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Mirvdidrocks: btw was the bamf/precise ok for uploading now?06:43
didrocksMirv: well, I think you saw the activity about the other issues that I was kind of alone to deal with :) so not on the bamf thingy yet until we are fine on doing one unity release06:44
Mirvdidrocks: sure, sure, no hurry06:45
didrocksMirv: don't worry, you are in my opened tabs! Can you ask me again at the EOW please for safety? :)06:45
Mirvthe big milestone is most important to achieve06:45
MirvI hope your browser never crashes in a way that it loses tabs ;)06:45
MirvEOW ok06:45
didrocksMirv: well, it happens sometimes ;)06:46
didrocksMirv: but TBH, I think I can reopen most of them by the history06:46
didrocksof course, there are maybe some collateral damage ):06:47
didrockshence pinging back is nice!06:47
didrocksMirv: oh, can you install ~ubuntu-unity/daily-build ppa please?06:47
didrocks(on raring of course)06:47
didrocksand shout if anything ugly happens?06:47
Mirvdidrocks: will do06:56
didrockssmspillaz: FYI, there is no pressure from distro at all about this libmetacity thing07:07
didrocksmmrazik: I think not all projects are restarted yet, some approved stalled07:30
didrockslike on unity (https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/ups-empty-menu/+merge/136828)07:30
mmrazikdidrocks: not sure what you mean by restarted but there was some power outage yesterday (again)07:30
didrocksmaybe the things approved during the shutdown?07:30
mmrazikdidrocks: its building07:30
didrocksok :)07:30
didrocksjust the backlog was too big?07:30
didrocksafter the power outage07:30
didrocksor did you have to kick it to restart after this?07:30
mmrazikdidrocks: I had to kick it after the restart. Something got suck there blocking everything else07:31
mmrazikdidrocks: right now nux and compiz and unity are building07:31
mmrazikand there are 3 more builds for compiz queued07:31
didrocksmmrazik: excellent, then I can try to do a manual release :)07:31
didrockswhich should unblock the universe and nexus 7 :p07:32
mmrazikdidrocks: the compiz branches need to land in sequence so I think it will take a few hours...07:32
didrocksmmrazik: ok, no worry07:32
smspillazdidrocks: k, thx07:38
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Mirvdidrocks: so far so good with ppa:ubuntu-unity/daily-build on raring, not seeing anything out of place or crashing08:21
didrocksMirv: sweet! do you see close button when you scale an app?08:22
didrockslike open 2 nautilus windows08:22
didrocksclick on the launcher08:22
didrocksnormally when you hover the 2 windows opened, you can see the close button08:22
Mirvdidrocks: yes, I see it08:22
Mirvand it works08:22
didrocksinteresting, for me, they work but I don't see them :)08:22
didrocksthanks Mirv! Do not hesitate if you see anything bad08:23
Mirvsure, I'll let you know immediately if I notice something bad08:23
popeydidrocks, i get a close button, but on the foreground window I also see the titlebar with the buttons in the titlebar of the hovered app.. sometimes.. hard to trigger http://popey.com/~alan/titlebar.png08:46
didrockspopey: ah, even funnier :)08:46
davidcallepopey, confirming08:46
didrocksI wonder why I don't get the close button at all08:46
didrocksever never ever08:46
didrockshey davidcalle!08:46
didrocksdavidcalle: can you please install ~ubuntu-unity/daily-build08:46
popeythats a guest session though.. dunno if that makes a difference?08:46
didrocksand warn/poke me if anything bad is happening :)08:46
didrockspopey: let me try08:46
popeyopen two nautilus, then open a terminal and close the terminal, then click nautilus in launcher08:47
popeyseems to reproduce it08:47
didrockspopey: it is indeed working in a guest session08:48
davidcalledidrocks, hey. Ok.08:48
didrockspopey: I tried what you say, but doesn't reproduce08:48
didrocksdavidcalle: thanks! (on raring ;))08:48
popeyyeah, it doesn't always happen08:49
didrockslet's hunt for Trevinho once he's around :)08:49
popeyroger roger08:49
didrocksbut not a first daily-release blocker08:49
didrocks(I'm not relying on autopilot for it yet though, hence the dogfooding)08:49
* popey hunts for more08:49
didrocksheh ;)08:49
popeydidrocks, http://popey.com/~alan/unreadable_close.png08:51
popeybottom right window, the close button overlay is unreadable08:51
didrocksah, so not he back black fake title bar08:52
popeyseems not to resize properly08:53
