lvmersarnold: almost got it:  http://paste.kde.org/619844/00:03
sarnoldlvmer: that looks like you're in the wrong directory00:06
lvmer? is that bad? what do you mean?00:07
lvmerthat's where I copied the file00:07
lvmerit has to be in usr/local ?00:07
sarnoldlvmer: the compiled program should be in /usr/local00:07
sarnoldlvmer: the sourc code should in a directory in your home directory :)00:07
lvmersarnold: I'm a little lost00:09
lvmer$ sudo cpdir -R /share/share/minidlna-transcode  /usr/local     ??00:09
sarnoldoh /share/share/ that's odd, hehe :)00:10
sarnoldwhat's /share ? :)00:10
lvmersmb share00:10
lvmerum /share is invisible00:10
lvmerroot / root00:10
lvmerthe /share/share is the samba share for the server00:10
lvmerjust easier for me to remember00:11
lvmerthan some other random directory00:11
lvmersarnold: so do I have to move it?00:11
sarnoldlvmer: no, but you should 'cd /share/share/minidlna-transcode', the run ./autogen.sh00:12
lvmersame error00:13
escottlvmer, don't build as root00:17
escottlvmer, unpack that tarball to your unpriv'ed $HOME build it there00:17
lvmerescott: o  :/   /user/local ?00:18
lvmer/home/john ?00:18
escottlvmer, no /home/username/subdir00:18
escottlvmer, building as root isn't necessary00:19
lvmersarnold: still failing though... :(  http://paste.kde.org/619862/00:23
escottlvmer, if you sudo mv you need to follow that with a sudo chown -R username:username00:23
escottnever see you did that00:24
lvmer^^ I did00:24
uvirtbotlvmer: Error: "^" is not a valid command.00:24
lvmerI did ^^00:24
lvmerjohn@UBUNTUSERVER:~$ sudo chown -R john:john /home/john/subdir00:24
sarnoldlvmer: is there a Makefile.am.in or something?00:24
lvmerthere is a makefile.am00:25
lvmerIT'S CALLED  "Makefile.am"00:25
escottlvmer, is it makefile.am or Makefile.am00:25
escottlvmer, it should be the later00:25
lvmerescott: you sure?00:25
lvmeroh yah you are right00:26
lvmerbut that is the error00:26
lvmerbrb maybe it changed case00:26
lvmeryup changed case00:26
escottlvmer, is this something from windows. perhaps the person wrote the script for a non-case sensitive os00:26
escottlvmer, grep makefile autogen.sh00:26
lvmermy server did: preserve-case=no  && default-case=lower00:26
lvmer.............. failzzzzz00:27
escottor that00:27
sarnoldlvmer: oh hahaha00:27
sarnoldlvmer: hahaha00:27
sarnoldlvmer: you put yuour data on a samba share.00:27
sarnoldI'm sorry man. I should have noticed that right away twenty minutes ago. :(00:27
lvmersarnold: no problem man... literally you get 99% of my problems solved in 2 seconds00:28
lvmersarnold: glad I had someone to share my frustration with. :)00:28
sarnoldescott: hehe, if you hadn't kept the line on compiling it in his homedir, who knows how long this would have taken. nice. :)00:29
escottsarnold, best practice is what it is for a reason00:30
lvmeryah crap.... now I got to figure out how to get the file to my home directory00:31
lvmerall the 'cases' are messed up00:31
lvmerI've got the zip file & win rar on my home pc... should I tar it? and copy to /share/share   then mv to /home/john/subdir/   & then untar?00:32
escottlvmer, just get a new tarball00:32
escottlvmer, zip or whatever. just unpack it in your home directory00:32
escottlvmer, the zip will contain the correct case00:33
lvmerwhat's the command for that? lol00:33
lvmerI can't get this to work:  $ sudo rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty  /home/john/subdir/00:34
escottlvmer, rm -rf ~/subdir00:35
escottno need for sudo. you own it00:35
escottlvmer, and to unzip a zip the command is "unzip"00:35
lvmerescott: ah you are soooo pro00:35
lvmerlol ok00:36
lvmernot installed, should I install 'zip' or 'unzip' ?00:38
lvmernvm lol00:38
lvmerlibavutil headers not found or not usable, & I do have libavutil51 installed00:50
sarnoldlvmer: install the libavutil51-dev package00:50
lvmerlibavcodec -same erorr. I assume same solution. xD ty sarnold00:52
sarnoldlvmer: exactly :)00:53
sarnoldsometimes it can be difficult to figure out which exact -dev package you're missing, but most of the time it's not too rough00:53
escottlvmer, you can grep through the program for #includes and then use apt-file to figure out what dev package you need00:53
sarnoldin the cases where it is difficult, the 'apt-file' tool can be handy. (Though if you don't think you'll remembre the name, the packages.ubuntu.com webpage is good enough)00:53
lvmersarnold: zomg I've installed like 3 billion packages01:01
lvmersarnold: the self-made readme.txt is getting big xD01:01
escottlvmer, it may help to just install a meta-dev package01:02
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sarnoldlvmer: have you run "apt-get install build-essential" yet?01:04
escottlvmer,  apt-cache search metapackage | grep dev01:05
escottsarnold, he would have had to to get autotools01:06
sarnoldescott: .. or install those by hand one at a time..01:06
lvmerI installed them 1 at a time01:06
escottsarnold, sure he might have01:06
lvmerby hand01:06
sarnoldescott: neat metapackages | grep dev, never seen these before :)01:06
lvmerwhat am I supposed to be doing here lol01:07
escottlvmer, this think you are installing what is it? kde something?01:07
sarnoldescott: it's an on-the-fly video converter01:07
sarnoldI do'nt htnk any of these would be a big time saver :/01:07
escottlvmer, if you were building a kde application with a gui i would recommend kde-sc-dev-latest for example01:09
