InHisNameHere !13:02
teddy-dbearMorning people13:14
teddy-dbearwhat happened to the "s"?13:14
jedijfwaltman: you going to plug tonight?14:23
JonathanDIs there a need for a projector tonight, too?14:25
jedijfJonathanD: no14:26
jedijferr, i don't believe so, but then again last time i was at central i think everything was green and it /wasn't/ the lsd14:26
JonathanDoh, central :p14:26
JonathanDI was following the west thread, thought that was tonight.14:26
JonathanDand they've been talking about projectors.14:27
jedijfi think i saw something about that too14:27
jedijfwest pizza projectors14:27
waltmanjedijf: Yes.15:03
waltmanmjd's December talks are the plug event of the year :)15:04
jedijfwaltman: i know, and i've never been, so i am debating15:06
jedijfhe seemed shocked at FOSSCON when i said "you're the december plug guy"15:06
jedijfi guess caledars aren't high order15:07
waltmannor is speling15:09
* waltman ducks15:09
JonathanDI can't go anywhere tonight.15:12
JonathanDCrissi's last night in town.15:12
InHisNameTough question for ubuntu wizards:  I have a hard machine and virtual one. I installed 12.10 on each, NEW in empty partition.   Bit transmission (with defaults all the way) acts different.   Virtual mach, both http and https trackers are found and connect.    On REAL machine, only http trackers are found.   https ones shows "cannot connect to tracker" in tracker status.  Network not blocking it.   Can browse to https://same site as tracker and login18:06
ChinnoDogWhat happens if you close transmission on the virtual machine and wait 5 minutes. Does it start working on the real machine?18:30
InHisNameNo, I was running the bad one only, then made the virtual one to test out if ubuntu was problem.  It works with the other sitting out there.   I use diff ports.    Oh the virt good one had a closed port for the test that worked.   The bad machine failed with both a closed port and also with an open one.18:34
InHisNameI tried the resident expert in #transmission, we are at 'goat level' and bring out the black candles too, he says.18:36
InHisNameDoes older hardware present a problem like '99 or '00 vintage stuff ?   2GB & 2.4GHz one cpu one thread.18:37
ChinnoDogThat has nothing to do with a high level app like transmission18:37
InHisNamethen it should run on antique hardware as long as linux is functional ?18:38
ChinnoDogI suspect a network problem but you can verify. Boot it up on LiveCD and try to download something.18:38
InHisNameI can run Live CD and bit transmission ?18:38
ChinnoDogYou can run anything youw ant on LiveCD provided you have enough memory18:39
InHisNameOK, I'll try that.18:39
InHisNameweird I get strange error:    -->EDD: Error 1000 reading sector 383283     No DEFAULT or UI  configuration directive found            boot: blinking prompt18:50
InHisNameI shut off power and still got it.  Is that error with DVD disk ?18:51
ChinnoDogsounds like it18:53
InHisNameYes, I just tried a 12.04 cononical disk and it works.19:03
InHisNameMaybe the burned disk if a bit off19:03
MutantTurkeyHey i am trying to scp something and it's crawling at 500kb/s19:06
MutantTurkeyany ideas?19:06
MutantTurkeymany small files19:06
ChinnoDogThat sounds like your problem right there19:36
InHisNamedownloading xubuntu, cause compiz is such a pig - 100%cpu if I let it.20:02
ChinnoDogUbuntu server upgrade from 12.04 -> 12.10. Painless?20:58
ChinnoDogThat wasn't the right answer20:59
TheLordOfTimeChinnoDog, if you use non-Apache and php5-fpm, this is relevant: http://lordoftime.info/?p=3920:59
TheLordOfTimeotherwise i've seen pretty painless upgrades for basic servers20:59
TheLordOfTimebut why would you want to upgrade a server?20:59
TheLordOfTimeLTS means stability :P20:59
ChinnoDogThat is highly relevant. I run my blog on nginx/php5-fpm21:00
TheLordOfTimeChinnoDog, its an easy fix though21:00
TheLordOfTimeChinnoDog, read that blog post.21:00
ChinnoDogI am already using a unix socket though21:01
TheLordOfTimegood, you should be fine as long as it doesn't overwrite the php5-fpm confs.21:01
* TheLordOfTime spearheaded that push to get it to listen on a socket by default in 5.4.x21:01
ChinnoDogOh yea? I found a post by someone that runs a huge site on nginx/php5-fpm and they say that they had to abandon the socket method because there is a limit to how many concurrent connnections it can handle before flaking out21:02
pleia2if you're running "a huge site" it's going to be pretty typical to change from the defaults21:03
TheLordOfTimebut that's for HUGE SITES.21:03
ChinnoDogMy site is puny. No one looks at it.21:03
TheLordOfTimemy site's not big either :P21:03
TheLordOfTimeits only really aggregated on planet.u.c for only a few things.21:03
* TheLordOfTime has a planet-aggregated tag :P21:03
ChinnoDogI still need to be added back to planet21:04
TheLordOfTimeplanet.u.c, or the PA loco planet? :P21:05
ChinnoDogI don't think I've ever been on p.u.c.21:06
* ChinnoDog pretends he is in PA21:06
TheLordOfTimeyou'd need to be an ubuntu member to get there, or a canonical team or something :P21:06
TheLordOfTimebeing an Ubuntu member, my blog posts for the tag that identifies "Aggregated on PLanet Ubuntu" get pushed.21:07
pleia2even canonical teams need an Ubuntu Member to sponsor them on the planet21:08
TheLordOfTimespeaking of ubuntu members...21:08
TheLordOfTimepleia2, if i change my LP username, does the @ubuntu.com email address update?21:08
TheLordOfTimeif so, what's the turnaround for that21:08
TheLordOfTime(or should i be stabbing the canonical sysadmins about that one)21:09
pleia2it should once the cron job runs (does this a couple times a week)21:09
pleia2if it doesn't happen after a week, submit an rt@ubuntu.com ticket21:09
pleia2(sometimes it get stuck)21:09
TheLordOfTimei ask because my current @ubuntu.com address is on a few package changelogs.21:09
pleia2that's unfortunate21:09
pleia2but yeah, once you change your lp name your old address will stop working and it'll generate one for the new21:10
pleia2they don't really do forwarding of old addresses or anything (that wouldn't be very fair)21:10
TheLordOfTimewell, that's not too big an issue anyways.21:10
TheLordOfTimemost of the changelog entries for that are in PPAs21:10
TheLordOfTimeonly two are in actively-latest Precise packages.21:11
TheLordOfTimeand my work's on the bugs anyways :P21:11
TheLordOfTime(not that anyone gives a damn about nginx's changelogs :P)21:11
TheLordOfTimei think the php5 work i did got overwritten by the security team anyways so... :P21:11
TheLordOfTimeand nginx, well... i apparently was designated the person for the ubuntu-side bugs for it by their support people here on IRC *shrugs*21:12
pleia2oh, you're the one I should talk to about this, see the end of this post: http://nigelb.me/sysadmin/ubuntu/2012/08/08/have-you-misconfigured-nginx.html21:20
pleia2is that still true? if so, fix plz, thx21:20
pleia2(it's really no wonder that people misconfigure it when the default config files are wrong too)21:22

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