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zygagood morning08:32
pittiGood morning08:49
jibelgood morning everyone08:56
pittibonjour jibel, ça va?08:56
jibelHey pitti, ça va et toi ?08:56
pittijibel: je vais bien! il pleut à Londres, surprise :)08:57
pittinous améliorons daisy08:58
jibelpitti, heh, surprising, isn't it? I'm just on the other side of the channel and the weather is not that different :)08:58
pittiit even had been sunny yesterday!08:58
pittiI filed a bug report about it right away, of course; and it seems it got fixed quickly :-P08:58
jibelpitti, nice, are you improving specific parts of daisy, or daisy in general?08:59
pittijibel: we designed how to detect regressions in SRUs and the dev release yesterday08:59
pittiI have constructed some standard .crash files on all platforms that we can use for CI testing of daisy deployments09:00
pitti(i. e. a package which will construct them automatically, and a package recipe to build them all with two clicks)09:00
pittiand I'm teaching apport to retrace ARM reports09:00
pittitoday I'd like to fix an actual bug in daisy09:01
Noskcajhow do you get temporary ops status?09:16
Noskcaji was going to fix the topic09:16
gema_xnox: ping10:05
gema_pitti, jibel what is pleut? snow?10:06
gema_pluja, it is rain10:06
pittigema_: non, snow == "il neige", "il pleut" -> it rains10:06
gema_pitti: it was all white this morning in cambridge10:07
gema_it's melting already with the sun, though10:07
jibelgema_, regnen10:07
gema_jibel: danke10:08
xnoxballoons: interesting, but lubuntu should be working with lxce window manager & not metacity.10:19
xnoxgema_: heya =)10:19
gema_xnox: you are probably very busy, but bug 106327 called my attention and I wonder if you know who is working on it10:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 99188 in meta-xfce4 (Ubuntu Edgy) "duplicate for #106327 Unuable to install -- libdbh1.0-dev" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9918810:20
gema_xnox: or 1060327, rather10:20
gema_xnox: there are plenty of duplicates being raised on this by all the manual testers10:21
gema_and it is blocking them10:21
jibelbug 106032710:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 1060327 in compiz (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in compiz::opengl::bindTexImageGLX() from TfpTexture::bindTexImage() from ... from GLTexture::bindPixmapToTexture() from DecorTexture::DecorTexture()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106032710:26
xnoxgema_: let me talk to people.10:27
gema_thanks xnox, everyone is complaining but I don't see any developer activity on them, so it needs some attention10:28
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zygapitti: hi, is it possible to run autopkgtests for something that is in a PPA officially?11:27
zygapitti: we're lookig if we can use autopkgtests to run the bulk of our daily package testing11:28
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pittizyga: yes, run-adt-test has a --ppa option11:40
zygapitti: do we need to maintain our own jenkins or can we use the same one that runs for ubuntu packages?11:40
pittizyga: I'm not sure, that's a question for jibel11:41
zygajibel, ara: ^^11:41
zyga(ara will be interested as well)11:41
zygapitti: thanks for the --ppa option, I'm tring it out now11:41
zyga(ara's machine crashed)11:42
zygathe ppa option works great, thanks pitti!11:42
zygapitti: would you accept patches that add support for source branches from git, not bzr?11:44
zygaara: I've just asked if we could use the autopkgtest jenkins that tests ubuntu to run our daily ppa tests as well11:45
zygaara: jibel should be answer that11:45
pittizyga: sure11:46
zygapitti: thanks11:46
arazyga, cool11:48
aralet see, he might be at lunch :)11:48
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zygaoh, how ironic, autopkgtest is in git already11:53
zygapitti: the upstream uses git, not bzr+launchpad, correct?11:53
pittizyga: right11:54
zygaOMG, the code is pretty ugly11:54
pittioh, you looked at it for the first time?11:54
pittiyou may vomit now11:54
pittizyga: yes, it's Ian Jackson's inimitable "Perl with C64 basic identifiers that happen to be parseable Python"11:55
zygais the upstream conductive to intrusive patches11:55
zygalike pep8 and tests?11:55
zygaand docs11:55
pittinot sure, our patches always take a while to get reviewed11:55
pittimight be better to ask them beforehand11:55
zygasimple patches or big ones11:56
zygaeh :)11:56
pittisimple ones11:56
pittimany of them went in fast11:56
pittibut some have been stuck for a while11:56
* zyga looks at the .1 man page, written by hand11:56
zygaimpressive too11:56
zygapitti: yeah, it's just perl that parses as python, quite accurate11:57
zygaoh, python with tabs _and_ spaces11:59
zygaman, I need a coffee12:00
gema_zyga: we discussed this on the meeting you missed on Friday13:58
gema_zyga: do you have your certs already?13:59
zygagema_: hey14:05
zygagema_: I'm in a meeting now, I'll get back to you soon14:05
gema_zyga: sure14:05
zygagema_: we're starting to use autopkgtests for checkbox, so hopefully we can integrate that into the normal ubuntu testing easily14:05
gema_zyga: ack14:06