didrocksthere is really something… some elements don't appear randomly08:53
didrockspopey: oh it doesn't resize08:53
didrockspopey: it's a fake, it overlays :p08:53
popeyah, thats why you can see through on my first screenshot then, yes08:53
popeyits just not appearing08:53
didrocksI thought it was opaque08:53
didrocksbut it's not :)08:53
popeywhenever i want to open shotwell from the dash, it wants me to buy shot glasses, this can't be good for me08:54
didrockspopey: ahah, you can argue "but but, it was proposed to me, I needed them for sure!" :)08:54
popeyblame mark08:54
popeythere's a lawsuit in there somewhere08:55
popeydidrocks, open two apps, one full screen (e.g. shotwell) and another windowed (e.g. gimp). Click shotwell in launcher, get shotwell full screen. Want to go to a menu in gimp, click gimp in launcher, gimp comes to front. Now without clicking on the gimp window at all, hover over the menu bar, it flicks back to shotwell..09:02
popey(if you click on the menu)09:02
popeyannoying but not a showstopper IMO09:02
didrockspopey: convoluted enough to not be a showstopper I guess :) but worth a bug and a ping to bregma :)09:03
didrocksFYI all: unity stack rebuild for first release into raring in progress :)09:28
dufludidrocks: My preview of it looks like the old one, minus bugs. But that's good :)09:29
didrocksduflu: heh, sweet! :)09:30
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Trevinhopopey: mhmh... weird13:15
Trevinhopopey, didrocks: never got it here... Mhmhm... the first one it's just probably an opacity issue... But the 2nd...13:18
didrocksTrevinho: I never have the close buttons here13:19
Trevinhopopey: do you get issues also on the Alt+Tab spread? (i.e. doing Alt+` or alt+tab + down-arrow)?13:19
didrocksTrevinho: clicking on where they are supposed to be works though13:19
Trevinhodidrocks: mhmh... it could be a problem related to textures loading, I've heard something related to that some time ago13:19
popeyTrevinho, no, spread is fine13:19
popeythis is an intel hd2000 video card, so low-end i713:20
Trevinhopopey: wierd, it's really the same code-path13:20
didrocksTrevinho: how can I give you the debug info you need? :)13:20
Trevinhodidrocks: try to put a SetupSharedTextures() above the line with "switch (close_icon_state_)"...13:23
didrocksTrevinho: will do, not right now as I'm releasing unity, but after, I'll give it a shot :)13:24
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didrocksmmrazik: sil2100: hey, do you know where the autopilot tests results are stored?13:39
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mmrazikdidrocks: srry.. missed this again. What do you mean where they are stored. The physical xml files?14:23
didrocksmmrazik: yeah, once autopilot ran14:23
didrockson the machine14:24
mmrazikdidrocks: ~jenkins/results/testresults14:24
didrocksmmrazik: thanks :)14:24
didrocksfginther: hey! oh, it seems you implemented the fact to merge the changelog-change only without a rebuild, right?14:26
mmrazikdidrocks: I don't think so as I didn't see any MP....14:27
didrocksmmrazik: hum? weird that's it's merging all my MP for the unity release blazing fast then14:28
didrocksmmrazik: even if I sent 10 of them14:28
fgintherdidrocks, no, that was put on the todo list as it was not a blocker...14:28
mmrazikdidrocks: I was surprised too14:28
didrocksso you have maybe another issue where the package isn't built? :p14:28
fgintherdidrocks, this is for lp:unity?14:28
didrocksthe whole stack14:29
mmrazikfginther: I checked the logs (randomly). The build is there14:29
fgintherdidrocks, the lens generally build in under 10 minutes14:31
didrocksyeah, but seeing the amount of requests I had, I'm *shocked* (in the good way ;))14:31
didrocksfginther: mmrazik: seems the bamf test is flacky again14:46
didrocksI'll merge the changelog by end if you don't mind14:46
fgintherdidrocks, grumble, I'll ping somebody about that bamf bug again14:47
didrocksfginther: thanks, workaround meanwhile :)14:48
fgintherTrevinho, ping14:56
Trevinhofginther: pong14:56
fgintherTrevinho, can you find someone to take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bamf/+bug/1079329?  It's become a blocker for autolanding bamf14:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1079329 in BAMF "bamf autolanding builds sometime fail with "kill: (nnnn) - No such proces"" [High,New]14:57
Trevinhofginther: I see there was someone working onit14:59
Trevinhofginther: ah, probably you was :)15:00