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lvmerI'm knackered:  http://paste.kde.org/619880/01:12
lvmerso close xD01:12
sarnoldincidentally, you reallyu shldn't be doing your builds with sudo :)01:14
sarnoldlvmer: try libmagickwand-dev and libmagickwand401:15
escottlvmer, "alias sudo=echo stop it;"01:17
lvmerit's a syntax error though. :/ & I have both packages installed -dev && 501:31
KidDeath10kI have a question about SVN. I have an existing folder that has all the files I want in the initial revision on the server. That folder is on the server. How do I make SVN recognize all the files inside that folder so Revision 0 = all those files.01:31
sarnoldKidDeath10k: I think svn import is what you're looking for01:35
KidDeath10kHmm, how do I import the folder locally? That command seems to want a url like http:// or svn://01:35
sarnoldKidDeath10k: what do you mean by "locally"? wouldn't you give the URL to the server's repository directory as the "remote" part?01:37
sarnoldKidDeath10k: you could probably make 'svn add' work, if you wanted them part of the repository on your _next_ svn ci command01:38
KidDeath10kThe folder is on the server? so I was trying to so "svn import /home/svn/project/"01:38
KidDeath10kwithout the quotes01:38
sarnoldKidDeath10k: consider this: "cd /home/svn/project ; svn import svn://servername/path/to/project/"01:39
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sarnoldsvn import --help says that the current working directory is assumed if you leave off the local path...01:39
KidDeath10khm.. alright, lets try something different. That isn't working.01:42
KidDeath10kHow do I make a folder with files already in it.. a svn repository? and it automatically fills in the blanks from there01:42
KidDeath10kjust mkdir something, then svnadmin create /home/svn/newproject01:43
lvmersarnold: got it, had to change: PKG_CHECK_MODULES(MAGICKWAND, MagickWand)    to:  'PKG_CHECK_MODULES("MAGICKWAND", "MagickWand")'01:43
lvmerin the ./configuration file01:43
lvmersarnold:  ok I'm on the $  make ; sudo make install dance   steps01:47
lvmersarnold: I hope I'm not bugging you too much xD01:47
escottlvmer, NOOOOOO01:47
escottlvmer, DO NOT make install01:47
escott!info checkinstall | lvmer01:47
ubottulvmer: checkinstall (source: checkinstall): installation tracker. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.2-3ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 114 kB, installed size 502 kB01:47
lvmer? run checkinstall first?01:48
sarnoldescott: is that the thing that builds the package?01:48
escottlvmer, best practice is to "./configure --prefix=/usr/local; make; checkinstall; sudo dpkg -i THE_GENEREATED.deb01:48
lvmerwhat is make?01:48
lvmerI don't understand "make;"01:49
sarnoldlvmer: make is a super-cool dependency resolution and build tool01:49
escottlvmer, ./configure --prefix will set things up so that your files go in /usr/local01:49
escottlvmer, make actually compiles01:49
sarnoldit'll help you rebuild all necessary files after you modify one or two in a source project. It's pretty fantastic, if sometimes a bit archaic feeling :)01:49
escottlvmer, checkinstall builds a deb file instead of putting the files on the system01:49
lvmerso I have to rerun ./configure with the prefix?01:49
escottlvmer, yes01:49
escottlvmer, or at least you should01:49
KidDeath10kAlright, on my server I have /home/svn/aproject created. I moved all the files into that folder... if I use "svnadmin create /home/svn/aproject" will that set the folder as a repository and include all of its contents?01:50
sarnoldKidDeath10k: I _hope_ that'll error out with a "directory not empty" sort of error01:51
sarnoldKidDeath10k: I thought you _already_ had a repository created... that explains a bit of why we were mis-communicating earlier. :)01:51
lvmerescott: ok I reran ./configure    how do I use the make command, I just installed it.  Do I just type $ make   ??01:52
escottlvmer, yes01:52
KidDeath10kOh, I did have on created but I've given up trying to get the darn thing to acknowledge that I've put files in there for people to get with "svn checkout"01:52
KidDeath10kso I'm starting it fresh01:52
lvmerescott: almost everything worked... but that01:54
escottlvmer, thats not enough to figure out what is happening. where is MagickWand.h01:55
sarnoldKidDeath10k: aha :)01:55
lvmerno idea lol01:55
lvmerjohn@UBUNTUSERVER:~$ find magickwand.h01:56
lvmerfind: `magickwand.h': No such file or directory01:56
KidDeath10kOk, yeah I got "Create a new, empty repository"01:56
sarnoldlvmer: sorry mate, find is -way- harder to ues than that :(01:56
sarnoldlvmer: find /usr -name magickwand.h      instead01:56
KidDeath10kall I want to do is make this folder, this brand new fodler with files that I put into it already, into a repository.01:56
sarnoldlvmer: the first argument has to be the top of a directory tree to search01:56
KidDeath10kso I don't have to manually add the darn things from my system back to the server01:57
escottlvmer, it would be find . -iname magickwand.h01:57
KidDeath10kwhen I just want it to start off that way it needs to be01:57
lvmersarnold: stuck & waiting for a response from server01:57
sarnoldKidDeath10k: the thing is, evrey repository starts empty; then you either 'svn import' to add files or 'svn add ; svn ci' to add files01:57
sarnoldlvmer: it will take a while. /usr is big :)01:57
KidDeath10kOk, how do I import a directory that isn't a repository to a directory that is a repository?01:57
