mikestewartphilipballew, ya.  likely helping running the LA Drupal booth00:03
mikestewartthink of me as drupal web dude from long beach00:03
mikestewartIve done it every year since 200800:04
philipballewOh nice! I have a drupel sticker on a laptop.00:04
philipballewI have probably talked to you there00:04
mikestewartthen good chance we met00:04
mikestewartya... that00:04
philipballewSo your the guy to talk to when I finally decide to get myself a good upstanding php job. Not that this will ever happen.00:04
philipballewWere you in sd for the drupal conference early this year?00:06
philipballewdrupal ninja!00:08
philipballewpleia2, Ubuntu hour is actually Wednesday night. Works best for the people coming, and its at 6. I'll take the bus there with you.00:12
pleia2philipballew: sounds good, looks like sessions wrap up that day at 4 so that's gives me plenty of time to freshen up before we meet00:13
pleia2might actually check in at that time00:14
pleia2flying down at crazy o clock in the morning wednesday00:15
philipballewI love those flights. did a 530 last week. the worst.00:15
philipballewYour staying say mile and a half from where I live so not a problem.00:15
pleia2this is a 6:59AM flight00:17
pleia2puts me in SD at 8:30, so I grab my luggage and pop over to the hotel, maybe a few minutes late for first talks00:17
pleia2but means I don't need to pay for a hotel tuesday night, and that's good :)00:17
philipballewpleia2, thats a good plan. Your right across from the airport there so once you land and are essentially there.00:18
philipballewnice. If I have time I might crash this conference.00:20
* philipballew is a conference crasher.00:20
pleia2philipballew: I think you can get a free expo only pass00:22
philipballewpleia2, That would be pretty cool.00:23
philipballewill look online to that or something probably.00:23
darthrobotTitle: [Registration Information | USENIX]00:24
pleia2"Want to attend only the exhibition? Register now for your free pass to the LISA '12 Vendor Exhibition. Simply select the FREE Vendor Exhibition Only Pass in the Conference Passes section of the registration form."00:24
philipballewso pleia2 were gonna coordinate outfits again to this ubuntu hour right? I mean, it's becoming a tradition...00:25
pleia2the only reason we didn't match on the last day of oscon was because instead of wearing the same shirt you were (which I packed and had with me) I was dressed like a grown up for the award00:26
philipballewUbuntu themed office wear. You herd it here first00:27
philipballewpleia2, You did do a nice job on stage though. I mean, with all those people and what not.00:29
pleia2it was pretty terrifying00:29
pleia2I've given talks to big rooms, but it's very different than accepting an award, which is terribly embarrassing/weird00:30
philipballewBecause somebody actually thinks your something there.00:31
philipballewAll your ubuntu work means something to them.00:31
pleia2mostly fear of "haha, just kidding, this doesn't go to you!"00:31
pleia2<-- examined headers of notification email to make sure it was really sent to her00:32
philipballewIf only they know "ubuntu work" means "wiki editor"00:32
pleia2people really don't like editing the wiki00:32
* philipballew kids there00:32
philipballewIts the only thing Im good at.00:32
philipballewpleia2, Maybe because its not "exciting" work?00:33
pleia2pfft, you are good at many things!00:33
pleia2nah, I think it's just tedious annoying work00:33
philipballewIt has to be done00:35
pleia2jdselip did the post meeting tasks for this team once, then he was like "what, that was horrible, I'm never doing that again!"00:36
philipballewI dont mind doing them, takes like 15 minutes. You like to do them midweek, but can someone do them sunday night you think?00:37
pleia2I did them sunday night this week, it just has to be after 8PM because that's when irclogs.ubuntu.com gets updated (on the hour)00:41
pleia2and by then I usually lose meeting momentum and have run off to do something else :)00:41
philipballewah, alright then.00:41
pleia2it looks like it's going to rain again00:46
pleia2so much rain lately :( do not like00:46
philipballewpleia2, If your looking for a place where it never rains, May I suggest coming to San Diego for a few days?00:47
philipballewpleia2, growing up on the east cost are you not used to the rain?00:48
pleia2it doesn't rain much here00:49
pleia2and I *left* the east coast :)00:49
philipballewhigh 60's low 70's next week here iirc00:49
kdubgah, membership meeting tommorow!16:22
=== ejat- is now known as ejat
pleia2anyone here planning on coming out to the SF Ubuntu Hour tonight at 6?21:01

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