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diploMorning all08:05
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JamesTaitMorning all! :)09:24
mungojerryi'm looking for a wordsmith09:25
mungojerrycan anyone help me remember a long word that describes what radio5 do when they give equal importance to opinions of a professor who's studied a subject for years and has all the data, and a road sweeper who's giving his uneducated opinion09:26
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:35
brobostigonmorning popey09:39
diploAny win8 users in here ?09:47
diploIve not got a machine to test, but a customer says he's having issues connecting to samba shares with same user/pass as his machine09:47
diploAnyone else experienced that09:47
* bigcalm springs into action and spills coffee everywhere09:52
diploheh, already on cup 309:52
bigcalmOh, I remember what I was going to ask peeps09:53
bigcalmI hear of OS firmware for digital cameras to allow scripting and remote triggering etc. Not sure what googloligy I should be using to find such a thing for my Canon EOS 350D09:55
popeyeos replacement firmware were the terms I used09:56
bigcalmDoesn't seem to support the 350D :(09:57
bigcalmThank you though. I will continue hunting :)09:57
bigcalmSeems there is a development build of CHDK for it09:59
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bigcalmAt some point in the near future, I will need to write a desktop application. For the last 6+ years I've had my head stuck in PHP. I'm sure it could be done, but is there a better language option? Considering Python10:37
bigcalmAre they easy to learn?10:39
bigcalmI'll need to interface with a webcam and other USB devices. Think I need to choose something that has a lot of existing libs to help me do stuff :)10:41
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daubersWhat's bitfolks irc channel? For some reason I can't ping any bitfolk IP's from a machine in Oz10:45
diplobigcalm: Sounds like python then10:45
Dave2#bitfolk on blitzed10:45
diplo#bitfoler on irc.blitzed.org10:46
diplohah, typos10:46
daubersThose ubuntu-au types are lovely people11:05
davmor2Morning all11:06
popeydaubers, got your problem sorted?11:15
dauberspopey: No :( Seems to be a problem with telstra not routing bitfolks IP range11:21
popeyi had this issue with someone connecting to bitfolk from canada a few years ago11:22
popeymisconfiguration their end11:22
daubersSilly ISPs11:22
davmor2popey: How is raring11:31
popeynew unity lands in it later11:32
davmor2popey: nice11:33
davmor2popey: if you install vbox on raring let me know if it runs it wasn't for me last Thursday :(  the kernel module wouldn't instal11:33
popeyi do have it in vbox11:35
popeydavmor2, ^^ do that11:36
Knightwisehey everyone11:50
aquariusanyone know who's behind Turtle Studios? http://turtle-studios.co.uk/index.html11:57
directhex        David Young12:02
directhex        45 Whitebridges12:02
directhex        Honiton12:02
directhex^^ him12:02
davmor2popey: Sorry I meant I am running raring as a host and wants vbox to work on it but the kernel drivers for running vbox never install correctly12:17
aquariusdirecthex, hm, how did you find that? perhaps I'm blind :)12:18
AlanBellwhois turtle-studios.co.uk12:19
AlanBellwould be my guess12:20
popeydavmor2, yeah, I'm running raring at the host too12:20
davmor2popey: oh nice I'll give it a bash then :)12:21
popeyAlanBell, theopensourcerer what's the plan for tomorrow?12:52
AlanBelllunch \o/12:53
davmor2popey: well they are going to get up, get washed and dressed..........12:53
AlanBellno massively detailed plan, if you turn up at the office at some point we can wander into town and find food12:54
AlanBelldunno if we will get as far as going past the mulburry12:54
popeyroger roger12:54
popeyaquarius, http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005VBNW2G/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i0012:59
popeycheap replacement for your blue charge thing12:59
popeywhich looks a bit iphone ish12:59
aquariuspopey, I still have the blue charge thing :)12:59
popeyERROR: Incorrect styling!12:59
aquariusdoesn't match the iphone, of course12:59
aquariusbut I don't think I'm so hung up on matching accessories that I'm prepared to bin a perfectly working pretty item just because it's the wrong colour. :)13:00
diployay sensible wins!13:01
directhexbut... iphone! pretty! colour coordination!13:07
