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rbasakapw: hello! I see that you've dropped the highbank kernel, but I don't see a generic replacement. What's the plan with this?08:13
apwrbasak, morning, thats a conundrum indeed.  something that is under discussions of a sort08:56
rbasakapw: I thought we could just turn on a generic armhf flavour?08:59
apwrbasak, in theory indeed, and someone is investigating it09:00
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rtgogra_, are you gonna send your config patch to the kteam list ?13:15
* henrix -> SIGFOOD13:32
ogra_rtg, will do13:53
ogra_rtg, sent (as you might have seen) ... dont ask why i didnt make it a module ... 14:06
rtgogra_, ack14:09
robherogra_: when do expect the flash-kernel fix to go in for quantal?14:13
ogra_robher, end of the week latest, i have some other SRU bits i want to pull in as well14:13
robherogra_: great. Thanks.14:15
apwhenrix, i think rtg has commited that patch i was talking about for precise14:36
henrixapw: yep, i've seen it. i'm already on that. thanks14:37
apwhenrix, thanks indeed14:37
henrixapw: btw, is there an easy way for me to cancel a build? i've just realised i'm using the ppc builders for precise kernels, which will be dropped later14:39
apwi think they may well have a cancel button actually14:39
* henrix looks again...14:40
apwif you get me the link which looks like this one14:40
apwi'll find someone to wack it14:40
henrixapw: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-team/+archive/ppa/+build/403598914:41
apwheh ..14:41
henrixand also https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-team/+archive/ppa/+build/403599414:41
apwboth of those, ok14:41
henrixthanks. its just that there's not point keeping them building :)14:42
apwhenrix, there is not indeed14:45
apwand we are short some computrons in powerpc right now14:46
henrixapw: yeah, i'm currently blocking a ppc. a 'cancel' would be a nice thing to have..14:47
apwyeah i concur14:47
henrixapw: ah, but someone did something, right? because the build failed14:48
henrixor was that a genuine failure...?14:48
apwrtg, whats the cross build tools called for arm on x86 ?14:48
rtggnuabi something...14:48
apwhenrix, no that was 'me' i got them to 'terminate' it... basically they rm -rf /build on the builder14:49
henrixapw: ah! cool :)14:49
apwogra_, is that the package ?14:49
ogra_gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf is the package14:49
ogra_arm-linux-gnueabihf- is the CROSS_COMPILE prefix14:50
apwb infinity 14:50
smbapw, That is a big wish15:00
apwheh indeed15:00
rtgapw, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/r-lts-backport16:11
apwahh great16:12
rtgcking, drivers/acpi/acpica/dsmethod.c acpi_ds_create_method_mutex() looks like it could orphan memory17:12
rtgI've got a patch if you agree with my assessment17:13
* cking has a look17:13
rtgdiff --git a/drivers/acpi/acpica/dsmethod.c b/drivers/acpi/acpica/dsmethod.c17:13
rtgindex aa9a5d4..fe89ea9 10064417:13
rtg--- a/drivers/acpi/acpica/dsmethod.c17:13
rtg+++ b/drivers/acpi/acpica/dsmethod.c17:13
rtg@@ -151,6 +151,7 @@ acpi_ds_create_method_mutex(union acpi_operand_object *method_desc)17:13
rtg 17:13
rtg        status = acpi_os_create_mutex(&mutex_desc->mutex.os_mutex);17:13
rtg        if (ACPI_FAILURE(status)) {17:13
rtg+               acpi_ut_delete_object_desc(mutex_desc);17:13
rtg                return_ACPI_STATUS(status);17:13
rtg        }17:13
rtgcking, raring (by the way)17:14
ckingthat looks sane to me17:15
ckingthe patch17:15
rtgcking, k, I'll send it upstream17:15
* ppisati -> gym17:38
henrixapw: just fyi, the precise kernel is now building17:41
apwhenrix, great thanks17:41
stgraberhey there17:42
stgraberI just found a weird kernel bug, introduced by 3.7 (AFAICT, wasn't there in 3.5 at least)17:42
stgraberI tried to reproduce this outside of arkose but can't seem to hit it. arkose does quite a bunch of mounts including some bind mounts, loop mounts and overlayfs mounts, then spawns an lxc container, exits and unmounts everything and cleans up17:43
stgraberAFAICT nothing is failing, it just appears that the umount triggered against the loop device doesn't actually free it17:44
stgraberand there's apparently no way of ever freeing it short of rebooting the machine17:44
rtgstgraber, perhaps hallyn or apw have some thoughts.17:44
stgraberwhich is a bit of a problem for me considering we have a default of 7 loop devices and I tend to use dozen of those containers a day ;)17:44
apwno not seen any issues with loops on raring getting stuck so far anyhow17:46
apwstgraber, what is arkose ?17:46
apwstgraber, and does fuser -c say anything about /dev/loop0 in that case17:47
stgraberroot@lantea:~# fuser -c /dev/loop0 17:48
stgraberroot@lantea:~# 17:48
stgraberapw: arkose is basically a python wrapper setting up an lxc container sharing the rootfs with your machine using overlayfs so that anything you do in it won't affect your machine17:49
stgraberso basically a simple lxc based sandbox17:49
stgrabermy current guess is that something goes wrong when the rootfs of an lxc container is on overlayfs with the upperdir stored on a loop device but I need to write some script to reproduce this outside of arkose17:50