zygagema_: that friday was unfortunate, I did miss two important meetings14:06
gema_zyga: ack14:07
plarsxnox: not sure if you noticed, or if anyone mentioned, but cyphermox pushed a fix for the NM issue yesterday, and those automated jobs are starting to flow again14:08
zygaplars: hey14:08
plarsxnox: I'm sure there will be more fires to fight, but at least that one is taken care of14:08
* gema_ hugs cyphermox, even though he is not here14:08
plarsheya zyga14:08
xnoxplars: thanks for ping. I do get jenkins rss feeds, but i am not up to date on them.14:08
gema_xnox: we are starting to kick with our new smoke tests, but not 100% there yet14:09
zygaplars: re14:53
zygaplars: I do but it's not based on serial14:53
zygaplars: it's something from the webos world but it's tiny and self-contained14:53
zygaplars: let me pull it up14:54
zygaplars: https://github.com/openwebos/novacomd this is the part that runs on the device14:55
zygaplars: it even has the upstart configuration file :)14:56
zygaplars: this is the part that runs on the "desktop" https://github.com/openwebos/novacom14:56
plarszyga: I'll take a look, thanks14:56
zygaplars: it should be interesting to build this actually14:56
zygaplars: I could give it a try on snowball14:56
xnoxSo the daily smokes on desktop are currently blocked by bug 1086772. I reviewed maxes fix & improved on it.18:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1086772 in UTAH "iso_static_validation tests needs to change due to the renaming of vmlinuz to vmlinuz.efi" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108677218:05
xnoxsee attached branches18:06
ScottKIs there a bug tag now for bugs that are regressions in the development release from the current release?  It used to be regression-potential.18:20
Noskcajwhen running in live mode and selecting install ubuntu from the desktop a new tile on the launcher appears even though a link is already inplace on the launcher.19:42
Noskcajif you click it the new tile isn't made19:42
Noskcajwhat is this a bug in?19:42
balloonsohh you get double icons in the bar?19:57
Noskcajballoons, yes19:59
Noskcajalso can i suggest we have a "changes" section in each testsuite, similar to netboot's20:00
Noskcajthird thing: why are there so many launcher tiles by defualt, they dont even fit on my VM's screen20:11
Noskcajballoons: as scottk said, can you update the topic as we are testing the edubuntu alpha 120:23
balloonsNoskcaj, the launcher tiles decision is ubuntu dev's20:24
balloonsthey added two more tiles last cycle20:24
balloonsthey may re-examine it at some point, but I agree it's a bit much20:24
balloonsNoskcaj, what do you mean by a changes section?20:25
Noskcajhave a look at a netboot testsuites page, you will see20:25
=== balloons changed the topic of #ubuntu-quality to: "Welcome to Ubuntu QA and Testing | http://qa.ubuntu.com/ | Currently testing Kubuntu and Edubuntu Alpha 1 images | http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com"
balloonsNoskcaj, ohh20:26
balloonsthat's what you mean20:26
balloonsthat lists the package changes20:27
balloonseach iso is really made of lots of pacakge20:27
balloonsbut hmm20:27
balloonsI wonder if listing ubiquity changelog would be useful20:27
Noskcajfor bug reports it would be, and thats what i was meaning. maybe also have one or two other packages that we find bugs while iso testing20:32
Noskcaje.g. partman20:32
phillwNoskcaj: I've not been able to fully update bug 1085171 I've had an issue myself to pull out the log files that are needed bug 1086974 I'm going to switch to my CentOS system and re-attempt.20:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 1086036 in compiz (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1085171 Compiz driven ubiquity-dm crashes when booting raring" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108603620:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 1086974 in libguestfs (Ubuntu) "libguestfs: error: cannot find any suitable libguestfs supermin" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108697420:38
Noskcajphillw, 1085171 is a duplicate now, even though its the older bug20:40
phillwNoskcaj: as long as the details are all kept together, it doesn't really matter :)20:43
phillwNoskcaj: as the -release team are on the case, I expect a fix real soon :)20:44
phillwNoskcaj: by the way. with reference to your classroom session... The current thinking is that people download the raring iso of what ever flavour / arch that they want to test, rather than us force them to download an iso they will not use for testing.20:46
Noskcajphillw, ok, it helps if its a day old too20:48
Noskcajphillw, is bug 1085825 actually a bug or just the theme being slightly difficult?20:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 1085825 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "lubuntu installer "hard drive, power, internet" check page has colourless ticks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108582520:49
Noskcaji have posted the questing in #lubuntu already20:49
phillwNoskcaj: I *think* that is a sort of known issue that has a base a little deeper in the theme. I'm pretty sure that Rafael is well on top of it now.20:50
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