christelboo the snow has disappeared again13:12
directhexevolution is terrible, and so is thunderbird13:18
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BigRedSIn general, mail clients are largely flawed13:51
BigRedSyou've just got to find the one with the most agreeable flaws13:51
BigRedSI use Hastymail and mutt, which has reduced my swearing dramatically13:51
BigRedSer, Roundcube, not hastymail13:51
SuperMattif I had my way, I'd use gmail for my work mail13:51
SuperMattoh how I wish I could13:52
SuperMattit's by far the best email client13:52
directhexthunderbird is basically impossible to deploy in an enterprise environment13:55
directhexand evolution is bugged beyond use13:55
SuperMattI use evolution though because at least it connects to exchange servers13:56
BigRedSdoes it? Last time I tried that (about five years ago) the exchange connector bit crashed about three times an hour and demanded I restart evolution13:56
BigRedSI just quetly enabled IMAP on the exchange server13:57
diploBigRedS: :P13:58
SuperMattBigRedS: it's working for me now, so that's the most I can tell you13:58
AlanBellis that the connector that screen scrapes the web interface of exchange?14:00
BigRedSyeah, that sounds familiar14:02
KnightwiseStupid mountain lion14:23
solarcloudAlanBell, [the ref] was recently seen on Bulgarian TV http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/world-of-sport/bulgarian-player-banned-body-check-referee-115402499.html  .. What are you doing on B-TV AlanBell ? :D14:51
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ddfgti have a problem with script..15:01
ddfgti try to learn how to make a list15:02
ikoniaddfgt: looks like a crappy forkbom15:22
ikoniaa poor attempt at one15:22
ikoniawhat do you expect that to do ?15:23
dwatkinsechoing executes things from the list?15:24
ikoniajust seems like a pointless loop15:24
dwatkinsah, backticks15:25
ikoniathat's trying to build up a long string....15:25
ikoniagee I wonder what that's going to do15:25
dwatkinssomething wonderful....ly dangerous, no doubt15:26
dwatkinsI think I'd trust it as far as I could throw my chair15:26
ikoniawell considering ddfgt is claiming he's writing it to learn how to make a list, I smell a rat15:27
dwatkinsseems like a cumbersome way to make a list, at very least.15:29
popeyit does nothing harmful15:30
popeyits just the symbols from the top line of the keyboard15:31
seliniumhi all.. in the 12.10 desktop is the desktop sharing VNC?15:35
SuperMattoooh, I see the compiz update has just landed :)15:50
awilkinsAnyone made any progress on that stabbing-people-in-the-face-over-the-internet device?16:20
jacobw2awilkins: not much16:22
MartijnVdShmm, http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/music/chi-dave-brubeck-dead-20121205,0,7126256.column17:16
* solarcloud is away: /me requires JuanValdez. BRBack...17:19
* solarcloud is back (gone 00:07:02)17:26
popeysolarcloud, could you turn that off pls17:30
solarclouddavidmarais, What did you say ?17:56
davidmaraisI was on the wrong channel np :)17:56
dubac0umm i have an asus eeepc 1015pn it wont charge what can i do?18:22
dwatkinsdubac0: does the power adapter LED turn on?18:22
dubac0its powered up on mains power18:23
dwatkinsah ok, sounds like the battery is the most likely candidate, although it might be the charging circuit, I Guess.18:23
dwatkinstried reseating the battery just in case?18:24
dwatkinspower down the laptop, remove the battery (assuming you can do that) and put it back again18:25
dubac00k done that and restarting18:26
dubac0nope still the same18:28
dw4tkinsis it definitely not charging, i.e. could it be a software problem with not registering the charge?18:29
dw4tkinsotherwise I guess it's time to get a new battery.18:29
dubac0nope i left i "charging" for weeks18:29
dw4tkinswhat OS are you running?18:30
dw4tkinsI assume if you power up and go into the BIOS (so that if it loses power no data is lost) and remove power, it does indeed power off straight away18:31
dubac0its dependednt upon the cable18:32
dw4tkinsoh I see what you mean, it needs power18:32
dw4tkinsI got a double-capacity battery for my Eee 901, it's not pretty but it lasts 8 hours.18:33
jacobw2holy crap batman penn and teller are awesome19:19
solarcloudjacobw2, How far into the video are they (minutes) ??20:04
jacobw2solarcloud: all the way through20:08
jacobw2solarcloud: their actual performance starts at about 36 minutes20:08
