derekvHow does everyone feel about pair programming02:37
rick_h_good stuff02:54
rick_h_wish there was more of it02:54
derekvI don't think it works for me.03:02
derekvI am less productive in a pairing situation than I am alone.03:03
derekvSo by simple logic, the pair of us working together can not be more productive than working alone, unless the other guy is actually doing negative work, in which case well there is obviously a larger issue there03:08
derekvIts very... emperor's new clothes to me03:10
Blazeixfor me, if i'm doing heads-down coding i'm more productive alone03:11
Blazeixbut it's very rare that i'm actually banging away at the keyboard, there's more often a large chunk of problem solving03:12
Blazeixand that's when i find pair programming helpful03:12
derekvyea, so for me, when there is problem solving, I'm even more useless with a pair03:13
derekvreally I can maybe improve, offer opinion on a solution, or they can improve mine03:13
derekvbut when it comes to the tough problems03:13
derekvi basically need a scene montage from a bad hacker movie to happen03:14
derekvthere needs to be a dark room with a glowing screen and 3d code flying around and shit and to be left alone03:14
derekvdebugging is actually the worst03:15
derekvwith a pair, basically whoever has the mouse is doing the debuging.03:15
derekvthe other person is adding maybe 5%03:15
derekvso, ymmv03:16
derekvfor sure03:16
derekvbut ive been doing it for some months now every day and I'm feeling disallusioned03:17
derekvas far as its effictiveness for me anyways.03:17
jrwrenderekv: you are wrong :p03:19
derekvIDK maybe I'm one of those bad programmers.03:23
jrwrenyou don't have to be03:23
jrwrenpart of learning to pair program is learning to communicate verbally as a programmer03:24
derekvIt may also be that I have bad pairs.03:24
jrwrenand learning to teach03:24
jrwrenthe secret is that there is no such thing.03:25
jrwrenat worst you get a rubber duck03:25
derekvthe secret is that the emperor is wearing clothes, you just have to try harder to see them03:30
derekvIts sortof a non argument.03:30
derekvAnyways, yea, I could look at it this way: I am the shitty pair.03:31
derekvI'm not sure that it means that I must fix that in order to be a useful member of society etc03:31
jrwreni don't know that being a useful member of society is important03:32
derekvdepends on what important is ;)03:33
jrwrenand useful.03:35
jrwrenso subjective are some words03:36
derekvI guess more accuratly, it takes two people to make a shitty pair.03:39
_stink_or two deuces.03:40
derekvIt sucks that the lone, dark room, dark themes hoody up hacker has gotten a new weird stigma about it now ( I guess replaceing the old, traditional stigma ), but I didn't become that way because I thougt it was going to make me popular with anyone03:43
derekvjust how I am03:43
derekvGGS thanks for the feedback ... need to sleep, give this pair thing some more try at least for now03:45
jrwrenha! i work with a few of exactly who you just described.03:46
jrwreni don't think there is too much of a stigma03:46
jrwrenits just business are more aware of what they are doing than they used to be.03:46
brouschderekv: I have done very little pair programming. It has always been with someone who knows the business logic that needs to be made but lacks the programming to do so. I had the programming logic but didn't know all of the business logic. It worked well11:25
snap-lI haven't done any formal "pair programming", but have enjoyed when other people look at my code.13:07
snap-lThough enjoyed can be a little frustrating at times while they're looking through it13:08
rick_h_ugh, stupid software that doesn't have a cheesehop package...14:11
brouschCheeseshop is deprecated. Everyone installs from github now14:13
brouschMaybe one of you east siders will be interested in this http://spin.atomicobject.com/2012/12/05/free-office-space-at-atomic-object-detroit/14:41
snap-loh, that isinteresting16:01
snap-ltheatomic object office thing16:02
shakes808Blazeix: Hey boss are you active or away?16:42
shakes808I will be back later sir .... Later ;)16:43
widoxwould be interesting if I could just go and work there; like coworking space16:44
snap-lDad is home, resting comfortably20:38
snap-lThey were able to take the gall bladder out laproscopically. :)20:38
snap-lYeah, so should be a better healing road20:40
snap-lYeah, happy happy20:40
brouschWhat's the right way to give javascript info from my request object in Django?21:13
rick_h_in your template stick it in a variable21:13
brouschToss it into a javascript var in the template, or a hidden html field?21:13
brouschThat means js in my html template21:14
rick_h_yea, you need some anyway.21:19
brouschI hate compromises21:26
rick_h_well, not really a way around this21:27
rick_h_at some point you need the JS to be in your HTML on your page21:28
rick_h_you can either print it in the template or include it as a seperate file21:28
rick_h_if you want to have this data be a rendered JS file through a django view then just do it via an API call on page load21:28
brouschThis seems spiffy http://pypi.python.org/pypi/django-jsonify/0.2.121:30
rick_h_whatever floats your boat21:32
rick_h_it's just doing a json dump froma call and then turning that into escaped json so you can <javascript src='/my/api/call'>21:33
brouschOh, django already has a serializer21:33
brouschYeah, doing the conversion in view instead of template21:33
rick_h_but you're making another http request and using two view calls vs one21:39
rick_h_if you need to then all for it. Bookie has a ton of api calls that just dump json out21:39
rick_h_but sometimes you just put the json/data in your template and go21:39
brouschI'm not going with api21:40
brouschJust serializing the queryset in the view and passing it to the template21:40
brouschSaves a lot of code in the template21:41
cougar49hello michiganers21:47

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