omlhello everyone. im trying to figure out how unity works on a broad scale, which processes start the others, how they communicate etc. currently im digging through the src-package of unity and try to understand what "UBusMessage.h" does, or the ubus-server15:00
omlnaming reminds one of dbus, does ubus work the same way? or does it something entirely else?15:00
Trevinhofginther: isn't your way working?15:00
fgintherTrevinho, I tried a couple of experiments, but ran into another problem15:01
fgintherI'll try to find a log15:01
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fgintherTrevinho, here's a log from one of my tests: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1412623/15:04
Trevinhofginther: can't we just ignore the return value of kill?15:38
fgintherTrevinho, there shouldn't be any harm. I can give it a try15:40
fgintherTrevinho, do you know what causes the "WARNING **: Couldn't register with accessibility bus: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."?15:42
Trevinhofginther: I think it's caused by the fact that running the test in a fake xserver the atk bus is not present15:42
mmrazikdidrocks: FYI -- the nux build takes ~4h (due to arm). Your branch is building, it will just take some time16:06
didrocksmmrazik: no worry, thanks!16:06
mmrazikI'll move the builds to pandas tomorrow16:11
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MCR1didrocks: Hi. Are you sure all build-dep are now in lp:unity ? The last time I tried to get the build-dep, the build was failing, because libxcb-dri2-0-dev was missing...16:31
didrocksMCR1: well, it's building on the ppa :)16:31
MCR1yeah, sure... but still strange...16:31
MCR1smspillaz: Hi :) 1. Thanx 4 the reviews. 2. Q: Do you think it might make sense to use register int iterators for huge for loops ?16:36
didrocksmterry: I just pushed that to distro, quick review? https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/bamf/remove-unexisting-dep/+merge/13824216:37
didrocksmterry: oh, btw, you need to change the global status for https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/unity/refresh-build-deps/+merge/13822716:46
didrocksapproving in a comment isn't enough16:46
didrockssil2100: can you change the global status as well? :)17:02
sil2100didrocks: ok ;)17:02
* sil2100 wanted to give some time for someone else to ACK it as well ;p17:02
sil2100But this is an obvious change17:03
didrocksyep :)17:03
sil2100Something that was bothering everyone since looong time17:03
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smspillazMCR1: not really, as daneil said micro-optimizations don't help much17:58
MCR1yeah, probably you are right17:58
smspillazMCR1: the best thing to do if you want to improve performance is to do profile guided optimization17:59
MCR1I saw your new branch (actually I am testing it)17:59
MCR1Top news !17:59
smspillazeg, run it through callgrind17:59
MCR120->30 == + 50%17:59
MCR1that sounds great17:59
smspillazMCR1: actually, I just found the cause of the extremely poor performance when moving opengl windows around17:59
smspillaz1) unfortunately its not easy to fix and 2) I really think nvidia should just fix it on their end, there's no reason why it should be like that18:00
MCR1I am using ATI (currently with latest fglrx)...18:00
MCR1but window moving is not fully smooth here either18:01
smspillazyeah I think fglrx sends theiir command stream over the protocol too18:01
smspillazMCR1: try commenting out line 848 in plugins/composite/src/screen.cpp  too18:01
smspillazI think that's the only other point where do a flush/wait lots18:02
MCR1with framebuffer object enabled it stutters more than without, where it is almost fully smooth (with some minor pulsing)18:02
smspillazMCR1: which card did you have ?18:02
MCR1with both fglrx and gallium18:02
MCR1HD 575018:02
smspillazMCR1: resolution ?18:02
MCR1or 1920x1200+1920x108018:03
smspillazwouldn't be suprised if we were maxing out the fillrate18:03
smspillazunfortunately there's not much we can do - getVideoSync / waitVideoSync require you to block the graphics pipeline and glXSwapBuffers necessarily means that you have to redraw the entire backbuffer on every frame18:04
smspillazDRI3 will help that a lot18:04
MCR1How can I force the compiled Compiz in the staging dir force to use my config ?18:04
smspillazMCR1: did you actually install it anywhere ?18:04
smspillazor are you just running it from /src/18:04
MCR1yes to staging18:04