apwstgraber, be interested in what you find17:51
stgraber(running the same test using arkose but without the overlayfs or without the loop mounted ext4 doesn't trigger the bug)17:51
hallynstgraber: interesting18:04
hallynhow is the overlayfs delta 3.5..3.7?18:05
stgraberalright, got a reproducer outside of arkose, it's really weird though :)18:08
stgraberhallyn, apw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1412975/18:12
stgraberhallyn: the really weird thing is that if you replace my 'su nobody -c "hostname"' by just 'hostname', the bug won't happen :)18:12
hallynstgraber: does the umount mount/test actually succeed?  18:14
stgraberhallyn: would be great if you could try to reproduce on your side as it's clearly happening on all my machines here, but the fact that calling "su" seems to make a difference makes me think it could be sssd related (which I assume you don't have)18:14
stgraberyep, everything succeeds18:14
hallynstgraber: that's on raring right?18:14
stgraberyep, raring with latest 3.7 kernel18:15
stgraberI don't get this on 3.518:15
* hallyn doth protest to authenticating to download text version of script18:16
hallynhm, can't seem to launch an instance...18:17
hallynstgraber: well, definately confirmed...18:41
hallynnot yay :)18:45
stgraberwell, I like to have reproducable bugs that don't depend on my really weird setup18:47
* rtg -> lunch19:00
jsalisburyherton, bjf, reverting commit a4e4c2b5 fixes bug 1080530 . 19:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 1080530 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "v86d prevents suspend from completing" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108053019:04
jsalisburyherton, bjf, Do you want me to submit an SRU request for Precise, or I could also request a revert upstream?  Or both?19:05
hertonjsalisbury, looking, I think it's worth to do both19:06
bjfjsalisbury, that's a stable patch, so both for sure19:06
bjfjsalisbury, possibly an email with the original patch submitter pointing them at the bug19:07
jsalisburybjf, email the patch submitter first to get feedback, then request a revert if that is what they think is best?19:08
bjfjsalisbury, yup, you've missed this cycle so you have a little time before the next19:08
jsalisburybjf, ack19:08
bjfherton, that work for you?19:08
hertonbjf, sure, no problem19:09
bjfjsalisbury, you might want to CC ben h.19:09
jsalisburybjf, will do.19:09
jsalisburybjf, herton, thanks!19:09
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ogasawarartg: fyi, herton is still working on shank bot for our automated upload announcements, so I'm just gonna craft and send an announcement for yesterday's upload.19:53
rtgogasawara, ok. I guess 'cause it wasn't an ABI bump I didn't ..., or wait . was it ?19:54
ogasawarartg: it was, I thought19:54
rtgoh, huess it was.19:54
rtgdang, I get used to infinity just noticing with me pestering him.19:54
rtgogasawara, so the bot is supposed to send out email when the packages transition from -proposed if the tracking bug is in the changelog ?19:57
ogasawarartg: it's my understanding it'll send it once it detects the package has successfully built in proposed19:58
bjfogasawara, correct19:58
rtgbjf, which might be premature if it takes awhile to get promoted. won't some folks wanna use it immediately upon announcing ?19:59
hertonrtg, we might do the announcement when it hits the release pocket instead, for the devel kernel, is that ok?20:05
rtgherton, I think that would be better. nobody should be updating from -proposed in the devel release.20:06
hertonrtg, hmm, that may defeat bjf automatic testing, that we want to start when it hits -proposed I guess. But that's fixable sending the special email to the bot, and an additional to QA.20:12
rtgherton, I suspect the bot is becoming somewhat complex.20:12
bjfherton, i'd like to do the testing while it's in the -proposed pocket20:12
bjfrtg, lol, you have no idea20:13
bjfrtg, right now we are announcing when we do the upload, before it even hits -proposed in some cases20:13
bjfrtg, we do that to give the installer folks a heads-up. the purpose of doing it with shanky is to kick off automatic testing while also giving installer and other interested parties a heads-up20:14
rtgbjf, I don't have a real strong case to delay the announcement, so I guess go ahead and do it when its done building.20:16
bjfrtg, ack, when it is available in -proposed20:17
* rtg -> EOD20:19
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bizhanMonaHI I am using ubuntu 12.04. To DMA large raw video frames from capture device (PCIe device) to host memory, I may need large contiguous phyiscal memory area large than 4MB(page size). How is this possible?22:13
argesbizhanMona, i'm assuming this is for a device driver?22:20
argesmight want to check out free-electrons.com/doc/books/ldd3.pdf22:20
bizhanMonaarges: yes it is for device driver. I did not find it in any references including ldd3.pdf, but will check again to make sure. Thanks22:23

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