lvmersarnold: nothing returned01:58
lvmersarnold: I'm guessing it actually does not exist for some reason... oh boi01:58
sarnoldKidDeath10k: what's the server's repository URL now?01:58
sarnoldlvmer: ah :) time to break out apt-file :)01:58
escottlvmer, what is magicwand. is that a dependency01:58
KidDeath10kbut that is empty01:59
escottlvmer, maybe it is something to install. hard to say without the actual gcc command that gave rise to the error01:59
KidDeath10kthere's nothing in it01:59
lvmersarnold:  escott: apt-file is installed, found: libmagickwand-dev, libmagickwand502:01
KidDeath10kIf you were to open the repository directory listing using Firefox or something it'd be http://IPADDRESS/svn/project02:01
sarnoldKidDeath10k: okay, so try this: cd ~/projecta ; svn import . http://ipaddress/svn/project02:02
escottlvmer, then updatedb; locate MagickWand.h02:03
KidDeath10ksarnold, what is projecta supposed to be? The empty folder or the full folder?02:03
sarnoldKidDeath10k: the directory with everyhing you want to import into the repository02:04
lvmerescott: /usr/include/ImageMagick/wand/MagickWand.h02:04
escottlvmer, so what was the gcc line that gave that error02:05
escottlvmer, it needs to have -l/usr/include/ImageMagick02:05
KidDeath10ksarnold, all it does is brings up GNU nano 2.2.6 with02:06
KidDeath10kA .02:06
lvmerescott: http://paste.kde.org/619904/02:07
sarnoldKidDeath10k: no other files? O_o02:07
KidDeath10kIt didn't import the folder that isn't a repository that has all the files, into the folder that is empty but IS a repository02:07
escottlvmer, also noticing that your build directory is /home/john which is a bad build directory. it should have been a subdirectory /home/john/something_clean02:07
escottlvmer, you don't want random files like .bashrc etc in your build dir02:07
sarnoldKidDeath10k: damn, now I'm confused :/02:07
KidDeath10kLet me explain again02:08
KidDeath10kI have two folders02:08
lvmerescott: so how do I change that?   add a directory to make?02:08
KidDeath10kFolder 1 and Folder 2. Folder 1 = REPOSITORY02:08
sarnoldKidDeath10k: hehe, no no, I think I've got it -- I'm just surprised that the command didn't work as I expected. :)02:08
KidDeath10kOh ok02:08
escottlvmer, when you unpacked it you should have "mkdir build_dir; cd build_dir; mv ../whatever.zip .; unzip whatever.zip"02:08
lvmerI can redo now that I know all the problems02:09
lvmerescott: should I?02:09
sarnoldlvmer: most of them won't be problems now, they were just packages to install :)02:09
lvmersarnold: I'm going to delete and redo anything important in /home/john/  ? I've never put anything there02:10
escottlvmer, yes02:10
escottlvmer, and you are going to have some fun cleaning stuff out of $HOME02:10
sarnoldlvmer: be careful; /home/john/ was pre-populated with a ton of stuff; run ls -la ~ to see02:11
sarnoldlvmer: see /etc/skel to have a chance of figuring out what is what :)02:11
KidDeath10ksarnold, I pmed you just so you know :)02:11
lvmersarnold: new idea boys......02:11
sarnoldKidDeath10k: watching now... :)02:12
lvmersarnold: how do I delete files by date... everything bad was made dec 402:12
patdk-lapuse find02:12
patdk-lapfind . -mtime or find . -ctime ...02:12
sarnoldyou may wish to use find's -cnewer predicate instead...02:15
lvmerfind ~ -mtime -1       looking ok to delete?02:15
KidDeath10kgot you stumped in the pm, sarnold? :P02:15
patdk-lapnothing there will cause you serious issues if you delete02:16
sarnoldlvmer: yes; add -delete to that find command. the .lesshst, .nano_history, .cache/ directory, and .bash_history are all unrelated files, but won't really matter to lose :)02:16
sarnoldKidDeath10k: just too many things at once02:16
lvmer/home/john/config.h &&/home/john/Makefile02:17
escottlvmer, removing .cache may cause your desktop session to crash, but you can logout and login and it should fix itself up02:18
escottlvmer, in general the dotfiles should be safe02:18
escottlvmer, so keep anything with a .02:18
escottlvmer, if you want to send us the output of  ls -ad ~/.* we can tell you want to keep02:19
lvmerescott anything starting with a  dot?02:19
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escottlvmer, yes. generally builds won't touch those02:20
lvmerso I should just exclude them from the 'find' command02:20
escottlvmer, maybe rm -rf /home/john/.deps not sure what is in it02:21
lvmerhow would I exclude the files starting with .   from the find ~ -mtime -1 -delete02:22
escottlvmer, find . +iname "\.*"02:23
lvmerescott: it's all minidlna stuff:  options, playlist, etc.02:23
escottlvmer, actually thats not exactly right02:23
lvmer find ~ -iname "\.*"02:24
lvmerthat is the opposite of what I want02:24
lvmerignore the .'s02:24
escottlvmer, find !(\.*) -mtime -102:26
escottlvmer, that should skip the dotfiles02:26
sarnoldneed ~02:26
escottsarnold, thats what the !(\.*) is for02:26
sarnoldescott: eh, really?02:28
sarnoldI'll be damned. it does work. :)02:28
sarnoldescott: _how_ does that work?02:28
escottsarnold, it means anything that does NOT glob to literal(.)*02:29
escottsarnold, ie all non-dotfiles02:29
lvmerjohn@UBUNTUSERVER:~$ find ~ !(.*) -mtime -1 | pastebinit02:29
sarnoldescott: so, on my system, that expands to 20-odd things; why didn't find blow up with twenty odd "path" arguments? :)02:30
escottlvmer, the "\" before "." is important02:30
escottlvmer, and remove the ~02:30
