TheLordOfTimeanyone on the backports team alive and willing to look at two backport requests (one depends on the other004:47
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dholbachgood morning08:07
gesergood morning dholbach08:07
dholbachhi geser08:08
geserdholbach: http://gegen-den-strich.com/428.html08:09
* dholbach hugs geser08:10
ajmitchhi dholbach, geser08:33
dholbachhi ajmitch08:33
ajmitchhow have those hangouts been going?08:35
geserHi ajmitch08:53
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jtaylorsomeone know if universe/main will continue to be separated for raring?18:12
ScottKNothing is likely to change.18:13
xnoxjtaylor: what is your complete question for asking that? Do you have a question about what will happen after archive reorganisation?18:29
alo21I have a doubt about how to fill in changelog in a merge...18:39
alo21If I make some changes, have I to write what I did in the changelog?18:39
tumbleweedyou always should, yes18:40
alo21tumbleweed, I had a lot of changes18:40
ScottKYou have to document them all.18:41
jtaylorxnox: I was told after the reorg we do not have to split source packages anymore18:41
xnoxjtaylor: correct.18:41
ScottKWe don't actually have very many of those.18:41
alo21tumbleweed, for example I edited Makefile, so I should write  - edit makefie18:42
xnoxjtaylor: but we are not there yet.18:42
tumbleweedalo21: that wouldn't be a vary useful changelog entry18:42
tumbleweedalo21: you explain what you did, and why18:42
alo21tumbleweed, I am under a voice 'remaining changes'...18:44
alo21but I have made new changes, so I suppose I have to write that changes (new one), after and not under 'remaining changes'. Right?18:46
alo21tumbleweed, for example as here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1413044/18:50
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alo21tumbleweed, notice that without the patch (mentioned in changelog), the build fails18:50
TheLordOfTimei think 'Added new patch' should be 'Added new patch to fix [issue]'18:51
TheLordOfTimeso people know what the patch does18:52
TheLordOfTimejust my two cents ;)18:52
TheLordOfTime(as a bugs triager, if the given patch introduces a regression, which sometimes happens, its easy to trace what patch(es) cause the issues, then, when the changelog identifies what the "new" patch does.)18:53
alo21TheLordOfTime, for example the pace is used to build the package on ubuntu only. My deal is: have that entry be a part the 'remaining change', or not?18:53
alo21the patch has been created now (by me) to build the package18:54
TheLordOfTimeif what you said there is the changelog... and the patch is new, i'm not certain it goes under "remaining changes" because its newly introduced18:55
TheLordOfTimetumbleweed'd know more though, i usually don't handle merges ;P18:55
TheLordOfTimein fact, i don't normally.  :P18:55
* TheLordOfTime was commenting on the lack of a specific description in your statement about a new patch18:55
alo21ok thanks anyway18:55
TheLordOfTimeBut if i may interpret tumbleweed here, when he said this is correct: <alo21> but I have made new changes, so I suppose I have to write that changes (new one), after and not under 'remaining changes'. Right?18:56
TheLordOfTimeI think its safe to assume he means "Yes, it goes after remaining changes, and not a part of remaining changes"18:56
TheLordOfTimebut that's only based on my observations here and my interpretation, which may be wrong ;P18:57
alo21seems to be the most reasonable behaviour18:58
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