Cheri703I am cross posting this in a few places, apologies to those who see it multiple times, but:15:48
Cheri703I may have asked this in the past, BUT! Tablet owners: Please tell me why I should get one. I have a laptop, smartphone, and desktop (and e-reader), but...is there something I am missing from life by not having a tablet? There's a really good deal on one on amazon today and it's *actually* well reviewed.15:48
canthus13Cheri703: Netflix on the toilet on a bigger screen without the need for a keyboard.15:52
Cheri703ah, but the way my bathroom is laid out, I can just set the laptop on the edge of the bathtub >_>15:53
* Cheri703 has never done this >_>15:53
canthus13Cheri703: ..then you're missing nothing. Other than angry birds on a bigger screen than your phone.15:54
canthus13Tablets have (IME) shorter wireless range, less flexibility, and no keyboard.15:54
Cheri703yeah, some people think they're THE BEST, but I have never found a personal use-case15:55
canthus13they're too underpowered for any non-keyboard application I might want to use them for, and the lack of a real keyboard makes it useless to me. Except maybe as a nice big remote for MythTV15:57
Cheri703I'd been thinking for days that I'm out on the bus for errands, I wouldn't have to carry my big laptop bag in case of replying to emails or something, but not sure that use alone is worth $90 + shipping15:57
canthus13Your phone functions just as well and is more portable than a tablet.15:59
Cheri703bigger screen in case of doing things with work websites like needing to create accounts or something15:59
canthus13but yeah... I've talked to dozens of people that abandoned all of their PCs for tablets... and then get pissed off because I can't remote into a tablet and fix their stuff.15:59
canthus13I'd prolly just go for one of the larger cell phones for that.  My Photon has a 4.3" screen that works pretty well once I have the Hacker's keyboard installed.16:00
drkokandyCheri703: I don't think it's something missing from your life. I use mine as a portable lightweight extra video screen and reader (I don't own a dedicated e-reader). Maybe it's a mental thing, but I also find reading email less of a chore on a tablet, but it leaves something to be desired when you have to respond. Oh, and stupid little games.20:21
Cheri703drkokandy: thanks :) I haven't found any specific *need* for one. I think reading email would be easier, but...not >$90 easier20:22
drkokandyI support that. I think the killer thing for me was as a reader - I got my tablet mostly for graduate school when we had tons of pdfs to read, and staring at my monitor was really bad on my eyes20:23
Cheri703yeah, that's my thing. the e-ink is way happier for my eyes than any lcd screen20:23
drkokandymaybe I should have gone that route. but now I'm hooked on the stupid little games. And it's great as a portable tv20:24
Cheri703if there is ever an e-ink/lcd tablet device, I'd probably jump on it20:24
drkokandythat would be cool.  I would be really interested in e-ink if they were able to make it in color. I do a lot of reading manga/comics and it's just not the same in black and white20:28
Cheri703apparently amazon has a patent: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/08/30/amazon-could-put-lcd-and-e-ink-displays-on-the-same-tablet20:29
drkokandymaybe it's just a matter of time then :-)20:29
Cheri703hope hope :)20:29
drkokandyKindle Fire Blaze?20:29
Cheri703kindle paperfirewhiteblaze hd20:30
Cheri703kindle firepaper would be pretty amusing20:30
Cheri703or paperfire20:30
Cheri703and you could use the lcd side for your color comics :)20:34
thafreaki drove to pickup pizza for lunch22:04
thafreakand npr was on in my car, bbc world have your say22:04
thafreakby the time I got out of my driveway22:04
thafreakthey were talking about 4chan....on bbc world have your say...22:05
thafreakmy jaw dropped22:05
thafreakI kinda thought I'd hear chris hansen or one of those local news reporters talking about it as a site for your kids to avoid22:05
thafreaklong before I heard it mentioned on something npr would re-broadcast...22:06
thafreakIt was a very interesting story...trolling...hacking for the lulz....doxing people...things you never expect to hear on npr22:07
thafreakhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/whys  <- looks like you can download it already22:08
Cheri703it's always a weird moment when internet and real life cross22:10
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canthus13...They have to mention PIXELS?23:13

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