escottsarnold, find is perfectly happy to look through multiple paths02:31
escottsarnold, find has never been a one-path kinda girl02:31
* patdk-lap uses find for almost everything :)02:32
sarnoldescott: htf have I been using Linux for 18 years and i'm learning this _today_??02:32
escottlvmer, looks good. just replace | pastebinit with -delete. you could also just "rm *.o config.* Makefile stamp-h1"02:32
sarnoldescott: thank you. :)02:32
escottlvmer, i thought this program was going to be much more complex02:32
lvmer......... it deleted everything02:33
escottlvmer, in fact it must be more complex. where is the configure.ac file?02:33
lvmerseems like no problems though ugh02:33
escottlvmer, it deleted everything in that last paste you sent us02:34
lvmerjohn@UBUNTUSERVER:~$ ls -l  /home/john | pastebinit02:34
escottlvmer, http://paste.kde.org/619934/02:34
escottlvmer, well thats no good.02:34
lvmerjohn@UBUNTUSERVER:~$ find !(\.*) -mtime -1 -delete02:34
patdk-lapls -la /home/john02:34
escottlvmer, cp -r /etc/skel /home/john; sudo chown -R john:john /home/john02:34
escottlvmer, yeah check the ls -al first. sorry02:35
patdk-lapfiles with . to start are hidden and don't show normally02:35
lvmerah lmao02:35
lvmerwe good02:35
escottlvmer, now mkdir build_dir; cd build_dir;02:35
lvmerjohn@UBUNTUSERVER:~$ ls -al /home/john | pastebinit02:35
sarnold.. hope you didn't have many customizations in ~/.bashrc or friends..02:35
patdk-lappeople customize those?02:36
escottlvmer, copy your zip file in there and do the things you need02:36
lvmerlike what?02:36
lvmersarnold: like what*02:36
patdk-lapI login to hundreds of systems, so I find it's just not worth my time to customize :)02:36
escottpatdk-lap, mostly for the command prompt, but i've got a half dozen shopt variables set02:36
escottlvmer, you are fine.... just catching up on the confusion about ls -l vs ls -al02:37
sarnoldpatdk-lap: I've got a handful of shell functions and variables...02:37
patdk-lapya, I'll loose them on my system02:37
patdk-lapnormally just make a shell script and run it if I need it02:37
patdk-lapthat way I remember to copy them between systems if I need and don't loose it02:37
lvmerjohn@UBUNTUSERVER:~$ ls ~/build/02:38
patdk-lapor make bashrc call my script to include it :)02:38
escottlvmer, now unzip02:38
patdk-lapoh, minidlna02:38
patdk-lapthat is always fun to compile02:38
sarnoldpatdk-lap: haha, as lvmer has discovered :)02:39
sarnoldpatdk-lap: we all got to relearn why you don't store source on a smb share...02:39
* patdk-lap is just watching a mysql import go, and go, and go02:39
patdk-lap2hours now02:40
escottlvmer, before going forward... just to double check there must be a good reason for not just "sudo apt-get install minidlna"02:41
escottlvmer, or is this a plugin or somehting02:42
lvmershould I still ./configure --prefix=usr/local   ?? or should I leave it in ~/build/02:42
escottlvmer, yes --prefix=/usr/local (the inital slash is very important02:42
lvmer/usr/local   or /usr/local/  ?02:43
escottlvmer, doesn't matter02:43
escottlvmer, perhaps safer to have the final slash in case someone fouled up there configure script02:43
lvmerok and now.... to the hard part02:43
escottso i should say shouldn't matter but you never know02:43
sarnoldescott: yeah, it's a plugin...02:45
lvmerescott: what's a good 'make' command?02:46
escottlvmer, a good make? i dont understand the question02:46
lvmernvm I just ran 'make'  it worked02:47
lvmernow I do some checkinstall?  or make install?? or what?02:47
escottnow checkinstall02:47
escottnothing has required sudo yet02:47
lvmernope :)02:48
lvmerI unzipped correctly this time :)02:48
escottwhich means they are safe commands. (only sudo commands can damage the system)02:48
escottlvmer, checkinstall will create a *.deb file02:48
escottlvmer, which you should see with ls02:48
lvmerplease write a description for the package?02:49
lvmerend with an empty line or EOF ?02:49
lvmerwhat do I do?02:49
escottlvmer, type a description in02:49
escottpress enter twice02:49
escottTranscoder for minidlna compiled by john02:50
escottits for your reference later to know what it is02:50
escottcheckinstall failed. can you show us the output02:51
lvmerthis is the end of the output02:51
lvmerthe rest was good02:51
lvmerI might need sudo02:51
escottlvmer, the full thing. from the initial checkinstall command02:52
lvmerhow? re-run it? with | pastebinit   ??02:52
escottlvmer, can you not scroll up in your terminal02:52
lvmerI pastebinit02:53
escottlvmer, evidently sudo checkinstall is correct. odd02:53
lvmerstill failed02:55
lvmerlog file : http://paste.kde.org/619982/02:55
lvmereverything = ok    excepting  building debian package... FAILED!02:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #1086646 in cloud-init (main) "text/x-shellscript doesn't run if text/cloud-boothook present" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108664602:56
lvmerescott: here is the entire output  -->  http://paste.kde.org/619988/02:56
escottlvmer, so you need to press "3" and enter a version number "0.1" would be a good choice02:58
lvmerescott: it worked03:00
lvmerescott: wow I'm stupid I should've read the log file better, "transcode-1 does not start with digit"03:01
escottlvmer, that should have created a *.deb. you can list the files in it with dpkg -l *.deb03:01
lvmerit did03:01
lvmernow 'make install'  ?03:01
escottlvmer, and if you are happy with those files sudo dpkg -i *.deb03:01