smspillazcause that won't work18:04
smspillazcompiz --replace ccp ?18:04
smspillazor at least18:04
smspillazPATH=/home/user/staging compiz --replace ccp &18:05
smspillazmight need to set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH too18:05
MCR1ah, maybe that is what I'm missing as CCSM opens with all my settings correctly enabled, but the freshly compiled Compiz runs without them...18:06
MCR1so it is hard to compare the performance18:06
smspillaz#1 reason why I hate fixing performance things18:06
smspillaz"I made it go from 20FPS to 30FPS!"18:06
smspillaz"still too slow not fixed"18:07
MCR120->30 sounds awesome18:08
smspillaztime for me to sleep though18:08
smspillazI'll have a look into the opengl related thing tomorrow, I have an idea for that maybe it will work maybe it wont18:09
MCR1hmm, strange - I've set LD_LIBRARY_PATH...18:09
MCR1I will retry forcing compiz to load all plugins18:10
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MCR1haha, I've started the wrong CCSM...18:16
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mdeslaurMCR1: hi! What would it take to bribe you into fixing one of my pet-peeve compiz bugs? :)19:53
mdeslaurMCR1: bug 103716419:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 1037164 in compiz (Ubuntu Quantal) "Clicking on snapped windows in a different workspace produce unexpected results" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103716419:53
MCR1mdeslaur: How do you "snap it" ? Via keyboard or mouse ?20:18
mdeslauroh, I just drag the terminal to the right edge of the screen, and it sticks to the edge20:18
mdeslaurit's the default compiz snapping windows plugin20:19
mdeslaurbut even if I disable that plugin, as long as the window is a few pixels close to the edge of the screen, it happens20:19
mdeslaurMCR1: are you not able to reproduce it?20:19
MCR1hmm, I was not aware that there are still problems with mouse snapped windows...20:19
MCR1I have to try in a VM20:20
MCR1it is Grid you are talking about20:20
mdeslaurno, not grid20:21
seb128MCR1, it's trivial to trigger, go to a ws, snap something to the right of the screen, go back to ws1, click on it in the unity launcher20:21
seb128the win is moved a bit over20:21
mdeslauras long as a window is within a few pixels from the right edge of workspace 2, the problem happens20:21
seb128so you have a border on ws1 and the remaining part where you were20:21
MCR1mdeslaur, seb128: Uh, not nice indeed...20:23
MCR1Indeed, grid is not needed to trigger the bug...20:25
mdeslaurMCR1: there seems to be some details in one of the duplicate bugs here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/834248/comments/2920:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 755842 in compiz-plugins-main (Ubuntu Precise) "duplicate for #834248 Non-maximized windows which sit on the border of a workspace move when called" [Medium,Triaged]20:31
MCR1mdeslaur: Yeah, that seems very useful indeed. :)20:32
MCR1mdeslaur: I can reproduce the issue running yesterday's Raring in a VM, but not when using my 4x1 config.20:40
MCR1But I can also reproduce it using Raring and 4x1 desktop config20:42
MCR1haha, I never saw this bug before, because I've deactivated Desktop Wall20:44
mdeslaurI've been hitting it 20 times a day since natty :P20:50
mdeslaurit's diving me insane :P20:50
MCR1Sure, the worst things are windows that jump around on their own...20:51
MCR1You could ofc workaround this special bug, by disabling Desktop Wall and working with the Cube and Expo instead20:52
MCR1but you would have to change your config quite a bit and change workspaces from 2x2 to 4x1...20:53
MCR1ofc fixing this bug would be a lot better20:53
mdeslaurhrm, yeah...it's bad that it's been broken this long in the default configuration20:53
MCR1the problem is that bugs of this kind seem to be extremely hard to fix - but I'll try (I am currently working on bug 1082001 which is also making windows move across workspaces)20:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 1082001 in Compiz "Grid/Expo: Via keyboard-shortcut resized Grid windows confuse Expo and follow the user from workspace to workspace" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108200120:56
MCR1This one kills grid keyboard functionality if one wants to work with different workspaces...20:57
mdeslaurah, another nice one :)21:11
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fgintherbschaefer, can you recommend someone to review this: https://code.launchpad.net/~fginther/nux/add-code-coverage/+merge/13800721:34
