sure - ask ev14:35
evwe're chatting about it now14:39
ScottKIf one hits quit in the first page of the installer (ubiquity), is the designed behavior to start a lilve session or to go back to the do you want to try or install screen?17:02
ogra_live session iirc17:02
ScottKThen it's working ...17:03
ScottKIf an install is apparently halted at system installation 67% and Ubiquity is eating ~all the CPU, any immediate suggestions on how to figure out where I'm stuck (this is an encrypted LVM install)?19:36
ScottKxnox: ^^^ suggestions?19:38
infinityScottK: Nothing interesting in syslog?19:45
* ScottK looks19:45
ScottKIt says something about media change.19:47
ScottKThe USB is there and mounted though.19:47
ScottKThere's also a depmod error a little bit further up about failed to symbolic link19:48
ScottKLinux-image postinst failed.19:48
infinitypostinsts failing sounds bad.19:50
infinityThe installer should probably notice such things and error out, instead of appearing to hang, mind you. :P19:50
ScottKinfinity: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1413155/19:50
infinityBut that's probably the problem.19:50
ScottKI did encrypted LVM on this system on Monday and it worked.19:51
* ScottK wonders did something change or is it gremlins?19:51
infinityOh, that may not be a failed postinst, just a verbose one.19:51
ScottKAh.  Right.19:52
infinityIt's certainly the media change event there that screwed you.19:52
infinityBut why or how that happened, I dunno.19:52
ScottKMaybe I bumped the usb stick.19:52
infinityUnless your CD is actually incomplete.19:52
ScottKI've done several installs with it already.19:53
infinity(That's the same message you get with d-i on multiple-CD installs... Which we don't do)19:53
infinityKay, if it's worked before, you may have just had some cosmic rays.19:53
infinityOr /cdrom/ genuinely has nothing in it due to some other random bug umounting or mounting over it.19:54
infinityIf you remember how you got there, I'd give it a whirl to reproduce.19:54
ScottKI'm trying again.19:54
ScottKI did check that the USB was present and mounted.19:54
ScottKSo perhaps I bumped it or something and then Ubiquity failed to notice when it reappeared?19:55
infinityPossibly.  Dunno.  A lot of maybes at this point.19:55
infinityOnes I'll fail to care about if a second try works.19:55
infinityIt may be high time for us to rename /cdrom/ in casper/d-i/etc to avoid looking like we live in the past.19:55
ScottKI'm glad I've done this install enough times that knowing the language I'm installing in isn't important.20:06
infinityI still get messed up sometimes when I test software in right-to-left languages.20:20
ScottKOfficially gremlins I guess.  It's past the point it hung last time.20:31
ScottKHere's a bit of a conundrum ...21:37
ScottKWhen installing with lvm/encryption, passphrase entry is done before you select your keyboard.21:37
ScottKSo if it turns out that your keyboard selection is wrong and you fix it, then the keyboard layout you install with is different than the one you set your passphrase with.21:38
ScottKWhich can make some passphrases hard to type ...21:38
infinityThat seems a bit backward.  Shouldn't language/keyboard be the first things asked?21:46
infinityxnox: You still around?21:46
cjwatsonWe've been round in circles with design on this for years.21:47
cjwatsonA quick IRC discussion won't solve it.21:47
cjwatsonBringing partitioning forward was a genuine win in many ways (it's one of the things people often praise when they talk to me about the installer in person), but it does raise this awkward case21:48
cjwatsonThe best compromise we've found was to add a keyboard indicator21:48
cjwatsonI don't recall what the KDE frontend has, though21:48
infinityYeah, but the keyboard indicator does you no good if you don't realise this particular problem will be a problem.21:49
infinityEspecially since passphrases are blind, so you may not know you're typing it "wrong".21:49
cjwatsonYeah, I guess it may be worth providing some kind of hint specially for the crypto case21:50
cjwatsonWe can't just pull keyboard back though - that involves pulling location back as well (for sane defaults) and at that point we've lost most of the gain from parallel questions21:51

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