escottlvmer, whole point was not to use make install03:02
lvmeroh, cause it's a bad program? and dangerous?03:02
escottlvmer, but to create a deb so that apt has a record of the files you installed and where they went03:02
escottlvmer, to avoid conflicts if another package wants to overwrite this ones files. to allow easy remove, and to allow installation on other machines03:02
escottlvmer, you can take that deb file, back it up and use it to install in the future if you ever need to reinstall03:03
lvmerescott:  !!!!!! you rock!!!!!!03:03
escottlvmer, wasnt that hard... just had to get you doing it the correct way03:04
escottthanks to sarnold too for working through the starting bits03:04
lvmeryah I always thank him like every 30 minutes03:05
lvmersarnold: thank you again. :)03:05
lvmerso uh... I feel like a pc-noob again... I created a .deb file, but I didn't install it right?03:05
escottlvmer, sudo dpkg -i *.deb should install it03:05
escottlvmer, you can check /usr/local/bin and see if the file is there03:06
lvmer*.deb ?? why?03:06
escottor /usr/local/lib03:06
escottlvmer, * just means match anything. i dont know what the name of the deb file is03:06
lvmerit's in /home/john/build/minidlna-transcode/03:06
lvmerand -I = install?03:06
lvmer-I = install ***03:06
lvmerstupid auto correct03:07
escottlvmer, yes. you can see dpkg options with dpkg --help03:07
lvmer /home/john/build/minidlna-transcode/minidlna-transcode_0.1-1_amd64.deb03:08
lvmeroh boi!03:08
lvmerso I can give this to other people?03:08
escottlvmer, yes03:08
escottlvmer, usually you put a bit more documentation in it. there might be some config files you need to modify to make dlna pick up this plugin03:08
lvmerescott: yup there probably is03:09
escottlvmer, etc etc... but checkinstall is the first step towards packaging03:09
lvmerescott:  what name do you want on the readme.txt file? or package file? when it goes viral.03:09
lvmersarnold:  same question. what name do you want on the readme.txt file? or package file? when it goes viral.03:09
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/  - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring03:10
escottlvmer, the one thing you could do with your package is fix up the dependencies. all the *-dev packages you need to install to build it. the non-dev version should be a dependency03:15
lvmerright yes03:15
lvmerI have them listed out03:16
lvmerescott: currently they are in a readme.txt file. I shall add them with all that packaging tutorial you gave me.03:16
escottlvmer, without that apt would happily install the plugin but not minidlna03:16
lvmerput your name in it. :p03:16
lvmer& sarnolds  :p03:16
lvmerthanks again :)03:18
lvmernow I'm onto testing. Currently copying a ton of vid files over to the server to test the transcoding03:18
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sarnoldlvmer: README or INSTALL is typical04:08
sarnoldlvmer: but don't be surprised if the maintainer renames it ;)04:09
escottn0ts, please disable the away nick04:09
excalibrwhy there's no manifest file for server cd image?04:12
pndemcI'm using zpanel, and having problem with php not being able to upload files05:40
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pndemcmy server is requiring people to enter www. before the domain, can anyone tell me how to fix this?06:07
mvppndemc you need to adjust DNS setting on the nameserver your domain is on06:13
pndemcmvp, know what settings specificly?06:14
mvpset A record for domain.com pointing to your IP and add CNAME rule for www to domain.com06:15
pndemcmvp, thanks dude, that did the trick06:17
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amanickamcan someone help on MASS troubleshoot12:25
amanickamI get this error Unable to create Node: Missing system profile: invalid profile name: maas-precise-x86_64.12:25
amanickameven though i have the profile loaded !12:26
jamespageadam_g, this is the thread in openstack-dev : http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2012-November/002730.html12:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #1086775 in bind9 (main) "bind9 uses high CPU after lucid->precise upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108677512:41
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jamespageadam_g, review of https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/precise/cinder/hook-fixup/+merge/138184 appreciated when you start14:49
jamespageone break and one improvement for the lab14:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #1086833 in nova (main) "All nova upstart configuration use 'su' instead of 'start-stop-daemon'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108683315:16
zulsmb:  ping15:44
smbzul, yup?15:45
zulsmb: so ill get the xcp/xen 4.2 stuff working this afternoon15:46
smbzul, You should only be needing the xcp part. The xen side should be ok15:47
zulsmb: when debian has xen 4.2/xcp in unstable we will re-sync15:47
smbzul, for raring we got what is in experimental (xen-4.2) plus the patch that causes the paths to be fixed (which has been revived by apw)15:48
zulsmb:  even the ocaml bits?15:48
smbzul, Especially the ocaml bits15:49
smbThose I did not notice in my upload which re-added qemu-dm15:49
zulsmb:  ok...im suspecting there are some paths hardcoded for the xen-4.1 as well :(15:49
smbzul, I think apw was looking exactly for those15:50