bschaeferfginther, I can look at it...I don't think any other people are around for nux...possibly andyrock :)21:35
fgintherbschaefer, it's not urgent, so if it's better that someone review it tomorrow, I'm fine with that21:36
bschaeferfginther, alright, well if I can test it, and check things are still working with nux I can approve it :)21:37
fgintherbschaefer, cool!21:37
MCR1mdeslaur: Time for a test ?21:38
mdeslaurMCR1: sure!21:38
MCR1please create a directory named compiz-1 in ~21:39
bschaeferfginther, so this is for jenkins to get reports from nux pretty much?21:39
mdeslaurMCR1: ok21:39
* bschaefer hopes he has gcov21:39
MCR1in compiz-1 create another directory called plugins21:39
fgintherbschaefer, that's the goal, a developer can also run coverage-html to get their own results21:39
bschaeferfginther, cool, ill do that to test it out, and run some other tests21:40
bschaeferfginther, it doesn't seem like this touches other code, or really effects nux unless you have --enable-gcov which is good21:40
MCR1mdeslaur: Download this file: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/1037164/+attachment/3452533/+files/libwall.so and put it in ~/compiz-1/plugins21:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1037164 in compiz (Ubuntu Quantal) "Clicking on snapped windows in a different workspace produce unexpected results" [Medium,Triaged]21:42
MCR1mdeslaur: Now open a terminal and run setsid unity (be sure you are using 12.10 ?)21:43
mdeslauryes, I'm on 12.1021:44
MCR1please test and report21:45
mdeslaursame thing, unfortunately...how do I tell it actually loaded that file?21:45
bschaeferfginther, Scanning . for .gcda files ...21:46
bschaefergeninfo: ERROR: no .gcda files found in .!21:46
bschaefershould I be doing something else before doing coverage-html?21:46
MCR1if you ran setsid unity it will load the file (be sure that it is in yourhomedir/compiz-1/plugins)21:46
mdeslauryes, it's there21:47
fgintherbschaefer, did you do 'make check' or 'make check-headless' first?21:47
bschaeferfginther, nope ... let me do that21:47
MCR1named libwall.so, yes ?21:48
bschaeferfginther, possibly adding make-check-headless to the coverage-html?21:48
fgintherbschaefer, I open to suggestions if there is a smarter way to do that...21:48
mdeslaurMCR1: yep21:49
bschaeferor I suppose that would get run how you'll be doing that21:49
bschaeferfginther, hmm21:49
fgintherbschaefer, I didn't want to force 'make check' or 'make check-headless'21:49
bschaeferfginther, maybe adding another option that doe force it?21:49
fgintherbut it's not obvious how to collect coverage either21:49
bschaefermake check-coverage-html?21:50
fgintherbschaefer, I can add some make targets to make it easier21:51
bschaeferfginther, yeah, as make check or make check-headless needs to be ran before doing the coverage21:52
MCR1mdeslaur - it is .compiz-1 !!!21:52
fgintherbschaefer, ok, I'll figure something out21:52
bschaeferfginther, or possibly some how adding an error message21:52
MCR1he's gone...21:52
bschaeferif no .gcda files were found...21:52
bschaeferfginther, or you can make a comment in there, Im not the best with makes files haha21:53
* bschaefer needs to fix the make check FTBS21:54
MCR1mdeslaur: I was giving you wrong directions21:54
MCR1mdeslaur: Please rename compiz-1 to .compiz.1 ;)21:54
MCR1and run setsid unity again - sorry21:55
mdeslaur.compiz-1 or .compiz.1?21:55
seb128.compiz-1 no?21:55
seb128mdeslaur, just copy over the system .so and restart compiz21:55
MCR1no need to f*ck up the system21:55
seb128you can always --reinstall the package to get back to normal state21:56
MCR1true that21:56
seb128MCR1, it's easier to cp away and back the system one that to figure the .compiz21:56
MCR1mdeslaur: Now tell me that it worx21:58
mdeslaurhah, compiz didn't enjoy me copying over the .so while it was loaded :P21:58
MCR1bschaefer: Hi, btw ;) I also have (easy) work 4 u...22:01
bschaeferMCR1, hello, link me22:01
bschaeferif its a review :)22:01
MCR1yep, 1. https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/unity/unity.merge-reduce-scope-of-variables.2/+merge/13794922:01
MCR12. https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/nux/nux.merge-reduce-the-scope-of-various-variables/+merge/13478722:02
mdeslaurMCR1: copiz just dies when trying to open that .so...could you please just give me the patch to try?22:04