solarcloudOh, Isee thought it was about batman, for a minute .. ^_^20:08
jacobw2i can see how you'd make that mistake20:09
jacobw2(not really)20:09
ddfgthow i can print 2 things in python in the same line..20:11
MartijnVdSddfgt: by using stdout.write() instead of print20:11
MartijnVdSddfgt: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3263672/python-the-difference-between-sys-stdout-write-and-print20:11
ddfgtthis is what i did20:12
ddfgta = 2.0        print "a=" a20:13
ddfgti want to get something like that20:13
jacobw2print "a={a}".format(a=a)20:13
ddfgtwhat is the format?20:14
MartijnVdSddfgt: that's called a format, yes :)20:14
MartijnVdSddfgt: http://docs.python.org/2/library/string.html#format-specification-mini-language20:14
MartijnVdSddfgt: Google is your friend ;)20:14
jacobw2in python, the string type has the format method which can subsitute labels with variables20:15
jacobw2and many other things :|20:15
ddfgti'm to new to python..20:16
jacobw2it's good thing to be new to20:16
ddfgtwhat so good in that?20:17
jacobw2it fun and useful20:17
solarcloudreceipt says : 1.lt of Pepsi Max . I say, : Awesome at 11p.m. compliling.23:00
MartijnVdSsolarcloud: compiling? I just finished releasing + huge db migration :)23:00
solarcloudMartijnVdS,   No Pepsi Max = Not Awesome [period]23:01
MartijnVdSsolarcloud: meh, I gave up soft drinks a long time ago23:03
MartijnVdSTea or beer for me ;)23:03
MonsterKillerhow does one get a cronjob to run ever hour?23:04
MartijnVdSMonsterKiller: 0 */2 * * * echo "It's `date`. Do you know where your children are?"23:04
MartijnVdSoh every hour?23:04
MartijnVdS0 * * * *23:04
MartijnVdS"on the 0th minute of every hour of every day of every month"23:05
MartijnVdSMonsterKiller: see "man 5 crontab" for more example23:05
MonsterKillerah okay, thanks. i was reading around and saw that * 0 * * * was every hour and wondered why it didnt work :p23:05
MartijnVdS* 0 * * * = every minute of the 0th hour of the day23:06
MartijnVdSso 0:00 - 0:5923:06
MonsterKillerah kk. ty23:06
MartijnVdSMonsterKiller: again, man 5 crontab for enlightenment23:06
solarcloudQuestion: Anyone else see it tonite ? http://goo.gl/Oknyu23:32
MonsterKillerwhats that523:34
AlanBelllunar eclipse?23:34
MonsterKillercant see it23:35
solarcloudAlanBell, Possibly lunar correct, take a looksie. Should be in the North East direction ?23:36
solarcloud(if your in the Rutland Area)23:37
AlanBelltoo low for me23:39
* solarcloud is ordering a tripod as we speak .. sorry for the bluryness.23:40
AlanBellmoon is due east23:40
AlanBellquite low to the horizon23:40
solarcloudAhh .. AlanBell has better celestial navigation App. than solarcloud does ..23:41
AlanBellgoogle sky maps on a Nexus 7 :)23:41
solarcloudUbuntu on Nexus 7 .. you in the Nexus-7 team ?23:42
AlanBellandroid on nexus 723:44
solarcloudAlanBell, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus723:44
AlanBellbut anyone can put ubuntu on the n723:44
AlanBellyeah, I have had a play with it23:44
solarcloudAwesome.. I was at the meeting last week on #ubuntu-meeting (should be in your google calendar, I guess)..23:45
solarcloudAlanBell, I used to see you on G+ hangout once every so-often .. Been quite quiet lately ?23:47
andbittinJust got home from UK and listning to the podcast23:49
solarcloudaddress ?23:49
AlanBellI don't do G+ hangouts much, you might be confusing me with someone else23:50
andbittinsolarcloud: hm?23:50
solarcloudAlanBell, You don't be you did do one that I was interacting with last week or So. with a couple of Ubuntu-ists from America .. Your office looked nice , We had an indian ask about your webcam (in a strangely unenglish way) .. I enjoyed it.23:52
solarcloudandbittin, address of the podcast, matey.23:52
solarcloud**You don't but ..23:53
andbittinsolarcloud: podcast.ubuntu-uk.org23:54
* solarcloud thinks G+ #hangouts should beat skype soon in meeting new persons.23:54
solarcloudodd domain name, but the Dude Abides :D23:56
AlanBellsolarcloud: ah yes, that hangout :) was a warmup for the ubuntu on air thing I did23:57
solarcloudAhh Ok . love to org. another one :)23:57
AlanBellI don't do any regular hangouts or videocasts really23:57
AlanBellhangouts can be fun, just helps if you have a plan of what to talk about23:58
solarcloudYou should . it's a good way to find source.23:58

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