zulsmb: so is there anything for me?15:51
smbzul, I think only to look into the xen-api / xcp package to make it compile15:54
zulwill do15:54
zuli need to get openstack working with it anyways15:54
apwzul, yeah xen-api needs porting 4.1->4.2 interfaces, i talked to ijc (ian campbel) about it and they ahve work in progress to sort out the interfaces there15:56
smbYeah, that could be a bit of fun as the "fix" for now is just to make it compile15:56
apwzul, but we don't expect to see that for 'about 2 weeks' as of last thursday15:56
smbapw, I forwarded you some mail where we got a dirty make it compile for now15:57
apwzul, so i think we are in a bit of a holding pattern there till they fix it; it seems non-trivial from the preliminary patches i have seen15:57
apwsmb, ok15:57
smbapw, which will be what zul is looking into15:57
apw(/me is clearly behind the conversation here, and will but out :)15:59
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jamespageadam_g, OK _ I think the nova-* and quantum charms are ready for review again16:33
jamespageI made a couple of extra changes; specifically if you use Quantum it forces nova to use config drive16:34
jamespageand there is not a good solution for network metadata in folsom; that will change in grizzly and I'll make it optional again16:34
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jamespageroaksoax, fyi binding stuff onto 'unit-get private-address' with the maas provider does not work so hell16:37
eagles0513875hey guys i need to setup outlook to access my mail server my setup is dovecot + postfix + mysql for multi domain setup. are there some modifications i need to make to be able to connect outlook to this mail server?16:38
eagles0513875patdk-wk: do you have a link or anything on what i need to change16:41
patdk-wkhopefully a working postfix+dovecot+dns+firewall+router16:41
patdk-wkeagles0513875, hmm? how should I know what you need to change, you haven't even told us what your config looks like16:42
patdk-wkoutlook is just another mua16:42
jamespagejodh, remind me again why 'stop on [!2345]' is better than 'stop on [016]'16:49
patdk-wkeasier to make sure start and stop lines match?16:50
ikoniaeagles0513875: first hit on google http://support.microsoft.com/kb/28619716:54
eagles0513875humm ikonia ok then i must have an issue else where as I try to send and recieve i get an error16:56
patdk-wkeagles0513875, how can we help you? you haven't posted any error messages, and configuration details, nothing17:00
roaksoaxjamespage:  hey! im not binding to a private address but rather to an interface17:04
jamespageroaksoax, yeah - but I'm guess that will rely on the service not binding to by default17:04
roaksoaxjamespage:  anyways i refactored the charm... the only problem that i found is that the peer relation before the relation with the primsry serice17:05
roaksoaxerr peer relstion is run before*17:05
roaksoaxso the peer relation is setting global config while the subordinate relation is setting up the cluster if 2 or more nodes are on the peer relation17:06
roaksoaxjamespage:to calculate the addrrss to bind to i pass the iface name then obtain ip/ netmask anf calculate network address17:07
roaksoaxjamespage: but snyways im gonna start working on keystone17:08
zuljamespage yolanda or adam_g: care to review? https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/nova/nova-fix-xcp/+merge/13825717:19
yolandazul, let me see17:21
yolandai still cannot see the diff17:22
zulgive it a couple of minutes17:22
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jamespagezul, yolanda, adam_g: https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/cinder/grizzly-updates/+merge/13826017:28
jamespagegeneral housekeeping + upstart tidy17:28
yolandazul, in the diff file, i see the nova-xcp-plugins.install with the same removed and added lines?17:30
eagles0513875patdk-wk: the issue is this that for some reason outlook is explicitly wanting to use port 143 and not 993 which i have setup my server to use17:31
patdk-wkwhy would you use port 993?17:31
ikoniahave you set up SSL ?17:31
ikoniait's an SSL port17:32
patdk-wkTLS has replaced ssl17:32
ikoniathat's what 993 is for though17:32
patdk-wkno, 993 is ssl17:32
patdk-wk143 is tls17:32
patdk-wkall the benifits of ssl, without breaking stuff17:32
ikoniaoops, imaps17:32
patdk-wkyes, and imaps is going the way of smtps, unsupported and gone from almost everything17:33
ikoniaprobably why outlook is not using it17:33
zulyolanda: yep17:33
yolandabut why is that?17:33
patdk-wkoutlook will use it, but it's a pain :)17:34
ikoniaeagles0513875: have you setup ssl ?17:34
eagles0513875yes thats all setup17:34
eagles0513875wait a min17:34
ikoniaso you are using SSL with certifciates17:34
patdk-wkpastebin a dovecot -n17:34
eagles0513875actually i have it using tls17:35
eagles0513875yet with tls its still oddly defaulting to 14317:35
ikoniathen why are you using 993 ?17:35
ikoniatls = 14317:35
ikoniassl = 99317:35
ikoniatls is not imaps17:35
patdk-wkmaybe someone needs to explain how encryption works :)17:36
eagles0513875patdk-wk: no need im studying it in my security course just getting my ports confused and tied up in knots :p17:37
ikoniaplease don't lie17:37
ikoniaI hate it when you lie17:37
ikoniajust say "I didn't know that, great"17:37
ikoniarather than "I know this.....I know this, that's why I've just spent an hour doing it wrong"17:37