bschaeferMCR1, hmm well I just approved the first one but..hmm22:04
bschaeferMCR1, 111=== modified file 'services/panel-service.c'22:04
bschaeferyou are messing with C files, and the standard for C files are to define things at the top22:05
MCR1I think it depends if it is C89 or C99, but I can revert the .c file changes22:05
MCR1but if it complies it worx22:06
bschaeferMCR1, I think it would be best for the C, and its ansi I believe22:06
bschaeferbut i would prefer to keep to C looking like C22:06
MCR1bschaefer: ok22:06
bschaeferMCR1, thank you :)22:06
MCR1bschaefer: I'll change that then...22:06
MCR1thanx 4 the review22:07
MCR1mdeslaur: More or less I tried his solution: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/89746102/fix-762335.patch22:08
mdeslaurMCR1: and it worked for you?22:08
bschaeferMCR1, your second one looks good and is approved :)22:08
MCR1mdeslaur, I did not try yet, as it would mess up my whole config (I am using the cube, not wall those conflict with each other), but I'll try later...22:09
mdeslaurMCR1: ok, I'll build it locally and try it too22:10
MCR1bschaefer: For nux not all of the scopes are reduced yet, so there will be a Part 2 ;)22:10
MCR1mdeslaur: Cool, please report22:10
MCR1bschaefer: Should be fixed22:17
bschaeferMCR1, awesome thank you!22:17
MCR1your fast help is awesome ;)22:18
bschaeferMCR1, nux needs a bit more help in parts :)22:18
MCR1you know - I am just a newbie struggling with all this C++ complexity :-D22:18
bschaeferhaha, it takes time22:19
bschaeferMCR1, also what you think should happen...when you grab a window then use the keyboard to change workspaces?22:20
bschaeferwhat do*22:20
bschaeferjust the normal Ctrl+Alt+<arrow>22:20
MCR1the window should move to the new workspace together with the mousepointer and the new workspace should be selected22:21
bschaeferMCR1, yeah, I find it odd that a huge gab is now present22:21
* bschaefer looks if a bug for that exists22:22
MCR1the real problem is that Ctrl+Alt+Cursor + grabbing a window with the mouse is hard to achieve with 2 hands... :P22:23
MCR1I am really struggling to get this done ;)22:23
bschaeferi would never imagine it really happening, I was just looking at that other wall/gap bug22:24
MCR1ah, yeah - the gap22:24
bschaeferits fixed in 0.9.8, but not in 0.9.7 so im digging through to find what fixed it22:24
bschaeferto see if it can be backported22:24
MCR1it is still present here, btw... (without the wall)22:25
bschaeferMCR1, in 0.9.8?22:25
bschaeferand with out wall how are you dragging it to another workspace22:25
MCR1when I grab a window and switch from workspace to workspace to workspace to workspace...22:25
MCR1I can make the cursor move from its position22:25
bschaeferMCR1, just dragging it?22:25
MCR1I am using the cube instead22:26
bschaefershoot...I never use that plugin22:26
MCR1no, dragging on the same workspace is fixed 100%22:26
bschaeferMCR1, that is what the bug is talking about22:26
bschaeferopen another bug if you could :)22:26
MCR1maybe this +/- 10 pixel thingy is hidden somewhere else also...22:27
bschaeferMCR1, hmm well it hasn't reached 0.9.8 yet22:28
bschaeferso if you bzr branch lp:compiz/0.9.822:28
bschaeferthe -10 is still there, or at lease it was yesterday22:28
MCR1I am running trunk of everything (unity staging PPA)22:28
bschaeferbut the problem in 0.9.7 is waaay more then just a -1022:29
bschaeferit seems to mess up on screen->vp().x()22:29
bschaeferor it seems to be missing that somewhere22:29
bschaeferI think it was just backported this morning (for me at lease), the -10 fix22:30
MCR1I can reliably reproduce it when moving the window to the left from workspace to workspace22:30
MCR1but not when moving it to the right22:30
bschaeferjust the -10?22:30
bschaeferjust a little at a time22:30
bschaeferMCR1, it is also UP but not DOWN22:31
bschaeferthat you can do it22:31
bschaefer(if you are using a 2x2)22:31
MCR1yes, I am using 4x1 and it is minor and does not happen every time I move to the left...22:31
MCR1strange indeed22:31
bschaeferMCR1, it has to be the -10, as after that was removed it was perfect for me22:32
bschaeferif you grab the top left corner of the window22:32
bschaeferMCR1, well either way, Im looking for the larger problem :)22:33
bschaeferthe one in 0.9.722:34
* bschaefer goes off to hunt for it22:34
MCR1good luck22:42
krabadorhi, people, have unity some special automatic resolution setting?23:24

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