hackeronhey, I would like to install ubuntu-server on a hard drive that I can just plug into a server and boot from - something like dd if=ubuntu-server.img of=/dev/sdd - are there ready images or a guide how to achieve this?17:45
ikoniathat's not a good way17:46
hackeronikonia: I know and depends on the hard drive size - so that's why I'm looking for a better way to put ubuntu on say 200 hard drives without installing it manually on each :)17:46
ikoniaunattended install ?17:47
ikoniainstall one disk then clone (assuming they are the same size)17:47
hackeronikonia: yeh, say I plug in 5 drives, I want something like for i in 2 3 4 5; do bash ubuntu-install.sh /dev/sd$i; done17:47
ikoniainstall it to one drive17:48
ikoniathen just clone17:48
greppypxeboot + unattended install + puppet/cfengine/chef?17:48
hackeronikonia: yeh, but cloning takes a while if it's a 2tB drive and the ubuntu install only takes 1gb17:48
greppyyou are going to have to change hostnames and ip addresses.17:48
greppydebootstrap may help, I used that in the past to spin up quick base images.17:49
hackerongreppy: I don't have pxeboot on these shuttles also I don't want to swap the drive every install - I want to take my existing ubuntu box, plug in 5 hard drives, and install to all 5 simultaneously17:49
ikoniajust clone the partition ? 1 GB of clone or 1GB of install = same disk17:50
hackeronikonia: but the partition is 2TB17:50
ikoniamount 5 disks, copy the data, script the hostname change, install grub17:51
ikoniascript it17:51
ikoniaunmount, swap the disks, repeat17:51
ikoniayou've got a ton of options17:51
hackeronikonia: right, exacly - I'm if a script such as this already exists :)17:51
ikoniait's about 8 lines17:51
ikoniaI'm sure you can write it as it would be custom to your layout17:51
hackeroncan you show me the first 3, lol?17:51
ikoniaare you kidding ?17:52
hackeronI think it will be a little more than 8 lines17:52
hackeronI don't need to customise it17:52
hackeronjust default is fine17:52
ikoniaI didn't say customise it17:52
hackeronDHCP, hostname can be the same17:52
ikoniaI said it was custom to your layout17:52
ikoniais hostname provided by dhcp ?17:52
ikoniaor just the IP17:52
ikoniathat's not the default config from ubuntu17:53
ikoniaso you'll have to set that first in the source build17:53
hackeronand you mean partition layout? - I want the "use entire disk" option pretty much - I can script partitioning, it's everything else I have a problem with17:53
ikoniaI mean where you mount the disks for the copy etc17:53
ikoniathats "your" choice so the script would be custom to "your" layout/process17:53
ikoniahence why you'll write it yourself17:53
ikoniait's about 8 lines17:54
hackeronhow would I install the bare minimum ubuntu with grub and kernel in 8 lines?17:54
ikoniaplease re-read the suggestion17:54
hackeronok, mount_location=/tmp/$RANDOM -- now what, lol?17:54
ikoniaI don't find it funny17:54
ikoniaI'm trying to help you / offer advice and you're not paying attention17:55
hackeronI am17:55
hackeronplease show me an example of your 8 lines of code17:55
ikoniaclearly you're not as you've just asked "what now"17:55
hackeronok, you said 8 lines of code17:55
hackeroncan you please show me an example, I will find that easier to follow17:55
hackeronI can change it to my layout/process17:56
ikoniaI'm sorry, but if you can't copy your data to multiple disks, it's beyond you17:56
ikoniaif you need that as an example17:56
hackeronif it's so easy, why can't you just show me an example?17:57
ikoniahackeron: I'm too stupid to be able to do it, I don't know how17:57
hackeronikonia: ah!!! ok :P17:58
hackeronfound this: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/linux-upgrade.html17:58
hackeronguess I'll script that - will probably be a few hundred lines of code17:59
sarnold.. why does that guide have someone download the debootstrap package and unpackage it manually rather than .. just install it? sheesh.18:00
ikoniathere really is no need for any of it18:01
ikoniaa simple source/target copy and a loop would do it18:01
sarnoldoh.. the idea is you might be on a non-debian-derived linux at the time. and not have an installer. or something.18:01
hackeronikonia: I suppose, but you still need to partition and install grub and for that you need to chroot into the copied OS and mount /proc and /sys and what not18:05
ikoniano you don't18:05
ikoniayou can install grub from external18:05
ikoniayou could even just dd the boot sector18:05
hackeronikonia: I will try, there is an additional problem with 2TB drives where I had to create a grub boot partition otherwise the drive wasn't bootable (UEFI requirement I believe?)18:07
ikoniaok, so it's 10 lines, not 8 lines18:07
ikoniathat again should be no problem18:08
hackeronok, thanks, let me try :)18:08
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TazzzHello anyone have experience installing Ubuntu server on an Intel Server with ESRT2 RAID? I tried a couple thing in the BIOS but to no avail.18:27
samba35i am faceing strange problem i am trying access my some web site it is giveing me message  This site is configured to require an SSL (https) connection.18:47
samba35You may want to try chaning http to https in your address bar.18:48
samba35If you think this is an error, please contact the administrator.18:48
TheLordOfTimesamba35, so do https://address/18:48
samba35no http port 8018:48
TheLordOfTimeThis site is configured to require an SSL (https) connection.  <-- its likely expecting 44318:48
TheLordOfTimeif not, https://address:80/18:48
TheLordOfTimethat should say use port 80 for SSL18:48
TheLordOfTimebut SSL isnt usually on port 80, its standard listening port is 44318:49
samba35https://www.abcdef.com:80/xyx/ ?18:49
samba35how do i change this .and why was change to https ?18:50
TheLordOfTimeyes, but if that doesn't work, then the SSL is likely listening on port 443.18:50
TheLordOfTimesomeone changed your config, or your site doesn't want to work without HTTPS18:50
TheLordOfTimenothing i can diagnose from here though18:50
* TheLordOfTime is at an airport right now :P18:50
zuladam_g: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/ceilometer/deps-fixes/+merge/13829419:08
uvirtbotNew bug: #1086959 in squid (main) "squid crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108695919:41
zuladam_g:  im going to upload a ceilometer snapshot tomorrow so the MIR team can get a better idea of it tomorrow19:46
adam_gzul: did you see my comment in that MP?19:51
zuladam_g: which one ceilometer?19:52
zuladam_g: just saw it19:52
adam_gzul: why does ceilometere need to be a member of the nova group?19:53
zuladam_g: because it reads the nova.conf for some settings19:53
adam_gzul: which component of ceilometer actually needs to do that, tho? ceilometer-agent-compute?19:58
zuladam_g: i believe so19:58
adam_gzul: so, if there's one or a couple of components that need to be installed on the compute node, make those Depend on nova-common and add the ceilometer user to nova group in the postinst of that package, instead of ceilometer-common?19:59
zulsounds reasonable to me19:59
hackeronikonia: hmm, when I boot it says it can't find a specific UUID, I have root(hd0,0) and kernel/boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-23-generic-pae root=/dev/sda1 ro quiet splash  in my menu.lst, but it never gets to the menu, I guess because I ran grub-install from the parent OS :/20:06
hackeronand if I try to install grub from the chroot, it says: /dev/sdh does not have any corresponding BIOS drive. :(20:11
hackeronikonia: this is what I have so far: http://pastie.org/548554520:30
hackeron(to set up the first one, subsequent ones I will just rsync the installed system and hopefully just dd the bootloader, but stuck with the bootloader at the moment, hmm)20:32
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sarnoldhackeron: note the target-7762 on line 6020:37
sarnoldhackeron: you may also wish to umount your ${TARGET}20:38
hackeronsarnold: thanks :) - just trying with grub-pc instead of grub now - noticed I have grub-pc installed on all ubuntu servers, hmmm20:40
hackeronsarnold: ikonia: sweet, this creates a mostly unattended bootable system (grub asks to select the drive, need to automate that): http://pastie.org/548560121:04
keithzgHmm. Every vm I create with ubuntu-vm-builder on a new host seems to just hang upon boot, sucking up its maximum available CPU . . .22:08
keithzgExisting VMs migrated over run fine, though.22:09
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adam_gjamespage: just checking, the quantum charm work you've done was developed against folsom? or grizzly?22:26
pangelHi, I'm setting up a standalone 12.04 server. I used to manage most of my stuff manually (./configure, keep install commands in a personal cookbook, things like that). Are there new ways to do things?22:38
sarnoldpangel: chef / puppet are increasingly popular22:40
sarnoldpangel: and 'checkinstall' may help you make packages out of your own locally-built packages22:40
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pangelsarnold: thanks. What about virtualisation? For instance would it be easy to build a continuously-updated image while having the server's apps on a separate, backed-up folder?23:30
hallynjdstrand: do you mind if i send a libvirt merge proposal your way for comment?23:31
sarnoldpangel: I'm not sure what you mean; though having backups does make sense.. :)23:32
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pangelsarnold: Take nginx for instance. I'd like to have my upstart scripts and binaries copied to a virtual machine image everytime I change them, while nginx's app-specific config files are symlinked to a separate folder.23:35
pangelThen when I need to reinstall, I just boot the image, mount the separate folder, and voila.23:35
KidDeath10kPop Quiz! I have Ubuntu 12.04, Apache2 and Subversion installed.. how do I disable Anonymous checkout? I have it set so it requires a username/password for commiting but can't seem to figure out how to make it do the same for checkout23:36
sarnoldpangel: seems like it'd just be easier to train chef or puppet or hand-rolled shell scripts to copy what you need around rather than rely upon symlinks to 'better storage'..23:36
pangel(clarification: by "copied to a virtual machine image" I mean "trigger an incremental update on the image and propagate the changes to it"23:36
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pangelsarnold: hm. I'll need to get acquainted with chef and puppet. Note that my imaginary system requires nothing more than doing the usual admin stuff, except every change is automatically added to an image.23:39
stgraberhallyn: wasn't sure if you were busy enough so I sent a bunch of patches on the mailing-list ;)23:53
KidDeath10kAnyone able to help me? :(23:59

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